Chapter 345 - Why Indeed

Chapter 345: Why Indeed



Actually, Han Chu was worried about Ye Shuang. He knew about Ye Shuang's schedule and knew that she could only maintain her current gender until midnight. The next day, it should be the female Ye Shuang who returned to take over the job. Due to the fact that she had gotten involved in the assassination, Ye Shuang and Han Chu had made the preparation beforehand, spreading the news that Sister Shuang would be returning to take over the job, and they planned to have 'Brother Shuang' hibernate for about half a month.

However, they did not anticipate a sudden accident where the plainclothes' powerful and influential father would suddenly decide to pay Han Chu a visit. He not only ignored Han Chu's thinly-veiled rejection for communication and even insisted on seeing Brother Shuang in person to ask him about certain questions.

It was already 9:30 pm, and it was way past bedtime for most children. Even if they were late sleepers, they would not be wandering the streets at a time like this. Without a little girl, how was Ye Shuang supposed to maintain her gender? Find a random woman to kiss at a nightclub?

Han Chu could not help but be a little bit curious. As he waited with the old officer for Ye Shuang to return, he silently thought about the possible emergency methods that the girl could have come up with. They waited until 1 am to hear the knocking on the apartment's door, and Han Chu finally knew the final result.

OMG! This woman sure is gutsy!

Han Chu pressed his lips, and his hand hung on the doorknob as he stared at the tall and handsome man outside the door. He could not help but narrow his eyes.

"I'm sorry for coming back late. Something came up," 'Brother Shuang' explained with a croaky voice. He coughed and then smiled apologetically. "I had a few to drinks and forgot to close the car window on the way back. I might have caught a small flu."

Flu? This is such horrible acting!

Han Chu lowered his gaze to look at the outfit that was totally different from the one 'Brother Shuang' wore when he left home. Knowing the person's real gender, Han Chu did not believe that she would feel comfortable enough to change into another outfit when she was outside.

Of course, there were plenty of other flaws like the watch on the wrist, the holes that should not be on Brother Shuang's earlobes, and the hairstyle that was purposely made messy…

She dares to put on a disguise‽

As a top actor, even though it was not that often, Luo Mingxin had worked with silicone masks before. Of course, the masks obtained from a legal way and an illegal way would be completely different, and many techniques would not be exposed to the public, so this was indeed Luo Mingxin's first time interacting with such a detailed and exquisite silicone mask. Even the time of production was much shorter than he had expected.

In less than an hour, Luo Mingxin saw Ye Shuang's face materialize in the fat foreigner's hands. Adding the time that they used to salvage the material, the time needed for Luo Mingxin to transform into Brother Shuang was less than an hour.

What about the remaining time? Naturally, it was used to chase Edward away, and then he was reminded a few things by Ye Shuang and was given several small communicative devices. If not because of those things, Luo Mingxin would have returned much earlier.

"Where's your partner?" Han Chu suppressed his anger as he pulled the door back to welcome Luo Mingxin into the room. He asked through his teeth.

Luo Mingxin was startled, but he soon realized that he was referring to the real Ye Shuang. "He has something else to attend to and left at around 11 pm. You… Erm! Brother Han, do you have something to do with him?"

Han Chu looked at the man patiently and then turned away with a nod. At a time like that, there was nothing much that he could say. He had no choice but to lead the man to the sofa and make the introduction to the old officer, who was already standing up. "This is Ye Shuang, one of my middle-tier agents. Ye Shuang, this is Mr. Ke. His career involves many confidential clauses, and he's here today to ask you a few questions. Just answer them honestly."

After a pause, probably concerned that Luo Mingxin might not be able to handle the interrogation, he added as if casually, "But if the questions are related to the details in our job, which are confidential, you can choose to be silent."

Mr. Ke scratched his head and sighed as he looked at Han Chu. "Xiao Han, you really…"

Han Chu smiled lightly and did not conceal his intention to take revenge at all. "We have to preserve our professionalism, right? I remember, before I left the system, I was led in circles several times by you when I came to Feng Yuan City to investigate a case. It was not until half a month later that I realized you already had the lead that we needed."

"Well, we were from different systems! Everyone's work has to be separated, and not everything can be transparent—what if there's a leak?" Mr. Ke did not look too embarrassed and sat back down naturally. He also signaled for Luo Mingxin to sit. "Please take a seat as well, Mr. Ye. Xiao Han is all over the world dealing with his cases, and we've crossed paths several times at Feng Yuan City, so we're old friends. However, before this, all the middle-tier agents that I've met were over forty, but you appear quite young, Mr. Ye."

Ye Shuang did not fill Luo Mingxin in on many things; the mission that he was given was to deal with Mr. Ke until he left. It was fine if he kept his mouth shut throughout and just acted as a background character. Therefore, at the moment, Luo Mingxin naturally appeared a little flustered. He only understood the term 'middle-tier agent', and the rest of the back and forth flew over his head.

