Chapter 391 - Public Property

Chapter 391: Public Property

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Whether it was convenient or not was not that important; as long as Ye Shuang was willing to stay, Father Zhou could speedily resolve the biggest inconvenience. The daughter of his first love was willing to follow his son home. This could not have been prettier. However, the only thing that made Father Zhou feel a bit confused was… why would Ye Shuang bringing another man with her during her stay at the Zhou family’s home?

“We probably need to hide for a whole week. We are waiting for our friend to finish his investigation.” Ye Shuang was gracious enough to deal with the dinner. During dinner, she tried her best to endear herself to Father Zhou, who came home to this big and pleasant surprise. “Therefore, we will have to trouble you, Uncle Zhou. Han Chu and I will have trouble showing ourselves during this sensitive period, and certain things will have to be carried out by Zhou… I mean Xiao Yue.”

“…I think you should continue call me Zhou Yue.” Since she was not used to using such term of endearment, there was no need to force it. Zhou Xiao Yue, whose name had suddenly changed, rolled his eyes in annoyance. He put away the phone that he had been using to snap the pictures of the food on the table. When he was finally satisfied with his photo album, he picked up the chopsticks to eat.

Han Chu glanced at him. “If you put those pictures on social media, they might be seen by unnecessary people.”

“Humph! I’ll take this to show Yao Zhixing in person right after this.” Zhou Yue huffed proudly.

Father Zhou was smiling so much that his well-maintained face had a few new wrinkles. “Since you are willing to come here, Xiao Shuang, it means that you don’t treat me as an outsider. Of course, the small favor that you ask for is no problem. I will even have the maids stay away from the home for this period, and if you need anything, just order Xiao Yue to do it for you… B*stard! While you show off to that Yao kid, be careful not to let anyone else see it!”

If he could not let anyone else see it, how was he going to show off? Zhou Yue, who suddenly got a butler contract, chewed on the food angrily.

“You’re the one thinking ahead,” Ye Shuang happily said.

People who stayed at Feng Yuan City soon discovered Han Chu and Ye Shuang’s disappearance. It was not that these two showed up at a high frequency normally, but even when they were practically hermits in the past, the two would occasionally leave the house to visit the market to buy food. If there was a close surveillance on them, there would be a report every few days stating that they had been to so and so recently.

Yet, the two had suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth. They waited for a few days but still could not find anything. Then they suddenly realized the two had not shown up for quite some time. Regarding this, many decided to pay a closer attention. They could not have asked about it directly, and the key was, even if they did, no one would have told them anything. Even Albert and Ray, who were considered allies, did not know anything, much less Jennifer and Madam Grace. Therefore, even though they were curious, due to the fear of losing all connection, Albert naturally took Ray to visit Anthony, who was still in Feng Yuan City.

“Why do you think I will tell you anything?” Anthony smiled cutely at the two, and the wickedness was showing. “If you need any help, just come to me. If you have something important to tell me, I will help you relay it.”

Albert and Ray shared a look, and they did not know whether to laugh or cry. Even when there was Han Chu between them and Anthony to act as a buffer, they could not do much to this kid. Now that the buffer was missing, Anthony suddenly switched his role to become the middleman between them and Han Chu.

Therefore, it was understandable and almost predictable that this kid would make use of this opportunity to sow some chaos.

Naturally, Anthony continued in a manner like a bad guy who had won. “No matter what, you are the ones who have a stable salary to earn. Han and Xiao Shuang are merely the assistants. I believe there is no need for them to wait around for orders… Alright, if you have anything else, call me. If there’s nothing else, it is almost time for me to return to San Lin City.”

“You’re going to San Lin City?” Albert sensitively caught onto the key term. “Could it be that they have already arrived at San Lin City?”

“How would I know?” Anthony lowered his head happily to play on his phone. Then, he grabbed his bag and waved his paw in goodbye. “I’m leaving, have fun among yourselves, call me if you need me.”

Then, he walked out the door and left. It felt like he did not want to stay there even a second longer. Albert did not react fast enough to call him to say, so he could only watch quietly as Anthony left the café and crawled into the taxi that was right at the roadside.

“When did he call the taxi? Looks like he’s very well prepared.” Ray was shocked. He had not had a chance to interact so closely with Anthony before. Obviously, his reaction was going to be slower than Albert’s.

Albert scratched his head helplessly. “He probably called the taxi company when we were talking, or he already made an appointment earlier. In any case, from the looks of it, we’re not going to get any clues from him. These people are trying to get around us to find the military arms before we do.”

“Then, are we going to give up like that?” Ray widened his eyes out of unwillingness.

“What else can we do?” Albert shrugged and sighed. “Han Chu was once a member of this country’s highest security department. Be it out of his sense of responsibility, loyalty, or whatever else, I believe he has already contacted the Chinese department. This is not our main field, and to cause an international conflict just for this is not worth it.”

Thankfully, Ray had less to lose than Albert. If the FBI were somehow still connected to firearms, then the Egmont Group was one hundred percent an intelligence organization. Even though Ray was a field agent, that did not represent the stance of the entire organization. They fought on paper, not with guns.

Therefore, the regret of being unable to recover the military arms was naturally lower than what Albert would experience.

“By the way, now that I think about it, I am reminded of something.” Ray suddenly changed the topic and said to himself, “Jennifer and Madam Grace possess great firepower. Other than the ones they managed to sneak into the country, the majority of their firepower depended on the 3D plastic guns, right?”

“You’re not wrong about that.” Albert nodded. “We’ve already considered that. Even though we have no idea how much they have printed in the past, we are already in possession of the printer and the blueprint…”

He was only halfway through the conversation when Albert’s phone-started to ring. He picked it up to answer it. After a brief conversation, Albert who looked so confident earlier was jolted up from his seat. “Say that again‽”

Ray looked at Albert in shock. Half a minute later, the man put the phone down and was silent for a moment. “The printer has been transferred.”

“Huh?” Ray was stunned and various conspiracies filled up his mind. “Is it Jennifer or Grace…”

“It was neither of them!” Albert grabbed his hair out of annoyance. “It’s the actor by the name of Luo from the crew. Since the crew has finished printing all the necessary props, he asked for permission to take the printer home because he wished to use it to print some titbits to play with…”

“Wait, isn’t that public property?” Ray could not wrap his head around such a development. “That’s against the rules!”

“That’s public property alright, but we’re in China…”