Chapter 441 - Examination

Chapter 441: Examination

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Not only was the day hectic, it would have lasting impact for many people. Madam Grace was practically carried out by her two bodyguards. When Yao Zhixing’s car found the trio, Madam Grace had already been unconscious for a long time. Even though there was no visible injury, the overdose meant that they had to hurry her to the hospital. Now was not the time to worry about the officials.

When Cedrick got the news and arrived, he saw his own mother unconscious in the ICU wearing a breathing mask.

“We got to her too late. Even though she has been rescued, the effect of the drugs will torment her for quite some time.” Han Chu updated Cedrick on the situation. “The doctors have already tried their best; the rest will have to be naturally removed by the body. We also cannot tell if there will be other side effects when she wakes up…”

What kind of side effects? The kind like damage to the brain, like Alzheimer’s, or becoming a vegetable? Of course, it could be the destruction of certain internal organs. After all, Jennifer had used a new, untested drug; it had not undergone any clinical trials. Even if there was a clinical trial, the patient used would not consider whether they were healthy or whether they had good value or not…

The two bodyguards had just woken up from being rescued and were resting, but they immediately jumped up once they saw the son of their boss walk in.

Technically speaking, Madam Grace had failed due to her own miscalculation. She did not expect Jennifer not to give her any chance to delay the time, and she did not expect that she would be of such little value in Jennifer’s eyes. If not for those two miscalculations, Madam Grace’s plan would have worked. Therefore, things developed to such a state that Cedrick had no reason to blame Ye Shuang and the rest. After all, this was his mother’s own miscalculation.

However, that did not mean that he could treat the situation rationally. As calmly as he tried to assess the situation, when he saw his own mother lying there unconscious and heard that there might be side effects that might befall her, Cedrick naturally had a hard time accepting reality.

“What should we now do?” Cedrick turned his negative emotions toward Han Chu’s group who accepted his job. His resentment was so palpable that it almost suffocated the whole room. “You promised you’d save her.”

“And we did, didn’t we?” Han Chu titled his chin toward the bed and reminded Cedrick that this was all because of his people’s work.

Cedrick gritted his teeth and could not help angrily hissing, “Other than a pulse, I would like to remind you that she is now no different from a dead person.”

“But she’s still alive, right?” Han Chu replied calmly. He glanced at the woman in bed and continued after a pause. “Don’t worry, she will pull through.”

Even though the new drug was highly destructive and there was no known antidote… as they had said earlier, no one had dealt with this drug before, so perhaps there was no side effect and things were not as bad as they thought.

Furthermore, even if there was some damage done to Madam Grace’s body, it did not mean that it could not be cured with modern medical technology. Was Ye Shuang not the perfect example of that? Her body had been enhanced even though that enhancement could not be said to be particularly successfully.

With that in mind, Han Chu did not want to waste time with Cedrick anymore. He lowered his head to look through the hospital information that he had printed out. He picked out several pages and walked up to Ye Shuang. “We will go do some examinations.”

“What examination?” Ye Shuang rolled her eyes.

Yao Zhixing slapped his head. “Yes, you should go for an examination. After all, we’re already here.”

She had not heard of people going to the hospital for an examination due to a painful period, but fine, there was nothing for her to lose anyway. Han Chu passed the pages that he had picked out to her. “I’ve worked with these people before. They sometimes accept cases from me. I feel like they will help keep it secret.”

Ye Shuang looked at the others with confusion and then at Han Chu… Is it okay for us to talk about something like this before everyone?

Before Ye Shuang could wonder further, Han Chu calmly added, “Madam Grace’s physical condition can’t be revealed to the public too much, but taking a blood sample for examination should be fine.”

Yao Zhixing realized what was happening then. “So, you’re talking about the examination for the woman?”

Ye Shuang snapped out of it as well. Using the unknown drug as a pretext, now was the perfect chance for her to hand in her blood sample for a deep analysis!

Thus, things were decided. With the cover given by Han Chu, be it the party of Madam Grace whose blood had been drawn or Yao Zhixing, no one realized that something was off.

After using the one-time syringe to draw her own blood, Ye Shuang and Han Chu waited together for the results. Probably because the procedures were rather complicated, two hours later, the two who had gotten a bit impatient from all the waiting finally saw the door of the lab open. The professional, who was said to be able to keep a secret and had worked for Han Chu before, walked out from within with a strange expression on his face. His brows were furrowed deeply like there was a problem troubling him.

Removing his mask, he walked to meet the two. The professional plunged his hands into his coat and said hesitantly, “What kind of blood have you given me?”

“One of my clients, not the one in hospital. It’s another contract that we need to keep a lid on.” Han Chu used the confidentiality clause to blow through the question and leaned in close to ask, “What’s the result?”

The professional tossed them a look to signal for them to follow. He picked up a handwritten report from inside the lab and gave it to them. “The cells are very active, and they have impressive consumption and absorption capabilities. Even their recovery and reconstruction rate is a bit too unscientific. A normal person’s blood wouldn’t show properties like this. For now, I cannot say for sure that there are other uncertainties. If possible, I would like to get more samples, and I will analyze the DNA.”

“No, the client’s information has to be kept confidential.” Han Chu scanned the data that he was holding… He could not understand anything.

Tossing the paper away, Han Chu directly said, “The blood owner’s body is facing some anomalies; it is probably caused by genetic problems. Do you think there is a solution to that?”

The professional looked Han Chu up and down and tutted. “So many secrets, and the sample came up with so many strange results… You’re not doing some kind of bionic experiment, are you?”