Chapter 349 - Little Husband

Chapter 349: Little Husband

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

Other than Cedrick, no one really cared about the topic of the fifth husband. Even Madam Grace only leveled him a gaze that was haughtier than usual. Then, she returned to deal with Luther. She raised her chin to ask, “Speak, what do you really want?”

Cedrick was annoyed. Luther looked at him with some interest before brushing him off and continued the conversation with Madam Grace. “Madam Grace, I’m sure you still remember Jennifer, right?”

Ye Shuang coughed. She looked at Luo Mingxin and then everyone else. “Are you sure that you don’t need us to be elsewhere?”

It was relatively fine for most—Han Chu came from a sensitive background, Cedrick was not really a standup member of the society, and even she had half a leg in the water. But for Luo Mingxin, even with his interest in the underworld, at his core, he was a law-abiding citizen with a clean background.

Certain things were not meant for casual ears, things that would drag people into a road of no return. Even though people thought that Luo Mingxin was Brother Shuang, it would not be so easy to leave this circle after getting involved in it.

Luo Mingxin was carrying a heart filled with anticipation and exhilaration, awaiting his first foray into the underworld, but before he even got a taste of the excitement, it was already cut off by someone. He turned to look at the eyes on Sister Shuang’s face… Huh, want to clear the room?

Luo Mingxin was instantly annoyed.

Luther raised his brow at Madam Grace. The latter thought for a while and said, “I don’t mind.”

Luther smiled. “In that case, I don’t mind either. I have great confidence in Grace’s ability to train her men.”

What the f*ck! Ye Shuang cursed internally. Her frown deepened, but she did not say anything.

With no more objections from the crowd, Luther waved his hand to have people take the coffees on the table away and replace them with new cups of hot coffee. “That b*tch is up to something. Initially, we thought that she’s just a gold digger going for powerful men, but Grace, you will never believe me, but her influence can be seen in the actions taken by our organization in the past few years.

“We don’t need to go way back to see the example. Two years ago, the organization’s decision to channel a large amount of money into South America to build a plantation was her idea.”

Luther was ultimately a cautious person. Even though it appeared that he did not mind Ye Shuang’s group being there, when he introduced the situation, he cleverly avoided using the few sensitive terms. At least for those who were not in the know, what he said only sounded like some kind of illegal investment that the organization used to launder their money. However, those who knew the details like Madam Grace, Ye Shuang, Han Chu, and Cedrick, they naturally could hear the issues inherent within his statement.

Shaking his head, Luther added condescendingly, “Jennifer, that woman might appear to be a clawless ditz, but it seems like we’ve made too light a judgment. Thinking back, I realize that she has intervened in a lot of our recent decisions. She has her way around that dumb Paul. In fact, I’ve realized that her ambition has gotten big enough to go beyond the intervention into our organization’s business side of things. Last month, there was a meeting between the high ups in America. It was one thing for her to barge into the party, but she even had Paul kill one of the big wigs’ security guards because apparently she was sexually harassed.”

It was clear that Luther did not buy into this harassment story. The man did not think that the woman was someone who treated herself so respectfully that she would be out for a man’s blood simply because someone had accidentally brushed up against her ass.

You say, the harassment might be more than that? Don’t be ridiculous, it was a meeting, and there’s always a line. There was no way that the alleged sexual predator would do more than that.

After listening to all that, Madam Grace pulled on the corner of her lips and asked, “So, there are a few dumbasses being led astray by a woman. Did you call me here just to gossip?”

“Gossip?” Luther chuckled mirthlessly. He snapped his finger, and the bodyguard behind him immediately put forth a stack of reports. He dropped the reports on the table, and the papers on the top fluttered momentarily. The string of number would cause anyone’s eyes to go blurry.

“Take a look at these first, Grace.” Luther used his chin to point at the stack of reports on the table. “That is the list of acquaintances and friends that woman has. She now has the power to go anywhere that she wants, and let’s not forget about the accounts and passwords that she has in her hands. Half of Paul’s power is already within the Jennifer’s grasp. Don’t forget, Paul has quite a large influence inside the organization. If he really treats the organization as his own private garden for his woman’s fancy, it will be difficult for us to maintain our own piece of the pie.”

The organization was not dominated by one, and the major players were there to restrain each other. The positive point of this was that everyone could weave in and out of the different roles easily. If a party started to show a lacking in power, other people could replace them easily. The loss of one party would not cause the whole organization to collapse overnight.

Of course, there was negative point as well. Since this meant that the members of the organization shared an open throne, everyone had the power of speech, to know stuff, and to influence the overall decision. This also meant that while the organization was generally immune to outside attacks, an internal struggle would cause the organization to collapse. This was because if one of the members sold out sensitive information, the whole background and status of the organization would be sold out.

Like most things, this type of organization structure had its own pros and cons. Before this, no one would have expected one of the big wigs to be a turncoat. Even if they had treacherous thoughts, it would be due to the internal power struggle. Those in such a business would not be so stupid, and these people would not one day wake up and decide to go clean. After all, they had amounted and done so much to arrive where they were. If they turned themselves in, they would lose everything, and their families, wife, mistresses, and children would be dragged down with him. Who would be dumb enough to do that?

But now, they were faced with one such example.

Madam Grace finally realized the severity of the situation. She frowned to think. “Is Paul really willing to allow a woman to intervene into so many things?”

After a pause, Madam Grace commented, “But I’m more curious about Paul’s children and wife’s reaction to all this.”

Luther took a sip of coffee and directly placed his legs on the table. He leaned back. “Paul’s wife has already taken their children to Australia, then someone has gone through the trouble of hiding their trail. Now, only that woman remains at Paul’s side.”

Luo Mingxin did not quite get it, so he focused on his coffee. Now was not the time for him to chime in, and more importantly, he would not know how to.

However, Cedrick felt pricked, like one of his nerves was touched. At this point, he could not help but say, “Is it a common practice to silence all of the families that you’ve hidden away?”

Luther turned to look at him with curiosity and asked Madam Grace, “What is your little husband thinking?”

Madam Grace hummed to herself. “Who knows?”

Wait a minute, what did he call me?