Chapter 500 - It’s Just a Game

Chapter 500: It’s Just a Game

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

“That looks like Jennifer.” When Anthony noticed the newcomer, Ye Shuang did as well. But unlike him, Anthony could only have an eagle eye’s view of the person, and thus, he had to guess the identity from her attire and demeanor. The identification Ye Shuang had from her perspective was more accurate, and she really did see the problem. From afar, the blonde beauty did look eighty percent like Jennifer, but when she got closer, the facial features were completely different. Someone who looked like Jennifer but was not Jennifer…

Realizing that the newcomer was heading toward the group that had appeared after the explosion, Ye Shuang swiftly arranged the information in her mind. According to Jennifer’s plan and Ye Shuang’s arrangement, if there was no accident, she and Ye Feng should have been ‘dead’ alongside all the kidnappers, and then the unknown third party would come to inspect the explosion, followed by a fake Jennifer. The third party showed up because they must have known about Jennifer, but how much they knew about her was an unknown.

There were two possibilities for the fake Jennifer being there.

Firstly, the third party knew her, and this woman was probably related, even blood related, to the real Jennifer and could represent her to a certain different.

Secondly, the third party did not know her at all and knew of Jennifer from some other channels, and they would naturally take this as the real Jennifer.

No matter which was the case, it was certain that Jennifer planned to trick the third party, but the former was commoner, and the latter more deceitful. The real Jennifer could make the third party put their guard down while she went about and did some stuff.

Before Ye Shuang could speculate further, the thing that unfolded told her the answer. The leader who came to watch the explosion stepped forward and greeted, “Jennifer.”

It was clear that he could not see through the disguise.

“Looks like they have been tricked.” Ye Shuang waved her brother over. “Not even the real Jennifer is here. There shouldn’t be anything worth staying here for. Let’s go.”

The real show was probably where Han Chu was heading.

“Huh? We’re going already?” Ye Feng felt regretful. He just felt like being part of the dangerous situation and wanted to feel more excitement. Ye Shuang was too lazy to reason with this young man who did not understand the severity of the situation. Even though her brother was about working age, he was a male—they could be like children forever. Therefore, she answered with an action. Ye Shuang yanked the boy up by his ears and pulled him away. “Stop talking nonsense. Can’t you see what’s happening? If they get into a gunfight, I can’t guarantee your safety…”

What about the kidnappers?

Since they were useless, if the situation had allowed it, Ye Shuang would have figured out a way to send them back out of kindness. However, since things had turned out like this, escorting a dumb brother was troublesome enough, so Ye Shuang had to leave them behind.

After all, since the explosion, those people had given up on Jennifer. Even if they were rescued by others, they might tell the truth or say a few truthful words to harm Jennifer.

Then something else unexpected happened. Just as Ye Shuang was dragging Ye Feng onto her shoulder, before she could even walk away, the situation near them had a drastic change.

The fake Jennifer pulled out a gun when the leader turned and fired.

The others snapped out of it, and it turned into a riot. A few stray bullets almost caught them.

Ye Feng stared at the bullet hole on the ground that would have cut through him if Ye Shuang did not pull him away. His eyes were blank, and he finally mumbled, “Sis, I suddenly feel like you’re right. Let’s leave.”

Ye Shuang raised her brows. “Finally figured it out?”

Now was not the time to argue. Even if it was rare for Ye Feng to be so obedient, Ye Shuang did not have the time to mock him. With a burden there, a burden that was blood-related to her, Ye Shuang could only carry the man and run as fast as she could. Even Ye Feng did not dare comment about this embarrassing arrangement.

Xiao San soon arrived. Basically, he departed only slightly slower than the fake Jennifer’s group. Plus, he started closer than the other. So, when the gunfight just started, Ye Shuang met up with him.

“Xiao San!” Discovering their ally from afar, Ye Shuang’s eyes lit up, and she rushed over while carrying a living person on her shoulder. Before the other party had the chance to react, she dropped the burden into the man’s arms. “Your timing is perfect. Take him, and I’ll go back to take a look.”

As Xiao San helped the young man up, he pulled out his hand to stop Ye Shuang. “Wait, Brother Han told me to come here to help. What happened?”

“The people who kidnapped Xiao Feng were abandoned by their boss, and then I followed their plan to blow up the cave. Then a bunch of people came to check the explosion, and a fake boss came to kill them. Now the fake boss and the bunch of people are in a gunfight.” Ye Shuang summarized everything.

Xiao San was silent for a while. “It feels like the rich circle is always so complicated.”

“In any case, I feel like this is because Jennifer wants to take something for herself.” Ye Shuang tapped Xiao San’s shoulder. “The real show is on Brother Han’s side. They sent people here to silence others. We are lacking in manpower compared to Jennifer. I wish to rush back now. If I can capture a few of them alive, we might get something out of them.”

Xiao San nodded. “Okay then, since you know what to do.”

Who cared who wanted to betray whom as long as Xiao San knew that the man had a plan? Then Xiao San turned to point two people out. “Send Sister Shuang’s little brother back and have Mr. Anthony look after him.”

Ye Shuang raised her brow and looked Xiao San up and down. “Sounds like you want to come with me? They’re armed.”

Xiao San smiled and removed his jacket to reveal a folded handcrafted crossbow tied around his arm and a box of arrows around his waist. “Looks like we’ve been underestimated by Brother Ye.”

Ye Shuang was speechless. Fine, what else can I say?