Chapter 497 - Bait

Chapter 497: Bait

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Half an hour later, the nature of the kidnappers and kidnapped had a drastic change. First, Jennifer was too ruthless. It was unclear what caused her to poison these few people, but the rudimentary speculation suggested that she wanted to wipe her trail. Secondly, Ye Shuang was too powerful. Even though the kidnappers refused to cooperate, Ye Shuang managed to take down all of them with one hand. After all, they did not want to die. Since there were explosives hidden in the cave, no one dared fire, so they could only fight Ye Shuang with their bare hands. The cruel reality told them that even all of them added together was not powerful enough to defeat the man who had managed to tear through steel chains with his bare hands.

“Actually, you don’t need to be so angry.” Ye Shuang toyed with the weapons that she had taken from their bags. She tilted her head to look away from the people who were tied at the bedpost, and she explained quite joyfully, “It wasn’t that simple for me to save Xiao Feng. After all, you have guns, I have no idea what Jennifer is planning, and… fine, perhaps the details are not that important.”

At this point, she finally turned her head over to smile. “But I did not expect Jennifer to value you guys so little.

“So very little.”


Ye Feng got cut loose as well. As he rubbed his bruised wrists, he looked at the bad guys wickedly. “Well, you sure had your fun. It’s wonderful capturing a helpless university student like me, isn’t it? And you planned to threaten my brother-in-law?”

Ye Shuang glanced at her own brother and did not stop him. After all, the criminals had to have high defense, and nothing would happen to them. What could a normal citizen do to them? The answer was not much. Little Brother Ye was only capable of running his mouth—he did not have the courage to poke fun at actual criminals.

So, even if Ye Shuang decided to give him time to take revenge, he only dared say a few mocking words, nothing else. It niggled Ye Shuang’s heart… At least spit at them or something.

Ye Feng had his fill. He thought that he had managed to scare the criminals, but they only saw him as a puppy barking. In any case, after he had mocked them enough, he walked to Ye Shuang’s side and looked around. “Brother-in-law, what are you doing?”

This term of reference switched so swiftly, like how fast it had taken him to get used to having a big brother at the beginning.

“…” Ye Shuang looked at him speechlessly for a while. Then, she sighed as she raised the thing in her hand. “Nothing, I just found a communicator.”

She turned her head to ask the kidnappers, “Who is this used to communicate with?”

The communicator was actually a simple private-make cell phone. She had just checked it, and it did not have a call history, only a few buttons. One had to input the correct sequence to make any calls; the number was both a dial number and the password. Earlier, the kidnappers had said that they had no way of contacting Jennifer, and from their expressions and musculature, Ye Shuang felt like they were telling the truth. So, the question became, who was this communicator for?

Even though the kidnappers had different expressions, they all expressed some trace of panic. One could easily have missed it if one did not look closely, but since Ye Shuang had noticed it, naturally, she would not let go of such an obvious clue.

Walking over with the communicator, Ye Shuang sat down before the kidnappers. As she held her chin, she started to analyze. “Your equipment should have been organized under Jennifer’s observation. She is a cautious person, and without doing so, she would not have had the opening to trick all of you. Since the communicator is not used to contact Jennifer, it must be for one of your allies. Before coming out, you were instructed not to contact Jennifer, so I can assume that your mission is a one-way mission, something like a suicide mission. Before Jennifer’s true intention was exposed, you probably thought you were quite trusted.”

Ye Shuang tossed the phone between her hands. “With this lie as the premise, you then wouldn’t cooperate with others on this mission, so if there has to be someone that you can contact, that someone must be your final trump card.”

The others slowly lowered their heads under Ye Shuang’s analysis. Only the leader held his gaze, but he could not help the expression on his face. Ye Shuang paused and smiled. “Looks like I was not far from the truth?”

“What do you mean to say?” the leader croaked out after a long silence.

Ye Shuang held the communicator and looked at him seriously. “It’s nothing. I thought your mission was to pull Brother Han’s team down with you, but if you have backup and that back-up does not know Jennifer’s arrangement, could there be any other possibility?”

Lead the tiger away, or rather have the tigers fight it out?

If everyone there died and Han Chu was pulled into the water, the backup—out of the need to investigate or to salvage some important clues—would not let the suspect escape so easily. If Ye Feng and Ye Shuang died there, Han Chu would not let that go easily either. The two parties would limit each other, leaving empty space for Jennifer to do… what? What could she do?

Ye Shuang could not analyze the answer, so she directly asked, “Who is this contact? What do they have?”

The kidnapper refused to answer.

Jennifer could not be trusted, but they could not trust Ye Shuang either. From the beginning, they were from opposing camps. Now that they had been abandoned, it did not mean that they should naturally turn toward Han Chu’s team for aid. The leader knew very well that for criminals like them, at least they could find a place for themselves in Country M, but that was impossible in this country.

Ye Shuang was not in a hurry. After grumbling a few whispered words to Ye Feng, the latter went to collect everything that he could and left the cave. Meanwhile, Ye Shuang used the steel chain to tighten the hold on the kidnappers. With a pull, the group of people were dragged away by a powerful force. When they were out of the cave, Ye Feng had already moved all the things and waved at Ye Shuang from several meters away.

Ye Shuang found a thick tree to tie the kidnappers to and took out a pistol to aim at the cave behind them. “Let’s see who will come to collect your bodies.”

A bullet shot into the cave.

The next second, a large explosion burst out from the cave.