Chapter 346 - Put Down That Brother Ye!

Chapter 346: Put Down That Brother Ye!

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

Han Chu knew about Ye Shuang’s gender-related secret and so sent out the message. Not long after that, Sister Shuang, who had taken a detour around the city, returned home. Even though it was not Brother Shuang, seeing Sister Shuang still made Luo Mingxin sighed in relief.

Han Chu was not a bad person, but with one look, Luo Mingxin knew that he was not a simple character. Furthermore, this was technically their first meeting, and Luo Mingxin was already clued in about something as scary as an assassination attempt; this first impression needled Luo Mingxin. Therefore, it felt safer once he laid eyes on a familiar face.

“Your timing is perfect.” Luo Mingxin did not see himself as an outsider and yanked Sister Shuang into the room. “I feel like there’s a gap between me and your boss. Do you mind telling me what this assassination is all about?”

Ye Shuang had dark lines on her face as she extricated herself from Luo Mingxin. She changed into a pair of slippers and returned to glance at Han Chu before turning to face Luo Mingxin. “This thing is actually quite complicated. I don’t think a famous celebrity like yourself should know too much.”

Luo Mingxin was unhappy. “Why didn’t you tell me that when you needed my help?”

He was not going to let himself being used and then tossed away like that. “But then again, the uncle that came to find Xiao Ye is quite familiar. Have I seen him somewhere before?”

Ye Shuang tried to think about it. “I remember… Brother Ye heard from Xiao Ke that you went through many interviews back when you tried to become a police officer.”

Luo Mingxin was silent for half a minute, and then he slapped his leg. “No wonder he’s so familiar! But wait, I was asking you about the assassination. Don’t change the subject.”

Ye Shuang was speechless. You’re the one who changed the subject, okay‽

Han Chu cleared his throat to get Luo Mingxin’s attention. “This isn’t something that you should know. Even without our personal consideration, just from the attribute of the case alone, a normal citizen should not be involved.”

“So,” Luo Mingxin countered, “I was only not a normal citizen when I was asked to disguise as Xiao Ye?”

Han Chu turned his eyes darkly toward Ye Shuang, as if saying, Look at the mess that you’ve made.

Ye Shuang felt wronged. Was this really her fault? It was Han Chu’s mistake for his inability to chase the man away… Then again, if not for the sensitive identity of the guest, Ye Shuang and Han Chu actually would not have taken on this whole incident. If this was someone else, Ye Shuang would not have been so conflicted. After Sister Shuang showed up, she could have come up with a random excuse like Brother Shuang had left the city for work.

However, that would not work this time. You’ve just approached my son at the film set, and now you’ve escaped from the city. If that is not an admission of guilt, what is?

And that was not the worst part. The worst thing would be if the senior officer decided to verify her story. He could make a few calls to check for a plane ticket or train ticket information… Oh, what if he could not find anything? Then he could have people check the security cameras at the highway tolls.

Even Han Chu could only surrender when the enemy was someone who could easily access public transport records. If they could fend the man off, then it was for the best because the longer this dragged on, the easier it would be for them to be targeted.

Ye Shuang thought about it. “Brother Luo, what is it that you want to know? If you want an exciting story, it’s easier for you to go read a novel than listening to our story. But if you want to do more than just listening to a story like wanting to help… With your fame, that is quite impossible.”

“At least tell me who the big character that has arrived in San Lin City is.” Luo Mingxin thought about it and felt like that was too little information, so he backtracked. “If you don’t give me anything, then I definitely won’t be able to sleep at night. Just consider this helping a man fulfill his childhood dream!”

“Then you’re way too mature of a child.” Ye Shuang was speechless. The man’s police dream was the biggest when he was studying at university, and after his graduation, it was already too late to consider it as his rebellious period.

Luo Mingxin opened his lips to say something, but the sound of the door opening stopped him. Ye Shuang and Han Chu’s attention were turned there as well. Han Chu and Ye Shuang each had a key to the apartment, so it was unnatural for someone to open the door at that time. Therefore, it was natural for the two to be on high alert. But once the man strode in, they relaxed instantly because the guest was Cedrick. This man could open ninety-nine percent of the doors in the world with just a wire, so naturally, an apartment door proved no trouble.

Cedrick scanned the room quickly, and his eyes soon fell on Luo Mingxin, who had not removed the mask. He strode past Ye Shuang and Han Chu, staring at the confused Luo Mingxin. “Why did you call me this morning?”

“…” Luo Mingxin.

