Chapter 397 - Mixed Results

Chapter 397: Mixed Results

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Han Chu’s plan was sort of successful and sort of unsuccessful. The successful part was because Master Five did know Master Eight, so he gave them face. Very easily, the two managed to achieve the goal of meeting this final boss. The unsuccessful part was that Master Five rejected Han Chu’s offer, the reason simply being that he did not have the manpower at the moment.

“Little brother, since you’re here on Master Eight’s recommendation, you should know our line of work’s rules.” A pretty young woman stood next to the spirited old man—she was steeping tea. Between him and Han Chu was a wooden carved tea ceremony table, and Master Five wore a silk Tang outfit. From the appearance, he looked like the leader of the old people who would gather at the park to play chess. “We follow a first come first serve basis. Since I am unable to take your request, I am not going to ask why you’re here. If you’re not in a hurry, I can spare some time for you in about half a month, but if you cannot wait, then I’ll have to say sorry.”

Han Chu shared a look with Ye Shuang, surprised that they would be so lucky. Master Five followed the rules and did not ask about their intention, which was to respect their privacy, afraid that he might take the news and sell it to other party. However, since he did not ask any questions, it saved Han Chu the trouble of coming up with an excuse. He only needed to stay and wait.

Therefore, Han Chu said, “We can wait, but it is inconvenient for us to show ourselves during this period. I wonder if you would provide us with the convenience of accommodation, Master Five.”

Master Five received the tea given by the young girl, thinking about it. “Currently, the village is not that suitable to entertain outside guest…”

“Master Five…”

Han Chu wanted to say something else when Master Five nodded and cut him off. “If you really have nowhere else to go, you can stay… but with some conditions. I apologize in advanced for the offense.”

Once he said that, the girl silently left the room. She went to call the young man, Xiao San, from before. The young man walked in with a smile. He greeted Master Five and then told the two, “There are plenty of houses in the village, but since you two are unfamiliar with the local area, you might get lost. How about I act as your guide during this period?”

Guide was just a cover for a close surveillance. No matter how much face Master Five gave, they were still outsiders. It was already kind enough for him to offer them a place to stay out of respect for Master Eight, but if he showed no caution toward the two, then he was a real idiot. Since they understood Master Five’s intention, the two definitely could not stay.

It was fine for Han Chu; he should have stayed to watch over Master Five’s movement. However, they could not guarantee that accidents would not happen to Ye Shuang during this period. The surprise at Jennifer’s hideout had only happened several days ago—if the same thing happened again, what should they do?

Therefore, after a brief discussion, in the end, the two decided to only leave one behind.

“Be careful when you drive my car back. If there’s anything, you can come and find me right away. If you’re not available, get someone else to do so.” Han Chu turned away from the rest and sent Ye Shuang off. He could not have been more normal during this parting. It sounded to others like he was merely giving normal orders, but combined with his focused eyes, the intended listener had to pay close attention to every word that he said.

Ye Shuang managed to pick up quite an amount of information.

Remember to come to exchange information and update the progress!

If you transform, you still have to find an excuse and come in your male form!

You understand the meaning of ‘be careful when you drive my car back’, right? Be careful of being followed by Master Five’s people!

Information like that. Even though this might cause Ye Shuang to appear rather conspiratorial, and Han Chu might not really have so many inherent meanings in his words, at least the issues that Ye Shuang sifted out and the details that she needed to pay attention to were not wrong.

“Don’t worry, Brother Han,” Ye Shuang said seriously. “After I arrange everything, I’ll come back to find you.”

Han Chu nodded. He opened his lips, wanting to say something more, when Master Five walked out from the room with a smile. “If Master Eight is free, girl, why don’t you give him a message for me? Tell him, after I’m free here, I would be happy to welcome an old friend to come visit.”

Old friend? Ye Shuang blinked continuously. “Now that you mention it, I thought your name was rather unique, Master Five. Is it related to some sort of ranking?”

Han Chu turned his head over silently.

“Master Eight didn’t tell you the story?” Master Five laughed. “How our names came to be is a long story, but it is true that we had no history at the beginning.”

Yes, Ye Shuang also thought the two probably did not know each other. Ye Shuang thought back to what Su Zheng had told her about the origin of Master Eight’s name. It was not related to any ranking. It was because Master Eight only had eight fingers, and that was how he got his name. Therefore, when she heard that the boss here had the title Master Five, Ye Shuang naturally did not think it was possible that Master Five had some sort of relationship with Master Eight. The numbers in their names was merely a coincidence.

But Master Five promised to help so easily, and now he wished to invite Master Eight over—it was hard to believe that the two did not have some kind of relationship.

Han Chu’s look at Ye Shuang was dumbfounded. He did not want to have some kind of accident during this curious moment, so he added rather calmly, “Master Eight didn’t tell us many things, and we juniors do not know much about the history. But Xiao Shuang will help relay Master Five’s words. We will come and tell you when we get a reply.”

Then he gave a look to Ye Shuang. Go and find Su Zheng to update this man’s information!

Ye Shuang was not under heavy surveillance when she left Nature Village. Since she came out of Master Five’s place, the villagers gave her face, and she left the village with ease. Then… the first thing she did was call Su Zheng.

When the call was accepted, Ye Shuang directly asked, “Who is Master Five?”

Initially, she and Han Chu did not think about asking her that. After all, even though Master Eight’s name had proven useful, Su Zheng was not as experienced as her master—she did not know as many people as Master Eight.

Since they had heard that Master Eight belonged to the same category as Master Five, then they should know each other quite well. In that case, it would be rather natural for Su Zheng, the disciple, to know a thing or two about the other.

As she expected, Su Zheng was shocked. “Sister Shuang, you know Master Five? The man is still alive?”

“…” Ye Shuang fell speechless at the reaction. “Why would you say that?”

Su Zheng was silent for a moment, appearing to be thinking. “I’ve heard of this Master Five from my teacher. I wonder if you’ve met the same person. If this is the man that Master Eight knew, the last thing I heard was that he took his disciples into hiding about thirty years ago… you met him?”

Ye Shuang thought about it seriously. “Does this Master Five that you know have any special physical attributes? I think we are talking about the same one, but I can’t be sure… Oh, he also wishes to see your teacher in person.”