Chapter 334 - Bad Feng Shui

Chapter 334: Bad Feng Shui

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The plainclothes really did bring Ye Shuang to enjoy the food at Feng Yuan City. They did not go to any restaurants but focused on the snacks sold by the roadside stalls. Even so, they ate quite a lot.

“Brother Ye, you have a bigger appetite than I do.” After walking to the end of the street, the way that the plainclothes looked at Ye Shuang was filled with adoration. “I have daily training, and it’s because of constant exercise that I eat so much. I’m surprised I can find someone who had a bigger appetite than I do.”

Other than his teammates who did the training with him, the plainclothes rarely came across outsiders who had such a good appetite. The calorie burning rate for fat and muscle was different. The appetite of someone who had an active lifestyle would be several times larger than a normal person, and the difference was observable from muscle size. However, Ye Shuang’s evolved genes were different. Not only her muscles, even her internal organs, blood, and bones could process food. With her current metabolism speed, she could have digested poison just fine, much less mere food.

Brother Shuang smiled and did not offer any comment to the boy’s admiring gaze. She pointed at the newly opened stall. “Looks like they’re setting up for the night market already. Shall we continue?”

The plainclothes quickly shook his head. “I can’t do it anymore, but I can buy something to drink to accompany Brother Ye.”

Ye Shuang did not force the young man. Feng Yuan City did have many snacks, and they were not worse than the ones sold in Beijing. Even though she did not force the young man to have the food with her, she was not going to starve herself so that others would feel more comfortable.

After fighting for another half a street, the adoration that the plainclothes had continued to multiply. When Ye Shuang was satisfied and sat down at a café that opened at night, the plainclothes did not know what to say.

“Do you still need to work tomorrow?” Inside the cubicle, Ye Shuang stirred at the coffee cup gracefully. The spirit that she had showed earlier when wolfing down the food had completely disappeared.

“Yes.” After sharing a meal together, the youth was much more comfortable, and he complained very naturally. “This mission sure is boring. I actually want to do something more challenging.”

Ye Shuang glanced at the youth and chuckled. “You got yourself exposed on such an easy mission. If it’s more challenging, I worry your parents won’t see their son again.”

The plainclothes could not counter, and he dropped his head in disappointment. Even though the man was new, at least his attitude was good. Soon, he abandoned his low status and recovered with full health. He asked excitedly, “Brother Shuang, you look quite experienced. Would you like to join the force?”

The hand that held the cup paused. Ye Shuang was instantly reminded of Luo Mingxin’s sad personal life due to his career and then thought about her face that was more eye-catching than a celebrity… Her face was conflicted before flashing a fake smile. “Nah, a face like mine is not suitable for any police job.”

“You’re right, Brother Ye. You only need to stand there, and everyone will be looking at you—there’s no way you’ll be able to hide yourself.” The plainclothes nodded in agreement, and then he laughed after giving it some thought. “I hear there was a handsome man who wanted to be a police officer once, and he failed all of his interviews. My dad was once his interviewer, and he pitied him, so he gave the young man a chance. In the end, ha ha ha ha… He only stood on the street, and the people started to surround him. The crowd blocked his path, and he failed to catch the thief.”

Why does this sound so familiar?

The plainclothes continued laughing. “I hear later that man had no choice but to surrender his police officer dream and went on to become an actor. Now he’s actually quite famous… So, we’re better I say, just handsome enough to live our life in peace, but too handsome will only attract trouble. Ha ha ha ha.”

“…” Ye Shuang stared at the plainclothes silently until the latter’s laughter petered out, and his expression turned awkward. He stuttered like he had been caught red-handed. “Bro… Brother Ye, I’m not trying to mock you.”

Ye Shuang nodded before slowly opening her mouth. “It’s one thing for you to say that before me, but do not repeat it before Brother Luo.”

She had confirmed that the story that the plainclothes had just told belonged to Luo Mingxin alright.

The plainclothes was silent for a while, and he swallowed his saliva before asking cautiously, “Brother Ye, you mean that unlucky b*stard is…”

“That’s right.” Ye Shuang nodded to confirm the plainclothes’ suspicion.

The plainclothes shuddered and promised seriously, “I will never repeat it again!”

This was too scary. There were many female officers from the same unit who were the fans of this man before him and Luo Mingxin. If he offended the latter, they would not forgive him easily…

After finishing the coffee, enough time had passed for Ye Shuang’s body to metabolize all the food earlier into energy. Feeling like she had had enough outing time for the day, Ye Shuang glanced at the clock and raised her hand to ask for the bill. However, her arm only shot into the air, and before she could say anything, a familiar shadow jogged over while greeting her joyfully.

“Brother Ye!” Su Zheng rushed over while dragging the youth with flaxen hair. “It really is you! I’ve been looking at your back, and I knew it couldn’t have been anyone else! No one is that handsome!”

