Chapter 450 - Cheating without Dating

Chapter 450: Cheating without Dating

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When she was out socializing, people usually referred to Mother Yao deferentially as Mrs. Yao. Those who were close to the family might call her by her surname or even call her Auntie Yao. Ye Shuang had visited the Yao family several times before. Considering how strange and unique their son’s personality was, Yao Zhixing’s parents were worried about his future. Therefore, when there was a young girl their son’s age who was willing to play with him, naturally, they welcomed her with more than a little fanfare.

Actually, instead of calling her Auntie He, if one day there was a girl who would call her ‘mom’, Mrs. Yao would cry happy tears.

“So, you know my older sister.” When the relatives were identified, and after hearing the relationship between everyone, Sister He started to laugh. “Back then, there was this talk of equality between genders, so the girls of our family follow the naming formula of the boys when it comes to our generation. Both me and my sister are the generation with the name ‘ Ding 1 ‘. Indeed, when the names are known, it is hard not to tell that we are related.”

After all, a normal family would not give their girls such a ‘unique’ name. They were soft girls like flowers, but once they gave their names, like He Ding X… it would evoke the image of a king at some kind of ceremony, praying to the heavens and so on. Just who would do that‽

“So, you’re the Ye Shuang I’ve heard so much about?” Sister He lit a long cigarette and held it between her fingers. She leaned back in the couch and looked at the little girl who sat across from her with interest. “This sure is a coincidence, but if you wish to use a disguise, why didn’t you use my nephew’s name? What’s this Han business?”

Compared to how she normally hung out with Yao Zhixing and with the understanding that she had garnered by spending a whole match at the poker table, Ye Shuang knew how to act around this person. “It’s just a randomly selected name. It just so happens that Brother Han is home, so that’s that.”

Then, Sister He pushed the cigarette tray in her direction and glanced at the sinful activities happening around them. Ye Shuang frowned slightly. “The water here is too deep. How long do you plan to stay here, Sister He?”

“I don’t know.” Sister He smiled, and an indescribable air of amorousness floated out of her eyes as her mind went back into the past. Her tone was filled with lamentation. “I’m waiting for a performance. This place books a male dancer from Ireland. He only performs several times each month, and he does it at different dates. It is completely up to luck whether you’ll encounter his show or not… but he is well built, those abs, that mermaid line… If we’re lucky today, I’ll be sure to make the introduction.”

“…” Ye Shuang sipped on her water silently. She instantly understood what kind of dance this dancer would be good at. She was surprised that Yao Zhixing’s aunty was such a player. Even Ye Shuang, whose bottom line was already quite low, could not help but get choked by it.

Sister He did not realize how much of a shock her words had created. She continued with excitement. “Since we have this history and I can see that you’re quite a fun person to chat with, how about we stick together and tour around for a few days?”

She could take this time to get to know the girl that her nephew had a rare chance to befriend. Ye Shuang held her breath and said sincerely, “Actually you’re mistaken, I’m really not that fun to be around, really.”

Sister He laughed happily. She was satisfied after toying with the girl. She was about to ask more about the real reason Ye Shuang was there when the door was opened from the outside.

The place that they were in was a nightclub, and the place was split into three floors. There was a bar, a dance pool, and several booths on the first floor. The second floor had various booths surrounding a circular area. The large glass windows in the room allowed the occupants to look out at the activities on the first floor directly. If they wished, they could open the windows, and they could close them if they wanted some privacy.

The third floor was a resting area, the payment counted by time. There were beds, alcoholic drinks, and bathtubs. One could imagine what they were for. Night was the time the place became lively. There were three girls and two boys dancing in the dance pool; they brought up the atmosphere in the place. A server in uniform walked in then. There were five young men with different styles following behind him.

“Ladies, do you need any service?” The server asked the not so polite question politely.

Sister He looked at Ye Shuang with regret. If not for her presence, she might have called for some of the young men to stay with her. After all, quite a number of the five matched her taste. As the old client of this place, the server naturally knew Sister He’s taste and had brought in the selection accordingly.

A cute guy who had smiling dimples came over to say, “Ladies, just drinking is so boring. How about we play some dice?”

“Never mind, we…” Sister He resisted the urge and waved her hand to deny the service, but she was shocked to be interrupted by Ye Shuang.

“We only want the best.” Ye Shuang’s eyes scanned the five and smiled directly at the server. “Who is the most skilled here?”

Sister He sucked in a cold breath and widened her eyes at Ye Shuang. “Are you for real?”

Stop kidding! If I allow my nephew’s friend to get the men to stay under my watch, how am I going to go back to face my big sister‽

Once Ye Shuang asked that question, the server and the other four’s eyes reflexively wandered over to the boy with the cute looks. That was a clear enough answer. Ye Shuang was shocked by this revelation. “You are the best this place has to offer?”

Really, one should not judge a book by its cover.

The boy responded with a shy smile that caused his dimples to deepen. “Big sister, you sure like to joke.”

So, one person stayed, and the server led the other four away. He took them away to find other customers because no business was to be had there anymore.

The cute boy just sat down between two ladies and picked up the bottle. He had not even had the chance to serve his clients when Sister He shot up from her seat. She reached over the boy to grab Ye Shuang. “Follow me to the toilet.”

“There’s no need to. We’re all girls here.” Ye Shuang winked. She felt a grip coming from her wrist, so in the end, she followed the order and stood up.

Sister He pushed her into the toilet forcibly. Once the door closed, she turned around and pushed Ye Shuang against the door. “What are you up to?”

Ye Shuang acted dumb. “Just going to take a few drinks and chat with the boy. Isn’t that what they do here?”

“What about my nephew?” Sister He’s presence overwhelmed the room. “I am not going to allow you to cheat on him!”

“Actually, there’s really nothing between me and Brother Yao.” Ye Shuang was feeling speechless. Why would people never listen to her explanation?

“I know that.” Sister He waved her hands with annoyance. “But the problem is that it’s not easy for my nephew to meet a girl that he matches with, so no matter what, I have to keep an eye on you. There might be nothing now, but what if there’s something between you two in the future?”