Chapter 389 - Ha ha?

Chapter 389: Ha ha?

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The fact that Han Chu’s mother was coming to see her future daughter-in-law could not be treated as a real treat. Firstly, the parents of both parties had not met the children, and secondly, this was all from Han Su’s lips. This could only be treated as a joke that Mother Han had made to mock her son—it could not be treated seriously.

Other than that, Han Chu had many unique conversational skills to change the topic. He used a formal excuse of needing to discuss something with Father Han, and that stopped Mother Han from tagging along. Naturally, the intention of making a match died before it even had the chance to grow.

They all took a taxi to reach the hotel. The pair of son and father excused themselves to the separate bedroom to have a private chat, which meant that Brother Shuang was left to handle the friendly Mother Han.

“How old are you now, Xiao Ye? Where are you from? Do you have a girlfriend?” The way Mother Han looked at Brother Shuang was filled with motherly love. “How did you meet our Xiao Chu?”

Ye Shuang was silent for a moment. She confirmed again that she was in her male setting before she replied with a calm smile. “Aunty, how about I go pour you a glass of water?”

“Ha ha.” Mother Han was used to being led to a different topic by her own son, so she was used to dealing with this tactic. “There’s no need to panic. I just wish to have a chat with you.”

Then, the conversation was taken under her control, and she went right into the topic. “Our Xiao Chu suddenly decided to move to San Lin City at the start of this year. Does he normally stay with you? What is he currently busy with? Is it work-related or something else?”

“He said that it was because his family was forcing him to get married,” Ye Shuang replied with forced calmness.

Mother Han smiled. “He’s no longer in his teenage years. He’s not going to run away from home due to his parent’s unreasonable intervention into his life now, is he‽”

This person knew that she was being unreasonable, so there was nothing else that Ye Shuang could say. Brother Shuang felt that there was a great generational gap between himself and this middle-aged woman. However, Mother Han was quite intrigued by Brother Shuang. It was probably because of his face. Seeing how handsome, tall, and muscular Brother Shuang was, she pulled Brother Shuang over and chatted with him for almost half of the day. Her wish to find someone to chat with was greatly satisfied.

About half an hour later, just as Brother Shuang was about to surrender to Mother Han’s endless interrogation and questions, the door to the bedroom finally opened. The serious faces that were eighty percent similar walked out of the room one after another.

“Since you have other work to do, we are not going to ask you to stay,” Father Han announced before Mother Han could say anything.

This crushed Mother Han’s intention of asking them to stay for dinner. Mother Han glared at her husband with annoyance but eventually sighed in defeat. “I’m not going to ask what you’re up to, but take care of your health.”

Han Chu led Ye Shuang away from the hotel. They went to the new hideout to meet up with Anthony. The latter had been tasked with some things, so he had returned early. When they entered, he had probably completed with his work already because he was playing some games on the computer with a face filled with boredom.

“You guys are finally home!” Anthony waved his paw happily at the two of them after he heard the door open. “I have already arranged the special car. We can return to San Lin City tomorrow. I guarantee that it will leave no trace, and no one will discover that we have already left… Oh, it is thanks to Xiao Shuang’s friend that we were able to do this so quickly.”

Ye Shuang knew that the ‘Xiao Shuang’ he mentioned referred to the female Ye Shuang, but even so, she could not resist the curiosity and asked, “What have you done?”

Why would they need to return to San Lin City so suddenly? More than that, what did the ‘special car’ really mean? Most importantly, who was this friend that helped them? Which of her friends was so powerful? How come she did not know about such a character?

Han Chu responded with a grunt. After he closed the door, he explained it to Ye Shuang. “It is quite unusual for the FBI to contact me, so that is why my family has come over to visit…”

At this point, he purposely paused and continued in a stressed tone. “It has nothing to do with coming on a holiday, coming to see the daughter-in-law, or being worried about ‘the son that has run away from home’. Those were just jokes.”

Holiday and daughter-in-law were not a problem, but the ‘son that had run away from home’ was one of the topics that Mother Han had discussed with Ye Shuang earlier. Ye Shuang coughed and swiftly changed the topic. “Why are we taking a car back to San Lin City?”

“It’s for a mission,” Han Chu answered easily. “This has become a national and governmental issue, and it will be overseen by my father. Our main mission is to assist the FBI and Egmont group as a public organization. The commission received and the conditions are still the same. To put it simply, we are going to represent the authorities to provide the necessary privileges to these two parties. Other than that, we have to observe these foreigners and ensure that they do not do anything out of line within the country.”

“Oh, so as the government’s spies, our first job is to sneak back to San Lin City?” Brother Shuang concluded everything in disbelief. Han Chu did not correct her because she had hit the nail on the head.

“It is because of the military arms.” Han Chu sat down and sighed. “San Lin City is away from the most people’s radar, and since it is not a main city, the police force there is not as complete as the other main cities. Most importantly, San Lin City is closed to the border. So, if they use that as the connecting stop, they only need to wait for the buyer to contact them, and they can directly move the product across the border.”

Other people still did not know this information, but this transaction was supposed to be managed by the fake prop manager, who had been caught. He was the only one who knew everything. Father Han had told Han Chu the result of the interrogation, but no one knew when the news would reach Jennifer and the rest’s ears. So, what they needed to do was grab the upper hand before the rest realized what was happening. Other than that, they needed to hide their trail so that other people would not follow them and find out the military arm’s location before them.

“The first step is to sneak back to San Lin City and then figure out a way to find the contact for that fake prop manager. Then we need to cooperate with the FBI to investigate and locate the evidence to take down the money-laundering organization and cooperate with the government to locate the missing firearms…” Han Chu listed out their to do list, and he stressed again, “We are merely the cooperating party, so try not to step out of bounds.”

Anthony blinked and grumbled rather softly, “Only the two of you are returning? What about me and the others?”

“After other people hear the news that me and Ye Shuang are missing, you can come over to join us,” Han Chu answered without thinking. “After all, you do live in San Lin City, so they won’t be able to know whether your movement is because of us or not. Even if they send people to follow you, it’ll be fine because they won’t be able to find us.”

Ye Shuang sighed. “How come it sounds like we’re eloping?”

Han Chu looked at Brother Shuang, who was currently taller than him, in annoyance before glancing down at the pectorals that were bulging under the fitted shirt. “Ha ha…”

What is the meaning of this ‘ha ha’‽ Ye Shuang subconsciously pulled her collar tighter.