Chapter 195 - Not Our Business

Chapter 195: Not Our Business

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At the university, security would break up the fight, but in Chaohai, who would come to break up the fight of the couple for no reason‽

Yet… someone really did. After a while, there were people who were strolling along the beach that gathered to come and try to calm the raging girl down and pull her back. Ye Shuang looked with interest and confirmed that those should be the other authors who were invited alongside Xiao Zhu Hou.

A man’s friendship could develop very fast; it could just take the time of a dinner, or perhaps they would come help when they discovered that one was weaker than them and desperately needed their help; After all, they would go back to their own place after the holiday was over, so why should they be afraid of this woman? Would she buy a plane ticket just to splash their home with paint‽

Elder Mo looked at the group of people standing in the middle of Xiao Zhu Hou and his friend, turned to observe the expression on Ye Shuang’s face, and said, “You know the man‽”

Ye Shuang smiled but did not answer.

Elder Mo also smiled. “Even though I have not met any of the new employees my son signed, I hear there is one author called Xiao Zhu Hou that is already confirmed. Hmm, I have recently been reading his writing. The young man’s writing is still quite weak, but he does know his history. Could this be him?”

The embarrassed Ye Shuang answered, “Elder Mo sure is wise. No wonder they say a good man often has no good wife. I also happened to discover the quality of his girlfriend when I paid him a visit at his university. However, since his personal relationship doesn’t have to do with his work, I didn’t say anything.”

“That’s understandable. After all, the employees’ private lives have nothing to do with us. Tian Mo Media only needs him to provide us quality scripts.” Elder Mo shook his head. “Why were you worried earlier? If this was someone within the family, then perhaps I would go forward to say something, but he’s just a scriptwriter. I’m not his family nor his direct superior, so why would I get myself involved in his personal business‽”

Many people in managerial positions liked to use their own lifestyle to assess their workers. For example, the senior CEO with a happy marriage might not appreciate employees whose mistresses were exposed. Or for example, if the son was not filial toward his elder, that might be something negative as well. For example, Xiao Zhu Hou, this type in olden times would be critiqued as the kind who could not take care of his own backyard, so how could he handle company business‽

However, Elder Mo did not care about that. You are my employee, then you should do what is expected of you. If the family business did not affect official business, then would should I meddle into it‽ And if it really affected the business, then I would fire you directly, be it personal reason or other reason, it was no different to me.

Ye Shuang understood the meaning of what Elder Mo was trying to say. She relaxed and gave an embarrassed smile. “As long as it is not a female member of staff that liaises with Xiao Zhu Hou, I believe it should be fine.”

In other words, if the man’s girlfriend saw him being approached by another female, there might be more trouble. Elder Mo picked up his staff and shook his head with a smile and a sigh. Then he patted the back of Madam Mo’s arm. “I see. We’d better go back first. Looks like Xiao Shuang won’t have the time to accompany us anymore. Shall we go shop at the tax free center tomorrow?”

Madam Mo looked at Ye Shuang with a smile before returning to the hotel with their great grandson.

“You’re not going with them?” Ye Shuang looked at Mo Xiao Xia.

Mo Xiao Xia pulled herself tighter to Ye Shuang and pouted to show her dissatisfaction. “Of course not!”

Then, she said excitedly, “That Xiao Zhu Hou is the scriptwriter for the movie, right? Do you think he can help me get the Hwa Mulan character‽”

“You really should stop daydreaming.” Ye Shuang laughed. “There are so many people inside a film crew. If everyone could give their opinion, then the film would never start because casting would take several years.”

In the shooting of a film, those who had the right to choose character casting and direction of the film had to be the soul of the film crew. One was the sponsor—since they had provided the budget to make the film, of course they had a say. Another was the director or main cast. If the director or main cast could support the ticket sales, then naturally, they would have a say. Another possibility was the scriptwriter.

Either you could support the film’s main structure or the main ticket sales of the movie. If you couldn’t, then why should others listen to you‽

That was Xiao Zhu Hou’s identity within the crew. He did provide the script, and the script was the soul of any movie, but as good as it might be, the script still had not been through the assessment of the public and ticket sales. Unless he had one or two awards under his belt or his identity as novelist was so popular that the public would come to his film because of him, why would the film crew give him face to allow him to interfere with the casting?

After Ye Shuang pointed out the details, Mo Xiao Xia was devastated. Of course, she knew about these unstated rules, but it did not mean that she did not have hope. Plus, they told her that her uncle valued this batch of newly signed scriptwriters, but that was all fake.

After Ye Shuang comforted Mo Xiao Xia, the commotion on the other side had pretty much settled as well. Xiao Zhu Hou’s girlfriend was led away with tears and snot on her face like she had been given the biggest betrayal in the world. Xiao Zhu Hou was left standing alone by the beach, with a single friend keeping him company.

