Chapter 348 - Being Taken Advantage Of

Chapter 348: Being Taken Advantage Of

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Luo Mingxin intended to explain, and Cedrick did not intend to interrupt. The misunderstanding should have been resolved right then, but to Luo Mingxin’s surprise, the latter suddenly stepped on the brake to stop the car. He opened the door and got out. “We’re here.”

Huh? So soon? Luo Mingxin thought back to the car speed earlier and calculated the amount of time that he had exhausted in hesitation and shock… before finally releasing a sigh.

Cedrick took a deep breath and told Luo Mingxin seriously, “You’re right, perhaps I shouldn’t have brought you along. After all, you and my mother… I mean, Madam Grace, have opposing stances.”

No, that is not the problem. When he said that Cedrick had got the wrong person, he did not mean it in a figurative way, but rather…

Luo Mingxin noticed the bodyguards coming out from the villa because they noticed the commotion, and he continued to sigh. Now, it looked like it was pointless to explain this situation.

Cedrick was not an invited guest, nor was the ‘Ye Shuang’ that he had brought. However, everyone knew that Madam Grace had a liking toward Ye Shuang, and even if they did not, with just a look of the man’s face, they would know that he would be to Madam Grace’s liking.

Therefore, when the bodyguards came with their questions, Cedrick represented the duo to say that they were there for Madam Grace. The bodyguards looked at each other and moved their hands away from the holster around their waist and picked up the walkie-talkies instead. “We have two gentlemen visiting. One is Cedrick, and the other is a Chinese man, very handsome.”

Cedrick shared a look with Luo Mingxin; both of them thought that this introduction was rather unique. Most likely, the reporting bodyguard was also concerned about Madam Grace’s thoughts and did not want to attract Madam Grace’s ire for some unknown reason. Soon, the people on the other end of the walkie-talkie disappeared to ask another group of people. After the bodyguards put down the walkie-talkies, they walked toward the two to conduct a body search.

Cedrick did not mind it; he was not there to steal stuff anyway. However, Luo Mingxin was slightly nervous. His muscles were tense because he was not used to this kind of treatment. Thankfully, he was only wearing a silicone mask, and there was no problem with his body. A general body search only wanted to see whether he was carrying a weapon or not; they would not be so detailed as to check his face and teeth.

“Feeling nervous?” The bodyguard who was responsible for checking Luo Mingxin was a bit of a jerk. While he conducted the search, he pinched Luo Mingxin’s muscles, and as he searched, he took advantage of the man. Instead of saying that he was searching, it was more like he was caressing, “Is this your first time?”

“…” Luo Mingxin.

Cedrick’s part was already done, so he urged impatiently, “Can you work faster?”

The bodyguard sighed in regret. “Fine, fine.”

As he said that, he picked up several glittering objects. He winked when the others were not paying attention and whispered, “You can’t bring this with you, handsome.”

Luo Mingxin had completely forgotten that he was carrying those banned items. Initially, he carried the bugs to maintain communication with Ye Shuang, but since he had been discovered with those items while trying to enter the villa, who would believe his innocence?

He looked at the bodyguard calmly. As dumb as Luo Mingxin was, he knew that was not the time to clarify the situation. Being dragged by Cedrick and noticing that the bodyguard had returned to his patrol with a poker face, Luo Mingxin decided not to say anything and turned to follow Cedrick into the villa.

Five minutes later…

“Yes, boss, we have another two guests.”

Using the bug that he found on Luo Mingxin, the bodyguard very easily traced the signal to Han Chu and Ye Shuang, who wanted to stay a distance away and observe. “It’s two Chinese again, one male and a female. Hmm, the female is very pretty.”

Han Chu turned to Ye Shuang expressionlessly, “How did we get exposed?”

Ye Shuang shrugged. “How would I know? We’ve already parked the car so far away… Shall we get out?”

The bodyguard’s call had already attracted the attention of the people inside the villa. If they left now, it was impossible to not initiate a chase and an investigation on them. Therefore, they had no option but to get out of the car.

Following the protocol, it was another body search. Even Han Chu’s laptop was opened to be given a thorough check, but due to Anthony’s defense software, nothing incriminating was found.

As a female, Ye Shuang was given some preferential treatment. A female bodyguard came out from the villa to give her an isolated search, but similarly, nothing was found.

The initial plan of observing from afar had to change to direct and close observation. After the body search was done, Han Chu and Ye Shuang were also led into the villa by the troop of bodyguards.

Both Madam Grace and Luther were in the living room. Cedrick and ‘Brother Shuang’ were also seated on Madam Grace’s side of the sofa. From the atmosphere, it felt like a negotiation was underway. However, due to the snacks and coffees that were served, the atmosphere was not as tense as they had anticipated. If not for it being the wrong time of day, this could very well have been interpreted as an afternoon tea between friends.

“Grace, are these also your guest?” Luther sat opposite from Madam Grace and glanced at the duo who had just entered. “I have to say, your taste has worsened over the years. Do you only depend on the face as the standard when you hire your underlings?”

Compared to the few bodyguards who were large enough to be called minotaurs standing behind Luther, Han Chu and Ye Shuang’s appearance did look rather underwhelming. Even including the earlier two guests, at most, only the name of ‘gentleman’ was about to make Luther raise his eyebrows. Luther was equally condescending toward ‘Brother Shuang’, who was not packed with bulging muscles.

Madam Grace shook her head, and she leaned back on the sofa to lower the pressure around her wound. “No, I don’t know these two.”

Cedrick coughed. “Sorry, they’re my friends. They probably came because of me.”

Madam Grace looked at Cedrick and changed her words naturally. “Yes, these two are my people as well.”

Luther turned to Cedrick in surprise. “Well, isn’t this shocking? Of the two here…”

His eyes moved to ‘Brother Shuang’, and Luther revealed a smile dripping in sarcasm. “I would have thought that the other gentleman would be more to your taste.”

Cedrick’s expression instantly turned conflicted, but Madam Grace scoffed lightly. “That has nothing to do with you. Luther, did you ask to meet me simply because you want to discuss my fifth husband with me?”

Luther was about to say something when Cedrick noticed the words used earlier. “Wait, who is this fifth husband?”