"Thank you…" There was nothing else he could do but accept the compliment. Seeing that the expression on Han Chu's and the middle-aged man's faces did not change, he knew that he did the right thing, so Luo Mingxin quickly adjusted himself to focus and started to recite the lines that they had already discussed beforehand, "According to Brother Han, you have something to ask me, Mr. Ke. I wonder what it is…"

Mr. Ke smiled. "It's nothing serious. I merely noticed that you share a good relationship with my son."

"Are you asking me why I decided to approach Xiao Ke?" Luo Mingxin assumed a contemplative posture. He thought about it and smiled. "Actually, it was merely out of curiosity… Uncle Ke, you shouldn't be so surprised. After all, it is not often that we have the chance to interact with an undercover plainclothes, especially not one like Xiao Ke. Naturally, I wanted to get to know him."

"Just that, there's no ulterior motive?" Mr. Ke smiled politely. "I am familiar with Xiao Han's capability, and I believe you won't be much less capable than that. I'll be forthright here, the case that my son is involved in is not something simple, and with your sensitive identity, you're approaching someone who is close to a case that is so sensitive. Don't you agree that this is too much of a coincidence?"

Luo Mingxin was silent for a moment, partly because he had not figured out how complicated Ye Shuang's identity really was, and also because he was feeling a bit curious about the things that Mr. Ke was insinuating. He tried to hold it in, but he could not help but blurt out, "Mr. Ke, you're pulling my leg, aren't you? With Xiao Ke's capability, do you really think I'll believe that you've told him anything even close to being confidential?"

"…" Mr. Ke.

"Cough! Hey, watch what you're saying!" Han Chu reprimanded.

Birds of a feather flock together. Now Han Chu suddenly realized that there was a reason for Ye Shuang getting so close to Luo Mingxin. At least the honesty that they possessed was at the same level.

Luo Mingxin also realized how impolite he was, so he quickly smiled embarrassedly. "That was a slip of the tongue. I hope you don't mind."

"It's fine." Mr. Ke also tried to be patient. "Fine, then we'll move away from the thing with my son. Let's talk about the thing that happened yesterday, or at this moment, it should be the day before yesterday.

"Even though there were no cameras at the park, we did manage to find a few witnesses."

Mr. Ke focused his sharp gaze on Luo Mingxin, refusing to let the smallest twitch of expression escape from his detection. "And Mr. Ye, your face is still quite recognizable. There are a few witnesses that confirm that you were there, and I would like to ask, why is that?"

Indeed, why is that? No wait, what are we talking about now?Luo Mingxin, who was not involved in the incident, was completely baffled, and he turned subconsciously to Han Chu, who should belong to his camp.

Han Chu coughed again and calmly interrupted Mr. Ke's observation. "Uncle Ke, lying for evidence is wrong. The witnesses wouldn't have been able to confirm that Xiao Ye was at the crime scene."

Mr. Ke did not show any apology even after he was called out. He frowned and continued to stare at Luo Mingxin. He was indeed lying. If the man really had shown up at the crime scene, then there definitely would have been a shift in his expression or a dart of the pupils when he was suddenly posed that question. However, from the man's reaction, he appeared really innocent. There was no evasion in his reaction, and it really did look like he had no idea what he was referring to.

Therefore, without knowing what had happened, Luo Mingxin accidentally helped Ye Shuang clear her name.

There were two reasons for Mr. Ke wanting to visit Ye Shuang; one was to uncover the man's purpose for approaching his son, and the other was to clarify whether Ye Shuang was present at the scene of the attempted assassination or not. Since he had achieved both goals, after getting the answer, Mr. Ke naturally stood up to leave.

"Since it's already so late, I'm not going to disturb you anymore." Standing up from the sofa, Mr. Ke announced his departure. "If there's a need in the future, I might return for another visit, but of course, it'll be for the best if that doesn't happen."

The confused Luo Mingxin stood up to accompany Han Chu to send the guest away. He was dumbfounded and even a little disappointed.That's all? What about the dark undercurrents and flashing of swords that I was promised?

After sending the man away, Han Chu turned around to look at Luo Mingxin, who had his head titled to the side. He scoffed and said, "What kind of expression is that?"

Luo Mingxin frowned and turned to look at Han Chu, "So, you're Xiao Ye's boss? I heard you're in the headhunting business, but what happened today sure is surprising."

He had thought that it was because of her personality that Sister Shuang was the way she was, but today, he realized that it was actually environmental factors.

With such a dangerous working environment, how would Ye Shuang be a law-abiding citizen?

Finally understanding that the senior officer was referring to the assassination that happened earlier, Luo Mingxin instantly felt cold sweat sliding down his head.