Chapter 442 - Time to Make Arrangements

Chapter 442: Time to Make Arrangements

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Bionic experiment not so much, but he did have a bionic anomalous lifeform with him. A lie required more lies to make sense. Han Chu could not come up with a rational explanation and did not wish to waste time on meaningless things, so he used the confidentiality clause of his job to skip over the answering part.

The professional had obvious interest in the provider of the blood sample that Han Chu had sent over, but he knew that Han Chu would not provide him with any extra info. To get more info, the only way was to wait for Han Chu to come back to him for help.

Curiosity aside, the professional was an astute person. Soon, he understood what he was needed to do and returned to his professional setting. “I’m not going to ask for more details, and I do not wish to know how you came to the conclusion of a genetic problem. In any case, this is not so different from a computer OS. If it’s due to the instability of the genetic information, then it can only mean that the new function is not compatible with the current system. So, either reboot everything or go make a patch.”

“What about usability?” Han Chu frowned.

“How would I know?” The professional shrugged. “This is the first time I’ve come across something like this, and what I gave is just speculation.”

Han Chu was annoyed for a while before throwing out Madam Grace’s blood sample. “Never mind then. Go ahead and analyze this so that I have something to go back with. Do not tell others about this. If there’s anything else, I’ll come back to you.”

The professional knew the rules. He took the test tubes and left. Han Chu and Ye Shuang went onto the internet, looked on their phones, and walked around to work their bones. One hour later, they took the new blood report back to deal with Cedrick.

“This is bad.” The report that Han Chu got did not give any good news, and Cedrick did not show much interest in the new but useless report. In any case, he did not know how to read it. The bodyguards had taken their spots outside the room, and now Cedrick was sitting beside Madam Grace’s bed alone. His expression was complicated. “I always thought I wouldn’t care about her.”

Han Chu nodded. “It’s clear that due to your family background and issues, your rebellious period has lasted longer than others.”

“…” Cedrick was silent for a while and raised her hand to smooth down the hair that had fallen over Madam Grace’s forehead. He stared at the latter’s peaceful sleeping face. “I do not know how to be a good son since she’s been missing from my life for so many years. She is obviously not a good mother either; she tries to be better toward me, but I can see that my existence puts her in an awkward position.”

Han Chu did not know how to continue. Mocking from outsiders and complaining on one’s own were different. A son could complain about his mother, but if others really agreed, that might not be a socially acceptable thing to do.

Thankfully, Cedrick did not need him to reply. He continued to mumble, trapped in his own world. It was as if he treated Han Chu and Ye Shuang like they were invisible. “Grace… My mother’s people said that she wants me to temporarily take over her forces until she wakes up.”

This, he could work with… Han Chu nodded in agreement from a rational standpoint. “The organization that Madam Grace belongs to is not friendly. Other than her, the other higher officials are in a mutually competitive and reliant relationship. If no one takes over, Madam Grace’s forces might be consumed by others, so it is not a bad idea for you to temporarily take over.”

After all, he was the biological son. The best underling might have the heart to betray, even a normal underling might, an underling’s underling might. It was not the same with a biological son. After all, blood was thicker than water. Even if Cedrick had some plans of his own, at worst, it would cost an early retirement for Madam Grace. No matter what, Cedrick would not really harm his mother.

Furthermore, Madam Grace probably had an issue of loyalty with her people. It was fine when she was the boss, but if she handed the seat of power to one but not another of the same standing, it might tip the power balance, causing irreparable consequences.

At a time like this, if the empress’ son was selected to take over, no matter the ideas they were harboring… be it those who really wished to serve Madam Grace or those who wished to take advantage of the situation, instead of causing a ruckus within her ranks and allowing other people to stick their hands into her business, the better solution was to have an outsider who had no foundation with anyone to come in and act as a buffer for now. In any case, from any perspective, Cedrick was the best choice to take over while Madam Grace recovered.

Han Chu thought about it. “With your own forces, it’ll be much simpler for you to do things. Don’t you want to take revenge for Madam Grace?”

Furthermore, if a familiar friend like Cedrick took over, it would be much easier for Han Chu as well. Cedrick seemed to have made a decision already. Talking it out with Han Chu and Ye Shuang was merely to vent the frustration in his heart. Even if Han Chu did not say anything, he would not have abandoned Madam Grace at a time like this. Therefore, when Han Chu and Ye Shuang left, the new boss had already taken his place, and he had already started to familiarize himself with the ins and outs of the business.

Madam Grace’s forces were not their most imminent problem. For the group in San Lin City, they were more concerned about Ye Shuang’s physical problem. After leaving the hospital and sending Anthony and Yao Zhixing away, Ye Shuang got caught in a not a good situation.

The genetic breakdown when she was driving was a sign of things to come. Even though she had returned to normal very quickly after that, but later, Ye Shuang’s body had started to show what the real meaning of ‘problem’ was.

In the following half a month, Ye Shuang’s body started to showcase distressing signs at an interval of every two to three days.

The sudden change of physical appearance became nothing new. In the latest instances of genetic breakdown, she even had a rapid change of gender. One second, she was a soft young beauty, but the next, she turned into a dark, handsome young man. Her genetic code was a mess.

It was worth noting that to prevent her family from worrying and her friends from finding out, Ye Shuang had been transported to a small town, the type that did not have any other people within a ten-mile radius in the name of a mission by Han Chu.

“You don’t look so good.” After yet another worrying event, Han Chu looked at the pale-faced and sweat-covered Ye Shuang while typing the latest data on his laptop. “Do you want me to help with your funeral arrangements?”