Chapter 196 - No Time for You

Chapter 196: No Time for You

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Beach volleyball‽

Thinking about the news that she had received from Xiao Zhu Hou saying that the authors were all going hiking tomorrow, Ye Shuang did not comment.

Returning to the hotel, Mo Xiao Xia and Ye Shuang stayed in the same room. After arranging the information and resting for the night, when she was dragged out by an excited Mo Xiao Xia the next morning, a large van was already waiting at the entrance of the hotel. The authors who had already had their breakfast were climbing into the vehicle. From the looks of things, they were going to have their lunch outside. The disappointment on Mo Xiao Xia’s face could not be understated; the only thing she could do was accompany Elder Mo and the rest shopping with a lowered head.

Ye Shuang stayed at the hotel, and the company also had one representative remain to liaise with her. The representative gave Ye Shuang a list of recommended authors and books. Generally, they were the famous ones and the ones suitable to be adapted into a series. Ye Shuang spent the rest of the day going through the list.

Since they had left some time to chat with Ye Shuang, the authors’ dinner was decided to be at the hotel, or else if she waited for them to return after dinner, it might have been past 8 or 9 pm already. It would have been too late to discuss anything. Furthermore, the authors needed their private time as well as time to update their stories.

Initially, the company added a seat for Ye Shuang. After all, a table for ten would have that many dishes. A table four eleven also had that many dishes. However, Elder Mo sent his assistant over to remind the hotelier that the payment for the living arrangements and food would be covered by Tian Mo Media, so naturally, Ye Shuang was assigned a seat at a separate table. After dinner was finished, Ye Shuang chatted for a while with the elders from the Mo family and stole her daily kiss from Little Brother Mo before standing up to leave.

“Where are you going‽” Mo Xiao Xia pulled on her. “Sister Ye did not come shopping with us this morning, and now you’re ditching us again.”

Ye Shuang waved the laptop in her hand. “I’m going to discuss the contract. More than one hundred authors came for the symposium. After removing the authors that are currently not suitable and don’t write suitable genres, there are thirty possible authors that can be contracted. Minus the time they might use for meetings and private activities and removing the candidates that I need to talk to on the last day.

“After calculating everything, I’ll need meet at least ten people a night, that means five rooms. If I spend only half an hour in each room, that’ll take two and a half hours. If I start now, I’ll end at 9 pm, and that is not counting the possibility that people might not be in or showering.”

Therefore, the conclusion was… Sister has no time to play with you. We’ll see about that tomorrow morning. Mn any case, my schedule at night is full.

Mo Xiao Xia was confused after listening to Ye Shuang’s explanation. However, Elder Mo chuckled when she was done. “Xiao Shuang sure is hardworking. How about I have my assistant to help you make a round first‽”

The assistant, who shared their table, nodded quickly and opened his laptop to say professionally, “Then, Miss Ye, please provide me with the room number that you’re supposed to be visiting after this. When you are discussing contract with others, I shall go and inform the other authors to be ready and set up a time that is convenient for all. That way, there won’t be any unfortunate accidents. Other than that, it would be best if you could provide me with some additional room numbers, just in case the room that you’re supposed to visit next is empty so that we can skip it and return to it later.”

Ye Shuang gave Elder Mo a thumbs up. “A professional assistant sure is different.”

In the end, she asked for the assistant’s email directly and sent him a list of room numbers.

“If Xiao Shuang is going to be this busy in the future, you should consider hiring an assistant,” Elder Mo suggested. “Minor things like arranging your schedule can be handled by the assistant. If you take on everything, the chance of making a mistake will be higher, and it’ll take up too much time.”

Ye Shuang thought about it, but when she saw the assistant stand up to prepare to inform the authors, she shook her head. “Never mind, it’s not often that I’m this busy.”

Ye Shuang was reminded of the fact that Han Chu himself did not have an assistant, but then again, the man was the type who could handle everything on his own. Ye Shuang was not that good at handling schedules, and she was the type that did something depending on how things were going. However, she was fast and had quick reactions. Therefore, if there was a small problem, it could be fixed swiftly.

Furthermore, it was not a good idea to give a second person access to the talent storage. Therefore, Ye Shuang thought about it, and as interested as she was, she knew that it was a bad idea.

Mo Xiao Xia saw Ye Shuang turn to leave, and Elder Mo did not look like he was about to stop her, so she took it upon herself to grumble, “Then I’ll go with you, or else it’ll be so boring tonight.”

“What are you going to do coming with me‽” Ye Shuang was speechless. “I’m going to work. Don’t worry. I’ll accompany you to go swimming tomorrow morning.”

“Auntie doesn’t know how to swim,” Little Brother Mo snitched.