Cedrick had to jog to keep up. After he stood firmly, he flung Su Zheng’s hand away. He smoothed down his shirt before nodding politely. “Mr. Ye.”

“Why are you two here?” Ye Shuang was happy. And moving together at that. Do even thieves value international exchanges‽

Su Zheng pouted unhappily. “It’s all because this man kept wanting to come to Feng Yuan City. He was already prepared to sacrifice his body to Anthony, but who knows what happened to him? It seems he decided to abandon his ‘true love’.”

Cedrick’s lips twitched, and his face was filled with black lines, “I assure, you I have no such thoughts toward Anthony.”

“I’m just joking, but the meaning’s almost the same.” Su Zheng shrugged and then chatted happily. “But it’s a good thing that we ran into you, Brother Ye. Now that you and Miss Ye have left San Lin City, do you know how bored I’ve been? We discussed this with Mr. Han, and he said that Cedrick currently has a black history and is being targeted, so while going out is no problem, there has to be someone accompanying him. Thus, here I am!”

Ye Shuang nodded to show understanding. She was about to say something when the plainclothes gasped. “Cedrick the Gentleman?”

Su Zheng turned around with shock, and she raised her brows to praise. “Young man, you have a good eye!”

“…” Ye Shuang.

The plainclothes scratched his head and looked at Ye Shuang with embarrassment before turning to look at Cedrick. “Cough! Actually, my family suggested that I go to Interpol before, and the Gentleman just caused an international scene in China, so of course I know of him.”

The so-called international scene was… the famed incident where he was captured when stealing a car. Being reminded of his failure made Cedrick’s face drop, and he glared angrily at the plainclothes.

Ye Shuang did not say anything but nodded. “Interpol, you say… Hmm, it sounds nice on paper, but in reality, it is someone who uploads and manages the crime files of global criminals. In other words, it’s the data compiler within the global law enforcement system.”

The post was indeed perfect for a newbie like the young man, without much danger but high in profile. As a way to develop his future, it was not bad, and it was no surprise that his family would choose this route for him.

Yet, the plainclothes was not satisfied. “But I don’t like it. Being in Interpol is not as exciting as joining the local force, so my dad said that if I can participate in a big case, then I can pick my own future career path.”

Ye Shuang showed pity. “And then you were tricked into coming to the film set?”

Even if the case was settled, the plainclothes would not have made any contribution.

“Of course! I believe I will find the crucial clue!” the plainclothes said confidently. The young man not only did not know that he was being protected by his family but seriously thought that he was being an important member of the case.

Ye Shuang held her forehead, not knowing how to describe the young man anymore.

Su Zheng blinked, and after hearing their conversation for a while, she finally asked, “Brother Ye, who is this young man?”

Ye Shuang mumbled an answer and helped introduce the two. “He’s a plainclothes officer, currently working undercover at Celebrity Luo’s film set, investigating the case of missing firearms.”

“Oh.” Su Zheng nodded and asked, “When did the force drop to such a level? During the era when my stepfather was working the street, a newbie of such a level had to be thrown back into the oven to be baked.”

The plainclothes was first saddened before exploding. “And who are you‽”

Ye Shuang held her forehead again. “This is one of my employees… Hmm, I guess she’s a freelancer.”

“Freelancer? That’s just a different way to say a layabout.” The plainclothes huffed with condescension. “Since you don’t know anything, don’t run your mouth. You’re lucky to have run into someone who is as nice as I am. If it was someone else, you’d have been scolded already!”

Su Zheng was stunned from the sudden explosion. After she recovered, she gritted her teeth, and her fingers tweedled dangerously. She was about to attack when her hands were grabbed by Ye Shuang.

“Don’t!” Ye Shuang let out a very long sigh. It had been a tiring night. It was one thing to deal with a newbie plainclothes, and now there was a Su Zheng, who wanted to watch the world burn, and a Cedrick that had no limits. Did Feng Yuan City have such bad Feng Shui? Why else would she keep running into bad things?

“…Fine, I’ll give Brother Ye face!” Su Zheng swallowed the grievances. She glared angrily at the young man to memorize his face. It is never too late for revenge. If you dare, don’t ever escape from Brother Ye’s side, or else I will make sure to steal even your underwear!

Ye Shuang pulled Su Zheng down to sit on the sofa. She turned to Cedrick politely to change the topic. “Mr. Cedrick, I’m sure you won’t do anything to make life difficult for us in Feng Yuan City, right?”

The plainclothes ordered a cup of coffee and settled down to listen to gossip. Cedrick looked at the plainclothes and then at Ye Shuang. He shrugged. “That, I cannot guarantee. After all, I came here because I have a wish to fulfill.”