Chapter 439 - Cramps

Chapter 439: Cramps

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The issue with Ye Shuang’s body went on for ten minutes. The cells in her body seemed to find a balanced coordination a while later. She could finally catch her breath slowly.

By then, she and Han Chu were already sitting in Yao Zhixing’s car’s back seat. They were on their way to the city.

“Where are we going?” Ye Shuang woke up from her unconsciousness drenched in sweat. She was even looking around, observing her surroundings when she opened her eyes.

Yao Zhixing was driving in all seriousness while Anthony had been tossed into the passenger’s seat. He leaned on the back of his seat and looked back, feeling sorry, while Han Chu… he had sacrificed his thighs for Ye Shuang to lie on. He was holding a half-wet cloth when Ye Shuang woke up.

“Don’t worry, this isn’t the cloth for cleaning the windows. It’s a new one.” Han Chu stared at Ye Shuang in disdain as he helped her up, noticing her glaring eyes on the cloth in his hand. “Do you always have to focus on the wrong thing?”

Ye Shuang fought back as if she was right. “Nonsense, I’ve been focusing on the right thing ever since I woke up.”

She held onto her dizzy head and tried to think clearly. As she felt her head was slightly cleared, she patted the back of the driver’s seat. “Brother Yao, where are we going?”

Yao Zhixing looked grim while he solemnly replied, “The hospital.”

Did he have to be so ruthless to her‽

Ye Shuang was shocked by the answer. She turned her head naturally to Han Chu, silently asking why he did not stop Yao Zhixing from doing that.

Han Chu could only shake his head, feeling helpless, and opened his hands, showing that he had already tried stopping Yao Zhixing. He had even used some excuses that he did not buy himself, such as they were in a hurry or some sort. Unfortunately, he was undoubtedly defeated by Yao Zhixing’s glare of disdain.

Ye Shuang was already suffering, whereby she had no color on her face, she was drenched in sweat, and she was out of it. What could be more important than saving her life? Furthermore, Ye Shuang was a friend that everyone knew.

Since Han Chu could not share the fact that Ye Shuang undergone genetic optimization, he could only watch Yao Zhixing dragging her into the car while he struggled inside with the truth.

In reality, he was hesitating. Indeed, it would be risky if Ye Shuang was sent to the hospital given her condition. However, if her condition was ignored, would she not get worse?

Han Chu could only turn away as Ye Shuang’s eyes were twitching, pretending that he did see anything.

“I’m fine.” Realizing that she could not rely on Han Chu, Ye Shuang could only talk it out with Yao Zhixing while grabbing the back of his seat. “What happened earlier… er, was an illness exclusive to women!”


Han Chu thought to himself, That makes sense? Nobody in the car can fight her on that. After all, none of them have ever experienced it…

Facing such a strong reason, even Yao Zhixing’s car drifted a little. Naturally, the driver very soon snapped back to his senses and adjusted the car. Yao Zhixing then screamed while glaring at the rearview mirror, “Who are you trying to fool? How is it possible that period cramps could be so horrible?”

She had almost crashed and died! Nobody had ever heard that period cramps could cause such a disaster.

If that was the truth, it would go viral in the newspapers and on the internet! People would not be sure whether to feel sorry for her or laugh at her.

Ye Shuang was embarrassed. “I was shy. After all, I’m a lady. Wouldn’t it be weird for me to talk about that with you guys?”

“…” She was pretending to be shy when she was the one who brought it up?

Even Yao Zhixing went speechless for a while. He frowned and glanced at Ye Shuang in the rearview mirror. He could not help but stare at her for a second. Naturally, he snapped back to his senses immediately and cleared his throat while looking at her again. “Are you really alright?”

“I’m doing great!” Ye Shuang nodded firmly. She lifted her arm and flexed her non-existence muscles.

Her body had zero threat when she was in her female form.

Clearly, Yao Zhixing was in a pickle. He decelerated, seemingly hesitating over if he should insist on taking Ye Shuang to the hospital.

What had happened to Ye Shuang earlier was a little terrifying. It had caused the car to drift, and they had barely escaped death; that had etched itself in his mind. If not for Brother Yao’s timely rescue, it was hard to say that the three of them would survive.

However, if what Ye Shuang claimed was really what had happened, it would be strange to send her to the hospital in a parade just because of period cramps.

It was ridiculous as he imagined it.

Anthony signaled Han Chu quietly. After grumbling for a little bit, he said, “Should we look for Madam Grace instead? We promised to do that after all. I think it’s pretty urgent.”

The car decelerated again.

Han Chu spoke calmly after signaling that Anthony had done a great job. “We can get a Chinese doctor to treat her body some other day. I think it would be really embarrassing if that we sent her to the hospital for that.”

“…” Yao Zhixing.

Since the person herself had firmly resisted and had two people backing her up, even Yao Zhixing thought that he might be making a fuss over something so minor from the influence of so many.

Although it was the person herself who made a fuss, whereby she almost caused a tragic accident due to her menstrual pain…

He glared daggers at the rearview mirror again and decelerated before turning the car around. Yao Zhixing, who had just realized that he had become their driver, condemned unwillingly, “Go to hell, all of you!”

“How’s the madam doing?” a man in black asked his partner in the wild behind a hill. Madam Grace was sitting on the ground, half lying down. Her eyes were shut, and she was out of it. She seemed a little clumsy, but her clothes were there, and there were no signs of external bleeding.

His partner squatted before Madam Grace and checked her as he lifted her eyelids. He shook his head. “Her pupils are dilated, and she’s completely out of it. Maybe she’s been overdosed. How dare they do that!”

The man in black who spoke before looked much clumsier than Madam Grace. Similar to his partner, the both of them had scratches, swelling, and mud on them.

The man in black checked his phone in a panic after hearing what his partner said. The screen remained black. “I can’t contact anyone, and we’re pretty far away from the city here. Furthermore, she must still be searching for us out there…”

It was impossible for them to walk back to San Lin City with an unconscious woman, let alone the time that they were left with.

“We only have an hour. It’ll be too late if she doesn’t get any treatment by then!”