Chapter 341 - Is This Your Doing?

Chapter 341: Is This Your Doing?

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

When Ye Shuang left, Madam Grace and Cedrick did not say anything instantly. They understood the hostile stance that they took and could even sense the hostility. Even though they had different reasons for being hostile, that did not stop them from being cautious and alert. Half a minute later, the more forward Madam Grace broke the silence.

The lady looked around them, and considering what they were going to say next, she lifted her chin and said, “Perhaps we should move to a quieter place.”

“I agree.” Cedrick was not afraid. With a fake smile, he turned to the inside of the café. They had been dining al fresco.

Therefore, the two stood up in unison. Madam Grace took this opening to nod to her bodyguard to have him go find Ye Shuang to buy some time for them and to inform Brother Shuang to come find them after the conversation was over.

That was why ‘Tess’ was able to go meet Ye Shuang in person.

Madam Grace and Cedrick changed their seats. The booth was designed to separate them from the other guests. Even though the space was semi-open, since it did not technically have a partition, with just potted plants and shelves to block other customer’s views, if they controlled their volume, they did not need to worry about other people overhearing them.

After losing that concern, Madam Grace started the conversation and dominated it. “I’ll be honest, I hope for you to stay away from that gentleman.”

Cedrick was still arranging his thoughts. When he heard that, he was indeed caught by surprise. He was baffled and then smiled coldly when he recovered, “You’re afraid that others might know about your amorous lifestyle?”

Instead of maintaining your image before the handsome man, isn’t it more important to be an impressive model before your son?

Cedrick was insulted. He had thought that Madam Grace was afraid that the ‘dirty evidence’ that he was would influence her chance of getting the man.

Madam Grace’s lips twitched. She turned to look at Cedrick with condescension. “Stop trying to change the subject. I know who you are, famous American thief, Cedrick. For what reason have you targeted that man? Antiques? Jewels? Or some kind of legendary hereditary treasure?”

Cedrick widened his eyes in shock, and he finally realized that Madam Grace seemed to have a different viewpoint than he did. He was about to say something when Madam Grace forced her way through the conversation again. “No, you don’t need to tell me; I’m not interested in that… Mr. Cedrick, I just want to tell you one thing, if you want to go after my target, then you’ll be very sorry.”

Who said I was going after that Ye Shuang? Cedrick went silent and felt like he was forced to shut down.

Madam Grace continued to say proudly, “Your achievement is nothing, little boy. Those idiots in the FBI might not be able to do anything to you because they need evidence, but not people like us… Hmm, to put it simply, whether I want to end your life or not, that is not something that I need a reason for. Everything is dependent on my mood of the day.”

Okay, system reinitiated. Cedrick recovered and frowned as he replayed the conversation in his mind, and then he breathed out the impossible conclusion. “…So, you just want to warn me away from that man?”

“Indeed.” Madam Grace cruelly affirmed Cedrick’s suspicion.

“You just came to warn me‽” Cedrick slammed the table so heavily that even the plates on the tables shivered.

Cedrick glared at Madam Grace, who was surprised by his reaction. The latter did not expect the negotiation to lead to this sudden explosion, and the scene caused her mind to go blank… Staring at this woman, the hatred was practically pouring out of Cedrick’s eyes. “Do you know who I am? Do you know why I’m sitting here across from you?”

“What…” does that have to do with me? You’re not even handsome enough to grab my attention. Madam Grace stood up with a slight frown. She was about to fire back, but she only got out the first word when the glass around them shattered, and her body suddenly shuddered. Then a burst of blood coughed out from her painted lips. The red liquid splashed on the table, and a few drops landed on the stunned Cedrick’s face. It looked so creepy.

Madam Grace felt the burst of pain coming from the side of her waist. She could not stop the coughs, and her hands subconsciously went to her lips, but she could not stop the blood from coming.

Cedrick’s mind was blank. Before he realized what was happening, his body acted on instinct and lurched forward to grab Madam Grace and pull her to the ground. Then there was the sound of bullets landing on the solid wooden table.

