Chapter 327 - He'll Do

Chapter 327: He’ll Do

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This was not the issue of money, okay…

Ye Shuang looked at the shadow through the rear-view window rather speechlessly. She did not start the engine instantly like the person wanted but thought about it and tapped her fingers rhythmically on the steering wheel. Finally, she chuckled and said, “You do know that I’m not a taxi, right?”

She had just finished when she heard the footsteps coming from outside the parking lot. It was coupled with a low yet non-ignorable scolding. “Based on the surveillance, he should still be inside the parking lot! If we fail to catch him, the madam will be very mad!”

“Tsk! That guy sure knows how to hide. He managed to hide inside the food trolley for a day and night.”

“Stop with the small talk… It’s just sex, and he’s not even a woman, so why does he care so much about his virginity? Why did he need to run‽”

As the voices became clearer, the shadow on the backseat shivered before curling into a smaller ball. It was as if the voices were like a scary beast chasing after him, and the shadow almost folded his large body in half. Then, from the shivering body came a whispered voice that was shuddering. “Please, I beg of you, drive away.”


Ye Shuang felt speechless after hearing the conversation between the people outside, and her fingers continued to tap. “Hmm… It’s not that I don’t want to start the engine, but don’t you realize, if I drive away now, it’s even more impossible for you to run?”

She had understood the situation. Even though the shadow was curled up so that his face was hidden, among the people who chased after him, Ye Shuang had very fresh memory about the two of them. Just the night before, the two of them and a newbie had gone to the hall to check for the signal that she had sent. If not for Ye Shuang’s fast reaction, there would have been a conflict between them already.

Therefore, after confirming the identity of the others, then combining it to the newbie who was missing… As long as Madam Grace was not crazy enough to kill a man for a small mistake, then the identity of the man who was cowering in her backseat was clear as day.

From the status that Madam Grace had showed at the ball, these black suits were likely her people’s underling. In any case, with a word from the woman, no one would have cared if she wanted the newbie bodyguard to wash his body and be sent into her tent.

But they probably did not expect the newbie to be so virtuous. Even though he was not that good at his work, he seemed rather lucky and thus escaped the fate being OOXX. Then, during his period of escape, he ran into Ye Shuang.

Ye Shuang then was reminded of something important. “Now that you’re here, I realize this parking lot is connected to the hotel next door.”

No wonder the woman’s underling would be there. She had accidentally parked her car where her enemy stayed. The newbie who was identified by Ye Shuang maintained his curled posture and urged with a shaking voice, “Fast, fast, fast…”

“Being fast is of no use. If I start my car now, I’ll definitely be blocked before I can leave,” Ye Shuang said with an easy smile. “They wouldn’t need much reason to inspect my car. They can just knock on my window to pretend to ask something, and they can use that chance to look in my car. If that fails, they can stand right in my way. After all, I won’t run over them… These people don’t need to think logically, as long as they have a chance to look inside the car.”

The newbie’s pupil shuddered, and then he used his voice that was breaking to beg, “Then, then, what should I do?”

“Hmm?” Ye Shuang blinked. “Actually, now that I think about it, this doesn’t seem to have anything to do with me. I can just run out and shout that there is a thief inside my car, and I believe these people will be ‘kind’ enough to help me, right?”

Of course, she would be able to escape after that.

The ball shuddered, and then his body radiated a scent of despair. The man almost peed from the sudden change of plot. How could there be such a heartless person in the world‽

After she had had her fun, Ye Shuang finally burst out laughing. “I’m just joking with you.”

“Jo-jo-joking with me?” The black ball moved and lifted up his extremely-conflicted face. His teary eyes peeped through his arms. “You, you, you…”

“If I was just a normal citizen and you hid in a commoner’s car, just imagine what would happen to the person after you’re captured.” Ye Shuang tugged her collar and folded her sleeves. Then she removed her jacket. “Don’t think you can go creating trouble for others because you’re in hot water. The people who are after you are not good people. If it was a common citizen who had assisted you, they could consider themselves lucky if they’re allowed to leave with a light injury. If you carry more secrets, the person might lose their lives because of you… So, in a way, you are not a victim that I have to save but a trouble that came from nowhere.”

There were many people in the world who treated others as NPCs. To put it simply, they only considered their problem and did not realize that other people did not have the responsibility to help them. Even though that idea might be different in terms of range due to personality and bottom line, the idea was there—Due to my own trouble/problem/desperation, I had to drag you, who actually had nothing to do with it, into the fray to help me solve my problem.

This time if it was a friend, it was fine, but a stranger on the road? Brother Shuang could only chuckle at that.

That was so reasonable that he was speechless. The newbie was silent and then lowered his head in shame. “…I’m sorry, this is my fault.”

“Hmm, good boy!”

After Brother Shuang taught the man a lesson in justice, he nodded and opened the door. He stepped out.

The black suit widened his eyes. “What are you doing?”

Does he really plan to leave and abandon me in this car?

Brother Shuang stepped out and turned around. Only then did the black suit catch a glimpse of his impossibly handsome face. That face… he’s in a greater danger than I am!

But the black suit was too powerless to say anything. After all, he was the one being targeted not this man. No matter how handsome this man was, his colleagues would not grab a random man off the street to be sacrificed.

