Chapter 400 - Master Eight, More Like Deadweight

Chapter 400: Master Eight, More Like Deadweight

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In the end, it was Master Five’s loud guffaw that broke the awkward silence. “Indeed, they are a perfect match for each other. Hahaha.”

After that, everyone else snapped to the situation and started to mingle socially. Master Five stealthily wiped away some cold sweat. According to rumors, Master Eight was famous for hiding threats behind his smiles and was rather cunning when he wanted to be.

Looks like the rumors were true.

After all, to ask people out of retirement was not a polite thing to do, and from the looks of it, the ‘cooperation’ was not Master Eight’s idea to begin with. No wonder he had been eager to settle things once he arrived.

Amid the host’s and guests’ laughter, the social impasse was forgotten. Since Master Five did not ask more questions, no one questioned Master Eight’s identity. After all, they knew that those who arrived with Ye Shuang would not be simple characters. After dinner, Xiao San left to man the mahjong matches on the first floor. The girl was given an order by Master Five to go purchase some snacks to accompany the wine. Thus, the upstairs was left for Master Five and Ye Shuang’s group.

Master Eight watched Xiao San and the girl leave. Then he turned back with a smile. “Even though they’re young, they’re quite reliable. You sure have a bunch of obedient disciples.”

“What do you think of Xiao San?” Master Five smiled in response. He sat at the table and served the tea himself. “He’s my biological grandnephew. Youngsters are always eager to go for something big and most likely won’t be satisfied with a life of quietness in the mountains. Even though he hasn’t said much, in the next few years, I believe the kid will think of leaving this place and seeing the world.”

Master Eight thought about it. “What is his educational background?”

Master Five was silent. In the old days, one could carve a way out with enough skill and support, but the modern age was different. The fact that the basis of his influence had long dissolved aside, even if he still had it, it would not have amounted to much in this day and age, which relied on official background.

The most important thing was… after being hidden in the mountains for so many years, most of his people had studied at the nearby schools and would occasionally come back to help out around the village. What kind of educational background could they have?

Master Eight immediately understood it. He coughed and said nothing else, looking rather helplessly. “Don’t worry, at the end of the day, I’m also just a petty thief…”

Master Five looked disappointed, and Han Chu added, “If you need it, I can help arrange for him to study abroad. He can graduate assuming he can reach the required points. However, for that, he has to study a full year of foreign language first.”

“That is not a bad idea.” Master Five was pleasantly surprised. “Master Eight’s people are able to do something like that?”

“…” Master Eight sipped on his tea and said nothing. Naturally, he had no such connections. Back when his stepson needed to go to university, the latter had failed to get enough marks. In the end, Master Eight had to pay money to help him buy a degree, but even so, it was from an unheard of university…

It was not good to wallow in the past. Master Eight sighed under his breath and changed the subject. “What about the young woman from earlier? I remember those friends who attended your child’s full month party mentioned that you have a granddaughter.”

Master Five smiled bitterly. “I do have a granddaughter, but that was not it.”

Master Eight put down his cup and lifted his head with a frown. Master Five looked at the shocked faces around him and nodded. “I believe that you’ve guessed it already. Even though the girl refers to me as her grandfather, that is just for show. She is keeping me under watch.”

“Actually, I had not guessed that. I thought, since one is your grandnephew, I assumed the other is either your granddaughter or grandniece,” Ye Shuang said with disbelief, she turned to Han Chu and Su Zheng. “Did you two guess her real identity already?”

The two had not guessed it. After all, they did not have enough information. However, Su Zheng was unable to say anything with Master Eight there, and Han Chu was good at hiding his thoughts, so neither of them answered.

They would not send a simple character to keep watch over Master Five. Relating that to the fact that Nature Village was a hiding spot for illegal military arms, the identity of the culprit was obvious. If the girl really came from a complicated background, did that mean that Jennifer or Madam Grace was about to find out that Ye Shuang’s group had interacted with Master Five?

Even though the girl might not know the true purpose of Ye Shuang and Han Chu showing up at Nature Village, when Jennifer or Madam Grace sent people to get an update from her, Ye Shuang and Han Chu’s identities would be exposed…

Han Chu frowned. “Master Five, do you know what kind of method she normally uses to contact others? If she’s been tasked with observing you, who is the person that gave her that order?”

Master Five shook his head. “We don’t know all that. Initially, I had my people follow her, but ever since the girl entered the village, she has not contacted anyone from outside. For the past month, she has not left the confines of the village. In fact, she hasn’t even made a phone call to anyone outside…”

“You’re threatened by such a weak looking girl?” Ye Shuang could not help but interrupt. If the girl had some kind of unique method that she used to communicate with her boss, it was one thing, but the problem was that she showed no threat at all, and the famous Master Five was threatened just like that!

Master Five smiled bitterly. “Don’t tell me you haven’t considered why a stranger follows me around calling me her grandfather but my real granddaughter hasn’t shown up?”

Ye Shuang was stunned and instantly understood the words left unsaid.

“You came to me for this?” Master Eight understood it as well.

“I need someone to help me find my granddaughter and bring her back unharmed. Other than you, Master Eight, I can’t think of any other candidates.” Master Five finally finished steeping the pot of fragrant tea. He presented it sincerely to Master Eight with both hands. “This time, I’ll owe you a big favor.”

Su Zheng had been faking obedience for a long time already. Finally, she reached her breaking point. “You should have stated that from the beginning! My Sister Shuang can help you with that!”

With information guru Anthony, San Lin City’s local boss Yao Zhixing, the inside mole Edward, and Albert from the FBI… With so many people, you’re afraid we can’t find a little girl?

Su Zheng felt so weak. She turned to beg her teacher. “Teacher, you should accept this case. Sister Shuang will help you find the girl in mere minutes. We have the influence, power, and firepower—there’s no need to be afraid.”

“…” Master Eight.

About five minutes later, when the girl returned with the food, Anthony’s call reached Ye Shuang’s phone at the same time. The girl was dumbfounded. She looked at Ye Shuang’s phone and then at Master Five. She asked with hesitance, “Grandpa, are we not confiscating her phone?”

Master Five smiled. When Ye Shuang ended the call and nodded at him with a smile, the smile on the former’s face grew brighter. He did not answer the girl but raised his voice to summon Xiao San from downstairs.

“Tie her up.” Master Five pointed at the girl.

The young man immediately got into motion. Without saying anything, he assaulted the girl with his palm. Before the girl could react, she had already fainted.