Chapter 393 - Stubborn Blonde

Chapter 393: Stubborn Blonde

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Yao Zhixing was in the restaurant and dining business, which meant that he had a close relationship with the hotelier business. After all, most high-end hotels would cooperate with good restaurants to ensure the good quality of their service. Anthony had been tasked with following the trace left by the fake Prop Manager on the internet and his phone. After locating the local contact of the fake Prop Manager, they had only needed to find a random excuse to send someone disguised as a cleaning worker to provide room service. Naturally, they had the chance to infiltrate the enemy’s hideout.

Then, they only needed to arrange for people from the security department to ‘coincidentally’ check the guests that stayed at the hotel, and thus, the problem was born.

“Idiot!” Jennifer was the first to arrive in San Lin City. When she arrived with the lawyer, she started scolding the contact. “Since you’re using a fake passport make sure it looks at least somewhat authentic!”

The contact was confused. “I have no idea what happened. There was no problem when I used it to pass customs and register at the hotel. Why would they suddenly investigate me?”

“There should be no problem?” Jennifer scoffed coldly. “I’ve already seen that passport through my channels, and you dare to say that the fake passport has no problems?”

When the contact was captured, he did not have the time to check that his passport had been tweaked. Naturally, he had no idea after the passport was opened, the content inside had mostly been changed. Therefore, at the moment, he felt sincerely wronged. “No matter what, this has already happened…”

“That’s right, it’s too late to cry over spilled milk.” Jennifer felt better after venting. She slowed down and gave out a long sigh to try to make herself calm down as soon as possible. “But you at least carry your brain with you—you knew to find me… Now, tell me everything you know.”

The contact nodded and was about to speak when another voice came from outside the door. “Wait a moment!”

Madam Grace, who had just rushed there, pushed the door open and strode in. Her cold eyes scanned the contact, who was baffled, before turning to Jennifer. Her lips curled into a condescending smirk. “Having a chat? Mind if I join?”

Before Jennifer could react, the contact stood up in joy. “Madam Grace, you came in person!”

Madam Grace frowned, and her eyes returned to the contact. “Wasn’t it you who sent me the message? What’s so surprising that I’ve arrived personally? But I really did not expect that you would have contacted Jennifer at the same time… Do you have something else planned?”

“Jennifer?” This time, it was the contact’s time to get baffled, and he turned subconsciously to the beautiful blonde who had been talking to him earlier before turning back to Madam Grace. “Wait a minute, she’s not one of your people?”

As it turned, even though he had been talking with her, he had no clue what her identity was.

The two women were left in a curious silence for a whole minute.

Jennifer and Madam Grace had a bad history. For one, the former used the aid from her current sugar daddy to cause great chaos inside the organization, directly harming the benefits of other people inside the organization. Other than that, she had also kidnapped Cedrick, which meant that Madam Grace would never show any kindness toward her.

Therefore, the contact should have known not to invite both women, who were on opposing sides, even though he was in desperate need of help, unless of course the contact was nursing his own ulterior motive like selling his stock to the highest bidder.

However, from the contact’s reaction, both women understood everything. Things were not what they had imagined. Narrowing her eyes, Madam Grace sat down silently in the other chair. She ignored the fact that there was a police officer standing at the door, and she asked, “You had no idea that she’s the famed Jennifer?”

The contact claimed urgently. “I only have the contact method given to me by Mr. Luther. Then I managed to reach you. How would I know Jennifer? You know how much Mr. Paul hates people coming in contact with his woman!”

Madam Grace looked at Jennifer with a mocking smile. “Looks like you’re not as famous as you thought.”

Jennifer gritted her teeth and smiled in spite of her anger. “Au contraire, I believe this is why I’m so popular… Even if he didn’t intend to contact me in the first place, someone slipped this information to me. If that is not a sign of my popularity, what is?”

Couldn’t you two have said something more useful? the officer guarding the door thought.

Madam Grace was stumped by Jennifer’s shamelessness, but she soon realized that they had long since departed from the main topic, so with a frown, she brought the issue back. “Fine, let’s just say you’re right, but now the situation couldn’t have been clearer. The person he’s looking for is me, not you…”

Then, she turned to level a meaningful gaze at Jennifer, signaling for the uninvited guest to leave.

Jennifer hugged her chest, crossed her legs, and leaned back graciously in the chair before issuing a seductive smile. “Since I’m already here, and I do not plan to leave, what can you do about that?”

True. She could not do anything.

Since Jennifer stubbornly refused to leave, the process of Madam Grace extracting the information from the contact became much more complicated and difficult than it should have been. Even though the contact himself was willing to tell Madam Grace everything, since Jennifer was already there, no one could guarantee that she would not use some kind of drastic measure to obtain the information. No one should underestimate this woman’s capability.

Therefore, after meeting the contact in a separate room away from Jennifer, she did not delay for even a second. The first thing that she did was prepare to grab the stock, which was different from her usual style of waiting for a period to come up with a plan and then make her move only after she made sure that everything was in place. She did not wish for Jennifer to get there before her.

“Found it.” Han Chu pointed at the map on the computer screen. “The military arms are hidden in this Nature Village. We still do not know who is looking over the stock, but I believe that it’s either some inconspicuous villager or a local leader who has plenty of influence.”

Ye Shuang came over with the fruit plate. “Is Tony done with everything already?”

Han Chu picked up a grape. “As long as the man is willing to speak, it is not that hard to decrypt the code… But the confirmation of the individual is not that easy. After all, all of the members use some kind of code. Unless we know the list of members, it is very hard to tell who is who.”

Ye Shuang glanced at the grape and the fruit plate. With some regret, she chose to eat the strawberry. “Then, wouldn’t it be easier for us to follow Madam Grace?”

“Of course, that could work, but that means that we would be forced into a passive role.” Han Chu glanced at her. “No matter how detailed our plan is, if we are following another person’s movement, it means that we have handed the power over to another. Therefore, I think we should find a way to delay Madam Grace for some time, and then we will go ahead to conduct our investigation.”

“Oh.” Ye Shuang did not mind it either away. “So, am I responsible for causing the delay or conducting the investigation?”