Chapter 449 - All In

Chapter 449: All In

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Opening the table, cutting the cards, drawing the cards. After the five took their seats at the table, the first round soon started. Ye Shuang did not win, but she did not lose either. She played well enough to only lose a small portion of her chips. Furthermore, this kind of game was not going to be decided within one or two rounds, so in terms of probability, she still had a fair chance of turning the things around. Because she folded more than often, after a few rounds, people still had a hard time reading her proficiency. In other words, it was she who was doing the observing.

“Miss Han, you sure are a careful player.” Sister He toyed with a chip between her fingers. Her lips curled into a smile at Ye Shuang.

“I am a natural coward. Please be kind to me.” Ye Shuang joked self-deprecatingly and was not about to rise to the bait. Sister He smiled and did not add any further comment. The three other males could not read the situation on the table, and they were also kings of deceit. In any case, they did not seem to have any visible change to their attitude.

Due to the half mask, Ye Shuang’s reading of those people’s facial expressions was somewhat affected. Of the three gentlemen, there were two who were rich young masters. Even though there were no tags on their clothes, they were well tailored and extremely high class. Even the accessories that they wore were of a certain standard, from their ties to the cufflinks to the watches… Like they said, the poor played with cars, the rich with watches. Any of their watches could be exchanged for several of the cars owned by a normal family.

The other gentleman kept a serious low profile. Even though it already meant that he came from a certain standard of background to be invited to the second floor, there was no visible clothing of standard on the man. At most, he had a certain rich presence about him and could maintain his calm in the company of three other wealthy people.

Of course, Ye Shuang was silently being studied as well. If one was making a conclusion just from the clothes on their back, Ye Shuang was even harder to read than the last gentleman. She had the presence of a wealthy person, but she wore things that were of an even lower standard than the third gentleman. The man’s clothes could at least get up to four digits, but Ye Shuang was wearing brands that they had never heard of.

Because they were from the night market…

In the second round, Ye Shuang won with a great bluff. Young master A, who could have won, was tricked into folding.

In the third round, Ye Shuang folded early and watched Sister He take down the other men.

The fourth round, fifth round, sixth round…

After seven rounds, the outcome was pretty much decided. The victories were basically split between the two ladies, and the chips before them piled higher and higher. The eyes of Xiao Ming who stood behind Ye Shuang also shone brighter. Just the thought of the bonus that she might get made the breath catch in her throat. Sister He dominated the rounds from the very beginning while Ye Shuang acted dumb. She unleashed her real power only halfway through and collected her chips through small wins. It was not until the end of many rounds that they realized that the girl was more proficient than she appeared.

After seven rounds, the two young masters finally realized how deep the water was. They excused themselves from the table to get a drink at the bar and calm themselves down. But the other man stayed. He traded for another bag of chips and continued to play. He looked very calm, unlike one who had lost quite a lot of money.

“Sister He, why should a lady trouble another one of her own. How about we call a truce?” Ye Shuang placed her full attention on Sister He, and even then, she did not know whether to laugh or cry. Currently, on the table, there was no one that she was out to get. The reason she had been winning, other than to earn some pocket money, was because she wished to fish out the higher official at this casino. The fastest way to do that was to demolish all the VIPs.

After some taunting, she was not afraid that the owner would show up to deal with her personally, but reality did not go as well as she wished. Sister He got excited for having found a match, and the higher official at the casino showed no sign of showing himself. Ye Shuang was stuck at the poker table. What made it worse was the man watching the show between them. Ye Shuang had a hard time discerning his background. She wanted to surrender, but she could not come to a decision.

Sister He chuckled lightly. “All in, ten million. What are you afraid of? Actually, you have a greater chance of winning than I do, and even then, I’m not afraid that I’m unable to leave this casino.”

The man who had been reticent chose this opportunity to speak up.

“Both ladies are experts, and I have been given a great lesson today.” Then he shrugged and folded. “Looks like I’m bowing out again.”

Ye Shuang memorized the arrangement when the cards were being dealt. After some calculation, she predicted the probability with a bitter smile. “Then I shall accept this kind gesture from Sister He.”

Ye Shuang had three Jacks. Sister He had a pair of Queens, a pair of Kings, and a 5.

“You sure are brave.” Sister He tossed the cards and smiled. “Looks like I was mistaken.”

Ye Shuang sighed. “Actually, I didn’t expect things to end up like this, really.”

She wanted to fish out the real owner, not this female gambler. It was a good thing to win, but without fulfilling her real purpose, all that winning meant nothing.

“How about we stop here for today?” Feeling like her brain was throbbing, even if she was unwilling or seen as offensive, Ye Shuang did not dare continue the game anymore. If her overcalculation caused a weakness buff or worse, she did not dare wonder if she could even leave the casino on two legs that day.

Sister He did not make things difficult for Ye Shuang; chasing after games was not her style. She put on her stole and stood up from her chair. “Okay, little sister, you’re good. I will give you face this time.”

Then she took her purse from the side and took out her name card and slid it across the table. “Come back again if you have time.”

The man kept his low profile. He picked up his chips and silently left. The two young masters saw this ending with satisfaction. They tutted and then left with a laugh. Ye Shuang looked left and right. She and Sister He were the only ones left. Her plan had failed. She reached to grab Sister He’s card as a consolation price. “I’ll definitely contact you if I’m interested in more games, Sister He.”

She lowered her gaze to the card and then fell silent. “Sister He, your name sure is familiar. Do you have a brother in law who has the surname Yao?’


“My aunt?”

When Yao Zhixing received Ye Shuang’s call, he was bored at home. Ever since his racing was banned due to the events in San Lin City, he had been stuck in this bored state.

But even if he had been wishing for something to do, Yao Zhixing did not expect it to be something so explosive.

After hearing the detailed explanation from Ye Shuang on the phone about the situation in Luo Bei Village, Yao Zhixing was speechless. “My aunt, she… is quite a character. Actually, she’s the one who got me into racing. You ran into her?”

“…” Ye Shuang tried to hold it in, but she failed. “You know, I was wondering about this Brother Yao. Both your parents are people of culture, but what happened to you? As it turns out, there’s a hidden boss after all.”