Chapter 330 - Slip Up

Chapter 330: Slip Up

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She really did lick it…

After being given the shock of her life by Han Chu, Ye Shuang gave it some thought and realized that the idea was not so bad. She would be grateful for any help to maintain her gender. After all, it was not that she had not eaten leftovers before. Furthermore, it was not other people’s leftovers but her own. Even though it was quite disgusting to store a lollipop that she had licked… considering the inconvenience of finding little kids, having some special candy at home was not a bad idea. It could act as some kind of last hope.

After mentally preparing herself, Ye Shuang proceeded to lick the lollipops and kept her opinions to herself. What about Han Chu, who looked like he was focused on his typing but actually had a trace of a smile on his face?

Well… she would pretend that she did not see anything. After all, this was the first time that she had been observed at such a close distance.

One day, two days, three days…

She cultivated the habit of licking the lollipops every day and then went out the door to find some children to maintain her gender. After that, she went to check up on the newbie at the five-star hotel. That was basically how Ye Shuang had spent her days recently.

The newbie had a greater spending capability than she and Han Chu had predicted. The man had somehow managed to survive the spending requirement at the five-star hotel for a whole week. If not for the fact that Han Chu had asked around and found out the man had started to go through a diet starting from day three and confirmed that the man still had some financial limitations, Ye Shuang would have done something else to light a fire under his ass.

However, even so, just as the plan was about to reach its end, an accident happened. The accident did not occur to the newbie but with Ye Shuang.

With a loud commotion, the small mountain of book was knocked off balance and crumpled to the ground. In the silent bookstore, there was no way that it would not attract attention. The nearby patrons all turned their heads toward the source of the sound to see what was happening. Brother Shuang had no choice but to raise his head to look at the mess of books that had fallen next to him.

Because the stack was piled high, some of the books not only fell to the ground—they were torn open and pressed down by other books. The clean pages thus had signs of folding and tearing. From the looks of it, she could not pretend like nothing had happened and replace everything…

Ye Shuang frowned because she did not plan to buy all of the books. Actually, based on her current memory, she could remember everything that she had read, so Ye Shuang only planned to buy one or two books symbolically… Yet, that was strange. The footsteps that she heard were still quite far away, so if calculated normally, there was no chance for a collision.

“I’m sorry.” Before Ye Shuang understood everything, a calm and professional female voice occurred next to her. Even though the content was to apologize, the tone was powerful and straightforward. “I’m sorry knocking over your books. If you don’t mind, as compensation, I am willing to buy all these books that have fallen to the ground.”

The confrontation between enemies? No, that’s not it. Brother Shuang raised his head calmly toward the voice. Ha ha, I’m being flirted with!

She smiled, and Ye Shuang closed the book that she was reading before standing up. She nodded and said politely, “It’s okay, I already planned to buy everything. After all, it’s just an accident, right?”

Changing out of the unisexual suit, the mature and intelligent Madam Grace had put on a clean dress that day. The light make-up style softened her sharp features by quite a bit, and at most, she looked like she was in her thirties. She looked truly soft and feminine.

She smoothed down the edge of her skirt and squatted down. As she helped Ye Shuang pick up the books, she smiled gently and politely. “Either way, it was my mistake for having run into you.”

The worker at the bookstore also rushed over. As he helped to gather the book, he asked, “I’m sorry, sir, but what happened? How did these books…”

The hidden meaning: You will buy all these damaged books, right‽

Before Brother Shuang could say anything, Madam Grace had already pushed the books that she had grabbed into the arms of the worker and said, “Ring these up for me. I will buy all of these books.”

The worker was overjoyed. As long as someone was willing to pay… If they had not, he really did not know how he would have answered to his boss.

Ye Shuang was one step slower—it was too embarrassing to fight with Madam Grace for the bill at a place like this… Being flirted with was one thing, but if she was recognized, more trouble would ensue. As she watched the worker hurry to the cashier, probably worried that Madam Grace would go back on her words, she turned to watch Madam Grace, who had already pulled out her wallet. Brother Shuang could only accept the kindness with a smile. “In that case, I can only say thank you. I wonder, will you go on a lunch with me as my sign of appreciation?”

“…So now you’re planning to have a candlelight dinner with Madam Grace at the restaurant, huh?” Han Chu’s calm voice came from the other end of the phone.

Ye Shuang sighed. “I also didn’t expect that she would come to me personally. This time, it wasn’t so bad, but next time, she will probably find more opportunities to create ‘encounters’. In that case, why not just lay everything out in the open? Furthermore, it’s just a lunch. Where did you find the candlelight?”

Han Chu was silent for a while. “What is your current location?”

Brother Shuang provided the restaurant name and address before asking, “Brother Han, do you think there’s some problem?”

“Not yet,” Han Chu typed. “You should be thankful because even though that lady likes to play her tricks, there has been no record of her forcing people into doing things that they don’t want. Therefore, you only need to pay attention in the future and make sure that you don’t give her a chance to get close to you. If everything fails, just take her to that hotel. No matter what, she has a hunting target there. So, based on the consideration of her face, she will temporarily ignore you.”

“Things haven’t reached that stage yet. In any case, I’ll pay close attention to this…”

While they communicated, Madam Grace also listened to her underling’s report at the restaurant. “You couldn’t understand it?”

The lady’s expression was no longer as gentle as when she was with Ye Shuang. Instead, there was a cold sharpness in her eyes. “Didn’t you say your Chinese is so good that even local Chinese wouldn’t be able to discern an accent?”