Chapter 392 - It’s All About Face

Chapter 392: It’s All About Face

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

There was a concept in China that had always eluded and confused the foreigners, and that was the concept of giving face. As long as one had the necessary influence or power, or could provide the other person with some benefit, then they would look the other way when it came to things that would be forbidden by the law.

Those who had the social awareness would not have pointed this out, and normally, no one would have exposed this strange behavior. Instead, everyone would have pretended not to notice. After all, give face one day, and receive face the next. If the people in charge did not make a big deal out of it, the authorities would not get involved. This was a form of collectivistic culture—after everyone’s benefits and relationships were mixed together, and people started to owe each other favors, a lot of things could not be clearly delineated anymore.

One did not need to explain much about Luo Mingxin’s status in the entertainment industry. Furthermore, he was the film’s main character. It just so happened that the 3D printer’s lease had not reached its end date, and the crew no longer had any use for it, so what if they loaned it to Luo Mingxin?

That was how Albert got scammed. He did not expect people to use such an open method and transfer the printer away using such unusual means, and he had not been notified until it was already too late.

“Here, I’ve purchased everything you need. It sure wasn’t easy finding these random things.” Su Zheng put down the last box. She straightened up and wiped away the sweat as she patted her hands. “How long will it take to print everything?”

“We’ll have to work overtime today.” Luo Mingxin tutted as he walked around the raw material that pooled on the ground. He then smiled. “I’ve accepted a photography session in Beijing. We can carry the things along with us.”

“Urgh, that means I’ll need to follow you to Beijing some more‽” Su Zheng grumbled.

Why are all of Ye Shuang’s friends… so filled with personality? Luo Mingxin sighed deeply. “Miss, at least I am a celebrity, one that is quite famous. Can you give me some face and act surprised?”

“I want to go play with Brother Shuang and Sister Shuang.” Su Zheng sighed and said honestly, “It’s so boring around you. There isn’t even a bit of excitement in your life.”

Regarding that, Luo Mingxin found himself unable to retort. Other than the surface benefits of being a celebrity and being able to experience a lifestyle that was different from others, Luo Mingxin also thought that his personal life was far less interesting than Ye Shuang’s.

Therefore, when Ye Shuang and Han Chu returned to San Lin City, Luo Mingxin took the 3D Printer with him and started his less than exciting celebrity work. During this period of time, all the media people realized with a shock how incredibly friendly Celebrity Luo was.

Other than the time when they had something to promote, celebrities normally did not like to have the media interrupt their personal space. This was no exception, even for those celebrities who claimed that they were so kind and so polite.

Those who were on camera had a layer of make-up on them; those with a worse base even needed the help of lighting to make them look more presentable. In real life, how many could rival themselves in modified pictures?

Other than appearances, the other important factor was that they had no idea what kind of pictures or embarrassing moments might be captured by paparazzi who liked to sneak into celebrities’ lives. No one could guarantee that their every gesture or move would be presentable to the public. What the paparazzi loved the most was capturing celebrities’ unsightly moments. Thus, that was where the conflict could be found.

However, recently, Luo Mingxin, a celebrity who was so famous that he never needed to actively endear himself to the media to get promotions, not only accepted three interviews per day corresponding to the three meal times, but he even allowed the paparazzi to stay around his home. When he felt like it, he would even come out to wave at them. Things changed so suddenly that while the paparazzi happily snapped their photos, they were also worried that this was some kind of calm before the storm. Luo Mingxin was about to do something big, and they had no idea what it might be.

“Damn it!” Albert could not have been more annoyed. He grabbed the remote on the table to switch off the television and then started to pace around the room. “There is no chance to get close to this kid at all! There are at least three people around his house at all times!”

“Luo Mingxin is very famous in China, and he is very good at disgusting himself. There have been very few everyday pictures of him other than the promotional posters, so the media people would not have abandoned this chance.” Ray shrugged. After these few days, he had gotten used to the rhythm there already. “Furthermore, due to this recent curious behavior, the paparazzi will naturally follow his movement closely because they think that there is something wrong here, and they needed to find out what. I think we should stop focusing that printer. Pull back the men to do something else. We’re just wasting time here.”

“Of course. After all, even though there are not that many printers, one can find others with enough resource. However, what I need to confirm now is if he has the blueprints for the weapons.” Albert scratched his hair.

Ray sighed. “Even if he really does have them, China will have a copy of the blueprint already. What is the meaning of us still focusing on this lead?”

Albert gritted his teeth in thought. “You’re not wrong, but if he really printed those pistols, where will he use them? Who will he give them to?”

“Listen.” Ray had to say something with regards to Albert’s attitude problem. “I think you have wasted too much effort on meaningless things. There is only a certain number of agents that the FBI can send to China. The more you do, the greater the officials will pay attention to us. Even if the celebrity has the blueprint and print out the pistol, and like you say, hands them to someone… no matter what, the first thing you must have noticed is, they won’t be our enemy at least.”

Albert opened his lips, wanting to say something, but Ray once again cut him off. “This is not your country; our mission is to find the evidence and bring that organization to justice as soon as possible. You are not going to get the military arms; China will definitely send someone to follow up on that. So, you should ignore those toy guns. No matter what they plan to do with them, no matter how big the issue it will cause, you are not responsible for maintaining the public safety of this country.”

“Fine, you’re right.” Albert turned around for a while before admitting the accuracy of Ray’s words. “I believe that this will prove to be a bigger headache to Grace and Jennifer. After all, they are the ones who will need to deal with this problem.”

He was not wrong. The two women and Luther… the three were in trouble due to a lack of convenient firepower. This meant that their movement at China was heavily limited. Plus, there was another problem. They had suddenly been contacted by the fake prop manager’s contact, who was silently hiding in San Lin City. The latter was facing the danger of deportation because the security department claimed that the person was using a fake passport.