Chapter 440 - New Plan

Chapter 440: New Plan

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Naturally, the fact that Madam Grace had dared go with Jennifer in the beginning proved that she was confident in her personal safety.

A person would always be most valuable when they were alive, intelligent, well connected and possessed power. If one could only see a person’s fortune, to the person being threatened, it was a shallow vision.

Especially in Madam Grace and Jennifer’s world, money was not what they cared about most. It was something that they could make anytime as long as they had people and power.

Therefore, the person was what Jennifer wanted. Naturally, Madam Grace, who possessed power of a certain level, believed that if Jennifer wanted to squeeze all of the value out of her, it meant that Jennifer would do all she could to guarantee her personal safety.

… Unfortunately, she had only gotten the beginning right, and she had the wrong ending.

Madam Grace had roughly figured out the files’ value when Cedrick stole the chip and decoded it preliminarily. She had already formulated a scheme of what to do after getting the stuff and how to use it to obtain the greatest benefits before the files were even being downloaded. Due to the preciousness of the files, Madam Grace had been extra patient with Anthony.

Naturally, due to the preciousness of the files, never in Madam Grace’s life did she think that someone would destroy such a valuable thing and surrender it to the police as soon as it was decoded.

She could not f*cking tolerate that!

Jennifer could not tolerate that either.

“Kill her!” Jennifer kicked the bodyguard before her away. A cold gleam flashed through her beautiful eyes as she clenched her teeth hard. “That motherf*cker dared do this to me! Get her! She’ll pay for what she’s done!”

She could tolerate her stuff being stolen; she could tolerate being threatened and even the possibility of having to accept many strict conditions. No matter what, as long as there was room for negotiation, Jennifer believed that there would be a day when she could turn the tables.

Winning and losing was common; she was not a person that could not afford to lose.

However, never had Jennifer thought that Madam Grace would not even initiate any negotiations with her at all. She clearly wanted to put an end to her. She cared nothing about the benefits from her connections; she did not even want her dignity, whereby she submitted the files directly to the FBI.

That was right! Jennifer had been living a chaotic life due to the pressure from her past investors. Without a doubt, she pushed the responsibility to Cedrick’s biological mother.

Whatever happened later on made sense. Jennifer used to have so much power, but now she was being engulfed by the power that she had once possessed.

Those whom she had manipulated and had yet to be caught were clinging onto her in order to keep their secret or to take revenge before trouble came to them.

Since Jennifer could not turn the tables and had come to a dead end, it was only natural that she would not let go of the culprit—Madam Grace.

Madam Grace had thought that Jennifer would spare the rat to save the vase. In reality, Jennifer wanted to go all out on her.

The bodyguard whom Jennifer had kicked was considered her loyal underling. Even if he was unwilling to die from his loyalty, he would die for her one way or another. After all, such a person would not run even if the enemy was there. Apart from those two kinds of people, there was no other way to describe him.

As they were stuck with Jennifer, the few bodyguards were sincerely concerned about her. He clenched his teeth and said with all sincerity despite being kicked, “Ma’am, Madam Grace has been drugged. She will die if she doesn’t get treated in time. Since she has run away for so long, she must’ve thought of ways to contact somebody else. If we go after her, no matter how Madam Grace is in the end, I’m afraid we won’t be able to run.”

“We won’t be able to run anyway!” Jennifer clenched her teeth and revealed a hint of madness in her eyes. “Does Cedrick think that I will wait for death to come to me obediently? She’s dreaming if she thinks she can get away when I can’t be running away.”

The few bodyguards looked at each other and, after a moment of hesitation, patiently advised, “Don’t you still have Mr. Paul? If it’s you, Mr. Paul will do whatever he can to solve anything for you.”

It was the official way to put it. If one was to be more straightforward, Paul was absolutely charmed. Fooling him was an absolute no brainer.

The few bodyguards were from the organization. Since they had been asked to work for Jennifer, it would naturally mean that they came from Paul’s organization. Although Jennifer enjoyed being taken care of, that did not mean that she would put her personal safety in someone else’s hands without doing anything at all.

There were people deceiving their underlings no matter where one was in the world. Paul was just a ruthless person who had an empty shell. Jennifer had spent a few years to train him into a puppet.

Under the threat, grace, and power, Jennifer only allowed those people to be by her side after mastering the few bodyguard’s weaknesses. In other words, although the few bodyguards were elites whom Paul had sent to take care of Jennifer, in reality, if they were to have conflicts, they would definitely not hesitate at all to backstab their ex-boss.

“That dumb*ss?” As expected, Jennifer hesitated when she heard Paul’s name.

The few bodyguards had lost their fear for their superior—they pretended that they did not hear the insult. Instead, they nodded as if they had gotten used to it. “If we obtain all the power from Mr. Paul’s organization, there is a chance that we can fight Madam Grace. As long as you have enough power in the organization, outsiders will think twice before they do anything to you.”

Seeing that Jennifer was deliberating, the bodyguard added, “Ms. Jennifer, you were just wandering in the organization in the past. Although you’re well connected, it’s not your personal ability after all. Since the deal is already off, you might as well fight for the right to speak.”

“Alright then, what you said makes sense.” She would take the power to save her own life and bargain with the power as her trump card. Although it would be a little difficult to carry it out, it could not be any worse than the current situation.

Jennifer was much calmer now. She waved her hand with her palm up after playing with her hair and said in all seriousness, “Where’s my phone? Call that pig.”

The call was made, and the phone was soon landed in Jennifer’s hand. As disdain flashed through her eyes, a chuckle of seduction then spilled from Jennifer’s lips. “Paul?”

Jennifer stood up with the phone while seducing the man on the other end of the phone. “Yes, it’s been a while. I missed you quite a bit… Me? I’m in China now. Oh yeah, I saw Cedrick here…”