Chapter 332 - Such a Wonderful Man

Chapter 332: Such a Wonderful Man

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With the reminder from Han Chu, after paying her surroundings some attention, Ye Shuang soon discovered the presence of these people. Those who looked through her rubbish, the same people who wandered close to her, and the reflection of the light on the binoculars from the opposite building…

After using a day to confirm the validity of Han Chu’s statement, Brother Shuang felt weak in the head. However, she was thankful that she had not transformed while these people were watching. Then again, if something irrevocable happened during this surveillance period and she was forced to change into her female form, the world was about to collapse the next day.

“You have to power through this period.” Han Chu could not help getting some joy from Brother Shuang’s situation. “Under such close observation, no matter how valid your reason to transform is, your other identity will fall under Madam Grace’s surveillance, so you have to hang on at least until we return to San Lin City.”

They had Anthony at San Lin City, and Madam Grace would not not know such a famous hacker. Only by having the presence of such a powerful hacker could they openly expose Madam Grace’s underlings. Otherwise, any wrong action from them might expose the fact that the two of them had already been targeting Madam Grace from the very beginning.

Ye Shuang sighed and planned the outfit that she was going to wear that day. “If not for the fact that hiding at home doesn’t fit my character setting, I really want to just hole up at home.”

Han Chu laughed. “Then who is going to contact Luo Mingxin? How can you maintain your gender if you do not exchange saliva with a member of the opposite sex? Or can you not wait for Madam Grace to expose you?”

As much as the man liked to mock her, Han Chu still worked hard to figure out a solution for Ye Shuang. After confirming the condition to her gender swap, he was able to catch up to the topic more easily. “How about this? I’ll go find a suitable girl from the talents I have at Feng Yuan City.”

“Thanks, but no thanks.” Ye Shuang rejected the kindness. “It’s not easy stealing a child from her family, and it’ll only create more problems if Madam Grace notices it.”

Han Chu thought about it—stealing a child was not that hard. He only needed to assign a lucrative job out of the city for a single father and offer to babysit his girl. However, the issue of Madam Grace was indeed a problem. It was one thing if his talent was exposed, but if the talent’s family member was dragged into this mess because of himself, that would be a real issue.

“Madam, Mr. Ye’s analysis report is out already.” Inside Madam Grace’s hotel suite, it was a man in the work uniform or a three-piece suit who gave the report. “Mr. Ye’s lifestyle is very regular. It is observable that he doesn’t like to go out in groups, but he is not an isolationist either. Overall, he is the type who likes to enjoy life… In terms of personality, he’s a harmless charitable person, but he has his own principles to follow. He likes children and small animals, someone with a big heart. Perhaps a gentle and kind woman will have a higher chance of getting close to him…”

A string of compliments that did not have anything to do with Brother Shuang’s character setting was revealed. Madam Grace used her finger to press on her forehead, and she appeared extremely focused. “Such a wonderful man.”

The man silently lifted his eyes to glance at Madam Grace. He was unable to tell whether this comment was real or just a casual observation. “…Yes, generally speaking, the man should be more attracted to positive and morally-upright individuals. Due to his good fighting skills, perhaps a softer female will be more complimentary.”

Even though surveillance was inconvenient, being observed also meant that Ye Shuang could purposely release fake information, to lead the enemy down the road that she wished. As long as the observer did not realize that the observed had already discovered them, they would have full confidence in the ‘truth’ that they saw. After all, this was a common mistake for everyone. Compared to news that they heard from other people, they had more faith in what they saw with their own eyes.

Madam Grace frowned and dropped the report in her hand with a scoff. “What is the meaning of such report? You want me to pretend to be a white lotus? I want you to go investigate his background or any opening that I can use, not for you to come back and tell me how good he is.”

The black suit wiped at his sweat. “That’s the problem, Madam. Mr. Ye doesn’t have any extreme desires for anything, and there is no weakness that we can take advantage of. The analysis from the experts is that the only reason the man will get together with someone is because of true love.”

“Is that what those idiots say?” Madam Grace was strangely silent for a few seconds.

The black suit nodded carefully. “Yes, that is the shared opinion of all the experts.”