“Mr. Zhu!” The voice that came from afar interrupted Xiao Zhu Hou. He looked to the voice and saw Ye Shuang walking over with a beauty next to her.

“Miss Ye‽” Xiao Zhu Hou laughed an embarrassed smile. “Don’t tell me you saw that again?”

Ye Shuang also had an awkward expression. “Yes, I did.”

They always met under such weird circumstances; that was just a horrible thing. Thankfully, Xiao Zhu Hou’s face had been trained by his girlfriend to be very thick-skinned, or else, if this was someone else, they would not have wanted to meet Ye Shuang ever again. He had no face left; this kind of people who seen all of his black history should be avoided.

The boy who looked as old as Little Brother Ye poked Xiao Zhu Hou and asked for an introduction. “Xiaoxiao, who is this? Make the introductions please.”

Even though the age was greater than me, beauty could solve all problems. There is no way I will not let such a beauty go without some flirting. The age difference is no problem.

Xiao Zhu Hou scratched his head and made the introduction. “This is the author who shared the room with me. His pen name is Qing Tian Mo Yun. Erm, he’s a harem writer.”

“Actually, I’m a righteous person. What I write is because of the market’s preference!” Qing Tian Mo Yun quickly stated so before turning to correct Xiao Zhu Hou. “You could have skipped that added information!”

Mo Xiao Xia could not stop herself from laughing. Even Ye Shuang was tickled fancy. “That’s fine. My little brother likes to read those kinds of novels.”

Ye Shuang did not mind the type and genre of novels. Even though she had her own preference, like Elder Mo’s perspective, she would read if she liked it and would not if she did not. If the harem novel could be turned into a popular series, then Ye Shuang would sign the author as well. This was related to her income and not her preference.

With the interruption, Xiao Zhu Hou temporarily forgot about the incident that happened earlier. After all, his girlfriend would do this every two or three days, so he had gotten used to it. “Qing Tian, this is Miss Ye Shuang and… her friend. During the meeting earlier, didn’t the main editor say there will be someone from the media company who would be coming to find cooperation in scripts? Miss Ye is the person sent by the media company.”

“Agent,” Ye Shuang corrected before extending her hand to Qing Tian Mo Yun. “Nice to meet you.”

The young man was originally still quite flirtatious, but when he heard this identity, he immediately turned serious.

“I will discuss the issue of contracts further with your main editor and will probably pay all of you a visit one by one in a few days. Hopefully, you won’t be locking me outside the door then.” Ye Shuang then pulled Mo Xiao Xia out and made an introduction with a smile. “This is Mo Xiao Xia. She’ll be playing the widow in Mr. Zhu’s contracted series.”

“It’s ‘woman of royalty’!” Mo Xiao Xia waved his fist to signify her annoyance before putting out her tongue at Xiao Zhu Hou. “The original plan was to ask you to help me change the character to Hwa Mulan, but Sister Ye said that is not possible.”

Xiao Zhu Hou did not realize this was a joke, and his face scrunched up with difficulty.

“Hey, what is that expression on your face!” Mo Xiao Xia was incensed.

“Huh‽” This was the first time Xiao Zhu Hou had faced the fire from member of opposite sex other than his girlfriend, and he stuttered from fear. “I, erm, I also think it is not that appropriate…”

Mo Xiao Xia still wanted to say something, but Ye Shuang pulled her back with a smile. “Don’t make these jokes with an honest man. Mr. Zhu, don’t mind her. She’s just joking with you. She’s not really insisting on that role.”

After getting to know each other and skipping over the awkward topic, Mo Xiao Xia had an understanding as to the type of person Xiao Zhu Hou was. She could act like a child in front of Boss Mo and Ye Shuang because she knew they would not be ashamed by her and would maintain their own position. However, Mo Xiao Xia could not do that to Xiao Zhu Hou. One reason was because they weren’t that close yet, and the other was because the man was the type who could not tell the difference between a joke and something serious.

Therefore, Mo Xiao Xia became more well-behaved the rest of the way. Since she knew Xiao Zhu Hou had no voice in the film crew, and since everyone said she was not good for the role, she knew when to stop.

On the other hand, the young man, Qing Tian Mo Yun, had a bright personality, and even though he was reserved in the beginning, in the end, he had become fast friends with Mo Xiao Xia. The two paired up to have seafood, play in the sea, and go shopping. They had so much fun, and it felt like they had gotten younger for at least ten years.

They played until 10 pm when Elder Mo called to warn Mo Xiao Xia. It was then that she stopped. She scheduled a game of beach volleyball with Qing Tian Mo Yun for the next morning and left unwillingly with Ye Shuang.