“If it’s nothing important then so be it.” Without waiting for Luo Mingxin’s answer, Cedrick continued on his own. It sounded like he had come to a great decision. “Mind listening to me first? I still think I should go personally to have a talk with my mother. What do you think? And about the DNA test…”

Luo Mingxin blinked slowly. Luo Mingxin turned to look at Ye Shuang, Han Chu, and finally at Cedrick. His expression was one of bafflement. “Huh‽”

Cedrick laughed drily and ruffled his hair awkwardly. “I figured since I’ve already come to the decision, then I shouldn’t hide the truth from her anymore. What do you think? So, I wish to ask her out again to reveal the truth to her. If necessary, we’ll do a DNA test on the spot… Of course, since my mother is currently pursuing you, I think it’ll be better if you’re present as well.”

“Your mother is chasing after me?” Luo Mingxin was even more confused.

Ye Shuang coughed awkwardly. “Can we talk about this at another time? Actually, this Brother Ye is not… I’m sorry, let me get this call first.”

She was once again interrupted; things were not going well for Ye Shuang this year. She picked up the phone and hung up after hearing what the caller had to say. She turned to the room and announced bleakly, “Madam Grace left after accepting a call. She didn’t even take Tess with her, so she might be in danger…”

“What‽” Cedrick’s face dropped, and he immediately tossed the idea of reunion out the window. “Where is she now? Who is she meeting?”

Ye Shuang turned her head to look at the document that her phone had just received. “Fatty is sharing the map. There’s a bug on Madam Grace…”

Then Ye Shuang saw a flash before her eyes, and the next second, her phone on her hand already disappeared.

So fast! Ye Shuang was speechless.

Cedrick opened the document, and he installed the program without even scanning for a virus. As he activated the navigation, he pulled Luo Mingxin along. “Come on! We need to go after her.”

Then the next second, they flew out the door. The whole process was so smooth that once Ye Shuang and Han Chu reacted, the two men were already out the room.

“Such busybodies!” Han Chu cursed as he picked up his laptop and followed with a chilling gaze.

Ye Shuang quickly followed behind. “Brother Han, wait! Brother Luo, wait! We need to talk about this first…”

Motherf*cker! Can we just put down the fake Brother Shuang first?

Cedrick’s Chinese was not good, and he did not have time to analyze what the people behind him were saying.

No one used the elevator so late at night, and the elevator was stopped at their floor because Cedrick had used it earlier. He yanked Luo Mingxin into the elevator… Cedrick knew about Brother Shuang’s fighting ability, and he probably thought that taking just him was enough. The other two were a girl and someone who used his hands more for typing than fighting, so they were useless to him.

Therefore, Cedrick naturally did not wait for them. When Ye Shuang and Han Chu arrived at the elevator, the doors had already closed, and it was moving down.

“The stairs!” Han Chu decided instantly. “Your friend sure likes to get involved in things that don’t concern him. Cedrick will need less than three seconds to crack into a car. If we wait for the elevator to come back, they will be gone once we arrive at the ground floor.”

Then, he cursed under his breath. “That’s why a thief is such a horrible career! Wait, why does the phone you’re holding look so familiar? Wasn’t your phone stolen by Cedrick earlier?”

As Ye Shuang raced down the stairs, she called Edward. “Fatty? Oh, this is my boss’ phone. My phone was swiped by Cedrick… Stop wasting time, send that document again to this number. We’ll be there presently.”

Han Chu went to touch his pocket and then raised his head with dark lines. When did this person steal his phone away?

Running down the stairs was still slower than the elevator. If Ye Shuang was alone, she might have made it, but she had to be considerate of Han Chu. She could not just blast off without her boss.

Therefore, when they reached the parking lot, Cedrick and Luo Mingxin had already jumped into the car, only leaving behind a trail of smoke. Cedrick had stolen Han Chu’s car, so Ye Shuang stole Luo Mingxin’s car.

Under Han Chu’s increasingly complicated gaze, Ye Shuang expertly unlocked the door. After she wired the cables to start the engine, she cared into the driving seat and returned the phone to Han Chu. “Brother Han, help me with the navigation. I’ll drive, and you can give me directions.”

Then, she turned the steering wheel, and the car zoomed out onto the street without any pause.

Han Chu silently installed the app, silently opened the navigation function, and silently attached the phone to the frame on the dashboard. Then he turned his head to ask, “Is this something you’ve learned from Su Zheng as well?”

Ye Shuang glanced at the phone and put out her hand to give a thumbs up. “Xiao Su is such a good teacher, and I think this skill is quite useful.”

Han Chu took a deep breath. He looked at Ye Shuang and then turned back. He opened the laptop and started to work. “Since Edward contacted us, it means that he thinks the person Madam Grace is meeting is not a friendly one. Other than Edward, Madam Grace doesn’t have that many enemies. Other than people that she couldn’t have interacted with peacefully, meaning people that Madam Grace wouldn’t have wasted her time to meet in person, there is only one particular character that stands out…”