Chapter 199 - The Mansplaining Trader

Chapter 199: The Mansplaining Trader

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Even if the monk could run away, the temple would have to stay.

Honestly, this was also Xiao Zhu Hou’s own fault for being too naïve. His friends asked him to find a girlfriend, so he did. His girlfriend wanted him to take her to see his parents, so he did. Now that his lair had been exposed, even if he ran overseas, the girlfriend could run to his parent’s place to cause a scene, and she was not afraid of luring this dumb fish out of his lair.

“Therefore, you’d better consider the issue of moving first. As long as your girlfriend doesn’t know where your parents work, it should be fine.” Ye Shuang patted Xiao Zhu Hou’s shoulder and sighed. After bidding Xia Zhu Hou, who had not been consoled, farewell, Ye Shuang hopped into a taxi and travelled deeper into Chaohai.

When she was at the hotel several days ago, she had received a call from Han Chu. The man had straightforwardly said, “Since you’re in Chaohai, help me update the conditions of the talents who have moved there.”

Then a long list of information that was so detailed that it included their measurements was sent over through email. It had the information of the talents’ previous cases and clients’ names. Han Chu thus handed the job that was supposed to be within the range of another agent to Ye Shuang.

Essentially, he wanted Ye Shuang to do free work for him.

Whenever Ye Shuang travelled to a new city, her schedule would be packed. Of course, she needed to visit the private club for the rich and famous. Even though she might not run into a new client every time, if she was lucky, she might accidentally trigger an event!

Then, she would go to the nightclubs and casinos that were famous in the city. Even though it was old-fashioned, it also meant it was tried and tested. If she wanted to collect any information, Ye Shuang only needed to show up at these places. She did not even need to rely on equipment like Anthony—she only needed to filter and focus on certain conversations. Therefore, after three days of joyful work, all the information that needed to be gathered had been gathered. Ye Shuang changed back into her female form and started to complete the task that had been handed to her by Han Chu.

The first talent she was supposed to meet was a trader that Han Chu had found a few months back.

“Please take a seat.” The trader had his own office. On the large table, there were two computer screens that were titled at sixty degrees. The other side of the table was messy with lots of paper and a fax machine.

Ye Shuang glanced around at the place and sat down opposite him as naturally as she could. She ignored the fact that the man was still typing on the keyboard and moving the mouse around; she knew these sorts of people had the ability to deal with two things at the same time and did not like to waste time. Thus, she skipped the greetings and asked, “Is there any problem with work? If not, I shall be leaving.”

“Eh‽” The trader was stunned at how direct Ye Shuang was. However, his focus soon returned to the graph on screen. The clicking sound of the mouse kept repeating itself, and the man said, “There’s a small problem, but now is not the time. How about we talk over dinner after the market closes?”

Ye Shuang nodded. She glanced at the clock on the wall and kept her mouth shut. She turned away and opened her phone to read her novel. In between work, the trader glanced Ye Shuang’s way once in a while and was satisfied with her tactfulness. When he was analyzing the market, he hated people disturbing him. They would come to him with random questions like “Then, how about I come back later?” or “Do you have time now?” to brush up on their existence.

If you have time, then stay. If you don’t, leave. I already said that we will talk after the market closes; are you deaf‽ Furthermore, don’t beat about the bush; just come right out with it. If I have time, I will answer; if I don’t, that means I’m not free. Keep asking, “Do you have time?”, “Is it convenient?”… are those questions meaningful‽

When he was working, the trader could be considered the explosive type. He had once chased a girl out of his office because she annoyed him. Of course, he was much more approachable when he was not working. He could maintain the politeness. At the very least, he was an elite, so he had that quality.

Then 3 pm passed, and Ye Shuang looked at the trader, who was starting to collect information, and she continued reading her novel. When it was almost 4 pm, the sound of typing became less consistent, and eventually, Ye Shuang heard the sound of the computers shut down. When she lifted her head, the trader had already picked up the jacket from the back of the leather chair and nodded at Ye Shuang, asking, “Where do you want to go for dinner‽”

“How about downstairs, save time?”

