Chapter 297 - Sore Loser

Chapter 297: Sore Loser

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Brother Shuang was too high-profile. Ye Shuang had played on this account for a few days, and she thought she had hit the level cap already. With one James paying her such great attention and a Xia Cheng being cautious around her, when Ye Shuang turned around, she suddenly realized that she had so many people watching her back. She thought about it and felt like it was more comfortable for her to use the identity of Sister Shuang.

On top of that, French girls were a bit too romantic and mature. After kissing a few of the neighbor girls, Brother Shuang had suddenly found himself with some young fans. Whenever it came time for dinner, there would be little girls who came to Karen’s home to invite Brother Shuang to join them for biscuits. Just last night, there had been an incident where young girl A got into the fight with young girl B because of Brother Shuang.

After placating the girls and their parents, Ye Shuang felt incredibly tired and thought it was better for her to change her gender. Therefore, just like that, one night she said she had to leave for work, and after staying a night at the hotel, Sister Shuang reappeared the next day to challenge the overseas map.

Sister Shuang had not been to Karen’s home before, so naturally, she could not have showed up suddenly with her luggage. As someone ‘who had just arrived in France’, she had to first contact Su Zheng and then ‘find out’ Karen’s address before she could move in. That was if the host did not mind it.

But the issue was that Su Zheng’s phone was out of juice, and she did not charge it! The girl must have used it to read web novels and then fallen asleep.

Just talking about it made Ye Shuang feel like crying. Sister Shuang, who technically should not know how to get to Karen’s place, thus became homeless. She left her luggage at the hotel, and after buying some clothes to change into, she naturally sat down to find a place to fill her stomach.

The reason Sister Shuang was being so forward, showing such interest in the fat foreigner, was because there was a pen from Karen’s home that was sitting on the man’s table. She could not have mistaken it. There was a tooth mark on the cap because Brother Shuang’s little girlfriend bit on it earlier because she could not get it to open with her hands…

Where did this relative or friend come from? She went away for one night, and the members at Karen’s place had changed already. Thinking about that, Sister Shuang’s smile toward Edward grew bigger. Even though she could not say that she knew Karen, they might have chance to meet each other in the future, so there was no issue with them getting to know each other first.

Edward, who was closely observed by Ye Shuang, took up the tea to sip on it. He coughed twice to clear his throat and then asked in a slow voice, “I suppose you are not a thirsty girl?”

After he said that, he realized he should have put his question in a more palatable way.

Due to limitation of his looks, Edward really did not have much experience in being the focus of so much interest by a beautiful girl. Of course, this did not mean that Edward did not have girls who threw themselves at him, but that was because they wanted something from him.

Even so, they would not let him touch their skirts. While they adjusted their bra with their left hand, they asked him for what they wanted with their right hand. It was harsh to say the least. After this happened a few times, the trauma almost made him suffer from emotional erectile dysfunction!

And this kind of girl who showed interest in Edward before she realized the value that he represented… to be honest, Edward was a little bit excited.

Ye Shuang looked at Edward curiously. “I thought only we Easterners are reserved—I thought a foreigner would be more straightforward.”

Ye Shuang pronounced ‘foreigner’ in a strange way.

“…What is that strange pronunciation?” Edward frowned at the strange pronunciation that escaped from Ye Shuang’s lips. “If you are not familiar with French, I also know how to converse in English; I’m American.”

“Oh.” Ye Shuang very fluidly changed into English and continued to get to know ‘Karen’s relative’. “Then, sir, are you also a tourist? Are you here alone to relax?”

“I think that has nothing to do with you, right?” Excited as he was, Edward was not an idiot who would reveal everything because he was talking to a beauty.

Ye Shuang sighed. “If you continue to be like this, we cannot chat anymore. Can’t you be a little bit friendlier?”

“…” Edward was embarrassed. He did not have any experience of having a normal conversation with a woman. Either it was young starlet wanting to get into bed, or enemy spies wanting to get into his bed, or the prostitute wanting to get into… Cough! In any case, he had formed a habit, and it was hard for him to correct it.

He wanted to take another swig of the tea… F*ck, it’s already empty!

