Chapter 445 - Ah, Superior Chinese Morals, It’s Been a While

Chapter 445: Ah, Superior Chinese Morals, It’s Been a While

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

“Cedrick has already taken over Madam Grace’s forces. He’s ignored the business side of things because his current mission is to find Jennifer and get revenge.” Anthony was pulled over to explain the situation in more detail. The man also looked quite helpless; he was probably a victim of this whole confusing situation as well. “It just so happens that Jennifer’s lover has been persuaded by her to take advantage of this opportunity while Madam Grace is unconscious to take over her business and people or something…

“You can guess what happened next. Both sides are powerful parties within the organization, and they are now in a fight. Others have been pulled into the battlefield whether they wanted it or not. Basically, it is impossible to stay clean in this situation.”

Anthony sighed and continued in a pained tone.

“The worst thing is, in this already chaotic situation with so much infighting, Albert decided to jump in as well. He probably thought that this was the perfect time to take the entire organization down. Of course, I can’t disagree with his assessment. And so, this is how things are. With the infighting and outside battling, the police and the criminals are caught in a brawl, and the battlefield has been set in San Lin City, where Madam Grace is recovering and Jennifer is hiding.”

After hearing the summary from Anthony, Ye Shuang finally understood the whole situation and had complicated feelings. San Lin City was innocent!

Han Chu thought about it silently. “This means that we only need to watch from afar, right?”

“Theoretically speaking, that is correct.” Anthony pouted. “Of course, Albert will not let go of the chance to use us. Fine, even if he is feeling kind enough not to involve civilians, what about Cedrick? From a certain perspective, you can be considered friends with him, right?”

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Han Chu also felt like Cedrick would not waste the opportunity to get them to provide aid. Thinking about the future… no, the already chaotic San Lin City, Ye Shuang felt a mounting pressure until her face was white. “I feel like vomiting.”

“What?” Anthony was confused. Even Yao Zhixing was confused.

Han Chu understood it immediately. “You should go to your room and rest. We’ll continue this discussion.”

This was the body’s natural reaction. After the body reached its temporary balance, Ye Shuang would have two kinds of reactions when she was under too great a pressure. One, she would become overly calm and would explode with enormous power when the time was right. And the other was the situation now. Nausea and weakness due to hypertension and anxiety and so on…

“How come it feels like Xiao Shuang hasn’t fully recovered?” Yao Zhixing saw the pale-faced Ye Shuang float into her bedroom. After the door closed, he asked Han Chu, “Is she really okay now? If she needs help, do say; we’re not outsiders.”

“In any case, you’re no help to her problem.” Han Chu looked down on Yao Zhixing, “So, why do you ask so much?”

Unless someone was willing to stand up to perform the deed with Ye Shuang and deliver her a baby, all that worrying was a waste. Of course, even if someone was willing, Ye Shuang herself might not be. After all, this meant more to a girl than it did to a man. It would have an impact on her that lasted a lifetime.

Anthony did not want to get involved in this mess. He jumped up excitedly, trying to get close to Ye Shuang. “I haven’t seen Xiao Shuang for so long. I’ll accompany her for a nap…”

Han Chu yanked the man back with a dark face. “Don’t bring your western morals to China!”

Then he pushed the man back onto the sofa. He was stone-faced as he looked at Anthony’s teary eyes. “Earlier, didn’t you say that you’ve been watched by Interpol and you’re afraid of triggering red lights if you encrypt our server‽ Now is the right time. Send me a copy of your computer’s content. I wish to analyze our current situation.”

Anthony had no choice but to obey the order of his dictator friend. Yao Zhixing’s eyes wandered around the room. Seeing as the two were about to start working, he shrugged helplessly. “Then what should I do? Shall I go and ask my chef to cook some broth for Xiao Shuang?”

Han Chu tore himself away from his work to glance at him. “Do not go out during this period and just follow your previous schedule. But introduce me some of the local leaders, the traffic police, the guards, and so on… The lower their profile the better. I welcome anyone.”

Yao Zhixing raised his brows and seriously asked, “Do you think I would get along with people who stay a low profile?”

After scolding Han Chu, he lowered his head to look through his phone. “My friends might know a few. Wait a minute, let me look for their numbers for you.”

Knowing that Han Chu was about to set up a perimeter around San Lin City, Yao Zhixing did not waste time to contribute. Even though he could not personally get involved, getting information and updates from others could still be quite exciting. Han Chu automatically filtered out the previous half that were not important and waved his hands after memorizing a few phone numbers. “We don’t need your broth. If you have nothing else to do, go home. Don’t stay here and create problems for me.”

Yao Zhixing who was dumped after being used glanced sideways at his so-called friend. He huffed and made himself scarce.

After he left, Anthony presented his own laptop and sidled over to Han Chu, who was in the middle of transferring and analyzing the information. He used his elbow to poke the latter. “Now that the busybody is gone, can you tell me what is going on with Xiao Shuang?”

“Who told you that something is going on with Xiao Shuang?” Han Chu said with impatience. “Did you think I was lying to him?”

“You weren’t?” Anthony sighed with shock. “But she looked…”

“Of course not,” Han chu said without batting an eye because he was not only lying to Yao Zhixing; he was lying to everyone else. “Now is not the time to focus on the girl’s physical health. Plus, that is considered private information. You should act more like a gentleman.”


Seeing that Anthony was so good at apologizing, Han Chu nodded in satisfaction and was about to say something more to add to the educational effect when Ye Shuang suddenly pushed the bedroom door open and walked out holding a phone in her hand.

“I need to go out for a while.” Ye Shuang forced a smile while massaging her temple with her free hand. She shook her phone at Han Chu in explanation. “Something happened. I just got a call from Cedrick; he said that Xiao Su has just been captured.”

“Just ignore Cedrick. Now, the important thing… Wait a minute.” Han Chu was originally going to persuade her to go back to rest, but halfway through, he stopped himself and asked with a serious expression, “You said Su Zheng has been captured?”