“It’s fine. Then we’ll swim on our own, and she can play with sand by the beach.” Ye Shuang tussled the boy’s hair and laughed.

Little Brother Mo nodded seriously and mimicked the tone of an adult. “Little Auntie doesn’t really want to learn. She just likes to wear the swimsuit to show off her body.”

Elder Mo went over to hug his great grandson, guffawing. “That is not wrong!”

Then he turned to explain to Ye Shuang, “That was what his father said when he brought them to the water park last year. The boy seems to have memorized it.”

Ye Shuang tried to not laugh. She glanced at Mo Xiao Xia, who charged at her nephew. Realizing it was getting late, she quickly stood up to excuse herself. “The first meeting time is almost here; I need to leave now. Thank you for the dinner.”

“Is it the scriptwriter for Oligarchy of Nobility? I’ll go with you!” Mo Xiao Xia quickly released her grasp on Little Brother Mo and clambered after Ye Shuang. With no other option, Ye Shuang had to bring her as she visited Xiao Zhu Hou and Qing Tian Mo Yun’s room.

Walking along the corridor, before she even reached the room, Ye Shuang’s phone rang. She answered it, and it was the assistant’s very formal and professional voice that greeted her. “Miss Ye, you only need to discuss the contract with Mr. Qing Tian Mo Yun from room 5663 yes?”

Ye Shuang was startled. “That is technically correct…”

Xiao Zhu Hou had already signed the contract, so naturally, she did not need to talk to him again, but since he was sharing a room with an unsigned author, having the man there might be useful for communication. For example, when they were discussing certain details, she could use Xiao Zhu Hou as an example. The assistant was very polite. Following the sound of papers being flipped, he said, “I’ve noticed there is a café on the fifth floor that is not bad, or would you prefer the deck, these are quiet places. I’ve asked for Mr. Qing Tian Mo Yun to go to the café. The table number is A39, and the fee has been paid. You can go there now.”

“Wait a minute!” Ye Shuang stopped the man from hanging up. “I can just discuss the contract with the man in his room, and I’m not going to stay for long. Why are we meeting at the café?”

Then, the answer from the assistant made Ye Shuang understand everything instantly. “Xiao Zhu Hou is with his girlfriend in the hotel room.

“I observed the situation for a while, and I don’t think it is possible for any discussion to happen when the girl is around.

“I will still make the appointment with the rest of the authors, and the meeting will be in their rooms. Is that fine?”

What could Ye Shuang say to that? Of course, it was fine.

After hanging up, Ye Shuang could not help but turn around to look at Mo Xiao Xia, who was looking at her with confusion. She sighed. “Your grandfather’s assistant sure is something else.”

“Of course!” Mo Xiao Xia did not know what had happened, but it did not stop her from accepting the praise from Ye Shuang on the assistant’s behalf. “He is my grandfather’s personal assistant; he has been at this post for years already. He’s come along this time because grandfather is bringing my nephew.”

“I actually think it’s because of you that your grandfather is bringing him. He needs someone this professional to deal with you.” Ye Shuang then led Mo Xiao Xia toward the café.

Mo Xiao Xia countered with a blushed face. “Of course, not. I do not create any trouble for him!”

“Hmm? I meant to say, he needs someone else to take care of you, but since you mentioned cleaning up the trouble…” Ye Shuang thought about it and nodded. “It’s not wrong either.”

The two entered the café and found Qing Tian Mo Yun sitting at table A39, munching on some fruit. Ye Shuang had read his information before she arrived. Even though the man was young, he was already a seasoned writer. From the looks of it, he had started writing when he was in high school.

Arranged chronologically, the man had written around seven books, and they were all very long. The genres varied from fantasy to martial arts to reincarnation. He had written about almost everything. Basically, he would write the topic that was popular at the time; there was no specialty or preference. As he put it, it was a business decision.

If one had to pick a running theme, all the main characters were studs.

Ye Shuang walked over with Mo Xiao Xia and sat down after greeting.

Qing Tian Mo Yun had met Ye Shuang the day before and had a great time with Mo Xiao Xia, so he did not feel that reserved. He greeted them back with a smile, and after that, Ye Shuang pulled open her laptop and started the real discussion. “Mr. Qing Tian, I’ve read some of your works this morning, and even though they are all harems…”

“Wait!” Qing Tian Mo Yun almost begged her to stop. “Can we not talk about that‽”

Even though he was not ashamed of it, talking about harems with a pretty girl… that was just awkward.

If it was a man, it would have been fine, but with Ye Shuang, Qing Tian Mo Yun felt embarrassed talking about how his male characters went around collecting harem members.