Chapter 496 - Discarded

Chapter 496: Discarded

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The local leader here naturally meant Xiao San. Even though he had left his background, he did not lose the knowledge that came with it. Furthermore, the village that he came from was different to this one. Xiao San belonged to a half-retired force. If this was compared to a historical analogy, he was the trusted subordinate next to the emperor. The young man himself was quite a talent, but he had an older gentleman with him who came with his own cheat. Perhaps he might one day use an ultimate and unleash a whole gang of gangsters that he knew as hidden bosses.

Even though it was unlucky that Ye Feng had been captured, after knowing that he had been captured under Xiao San’s watch, Ye Shuang felt much better. Perhaps just as she came to fetch Ye Feng, someone from Xiao San’s side had gone to find Han Chu.

Human talent!

What Han Chu needed now was talent, talent who dared to disobey the law and could rise above the rules!

Thinking about that, Ye Shuang sighed. The kidnapper did not want to chat so much with Ye Shuang. They were in a high-risk job, and it was nothing that they had offended a local leader. So, no matter what Ye Shuang said next, they would treat it like they could not hear her. After all, compared to the threats, they were more worried that the hostages might be able to get some information from their own words.

“Do you think Jennifer will still contact them or not?”

Since the kidnappers ignored them, Ye Shuang found her own brother to chat with. Ye Feng adjusted his position out of discomfort.

“That’s their boss? Didn’t they say they have no way to contact her?”

“And you believe it because they said it?” Ye Shuang rolled her eyes. “They said that they have no way of contacting their boss, so that does not mean that their boss does not have a way to contact them. But what is so valuable about you? Other than to lure me out, important people like Brother Han would not be affected by your capture.”

Ye Feng was stunned. “Don’t you know that Brother Han likes you… r girlfriend?”

Her girlfriend? Who was that?

Ye Shuang was baffled for a second and corrected the relationship in her mind. Then it hit her.

Oh, so he’s talking about me.

Wait a minute! Something does not feel right!

Ye Feng was confused by his sister’s conflicted expression. Combined with the previous pale face, he started to panic. “Sis… ter’s husband! What’s wrong with you? Do you not feel well? You must tell me if you don’t feel well! Do you want to pee? Even though there are many people around us, I can help you block their sight…”

“Shut up!” Ye Shuang held her head. “Let me think!”

This silence lasted until the kidnappers brought dinner over. They could starve the hostages but not until they were dead. The former was for the hostages to lack the energy to resist, but the later might cause them to lose the person of value they had. The difference between the two should be quite obvious. Therefore, the siblings were ignored for the whole morning and only received their dinner at night before going to bed.

Er, bread with fruit jam and mineral water… Fine, at least it’s not hard bun, and they look rather fresh.

But Ye Shuang did not feel like eating it.


She stared at the bread for three seconds and then raised her hand to stop Ye Feng, who was delivering the bread to his mouth. “Wait.”

“What’s wrong, brother-in-law?” Ye Feng halted and scratched his head as he looked at the bread and then at Ye Shuang. Then it hit him. “Is it because you don’t like your jam flavor? We can swap.”

Ye Shuang frowned wordlessly. Suddenly, she moved her body to turn toward the kidnapper as best as she could. Her nostrils twitched, and she asked with a complicated expression, “Are they made the same way?”

Ye Feng did not understand. “What do you mean?”

The kidnappers were munching on the bread and sipping on mineral water. Some were squatting down, going over their remaining weapons and equipment. Ye Shuang’s action probably attracted their attention. These people glanced over with a lack of interest and did not seem like they were going to answer Ye Shuang. Ye Shuang smiled and pulled her eyes back from the kidnappers. Instead, she turned to Ye Feng and gently explained, “The ingredients of the bread are the same. Flour, oil, egg, jam, lemon juice… and yeah, Midazolam…”

As she said the last word, two of the kidnappers who had chewed a large part of their bread collapsed. The others reflexively took out their weapons and stood up. The black barrels pointed at Ye Shuang. Ye Shuang turned lazily over to face them. She noticed that of the conscious ones, there was one that was teetering already. Even though he had not eaten much, the drug was taking effect.

“You brought and distributed the bread yourself. What could I have done to it?” Ye Shuang glanced at their expressions of disbelief and chuckled. Her voice was thick with sarcasm that made fun of the kidnappers’ IQ. “Looks like I was right. Your boss did not need your willingness to sacrifice—she only needs you to die as fast as you can manage.”

Question: After capturing the hostage and luring out the enemy, before the other enemies arrive, what will happen when all of the allies have been taken out by sedatives?

Answer: All of them will die.

Brilliant, that was a logical answer.

“How is that possible?” the last kidnapper finally said. It appeared like it was the leader who croaked out his disbelief. The gun that he was holding wavered slightly.

“How is that not possible?” Ye Shuang crossed her long legs, and with her elbows on her knees, she lowered her body. She looked at her kidnappers with interest. It was as if the guns that were pointing at her did not exist at all. “What is Jennifer’s goal? She must be mad to give up all her cards, or you guys are never that important to her to begin with.”

The leader swallowed his saliva. His lips were pursed like he was struggling internally.

Ye Shuang tilted her head to the side and added, “By the way, I don’t see any blankets around you. At night, you would have to build a fire to keep the temperature going, right?”

Following Ye Shuang’s gaze, the leader seemed to have realized something, but he still looked at the firewood piled in the corner with disbelief…

“There is the smell of dynamite.” Ye Shuang smiled wickedly, and she chuckled like an imp.

The leader’s face immediately paled. His brain finally cleared up. Unable to stop his shaking hands, he continued to listen to Ye Shuang.

“Sedatives and supplies, explosives and firewood… If you inspect your luggage, you might find more.

“You’ve been abandoned.”

Ye Shuang could not hold her laugh in. She stood up easily, and under the other party’s disbelieving gaze, she tossed the iron chain away. She tore through it easily like it was made from paper.