Chapter 495 - Let’s Chat

Chapter 495: Let’s Chat

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

A separate unit was tasked with keeping Ye Feng hostage. Before they made their next move, not only did Ye Shuang’s side have nothing to show, even Jennifer’s people did not receive any orders in any form. It was as if this group had nothing to do but rest.

Ye Shuang slept without pressure on her own little brother’s feet for one day. When Ye Feng’s slightly worried yelp came, she rubbed her eyes and sat up. Then she heard from Ye Feng that they wanted to change maps. She showed understanding with a grunt with obvious desire to sleep still fresh on her face.

The kidnappers frowned. This man sure has no worries in the world.

When the team moved, Ye Shuang and Ye Feng were kept in the middle. The latter’s nervousness was grounded down by his own sister’s reaction. Previously, he was like a hostage, but now, the situation was more like a shut-in who had been forced to leave the house. The former had no pressure at all. After she took several steps and felt more awake, she opened her lips to ask Ye Feng like there was no one around them, “Do you know where we are going next?”

Ye Feng looked at her in shock. “Huh?”

How would I know‽ And you’re asking this question before the kidnappers. Aren’t you afraid that they might turn around to scold or punch you‽

Ye Shuang was indeed not afraid. She did not know what they planned to do next, but she knew that Ye Feng was there to lure her out. If possible, they wished to limit Han Chu’s options. Even if the goal was not achieved, it would at least lessen the pressure on Jennifer. Since it was not for money but to make a lure and they ensured that Ye Feng could not fight, then regarding the possibility that they might get extra information, naturally, these people would not have anything to say.

After several seconds of shock, seeing that no one was there to stop Ye Shuang from speaking and the other people did not seem to mind that he had spoken, Ye Feng was stunned and then started to speak in hesitation. “I don’t know?”

The kidnappers did their job with full concentration. They were like NPCs in games. No matter how high-level the players were, their actions and script would not be affected. Therefore, Ye Feng relaxed slightly and added a few more words carefully. “I am the hostage, not their boss. Why would you think that they listen to our orders and bring us where we want to go?”

“Perhaps they might listen to us? You never know,” Ye Shuang joked. The kidnapper closest to them glanced over, but he was still silent. Ye Shuang ignored him. “By the way, how did you get captured?”

Seeing no one interrupt them, Ye Feng started to relax. “Wasn’t I staying with Brother Xiao San? I have no idea how they found me, but yesterday, there was a small official who came to make trouble. There were two around him who disguised themselves as secretaries. During the chaos, they rushed into our home. Brother San reacted fast, so Dad and Mom are fine, but I rushed a bit too quick…”

Ye Shuang understood the situation instantly. This young man here tripped on his own feet. But it was a good thing that the two parents were fine.

After answering Ye Shuang, Ye Feng asked, “Sis… ter’s husband, why are you here alone?”

When this question was asked, Ye Shuang could feel the attention of the people around them turning their way. They had known Ye Feng’s answer, but the information that could be revealed by Ye Shuang was the real treasure, so they were interested in that.

“I had different goals than others, so I came.” Ye Shuang gave a half truth. “Even though the job is important, there is nothing I can do—you’re my brother in law.”

Ye Feng was so shocked that he almost choked. The other people were quite disappointed, but it was better than nothing. At least one person was affected. Who could guarantee that there would not be a chain effect?

Ye Feng calmed down and glanced at Ye Shuang. “But, brother-in-law, you don’t look well. Are you sure you can keep up?”

Ye Shuang was shocked. “Even you can see that? Since you said I’m not looking well, it’s the truth.”

“What do you mean?” Ye Feng felt like he might have known some important information. He thought that it was because of something else that Ye Shuang had a pale face, but now it sounded like it was not that simple.

Unfortunately, they could not openly say the rest. Ye Shuang smiled and did not explain. As annoyed as Ye Feng was, under the circumstances, he could only hold it in.

They were moved to a cave. There were some dry food and wood there. There was even a simple wooden bed. The place seemed to be used often. It was most likely built by the villagers, but in this case, it was naturally used as a spot to keep the hostages.

However, as simple as the place was, the method of keeping them there was not simple. When they arrived, Ye Shuang noticed that these people carried a large, thick chain. They walked around the bed with it and made a knot before taking out handcuffs to link the hostages to the chain. The siblings were thus chained to the bed. Other than by using the key, the other way of unlocking it was to have one of them shrink in size and then walk around the chain to undo the knot…

Ye Shuang leaned against the bed and stopped communicating with her brother. She turned her target to the kidnappers instead. “The living conditions aside, now that you have captured us, I don’t think you predicted there would be an extra hostage, right? Do you have enough food? There is no benefit if we die from hunger. Will someone come to refill your stock if there is not enough?”

One of the kidnappers who had been squatting with his eyes closed eventually answered, “You don’t need to waste your time. It’s still unknown who will starve, but no one will come here. There is no way we can contact the boss. If you are really useless to us, we will leave you behind when we leave.”

Naturally, the ‘people’ left behind would be dead.

Ye Shuang heard it but was not scared. Her free hand scratched her chin thoughtfully. “Then you are the abandoned party? Oh, sorry, I should call you the dare-to-die troops?”

“Shut up!” the kidnapper growled.

“Well, since we have nothing else to do, we should chat.” Ye Shuang continued to speak. “It’s one thing for you to catch a hostage—that’s a good idea, I admit—but have you considered the fact that you might have offended the local leader?”