Chapter 329 - Kids These Days

Chapter 329: Kids These Days

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Eat, sleep, and change map. Luo Mingxin’s crew was still rearranging the set and calling back the actors, so temporarily, there was no shooting arranged. Therefore, Ye Shuang had no reason to go there to show herself.

The newbie who had been rescued was sweating at the hotel. Temporarily, he had not stepped one foot out of his room—he was probably laying low to the best of his ability. Currently, his virginity was protected and his trail invisible… After all, the man had worked under Madam Grace before and spent days working alongside his former colleagues, so it was normal for the man to know how they operated.

Originally, Ye Shuang had felt conflicted about this. She had even wondered if she should write an anonymous letter to expose the man’s location, but Brother Han arrived just in time to save her ass. The man explained calmly that he had considered the enemy’s fodder… or rather, financial status, so when he booked the hotel, he had chosen a five-star one.

Five-star hotel…

Ye Shuang felt like she was so weak in comparison. With the wallet size of this newbie, unless he dared to swipe his credit card, even if he had been working the lucrative drug business for a week, the cash that he could have collected would not have given him the face to dare stay at such a high class location for more than a week.

As they say, the older the ginger, the spicier it is.

When she went for a walk with Han Chu and asked about the newbie’s current situation, that was the conclusion that Ye Shuang came up with.

“You like children a lot?” Han Chu’s voice suddenly came from behind her. Brother Shuang involuntarily turned around and caught Han Chu’s gaze that was looking down. Brother Shuang was squatted next to the little girl.

The little girl had come on a trip with her kindergarten class. There was a group of teachers nearby watching over a class of rowdy children. Ye Shuang used her beauty and the fame from being on the television once to make the teacher lower her guard and allow him to approach the students.

Brother Shuang lowered his head and touched the little girl’s head gently, and then very naturally, Brother Shuang leaned in to kiss the little girl on her lips… OK, today’s mission completed… The female teacher who happened to turn over and see this looked petrified. She did not even know whether she could call the police or scream.

Brother Shuang stood up naturally, touched the girl’s head, and shared a few words with her. He then grabbed her hand and led her back to the teacher naturally. The frozen teacher welcomed back the little girl whose cheeks were reddened, and she had no idea how to react to Brother Shuang’s presence. Until the man and his friend disappeared from her sight, she only discovered the girl in her hand had already been surrounded by her group of classmates.

“That’s so nice, you got a kiss.”

“Hmm, next time, you have to bring us with you.”

“Will big brother marry you in the future?

“He’ll be responsible, right? Should we tell your mother when we go back?”

The female teacher was shocked. Are all children so mature these days?

Han Chu looked at the handsome man next to him silently. When the latter looked back at him with a confused gaze, he turned his eyes away and said calmly, “Are your personality and consciousness affected by your gender status?”

“Huh?” Ye Shuang was blindsided by this question, but she did treat it seriously. “It probably has to do with the hormones. The thinking habit is indeed slightly different due to the difference in gender. Generally speaking, the male form is more dominant, reckless, and heavily territorial, whereas the female form is more gentle, passive, and prone to compromise… Why did you suddenly have the interest to study that?”

Could it just be a sudden interest?

Han Chu kept his tone level. “Oh, it’s nothing. I just noticed that you prefer little girls when you’re a male, but you like to kiss little boys when you’re a female.”

Ye Shuang almost choked to death on her own saliva, and when she whipped her neck around to look at Han Chu, she almost snapped her neck. “…What are you talking about?”

Han Chu still looked as unfazed as he usually was. “Is this some important secret? I personally think it’s normal information… Even though the condition for you to maintain your gendered form is quite unique, it is not to the stage where it has to be classified.”

No, the condition for temporarily maintaining a gendered form is not much, but the key is the way to stay as a specific gender. The method is too shameful…

Ye Shuang wanted to kneel down before the man already. Since the man had already explained to this state, lying to herself would be pointless. So, should she just reveal the last step, that she needed to Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo so that she could permanently stay a woman?

Or had he already analyzed until that stage and was not telling simply out of respect to her?

Considering the latter possibility, Ye Shuang instantly felt like dying. Sensing the mood of the man next to him drop, Han Chu glanced over with a frown. “What’s bothering you?”

“…It’s nothing.” The tired Brother Shuang looked at Han Chu and sighed with a shake of his head. “You’ll never understand.”

For Ye Shuang, Han Chu was both a dangerous and reassuring presence. The danger was due to the man’s powerful and calm logical analytical power. This was something that Ye Shuang had noticed earlier. Once Han Chu noticed the threads about a situation, it would not take the man long to pull through the threads and tear down all the pretense until the hidden truth was revealed before his eyes.

The reassurance came from their relationship, thankfully, Han Chu was not Ye Shuang’s enemy. In fact, they were partners. So, the more Han Chu knew about Ye Shuang, viewed from another angle, the more he could help her.

“If it requires the exchange of saliva, have you tried your own?” After getting the confirmation from Ye Shuang, Han Chu very generously shared a big pack of lollipops from his private stock.

At the time, Brother Shuang was washing the rice in the kitchen, and he turned around with a confused “Huh?”

Han Chu placed the lollipops on the table and slowly separated them into two piles according to their color. Then he raised his head. “Here, we have two flavors—one is mint, and the other watermelon… If your own saliva works, then why not keep some for emergencies? Since direct ingestion of saliva is too disgusting, you can lick on the sweet when you’re in a gendered status and then wrap the sweet back up and use it when you’re in a different gender…”

Then, he tossed her a ‘well, you know’ type of look and continued. “I’ve checked, genetic information will not be affected by amylase, so technically, the preservation period for these sweets is unlimited… as long as they don’t evaporate.”

“…” Brother Shuang was speechless.