The trader nodded happily, satisfied with Ye Shuang’s answer.

The trader’s office was close to the stock exchange office, but he did not rent a room there because he was afraid of information being leaked. The place was close to many restaurants. Even though the shops were not big, they were spoiled for choice.

They picked one that had private rooms, and they ordered separately. After the waiter finished their order, the trader continued in his straightforward way, “To put it simply, there are no issues with my work, but my client seems to have been led into a trap. This doesn’t belong in my job scope, but if problem ensues, the responsibility might be pushed onto me.”

“Please do elaborate.” Ye Shuang was speechless and requested for the man to explain the issue in more detail.

The trader used an expression that seemed to ask how dumb could a person be to look at Ye Shuang before arranging his thoughts and explaining, “To put it simply, I discovered that my client has stumbled into a trap in his latest collaboration. The asset data that they currently have has plenty of anomalies, but I am barred from investigating it. As you know, I’m just a trader and only responsible to help them with the fund and stock. However, if they need extra money to stabilize the stock money and the opposing company might not be able to provide a complete asset chain, what shall I do‽

“The issue of investment is rather complicated, and I cannot just explain it to you like that, but you should know a thing or two about transactions on the stock market. It is not only to earn the difference but more importantly to stabilize the company stock. When I need the money and the cooperating party is not able to provide or delay handing over the money, the most likely possibility is that my operation will fail.”

The trader tried his best to explain it in simple terms for Ye Shuang. “And if I purposely avoid using this particular pool of assets, the problem will become, why wouldn’t I use this money when they are on the account‽ It too will become my problem because the client might think I’m not professional and unable to help him fight for a greater profit.”

Ye Shuang was silent and arranged the information in her mind. “So, you’re saying, there is a big problem in the client’s company account‽”

“Yes.” The trader picked up the cup of complimentary water to drink and continued. “Even though I can move a large amount of money, my actions are limited and under scrutiny, so I cannot go and investigate the client’s information personally. If possible, I hope you or Han Chu can represent me to conduct an investigation.”

Ye Shuang nodded, and while the waiter served the food, she walked to the side to contact Han Chu. After some thought, it appeared Han Chu did not expect that this chore that he asked Ye Shuang to do would really lead to an actual problem. He thought about it and said, “You ask him who his client is currently cooperating with; I’ll go ask around.”

Ye Shuang returned to her seat, and her salmon rice had been served. The trader had already finished half of his curry rice by then. Ye Shuang sat down but did not end the call. She passed on Han Chu’s message, and he grabbed the napkin to wipe his lips. “That, I do know. You tell Han Chu, my client is currently working with the Xi Hwa Organization.”

“Xi Hwa Organization‽” Ye Shuang momentarily was shocked, and then she muttered into the phone, “Brother Han, you don’t need to check anymore. The Xi Hwa Organization is a money-laundering front. Tony and An Zixuan are also investigating them.”

Han Chu was silent for a long time before he answered, “Then, I shall go ask Tony… you ask the trader how long he can maintain the current situation.”

“The stock market is always changing; a small mistake can cause the whole company to collapse. You’re telling me the issue is with the money‽” The trader laughed bitterly. “I’m also walking on a thin line here. If we’re lucky and there’s no problem in the market, one or two years should be fine, but if we’re unlucky, I might be beaten up by my client tomorrow for bringing him to ruin.”

Ye Shuang held her phone in one hand and the laptop in the other. She typed very fast on the table and passed a form to the trader. “Would you consider hiring a professional bodyguard‽ Ex-military, 200,000 dollars annually…”

The trader’s mouth twitched.

Han Chu sighed with a headache coming. “Stop joking… Give him the phone. Let me talk to him.”

Therefore, Ye Shuang could only put her laptop away, hand the man her phone, and pick up her spoon—it was not every day she could enjoy fresh salmon. If she had the chance, she wanted to move to the beach. That way, it would be convenient if she wanted to have fresh seafood.