Chapter 390 - A Change of Terms

Chapter 390: A Change of Terms

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“What kind of trouble have you gotten into this time?” A firm and powerful voice came through the phone. The sound of large trucks moving could be heard in the background. The person on the phone was at a noisy place.

Zhou Yue pouted and walked about aimlessly. He groused into the phone, “I am here to patrol at the storage, but you said I’m creating trouble? Haven’t you been telling me to go and learn the business. I am doing exactly that.”

The person who was on the phone with Zhou Yue was Father Zhou. When he heard this explanation, he berated his son directly. “Just two days ago, I heard you took some people to go and fight with the kid from the Yao family again. People said that you were practically leading the men into a gang fight. And now you’re telling me you suddenly want to learn the business. Do you think I’m senile?”

Speaking of the relationship between Zhou and Yao, it could have been turned into a TV drama. Initially, the two families were partners in San Lin City. Their industries complimented each other, and their reputation was among the best in the city. They had helped and supported each other peacefully through the years. According to their plan, this shared peace could have continued until their grandchildren’s generation. However, things did not go as smoothly as expected. Without needing to wait for the third generation, there was already plenty of conflict among the second generation. The Zhou family had the young master, Zhou Yue, and the Yao family had Yao Zhixing with an explosive temper.

The cooperation between the two families was over, but it did not mean that they were out to get each other. After all, there was no real competition between them, and the seniors were not going to treat the argument between their children seriously. Later, with the intervention from Ye Shuang, it had turned into a ‘benign’ competition between Yao Zhixing and Zhou Yue. Occasionally, the two might call their men to get into a fight. In a way, it could be counted as an alternative communication method.

Yao Zhixing was Zhou Yue’s taboo. Hearing his father say that, Zhou Yue instantly got annoyed. “Yao Zhixing was involved in the fight as well, so how come you only scold me? Why don’t you go and lecture him as well?”

“Is that Yao kid my son? I don’t care what he did!” Father Zhou retorted. After he took a deep breath to calm down, he added, “Furthermore, he is better than you. You always say that he is not a good kid since he likes to race cars and get into fights, but why don’t you talk about his ability at managing his family’s restaurants? Even Xiao Shuang is closer to him than she is to you. See, when has the girl gone out of her way to take soup to you before? You are really helpless!”

Indeed, one of the standards that Father Zhou used to decide whether or not his son was living up to his expectations, other than his working performance, was the attitude of the daughter of his first love.

“…” Zhou Yue was scolded silent. He opened his lips, wishing to say something more, but in the end, he still swallowed everything. “I’m going to hang up now. In the future, you’ll see who the helpless one really is!”

Then he hung up angrily. He turned to direct his anger to the workers. “What are you guys doing standing there? Don’t you know how to unload the products‽”

He pointed at the nearby truck. “That truck with the seafood, I’ll handle it myself! I’ll pick some choice seafood to give to my friends. You guys go and deal with the rest. Open the freezers!”

After ordering the people to park the truck in front of the freezer, he blasted the rest away. After confirming that all the workers had left, Zhou Yue looked left and right before opening the truck door. He grumbled with annoyance into the truck, “Couldn’t you have brought some soup for me as well?”

Just as he finished, Sister Shuang jumped out of the cargo space, and following behind her was Han Chu. Since they had been trapped inside the cargo space and quite far away when Zhou Yue was on the phone, Sister Shuang naturally did not overhear the conversation between the father and son. She looked at Zhou Yue like he was crazy. “What’s wrong with you?”

Zhou Yue tossed them two worker’s outfits with a dark face. “My dad knows that you took some food to Yao Zhixing, and he just scolded me for it. We’re all friends, so how can you leave me out of it!”

Ye Shuang’s face was dark as well. She finally understood what he was talking about. As she removed her jacket and put on the worker’s outfit, she mocked, “Brother Yao broke his arm during a fight, and naturally, I had to take something when I went to visit him at the hospital. If you want me to bring you something, go and break your arm.”

Zhou Yue exploded. “But what about this big favor that I’ve done you‽ Don’t forget that my father is your mother’s first love!”

“My mother is your father’s first love, but my mother wasn’t interested in your father. Don’t get it all twisted up!” Ye Shuang corrected him out of annoyance.

Han Chu felt a headache coming; he could not depend on these two at all. “Stop wasting time. We need to rush back to the city.”

Zhou Yue quickly used this as leverage and threatened, “Then you call her to go and cook some soup for me!”

He made it clear that he was not going to give the traitors from the Yao Gang a lift.

Han Chu looked at Zhou Yue like the latter was made, but seeing how insistent the man was, he finally turned to Ye Shuang with gritted teeth. “Fine, go and cook a bowl of soup for him.”

What the hell‽

The special car that Anthony had mentioned was Zhou Yue’s family cold chain transport. This was something Ye Shuang and Han Chu had not expected. However, after thinking about it, this idea was surprisingly good.

First, Yao Zhixing was the two’s close friend, which was common knowledge. Just a small investigation into the two would uncover this, so it was hard to hide. Therefore, even though Yao Zhixing’s racers were a good choice, they would easily be followed if they asked for Yao Zhixing’s help. The moment that someone from the group left San Lin City, they might be tracked, which might expose the fact that Ye Shuang and Han Chu had sneaked back to San Lin City.

Secondly, Zhou Yue’s family’s business covered the whole nation. After all, that was the nature of the transportation and logistic business, moving seafood from here, fruits from there, tea leaves from here, and meat from there… It would not be weird to have their trucks enter San Lin City because that happened on a daily basis. As long as the plan was well thought out, it was not hard to hide two people inside one of the trucks.

Finally, the fact that Father Zhou had once carried a torch for Mother Ye was a little known secret from ages gone, so few people knew about that. Furthermore, it was common knowledge that Ye Shuang’s good friend, Yao Zhixing, was Zhou Yue’s mortal enemy. On top of that, Ye Shuang had the history of beating Zhou Yue in public, so no one would have expected them to be working together.

Anthony had merely heard of this in the past, and the fact that he would come up with this plan was ingenious. It was not until Ye Shuang and Han Chu took up their disguise and hurried to meet their ‘contact’ that they knew the entirety of the plan. While they were surprised, they had to admit that it was a brilliant plan. No one would notice that anything was out of place.

“Won’t it be inconvenient for us to stay directly at your house?” After Ye Shuang got in the car, she felt uncomfortable. She gripped her phone but could not summon the courage to call home. “After all, Uncle Zhou has a business to attend to. Won’t our presence inconvenience him?”