Chapter 328 - Black Widow

Chapter 328: Black Widow

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Madam Grace had once been beautiful and young. Of course, this was not to discredit how she had managed to retain her youth throughout the years. Even at her age, she was still captivating. With her slender waist and youthful look, she did not look her actual age. Only the faded crow’s feet around her eyes were the sign that time had left on her skin.

However, her beauty was often ignored because the first impression one normally had of Madam Grace was her indomitable presence. How powerful was said presence?

In the underground world, there was no distinction between male and female, only the weak and the strong. Therefore, the fact that Madam Grace could survive for so long and manage to live her life in her own way in a world dominated by males showed how powerful her status and ability was.

It was harder for a female to gain approval compared to males. When one looked at a male, the first focus would be their resume and achievements, the reason behind the status that he had achieved; however, for women, people would involuntarily turned to inspect the people around her, like her lover or family, to find the reason for her high status.

In other words, no one would easily believe a woman could get to the top on her own. Madam Grace was such an exception.

“First thing’s first, this is information that you can find from open files, so I don’t think it means that much.” Han Chu laid down the foundation before moving his eyes away from the two people before him to the laptop screen, and he continued. “Madam Grace has had the nickname Black Widow since she was young. She had four marriages, but in most of them, the party that had the upper hand in the relationship was not the males. To make an analogy, her marriages were like an extension of her harem, no different from electing a queen from the many concubines. Madam Grace did not have much attachment to any of them, and none of the four husbands stopped her from interacting with other males during their marriages. They wouldn’t have been able to anyway. In fact, after the divorce, it was Madam Grace who was paying the alimony.

“This woman has completely overturned the traditional view of marriage and the power hegemony between man and woman in a relationship. She enjoys the rush of hunting a new target and will do many things to achieve her goal. Even though she knows the limit, will not reach out toward those who are beyond her station, and understands the rules in the game of lust, it does not mean that these principles will limit Madam Grace’s appetite when it comes to men.”

At this point, Han Chu paused to look at the man who was stunned silent. “To conclude, while Madam Grace will not lay a finger on you until you give her your permission, to that goal, to make you surrender yourself to her, she will stop at nothing… You know the deal; it’ll be through slow torture or monetary bribery.”

The newbie who happened to have been rescued by Ye Shuang was stunned. “You mean, she will continue to come after me?”

“Even though the way you surmised that outcome is a bit rash, you are correct.” Han Chu closed the laptop. He leaned his arms on the table and said cold-bloodedly. “Therefore, I suggest you come up with a way to extricate yourself from this mess soon, and don’t think about staying here to create problems for us. You can see for yourself, the person who rescued you is more fitting of Madam Grace’s taste, and he doesn’t have any obvious background and support.”

Brother Shuang scratched his head and changed his posture. “I don’t mind it. After all, I’m leaving for work in a few days.”

“How long can you be away for ‘work’?” Han Chu scoffed, “Three days? Five days? Half a month?”

Ye Shuang calculated the pattern of her gender transformation and considered the world of children that had gotten more and more complicated. Instantly, her confidence got knocked down a peg. “…Then I’ll just stay at home all day.”

“If you want to do that, why don’t you just go home? Why stay here at Feng Yuan City?” Han Chu tutted and vetoed this solution. “The best solution is to chase this guy out as soon as possible. Currently, Madam Grace’s target is still on his back. If he shows some backbone and refuses to abide by her rules, you’ll have more breathing space. After all, Madam Grace has to return to the US eventually.”

“Can you not talk about using me as bait when I am still in the room?” the newbie interrupted sadly.

Han Chu was not as caring as Ye Shuang about the man’s virginity. Even after hearing of his plight, he took out his phone and said without a twitch to his expression, “I’ll help you book a hotel room.”

The newbie’s face whitened immediately, and he turned to Ye Shuang in panic.

Brother Shuang could only shrug. “I can’t help you. I’m just a traveler here. Furthermore, your issue cannot be solved so easily. It’s better for you to go to the police than to come to us… Hmm, Brother Han, what should he tell the police if he wants to do that?”

Han Chu booked the room quickly—his efficiency was unrivalled. After he put down the phone, he answered, “What can he say? One, he’s not injured; two, his life has not been threatened. Even if he wants to charge the woman of rape, that has not yet happened. Or do you think he is courageous enough to expose Madam Grace’s illegal deeds?”

The newbie’s face turned even whiter. He shuttered, “How, how, how did you know about Madam Grace’s history… Humph!”

He clamped his hands over his lips. His pupils darted around, trying to come up with a solution to explain his slip of the tongue.

“Even though there are no such records on the files, her men go around town carrying guns. You really expect us to believe that she is a lawful merchant?” Han Chu answered casually like he had come to this conclusion moments earlier.

After Ye Shuang returned, she had explained everything that had happened to Han Chu, including how the black suits had been taken away by the police. From that fact alone, it was not weird for Han Chu to suspect Madam Grace’s background.

The newbie sighed.

Even though he was under threat, it was only a threat to his virginity. If he accidentally revealed some other information, it would be his life coming under threat.

After dinner, Han Chu kicked the man out of the house.

After the man left, Ye Shuang asked, “He’s at the verge of tears. Why didn’t you hold him back to squeeze him for more information?”

“It’s still too early—he won’t dare spill the beans yet,” Han Chu said. “Let’s give him a few days to stew first.”