Chapter 340 - Suspicions Confirmed

Chapter 340: Suspicions Confirmed

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

“I’m not panicking.” Cedrick flashed a faded smile. “I was looking around, and I admit I wish to see this woman as soon as possible, but honestly, I’ve lost all hope toward her. I just want to meet her to get it over it.”

“Oh.” Ye Shuang nodded. “Then do you mind letting go of my shirt?”

Cedrick blushed and quickly let go of the corner of Ye Shuang’s shirt that he had grabbed. He held his fist by his lips and coughed. “Sorry… Fine, perhaps I am panicking a little bit.”

Madam Grace always paid attention to her appearance when she showed up around Brother Shuang. Even though she did not go in a dress every time, it would at least be a more neutral outfit that could accentuate her body shape and not like before, where she wore a man’s suit to a dinner. Once her face was ignored, she could even be treat like a man.

“Your mother has quite a good fashion sense,” Ye Shuang told Cedrick. “She isn’t exactly a beautiful woman, but the key is her presence; she’s able to grab anyone’s attention wherever she goes.”

Cedrick looked at her in alarm. “You seem to have a good impression of Madam Grace.”

Ye Shuang was speechless when she saw Cedrick’s expression. “Didn’t you say you have no anticipation toward her anymore?”

If you’re already so protective when you have no anticipation, then if you have a little anticipation, wouldn’t you go mad if a man just looked at her?

“I have no interest in someone like her, and even if I did… with my age and looks, why do you think I’d settle for your mother?”

Cedrick saw how he had overreacted, and he waved his hands, sighing. “I’m being too nervous. However, there’s one thing that you got wrong—I’m not averse to this because of anticipation, but it has more to do with pride.”

While they chatted, Madam Grace walked over, taking a shortcut through the trees. Ye Shuang pretended that she had just seen her and revealed a shocked expression. Then she smiled naturally, actively greeting her. “This is such a coincidence, Madam Grace.”

“It really is,” Madam Grace replied with equal grace. “I’m surprised to meet Mr. Ye again.”

Coincidence? This coincidence had happened at least seven times in the past month already, so no one would have believed that it was a mere coincidence.

Just as Ye Shuang was wondering how to bring Cedrick into the conversation, she was surprised that Madam Grace did the job for her. “Is this gentleman your friend?”

Ye Shuang was startled before smiling. “This is Cedrick—we met in France. He happened to come to Feng Yuan City, and we decided to hang out together.”

Madam Grace nodded. Of course, she knew about Cedrick, but her focus was merely on his ‘reputation’ and not his own person. To put it more precisely, Madam Grace actually suspected Cedrick’s intention for getting close to Ye Shuang. Perhaps he wanted to steal something from Ye Shuang, or perhaps Cedrick had some new thoughts in mind.

Even though she looked down on Cedrick’s lack of ambition, the man was ultimately a famous thief, and Madam Grace’s interest in Brother Shuang was at its height. Naturally, she would not allow someone else to go after her target. Other than to brush up on the affection level, the other reason that Madam Grace had dropped by that day was to save the beauty… or rather, to mark her territory.

Cedrick was made uncomfortable by Madam Grace’s deep stare, and he even thought that it was perhaps because she had identified him. Madam Grace opened her lips then and offered a fake laugh. “Since you’re Mr. Ye’s friend and I also came to Feng Yuan City to travel, how about we get to know each other over a meal?”

Ye Shuang and Cedrick shared a look. “Sure.”

It was not the right time for a meal. In reality, they just found a random diner and sat down. After ordering their drinks, Madam Grace had a brief conversation with Ye Shuang before changing the topic to Cedrick. “Mr. Cedrick, are you from America? I seem to have heard of your name before. Is it perhaps from my line of work?”

Cedrick was quite confused. Was this a type of recognition? But if the woman really wanted to confirm his identity, should she not talk about things like his place of birth or family?

“Maybe.” Unable to think about an answer, Cedrick could only be vague, and then he tossed back a question to probe. “Perhaps I look similar to someone that you knew, Madam Grace?”

“I am very good with people’s faces.” Madam Grace thought that Cedrick was trying to pull one over her, so naturally, she would not allow him to do that. Thus, she made her tone heavy and once again implied that she had already found out about his identity. “Mr. Cedrick, you don’t look like anyone I know, and the only Cedrick I know is you.”

