Chapter 200 - You're Overthinking It

Chapter 200: You’re Overthinking It

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The Xi Hwa Organization had become a poisonous tumor for Han Chu. Even though he did not have a direct relationship with the company and would not have any interaction with such a problematic company, since Han Chu was dealing with an upscale market, there were a few of Han Chu’s clients who had been targeted by the Xi Hwa Organization.

Even God would need some time to rest. No matter how experienced one might be, nothing was flawless. If one was really targeted and infiltrated—like what happened with An Zixuan—then even the strongest defense could not stop the leakage from happening.

How the trader’s company had been targeted by the Xia Hwa Organization was not important, nor was how serious the condition was; the most important issue was how would they confirm the issue of the capital chain.

After Ye Shuang finished her dinner, the conversation between Han Chu and the trader also concluded, and they came up with the solution—to request a lawyer to start an investigation.

“As a headhunter, I have the right to request and ensure the safety of my talent’s working environment. If there is some suspicion, then I have the right to request an investigation,” Han Chu explained. “If the investigation clears the capital chain, there will be two outcomes: one, the client might be dissatisfied with your ‘meddling’, and two, the payment for the lawyer would be taken by you, but if the investigation comes up with problems, then the payment will be borne by the client.”

Of course, you’re not going to open your wallet and pay. Ye Shuang mocked the man silently and pretended not to overhear the phone conversation between the two.

The problem faced by the trader was not really a big problem. Even though he was considered a part-timer, he was an employee who was protected by a contract. At least he had someone else to rely on, provided that someone else answered his cries for help.

If he was a full-time worker, then things would be a lot more complicated.

Your job was to focus on your work, and the boss is paying you good money, so who gave you to right to come up with these suspicions‽

Of course, outside of this particular case and viewed from a bigger picture, the whole situation had not been taken care of. After all, Han Chu could not guarantee that none of his clients would fall into the trap set up by the Xi Hwa Organization. The instability of the market meant that everyone involved would be at risk. None would survive.

The two discussed more details on the phone, like when the lawyers would be coming, what time the trader should inform his client of this, and how Han Chu should negotiate with the man so that he would not be chased out the door instantly.

By the time they finished the conversation, Ye Shuang had already finished her dinner. She was in the middle of calling the waiter to order another course and shamelessly pushed the empty plates slightly toward the trader. After hanging up, the trader was confused by the surprised look that the waiter was tossing his way. After the man left, the trader asked, “How come the waiter here is acting so weird‽”

“Is that so?” Ye Shuang glanced at the man who had ‘finished’ two set meals and then said, “I didn’t notice that. Perhaps you’re overthinking stuff.”

The trader scratched his chin and then gave up since he could not figure it out. “Never mind, let’s eat!”

After the new set meal was served, Ye Shuang finished almost at the same time as the trader. When the latter went to pay, he realized that there was an additional payment for an extra meal. After parting with Ye Shuang with a confused look, the trader returned to the room that he rented as his office while Ye Shuang found a presentable hotel to stay for the night.

Han Chu’s call came the next morning, saying he had found the suitable lawyer in Chaohai. Since Ye Shuang was still in Chaohai and he could not get there in time, Han Chu left the job with Ye Shuang. Han Chu would call the trader’s client on his phone and begin the negotiation. After he got the approval, Ye Shuang would visit the man’s company with the lawyer.

Therefore, Ye Shuang finished her lunch with difficulty. According to her phone, the weather in Chaohai was a perfect thirty-degree summer day, but she had to work.

Self-introduction, explanation, and case report. The lawyer had already received a call from Han Chu, so he was not surprised by Ye Shuang’s visit. The two went over the procedure, and after that, Ye Shuang had nothing else to do. She was to wait for Han Chu to finish the negotiation while the lawyer wandered off to do his preparation.

When the lawyer was sent into the trader’s client company to start the investigation, it was already the fourth day that Ye Shuang had spent in her female form. The day before, she had even visited a kindergarten to ambush a child for a kiss. She almost gave the child’s mother high blood pressure, thinking she was a human trafficker.