“Get me a refill please!” Edward raised his cup into the air and summoned the waitress.

Ye Shuang smiled. This man sure was interesting. He seemed to be quite rich and successful, but she was surprised by this shy side of him. Not every successful person would like a certain way. Even though Edward appeared sleazy and lazy, the items that he was wearing were all high-end stuff. Just the running shoes on his feet was worth at least two thousand USD.

The waitress came over with the tea pot—it was still the same girl from before. That familiar smile, familiar voice, but she looked a little bit awkward compared to before.

“Sir, do you wish to add another serving of macaroons? We have one tray fresh out of the oven,” the waitress said with a smile.

“No need.” Edward waved his hand impatiently to chase her away. After the girl left, Ye Shuang held her chin and studied the waitress before sighing. “Looks like her relationship status is not going so well.”

The comment was a bit random—Ye Shuang was merely dropping an observation but to her surprise, the fat foreigner got it. While he added milk and sugar to the tea, he scoffed without lifting his head, “The habit of a female mind… She is feeling that way because of work, not love.”

“Huh?” Ye Shuang turned to look at Edward with shock. “And how would you know?”

Edward dropped three sugar cubes into his drink and poured in almost half of the milk. When the tea did not smell like tea anymore, he took a huge sip. He said easily, “You probably did not notice that all the waitresses here are wearing the same apron and hat, right?”

“I did notice that. The apron and hat are light yellow in color,” Ye Shuang answered without turning around. It really did seem like she already noted that earlier. Edward paused to look at Ye Shuang. Then his expression turned slightly serious. “Your observation is not bad… I guess you saw her take out her phone from her apron and sigh as she placed it back, right?”

Ye Shuang nodded. “Yeah, women are normally more sentimental and easily influenced by the surroundings. Actually, the girl is already very professional, but I can still see the change in her smile. The muscles around her lips were rather frozen, and it made her smile awkward… If it was a call from home, a small issue wouldn’t have affected her mood that much, and if it was something big, she would have left work already. That leaves only the possibility of a lover… Why would you think it’s because of work?”

“Very impressive.” Edward clapped before leaning back in his chair. “That is why I asked you the question earlier. The waitresses here have the same… Hmm, let’s call it uniform for now. The reason they wear the apron is not only for appearance and convenience—it’s also due to the environment. Normally, a location like this would have their workers wear their work outfit.

“Of course, the apron is bigger, so it catches the eye more. In contrast, the hat is not that attention-grabbing… For example, if you wear a cute a hair pin, or there is a crease on the hat, you just want to let your scalp breath. It should be fine to remove the hat temporarily at moments like that.”

After he entered his professional field, Edward could not stop talking, completely different from the lazy man that he was earlier. “When she came earlier, she was only wearing the apron and wasn’t carrying the tea pot. But as we saw, the second time, she came with the hat and also the additional tea pot.

“From the way she reacted when she left, if she received a call that ruined her mood before she arrived the second time, and combined with the details that she suddenly seemed more willing to follow the rules here, and then we have to consider her youth and beauty… I predict, she doesn’t want to work here for so long. The call that she received is about her failed job application or something else. What do you think about my explanation?”

“…It is very accurate.” Ye Shuang thought about it and had to admit the man’s speculation was more convincing than hers, but… she did not want to give up so easily. “But there’s also a possibility that she turned her sadness into work focus. She wants to use her work to numb the pain from her relationship problem.”

“Ha, a career in waitressing?” Edward habitually scoffed with derision.

Ye Shuang… suddenly felt like this man would be good friends with Han Chu. She lowered her head to sip on her hot drink, and she felt like ignoring the man.

At least Han Chu was handsome and clean. It was fine for him to have a sharp tongue once in a while; for girls who liked him, it might even be cute. However, this fat foreigner’s appearance really did him a disservice. He was already not handsome, and combined with that attitude, he was destined to be forever alone.

Edward was waiting for a counter, so he was surprised when his opponent suddenly surrendered. Instantly, he also felt quite awkward.

Why don’t you speak anymore? Weren’t you trying to talk to me earlier? What happened?