“Go deal with the road block obviously.” The handsome man before the black suit said naturally, “Didn’t you want to me drive away? If we don’t deal with the people inside the parking lot and at the blockade, how do you expect us to leave this place?”

“Huh‽” The situation had a sudden turn again. Even the black suit did not expect the man to say something like that so confidently. He was stunned into speechlessness by the man’s bravado. He looked at Brother Shuang like he was looking at a madman, but he soon realized, perhaps he was not the one who was crazy but the handsome man.

After Brother Shuang left the car, he walked calmly toward one of the black suits. At the time, the few black suits were wandering around the corners of the parking lot, looking for the escaped newbie. They did not react to Brother Shuang’s sudden appearance. After all, from his movement and expression, it appeared like he had forgotten something and was going back to retrieve it…

But the change happened when Brother Shuang brushed past one of the black suits. There was a cling, and the sound appeared very conspicuous in the quiet parking lot.

Initially, the black suit did not realize what it was. He instinctually lowered his head to the source of the sound, then he saw something very familiar—the gun that should have been sitting at the back of his waist. The other black suits who turned their heads that way were all silent.

The black suit whose gun fell to the ground was especially shocked. Sucking in a cold breath, he lifted his head to look at the stranger who had just walked past.

The handsome stranger had his hands in his pockets. He was turning his body around because he also heard the sound. He saw the dangerous item that was one the ground and then looked at the black suit, his eyes widening slightly to express shock.

Well, they were part of an illegal organization, so carrying a gun on them was much too common. Even Madam Grace herself was a professional at using guns, so how could her underlings be as innocent as a sheep?

But the problem was, such items were not supposed to be exposed to the public. After all, no one would have conducted a body search on people who walked on the street. However, if they were discovered, based on Chinese law, these people were definitely going to be sent to the jail.

“Er, this…” Before he understood why his gun would fall to the ground, just as the black suit’s mind was a mess, he noticed that the stranger before him was pulling out the phone from his pocket rapidly. No, he’s calling the cops!

“Stop!” Abandoning all pretense, the rationality in the black suit’s mind snapped. Without thinking about it, he raised his hand to swat the man’s phone away. Therefore, another sound from the small item falling to the ground echoed through the parking lot.

My iPhone… Oh, my heart…

As he saw the handsome stranger lifted his head to look at him with a shocked expression, the black suit knew that he was cornered. Without saying anything, he waved his elbow at the man… F*ck it! At this stage, I need to knock him out first!

“…So that’s why the group of idiots was detained?” Madam Grace looked through the video in the parking lot many times already. Brother Shuang’s skill did not need more explanation. The angle combined with his skill, even if they slowed down the speed by ten times, no one would have said that he had something to do with the man’s gun falling to the ground.

Even though the newbie was new at his job, he had some common knowledge. He chose Brother Shuang’s car to hide in because he noticed the camping car next to it would block the view from the camera. So, naturally, from the start of the chaos until its end, no one had realized that the man whom Madam Grace was looking for was hiding inside the car.

Madam Grace’s face was dark. Her underling had lost his gun was one loss, losing the ability to salvage the emergency was another… then, all of them failed to beat a young man who was unarmed. They had been apprehended before they had the chance to use their guns. They had even collapsed to the ground and been taken by the police…

The well-preserved and fair fingers tapped the table lightly. She looked rather unfazed, but each tap was like a heavy tap on the heart of the other people in the room.

Madam Grace calmly rewound the video to the time when Brother Shuang exited his car and smiled coldly. “It really was a mistake to expand to China. First, the biggest pit stops were taken down, and then, it’s a disappearance, and now, the men are being hauled to the police station…”

Madam Grace paused, and her expressionless gaze fell on the men gathered before her desk. “I’m very disappointed with your quality.”

The men’s heads were filled with sweat but none dared to wipe at it. Their heads could not be lowered. “Zuo… Zuo Yuanhang is an accident; we didn’t expect such a powerful opponent at that city. While the thing in Xiang Jiang is because the agent accidentally got dragged into the power struggle of the local gangs, and…”

“Don’t give me all these reasons!” Madam Grace interrupted him sharply. “I only look at the result, and the result tells me that you’re all useless!”

The man was silent, but internally, he was cursing nonstop… China is just developing so there might be some mistakes, but what about the foreign stops? Aren’t they a mess as well?

Moving her gaze back to the screen and to Brother Shuang, who was surprisingly good at fighting, Madam Grace’s mood alleviated slightly, “This man though is not so bad.”

Who? The man was shocked and quickly understood who Madam Grace was referring to. He tried to earn some brownie points. “Madam, you’re talking about Ye Shuang? He has the experience of saving his colleague from a rampaging horse during a movie shoot, and his looks and ability are both top notch.”

“I can see that, he’s completely different from you idiots.” Madam Grace huffed.

Closing the laptop, probably because she had lectured them enough, Madam Grace stood up and nonchalantly ordered, “Find a lawyer to negotiate with the embassy and get those idiots out from the station.”

“Yes!” the man quickly answered. “Then, what about Ye Shuang…”

Madam Grace glanced at him. “That has nothing to do with you.”