To give up or not to give up? With such a perfect target, giving up was too much of a waste. Throughout her experience, be it from looks, body, or ability, Brother Shuang was definitely the most perfect specimen that Madam Grace had met. However, if she did not give up, based on known results, unless she used illegal methods or had to pretend to be some innocent young girl, there was no chance of capturing the man.

It was rare for Madam Grace to feel so conflicted.

“There is still another method to try out.” The black suit raised his eyes carefully to glance at Madam Grace, and his volume lowered out of fear. “If you really like Mr. Ye that much and doesn’t want to go against the game’s rules, Madam, the experts suggest that you can befriend the man first, to slowly cultivate a relationship and then…”

“And then what?” Madam Grace scoffed. “Let him accept me as his stepmother?”

No matter how deep a relationship was, it would not have crossed the age limit between a youth in his twenties and a woman in her late forties. Madam Grace did not have any hope for this kind of slow method.

The black suit was sweating bullets. “The experts’ opinion is that, after the foundation of a relationship is there, perhaps some alcohol or pills can be used to trigger some interesting event. A good relationship is not to make Mr. Ye confess his love but only to ensure that after…” The man forced himself to swallow the words ‘losing his virtue’ with an embarrassed face and skipped over the sensitive term. “…he will not get mad at you.”

Madam Grace was silent. Such a time-wasting plan. Then again, currently there was nothing better.

“So be it!” After the air in the room froze for half a minute, Madam Grace closed the report in her hand and broke the silence. “Before I lose my interest, this could be a game to train my patience.”

After all, before getting Brother Shuang, there was no rule that barred her from going after other males.

“I notice that Madam Grace has been greatly accommodating to you lately.” At the film set, which had reopened, Luo Mingxin spoke with concern in between breaks. “Didn’t you tell me earlier that the woman is not good news and to stay away?”

“It’ll be fine. After all, her bodyguards are unable to defeat me.” Brother Shuang shrugged without pressure and smiled at the passing reporter. After getting the girl’s shy response, he continued. “Currently, Madam Grace just wants to be my friend.”

“Friend‽” Luo Mingxin emphasized this word, and that vilified a normally quite positive word. “Do you need me to help you ask around what kind of relationship Madam Grace shares with her male ‘friends’? Also, I realize you are getting more and more similar to Xiao Shuang.”

He was quite a good man. Even though he was walking the whole unapproachable route as well, overall, he was like someone at the top of the mountain. Of course, this was to prevent harassment from others. It was the same for Luo Mingxin. He looked conceited and did not like to converse with others, but that was mainly to put distance between himself and everyone else… But now? Luo Mingxin looked at the Brother Shuang that had showed up before him, and he felt weirdly uncomfortable.

The man had become more and more professional at acting even during everyday life, and often, he purposely went to befriend others like he was trying to create an image where he was friendly, kind, and lovable.

Ye Shuang pretended to be shocked. “Isn’t it a good thing that I’m being friends with everyone? Plus, I’ve always been like this.”

“Well, you have fun. Just be careful not to get yourself tripped.”

If the previous Brother Shuang was like a myth hiding beyond the highest mountain, then now… he was like a flower growing on the side of the cliff. Even though it was hard to pick him, at least there was a chance now, right?

It was fine for the film crew, but he was worried that the man played too much into the role, and once news spread, those young ladies of rich families might come after him.

“Hmm, I’ll be careful.” Ye Shuang used her hand to fan her face and asked casually, “Why is the plainclothes standing here dumbly? He’s not offering to help or anything. Even the director is not as free as him. Does he really think people will not notice simply because he is not wearing a police uniform?”

“Ha ha…” Luo Mingxin followed the change in subject, and his gaze moved to a young man who was maintaining a distance that was not too far and not too close to the set. He lowered his voice and used the script to shield his face. “Insider news, so I’m sure it’s real or not… but I hear this is a young master, the kind who got the promotion due to his family background instead of his own effort. This kind of surveillance mission is not dangerous and doesn’t have any challenge. Plus, he can even look at the celebrities, asking for signature, but even though it’s not that dangerous, it is related to a big case, so they assigned him here.”

“The lack of danger is determined by others, but what if there’s an accident? What will he do?” Ye Shuang was speechless. “Is he good at his job?”

Luo Mingxin rolled his eyes. “How would I know?”

Ye Shuang was silent for a while before standing up with a nod. “Then, I’ll go ask.”