“You?” Due to pain, Madam Grace had her body curled around, but perhaps due to the intense pain, her mind was turning so much normal than usual. Looking at the flaxen-haired youth who used his body to protect her, even Madam Grace who had been through many battles was shocked.

There were few that were willing to use their life to protect her; some did it for money, for family, and for pure loyalty. However, there were even more who wanted her dead; some wished it for her amorous lifestyle, some for money, and others merely because they did not like her. But the type who hated her the second before and used his life to protect her the second later… even Madam Grace was speechless.

“You idiot!” Cedrick had acted on instinct earlier. When he realized what he had done, he also wanted to give himself a few slaps on the face. Without the time to figure out the rest, Cedrick subconsciously decided what they needed to do next. “The snipers won’t dare to continue the assault at a public location! We need to move to a location where we can hide from his line of sight!”

“…Okay, but you’ll have to carry me.”

Cedrick finally could not help but curse. Without saying anything, he picked up Madam Grace, who looked so unwilling. “Don’t expect me to do all the work. I’m not going to carry a 130-pound dead weight! You’re going to cooperate with me!”

The lady was at the prime of her life, and even if she had some extra pounds, that was muscle, and they were mostly collected around her chest area! What is this b*stard trying to imply about my weight‽

Ye Shuang’s hearing was very sharp. When the first shot was fired, she heard the sound of glass being shattered. Even though she did not understand what it was initially, upon hearing the conversation in the café and the smell of blood in the air and the follow-up shots… if she still could not catch up to the situation, Brother Shuang’s IQ would not even be double digits.

As she straightened her body and her expression sunk, she did not even think about it, and asked ‘Tess’ next to her, “You did this‽”

‘Tess’ used a frozen face to say lazily, “Such a shame, it looks like the assassination has failed.”

If the attempt was successful, the follow-up shots would have been unnecessary. Even though ‘Tess’ could not discern all the details, at least the sound of plates being shattered was clear to his ears. Furthermore, he had the confirmed answer from the earpiece that was hidden inside his ear.

“The sniper has retreated?” Ye Shuang’s hearing was technically a cheat. Without even asking the man for the details, she already knew all the answers. Her tense body relaxed again, and she leaned back against the wall. “I really don’t understand why you’re doing all this. Wouldn’t it be easier for you to just kill the woman?”

‘Tess’ turned his head around. The temporary mask was not sensitive enough to express his real emotion, so Ye Shuang could only discern that from his voice. The man sounded bored, and he did not sound like he cared about the result, like the scary thing that happened earlier was just a game to fill his time. “She didn’t die? Honestly, even with her sudden movement to stand up, the bullet would only shatter her scapula… Of course, the one on her right…”

After a pause, ‘Tess’ repeated to stress, “Such a shame, the wound on her waist wouldn’t influence that lady’s accuracy. After all, the only thing that she’s good at is her marksmanship.”

Ye Shuang raised her brow to reveal a disappointed expression, showing her disapproval of Edward’s method.

‘Tess’ shrugged and asked, “By the way, aren’t you worried about those two’s situation? Even if the sniper has retreated, there might be other issues, like perhaps someone has done something to the lady’s car.”

Edward had always been curious about Ye Shuang’s mysterious channel of information—how did he know at first notice that it was him who assigned the sniper, and how did the sniper’s retreat get exposed? But this was not that important. Even though Ye Shuang disapproved of his methods, Edward had confidence that he would not intervene. Even if he did, he would not expose him.

This assassination, instead of calling it a targeted hit, it was more like a warm-up for Edward. To be able to face off against a threat-less enemy in such a boring design, Edward did not mind it. In fact, he had some anticipation toward it.

Ye Shuang was startled, but she quickly understood what Edward meant. Then Ye Shuang cursed under her breath and stopped wasting time with Edward. She put on a mask of surprise and panic as she rushed to the scene.

“What’s happening? What’s going on?” Brother Shuang with the additional buff from the actor’s background soon arrived at the scene.