Chapter 499 - Toilet Break

Chapter 499: Toilet Break

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It was said that they looked like locals because when real locals saw this scene, they would be shocked or start gossiping. In any case, they would not be alert like this, and the first thing they did once they arrived was search the perimeter. They even squatted down to taste the ground. Yes, they could have come in shorts with a hoe or cheap clothes and a farmer’s hat, but that would not cover up their despairingly bad acting skills.

“Even I can see through this. Do these people really intend to hide their identity?” Even Ye Feng was shocked by the IQ of the people who came. “They are wearing this just for fun, right?”

Ye Shuang gave it some thought. “Perhaps because there’s no audience?”

“That’s right, they have no idea there’s people watching them.” It suddenly hit Ye Feng. Then he tried to test death. “Should I announce myself?”

Ye Shuang looked at him tiredly. “You are just one person. Under such circumstances, they are not going to put on a show for you.”

More likely they would tie you up and toss you aside.

There were two of the outsiders who leaned in to whisper. Their low voices combined with the commotion made by others made it that people from far away could not hear what they were saying. Ye Feng looked at them curiously and nudged his sister for cheat. “What are they talking about?”

“I can’t hear them.” Ye Shuang pinched her nose and sighed. “My hearing is better than most, but it’s not that good.”

Ye Feng knew that her genes had been changed, but he could not objectively view this situation. Actually, if everything was normal, Ye Shuang could have heard them from this distance. However, Ye Shuang was not doing well, and there were instances where her condition went haywire, so it was impossible to imagine that she would return to her previous state. She had found some rhythm to her weakened state, so she could handle it for the time being. Ye Shuang did not want to say anything because she did not want to worry others. Worrying would not help anything anyway.

“Also, I’m very busy.” Ye Shuang sighed again. “Please look at the situation and the enemy we’re facing. This is not a game. If we die, there’s no checkpoint for you to return to.”

Whenever his sister was around, Ye Feng honestly felt that they were playing game. This person could bulldoze over anything with her cheat, so it was hard for him to feel any nervousness. If not for the last remaining rationality he had, Ye Feng might have tried to test if his sister could outrun a bullet.

“Brother Han will have noticed the explosion here.” Ye Shuang lowered her voice. “With Tony around, they will observe the situation here, so naturally, they will have discovered these people. Using the satellite, they can trace easily where they came from. In other words, if there were no issues, Brother Han should have understood me and made use of this opportunity to clean up these people’s lair.”

With Han Chu cleaning out the base and Ye Shuang observing these people closely, no matter where they were or what they were up to, they would not be able to escape. In reality, Han Chu did not cooperate with Ye Shuang that many times. At most, they had remotely controlled each other many times, or they would meet up to exchange plans. But after a few interactions, Ye Shuang had a basic understanding of Han Chu’s ability and intelligence, so she believed that he would be able to guess her thoughts. There did not need to be an overflow of mutual understanding as long as there was enough.

Ye Feng finally understood why Ye Shuang said that they did not need to show up. The situation here and the people that appeared would be left to Han Chu to observe. There was no need for them to risk exposure.

“Then we just wait here and watch?” Ye Feng looked at the outsiders who were planning to widen their perimeter and carefully shrunk back. “What if they come over here?”

Ye Shuang patted her brother on his head. “These people are not that important to us, but since Jennifer wishes to lure them out, at least they are important to Jennifer… Just wait, nothing will happen while I am here. Either on our side or Brother Han’s side, someone will be able to capture the beautiful snake.”

What about the search? They were not in their backyard. If it was too obvious under the tree, they could climb up the tree.

As expected, once Han Chu saw the people who appeared on screen, he caught up to Ye Shuang’s plan. The explosion looked like it was used to lure those people out, but it was unclear whom those people were. Not only could the Ye siblings see these fake locals’ acting, even through the satellite images, just from the professionalism in their group formation and other respects, Han Chu could recognize with one glance that these were professionals.

What kind of professionals? In any case, they would not be kind and friendly locals.

So, he had Anthony triangulate their place of origin, and Han Chu led Xiao San’s people to raid the base. The other half were led by Xiao San, who was sent by Han Chu to go assist Ye Shuang.

The situation had progressed to a point where it was not suitable for civilians to get involved anymore, so even though the girl with the ponytail was the land owner, she was escorted away by the police. Her home was temporarily taken over by the police, and Anthony was left behind to manage the communication center. It would be more convenient for him to collect the signals sent from all sides and to observe the various points of interest.

The people left… but the place was not empty.

Even though Anthony was the only one left, he was most comfortable working alone. Technicians had a slight hatred of crowds. With a computer, he could survive until the end of the world.

Being forced by Han Chu to stare at the laptop for so long, even though he knew that the situation was serious, Anthony was honestly tired. He did not ask for a luxury like taking a nap but at least gave him an openings to use the toilet!

Anthony looked at the many monitors, and after making sure there was nothing wrong, he jumped to head to the bathroom.

After rushing back from the toilet, he poured himself a glass of water and grabbed some food to prepare for a long battle.

But to his surprise, as he carried the loot to his table, before he even sat down, the corner of his eyes swept an image that caused Anthony to almost drop the cup he was holding.

On the screen, a familiar beauty appeared in the forest near the explosion.