Chapter 446 - Luo Bei Village

Chapter 446: Luo Bei Village

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Even though it might appear like Su Zheng had been in competition with Cedrick, from another perspective, they actually valued each other as practitioners of the same craft. Nowadays, it was hard to find friends who spoke the same language, and that was especially so for Su Zheng and Cedrick, who were involved in a not so straight and narrow career.

Therefore, with a taunt here, a lock picking there, a safe cracked somewhere… After some interaction and various competitions, testing of skills, and mutually absorbing the other’s experience, the two’s affection for each other had increased without them even realizing it.

Cedrick knew that it would be hard to make Han Chu and Ye Shuang allies; one was too clever, and the other was too cunning. Only if their brains were replaced with water that they would get themselves involved in his mess. However, other than those two, if he wanted to find some other people who had the capability to be of assistance, the chance of that was exceedingly low. Other people aside, Su Zheng was a potential ally that Cedrick valued greatly. Because he knew her way of thinking very well, with some begging and some flavored taunting, Cedrick wasted no energy to pull Su Zheng into his list of allies. And when there were no official cases, agents like Han Chu would not get involved in their employees’ private lives.

Just like that Su Zheng was successfully recruited by Cedrick.

“According to Cedrick, he requested Su Zheng to go and steal something for him.” Ye Shuang put on her jacket and bent down to tie her laces as she explained. “But perhaps Su Zheng is unlucky, or maybe the other party set a trap. In any case, the time of their supposed meet up has passed, and he has heard no news from Su Zheng, who should’ve shown up. He suspects that something has happened to Xiao Su, and the worst possibility is that she has been captured.”

“So?” Han Chu was not glad about this. “He quietly stole your people from you, and now he needs you to go clean up the mess?”

Ye Shuang nodded helplessly. “I also think that Cedrick is being quite shameless this time, but I can’t just ignore Xiao Su’s problem.”

This was related to the money-laundering organization. If too many people went along, it would shake the already tense situation. One careless move, and people might think that they had sided with a certain party. If too few people went, they might not be of any use; they could be facing any sort of problem and thus required a group of many skills. A careless mistake at any part, and they might not be able to even see Su Zheng’s shadow.

Therefore, they could only go the path of a small group of experts, the best example being the Avengers or 007 in the movies. In any case, Ye Shuang was currently the best suitable candidate. Of course, that was before the problem with her body. Seeing Ye Shuang grab her keys and begin to head out, Han Chu stopped the girl without thinking. He frowned to arrange his thoughts before saying, “Wait, with your current condition…”

“It’s not stable enough,” Ye Shuang admitted with a nod. Then she closed her eyes to calculate her heart rate. “But there shouldn’t be any problem for several hours. If there’s something wrong, I’ll pause temporary and find a place to rest before continuing.”

Anthony tutted several times. He also understood what Ye Shuang planned to do. “That is not a correct way to think. If every problem is handled by a lady, what use are us gentlemen in situation like this? When can we show off our skill?”

With that statement, did it mean that he was going to stand in for Ye Shuang?

Ye Shuang was silent for a while. “Actually, I’ve given this some thought, Tony is not a bad candidate.”

After another pause, Ye Shuang gave her opinion in a not so direct way. “But Tony’s fighting capability is a bit…”

She finished the sentence with a ‘well you know’ kind of look.

“…” Han Chu.

“…” Anthony.

After a few moments of silence, Anthony realized that Ye Shuang was really hinting at what he believed that she was hinting at and fury got to him immediately. “As long as it’s not compared to you, I’m better at fighting than most!”

Why do you sound so proud for being weaker than a girl‽ Han Chu sneered internally.

Ye Shuang was tickled pink by the statement, and a blush surfaced on her overly pale face. “I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just that…”

She paused as if to figure out how to phrase her words so that it would not sound so offensive. She hesitated before continuing with her thoughts. “It’s hard to tell what kind of situation Su Zheng has gotten herself in. We might not even need your fighting ability and electronic expertise. I am more suitable to deal with a wide range of situations. As long as I pay attention, comparatively speaking, I have a greater confidence in myself.”

Furthermore, they could always ask for remote assistance when it came to electronic things, but what about everything else?

“And so I said.” Ye Shuang sighed as she sat in the passenger seat. Due to her previous accident, she was barred from driving anymore. They were afraid of going for another stunt ride. “You guys really don’t need to follow. We’ll be in so much trouble if someone is watching us.”

Han Chu held the steering wheel with both hands and was too lazy to even give her a glance. “Those who fail their health check don’t have the right to speak.”

After stopping Ye Shuang, he continued. “Plus, we won’t be going with you; we are just going to wait somewhere nearby, just in case you need us or something. That way, assistance won’t be so far away.”

“How close is this nearby?” Ye Shuang latched onto the point immediately.

“Within three hundred meters,” Han Chu answered without hesitation. “We won’t be linked together even if someone watches us via a telescope or with the naked eye, but we only need one minute to meet up. That should be enough to deal with most situations.”

“What’s the point of lying to yourself? The place will have a surveillance radius of at least three kilometers.”

Han Chu was too lazy to answer. Anthony hugged his laptop on the backseat and sighed in admiration. “This place is like another Reeperbahn… er, although the hardware is less advanced than I’m used to.”

Not many people knew about Germany Hamburg’s Reeperbahn, but if people mentioned it as the largest government-sanctioned red light district in Europe, people would know what the place was known for.

Everyone wanted to be rich—that went for people everywhere. It was best, of course, if one could find the occupation most suitable for oneself while attempting to get rich, for example, cultivating local produce and then marketing it as some kind of local specialty. But certain places did not have the luxury of soil, and the heavens were unfair toward them. The soil was too barren to grow anything, and there were no natural locations that could be turned into a tourist spot.

Therefore, with no natural resources, one had to work with human resource.

Luo Bei Village was such a place.