Chapter 331 - Call Me Maybe

Chapter 331: Call Me Maybe

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There were many talents working under Madam Grace. With great money to throw around, there were many who were willing to throw their lives away for her. She could even get professors to swear loyalty to her, much less two underlings who were good with Chinese. Since they were expanding in China, other than knowing how to communicate herself, how could she not have a few underlings that knew Chinese?

Therefore, when Brother Shuang ordered his lunch and gave an excuse to make a call, without even an order from Madam Grace, the bodyguard who had been following them from a far moved to Brother Shuang’s corner to eavesdrop on the man.

To help his boss get into his pants… no, to collect more information on the handsome man, this kind of order did not need to be said—it had already become a part of his work habit. In reality, the bodyguard’s Chinese was so good that he would have no problem understanding Chinese opera, much less a simple phone conversation. So, Madam Grace had no issue letting him follow up on such recon work, but…

“Madam!” The underling almost erupted into tears. “My Chinese is not bad, but… but the gentleman is speaking in local slang!”

“…” Madam Grace.

China had fifty-six different races, more than eighty local languages, and thirty alphabet systems. Do you think with an understanding of Standard Chinese, you could wander all over China? Having watched a few Hong Kong films, do you think you’ve understood Chinese local slang? Such childish thoughts…

Brother Shuang finished the conversation with Han Chu without any pressure, and she pretended not to have noticed the idiot who was trying to eavesdrop on her. She smoothed down her shirt and returned to her seat.

She pulled the chair back and sat down across from Madam Grace, who had recovered from her earlier explosion. The latter raised her head to smile. With one hand holding her chin, the other grabbing the spoon and stirring the coffee mindlessly, she asked in a casual tone, “Was that a call to your girlfriend?”

“No, just a friend.” Brother Shuang’s hand that picked up the cup was stable—there was no trace of hesitation or shuddering. He was as natural as if they were conversing about a topic that was not that important. “I came to Feng Yuan City with my friend, and we rented rooms that were close to each other, so we normally have lunch together. Since I’m eating out today, I had to make a call to inform him, and I guess the conversation got carried away. Apologies for making you wait.”

Madam Grace nodded internally, believing that the man was not lying to her. Therefore, she also started to relax, and the alarm from the inability to understand his phone conversation was abandoned. She even made a joke to lighten the mood. “No, it should be me who needs to apologize. However, I believe our lunch should be more exciting than you having your lunch at a rental home.”

“Of course, it is my pleasure to enjoy a meal with a beautiful lady.” Ye Shuang smiled without adding much. No matter what the woman’s intention was, she was not going to recklessly offend her before she showed herself as a threat.

Just as Han Chu said, even though Madam Grace’s harem was all over the world, she had never used brute force to bed a target before. This woman preferred the sense of accomplishment from hunting a man to have her target willingly bow his head to her… regardless of whether it was due to money or something else. Madam Grace preferred this kind of spoils of war.

To put it plainly, Madam Grace was not violent when she went after guys. In fact, she would be more patient than usual, more willing to showcase her charm and power, and more willing to fulfill the men’s harmless wishes. As someone within Madam Grace’s crosshairs, Brother Shuang was now enjoying the woman’s charm.

Graceful, knowledgeable, independent, powerful, and good at conversation—if she did not know clearly what the woman wanted, Ye Shuang actually would have been quite willing to converse with such a woman.

“Because of that, you decided to leave her your phone number?” Han Chu frowned in disbelief, obviously not agreeing with Ye Shuang’s rash decision.

Ye Shuang shrugged. “Even if I didn’t leave her with my phone number, she would have been able to get it through Luo Mingxin or some other people in a few days… It wouldn’t be hard for her to find an excuse, and there are plenty of ways for her to contact me, so actually, I’m just saving both of us some trouble. After all, I see no reason to keep such information a secret.”

Han Chu thought about it and agreed with the explanation, so he nodded to show approval to Ye Shuang’s argument. “What is your conclusion after the interaction?”

“Temporarily, I’m not in any danger.” Ye Shuang still had the same opinion. She pulled the top buttons of her shirt open and collapsed on the couch. “She’s out hunting man. After that’s exposed, what else can happen? If both parties have the intention, then after some brief period of understanding, if there aren’t any problems, they will get together… But now that I already know what kind of person she is, and I have no desire in terms of power or money, I’m safe.”

“I don’t believe a black widow will suddenly decide to turn vegetarian.” Han Chu glanced at this innocent idiot before slowly moving his eyes away. “Tony helped you investigate the communication app of Madam Grace’s underlings. Based on his final conclusion, in the next week… just one week… within this period of time, you will be followed by four people, observed from afar by two people, and have your daily information collected by three people.”

Han Chu gladly pulled out a document and then turned the computer screen toward Brother Shuang, who was smiling awkwardly. Then he explained patiently and kindly, “One of the two responsible for observing you will be stationed in the building across from us. He’s only responsible for observing your activity when you’re inside the house. The other one will follow you when you leave the home or when you show up at certain locations… The four tailing you will cross check your schedule and movements—two of them will be walking and the other two driving. To confirm that they will not miss out on your location, they will provide your coordinates to the other two surveillants.

“The three who are responsible for collecting your daily information…” Speaking of that, Han Chu’s face was colored by a complicated emotion. “Your daily trash, your daily purchase receipts, your everyday phone conversations, even how many times you need to go to the toilet daily and how long each time… All of this information will be collected before being sent forward to Madam Grace.”

Han Chu flashed an encouraging smile. “Congratulations, the effort that Madam Grace has expended on you is unprecedented. Perhaps you might become her fifth and last husband.”

“…” Ye Shuang was considering whether she should unfriend the man or not.