The time the clock ticked past midnight of the fourth day, it was time for Brother Shuang to reappear.

Since she did not want to return home with this gender, Ye Shuang decided to stay in Chaohai and treated it as a holiday. She did not feel drowsy after midnight, so she changed and went to the underground casino that she had already visited before.

“Gambling God!” When she just arrived, she met a young man at the door. When the young man saw Ye Shuang, he acted like he had just seen his idol and very excitedly abandoned his friend and jogged over to Ye Shuang. “Brother Ye, you’re back again‽ I haven’t seen you around for the past few days. I thought you’d already left Chaohai.”

The young man’s friend looked their way. After the young man waved at the guy, the guy waved back and shrugged before he went into the casino alone. Ye Shuang sighed as she glanced at the young man. “You again, didn’t you lose enough last time?”

Ye Shuang knew the young man from when she visited the place last time. He had been playing cards with someone else when Ye Shuang met him. With the size of the casino, there was no chance of cheating. The cameras and various equipment ensured the honesty of the casino’s visitors. However, that did not mean that people would not try. Even the strongest device could only guard against robots and not humans. When Ye Shuang saw the young man for the first time, there had been someone standing one meter behind him, looking at his cards and then sending hints to his partners with hand signals.

What could the casino do to people with good eyesight? They could not set up an eye check for every customer, could they‽

Careful players would not expose their cards so easily, even those who might not be so careful, and experienced players would know something was wrong after several consecutive losses.

There was no talk of luck on the casino table; luck came from the basis of capability. Therefore, this lamb was slaughtered by another, and in the end, it was a bored Ye Shuang who arrived to help the man. Several rounds later, she helped the young man win back all the chips that he had lost. Since then, Ye Shuang had this additional fan following her.

The young man smiled and then scratched his head as he countered, “Of course not, after you exposed them for their tricks, I stopped playing… Cough! I came here just to take a look.”

“So, what have you seen?” Ye Shuang walked to the entrance and opened her arms to allow the female guard to check. The young man sighed as he shook his head, “It’s boring. After you left, it feels like the skill of the people here is quite lame.”

After completing the check, the guard looked at Ye Shuang with hesitation. When Ye Shuang raised her eyes to look at the guard, the latter grumbled with a blush, “There’s no problem, you can go in now!”

What’s with that‽

Ye Shuang paid attention to the female guard’s voice, and she heard the latter sigh as she lamented, “Oh well, asking for a signature from a client could get me fired.”

The young man also wandered in behind Ye Shuang. After they went through the second security check, the front door was finally pushed open. The place was lavishly decorated, and the room was full. The waitresses weaved through the people expertly, helping them exchange their chips or buy drinks. The casino forbad people from bringing anything in other than money. Even phones and handkerchiefs were not allowed; they had to be stored outside.

“If you think it’s boring, that’s because you don’t know how to play.” Ye Shuang walked ahead as she answered the man’s question. “Ability and skill are two different things. A showy game might not be a good game. These people don’t act like those people on TV when they play, so you believe they must be bad at this‽”

The young man was confused. “But isn’t gambling just a game?”

“No matter the activity, there is a difference between professional and amateur.” Ye Shuang taught the young man a lesson. Perhaps because the young man was almost the same age as her little brother, she felt close to him.

The young man should not have shown up at this kind of place. It was unknown which immoral friend had brought him here and caused him to be tricked by the people here. In any case, since Ye Shuang was patrolling the place, she brought the man with her and made the introduction as she went. “Some play with tricks; others use logic. Do you know what kind of people the winners here are?”

The young man shook his head.

Ye Shuang smiled and grabbed two glasses of wine from the passing waitress and placed two small chips on the same tray. The waitress bowed and left. Ye Shuang passed a glass to the young man. “I’ve chatted with a few of them. Even though they did not specify their real identities, I believe they are a mathematician, a physicist, a psychologist, and a con artist.”

The young man was surprised.

“Then do you know their win rate?” Ye Shuang added calmly.