This is so confusing, what is she trying to say?

The two went back and forth, each carrying a hidden meaning in their words.

Madam Grace hinted many times that she knew who Cedrick was, and the aim was to warn him. Since I know who you are, then I believe you should know I am not someone easy to fool! Since I dare to say that, it means that I am not afraid of offending a petty thief. Therefore, you’d better go and find a new target. Stop touching my prey, or there’ll be hell to pay.

Obviously Cedrick’s thought was on a different level. His questions kept circling around the woman’s family, social circle, and life, and he kept giving hints.Mom! Do you know I’m your son or not?

Madam Grace was concerned about Brother Shuang, and Cedrick was held back by pride. Neither wanted to be forthright about it, and due to the difference in frequency, they soon got annoyed.

Madam Grace thought that the man was mocking her personal life, while Cedrick thought that she was acting dumb, that she knew he was her son but kept leading the topic around. Therefore, the result of the first meeting was both getting a negative impression of each other.

Ye Shuang held her chin and watched the show. After a while, she noticed the problem, but since she did not know Madam Grace’s real thoughts and had promised Cedrick not to get involved, she naturally did not say anything.

The first conversation was soon over, and the two who failed to form a consensus were irked. They both picked up the water in unison.

Ye Shuang looked left and right. She realized that she was quite in the way, so after a period of silence, she decided to say, “I’m going to use the washroom. I’ll be back. My apologies.”

Both Madam Grace and Cedrick were pleased with Ye Shuang’s move.

I can finally deliver my threats openly! sneered Madam Grace internally.

I don’t need to mind my face and can be more open! Cedrick thought.

After giving the two what they wanted, Ye Shuang stood up and turned around. After leaving the dining area, she saw ‘Tess’ sitting under a parasol on the other side of the café. Ye Shuang halted for a moment and smiled at the African American that raised his head to look at her expressionlessly. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Ed.”

The child recognizes me? Maintaining the lack of expression on his face, ‘Tess’ nodded imperceptibly, and Ye Shuang knew that she was right. After making the greeting, she continued to walk away. Soon after that, Ye Shuang, leaning against the outer wall of the café, saw a familiar African American walk toward her.

“You can recognize me?” Probably due to his act, even though he had changed back to using Edward’s voice, he still had the appearance, expression, and stature of the African American. If viewed from afar, even Madam Grace would have thought that the two had run into each other and were talking—she would not doubt Edward’s identity.

Ye Shuang shrugged. “I can’t help it, Mr. Edward. Your disguise is indeed perfect, but when you came to see us last time, you revealed some obvious flaws.”

A lazy voice came from under the mask. “Oh, such a sharp young man. What kind of flaws are you talking about?”

“That’s a confidential secret I’m afraid.” Ye Shuang smiled insincerely and then turned her lips to the table that she had vacated. “Madam Grace’s target doesn’t seem like it’s me today.”

Earlier, she had suspected that Madam Grace already knew about Cedrick’s identity, but after hearing what she had to say, it did not sound like it. Without more information, Ye Shuang could not tell what Madam Grace was going for.

She was too cold if she had recognized her son, but if that was not the case, then why would Madam Grace suddenly care about Cedrick? As famous as he was, Cedrick did not seem to have any links to the money-laundering organization.

‘Tess’ twisted his expression and smiled like a zombie. “I think there’s an idiom in Chinese that’s quite interesting…

“The beauty who caused the general’s fury?”

He recited it in the awkward cadence of a foreigner before changing back to his mother tongue, and he continued in a mocking tone. “Perhaps Madam Grace thinks that you are too perfect, and she’s afraid that a bad man like Cedrick is going to ruin your innocence by injuring your feelings or wealth.”

Ye Shuang had thought of many possibilities, but that was not one. Madam Grace was out to protect her‽

But once that was revealed, the woman’s actions and words earlier could be understood. The many probing questions were not to confirm Cedrick’s identity—they were thinly veiled threats…

“Poor Cedrick.” Ye Shuang could not help but show an expression of pity. I wonder if the thief will be able to handle this harsh truth once he finds out.