Chapter 350 - There's Not Just One Thief

Chapter 350: There’s Not Just One Thief

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

Cedrick was once again ignored. However, this time, it was not because they were too lazy to answer his question but because something even more troubling happened. A great commotion came from the second floor. The host of guards rushed down and looked at the people in the room with alertness in their eyes. One of them went to whisper something in Luther’s ears, and the next second, Luther smashed the cup that he was holding angrily. “It’s stolen?”

Before he finished, Luther already turned subconsciously to the people in the room with suspicion.

Madam Grace had no idea what had happened, but she remained calm. She raised her hand to fix her hair and scoffed, “Looks like the people in this house are all idiots. I happen to have my people with me. Do you want me to lend you some?”

Her delivery could have been better, but she inadvertently pointed out the truth. Ye Shuang and the rest had been in Luther’s sight, and they had been watched carefully by the host of guards. Under such circumstances, no matter what happened in the house, it certainly was not related to those few people.

Luther calmed down, and his lips twitched. Without explaining himself, he abandoned the group and headed upstairs. Madam Grace acted like this was nothing out of the ordinary. Since Luther did not increase the security, this proved that other than a theft, there would not be any additional danger.

Since the host was not there, Madam Grace made use of this opportunity to turn the question to the other people in the room.

Cedrick glanced subconsciously at Luo Mingxin and then did not answer rather purposefully. “Why do you want to know what we think? How is that related to you?”

Madam Grace nodded and came to the conclusion. “Is it because you’re worried about me?”

Who was worried‽ Cedrick was definitely not worried! Impossible! No way!

Madam Grace’s lips curled into an insincere smile and very calmly turned to Luo Mingxin, “What about you, Mr. Ye? Did you come with Cedrick?”

Initially, Luo Mingxin did not even realize he was the ‘Mr. Ye’ in question. After finishing half the cup of coffee, he only noticed something was wrong. How come everyone’s eyes were focused on him?

Ye Shuang chimed in to provide him the hint. “Is there something on your mind, Mr. Ye?”

‘Mr. Ye’ finally realized and quickly adopted his character. “It’s something private… But yes, I did come with Cedrick tonight.”

Who knows what you people are up to! I guess I’ll just give a vague answer.

Madam Grace frowned and asked in confusion, “Ye, how come your voice sounds different tonight?”

From pulling the man along in the apartment until now, Cedrick had only shared one sentence with Luo Mingxin. At the time, he had been too nervous to pay attention, but now that he thought about it, he realized something was off. “You do sound different… It feels like… you’re in heat.”

Ye Shuang and Luo Mingxin were dumbstruck, whereas Han Chu chuckled.

Brother Shuang’s voice was smooth and magnetic; it sounded ethereal and natural like the scent of aged wine. It was how the person was, and it had nothing to do with the person’s intention to flirt. Luo Mingxin had been in the entertainment circle for so long that consciously and subconsciously, since his good looks always landed him in charismatic roles, he had formed a habit of releasing hormones with his every action.

Even though Cedrick was a bit too forward, he did hit the nail on the head. If the tone was off, it could be explained by a flu or the alcohol influencing the vocal box, but how would one explain the change in personal presence?

Luo Mingxin was yanked back to reality by Han Chu’s chuckle. He quickly processed Brother Shuang’s personality in his mind and used his acting skill to salvage the situation. He lowered his voice and tried his best to explain himself. “It’s probably the wine that I had tonight, so my mind is still a bit fuzzy.”

Thankfully, neither Madam Grace nor Cedrick cared about this detail. After asking these two, Madam Grace merely glanced over Ye Shuang and Han Chu. In her eyes, they were merely attachments to Cedrick and Luo Mingxin.

After a few seconds of silence, Madam Grace continued to speak. “You’ll leave this place with me later. However, I hope you erase tonight from your memory. In the future, no matter the place or time, I do not wish to hear about anything related to tonight.”

The bodyguards that remained in the living room played dead. Since their boss was not there, why should they care about other people’s business?

However, this sentence was overheard by Luther himself. He was coming down from the second floor, and he looked pretty dissatisfied. “I’m afraid all of you will have to stay here tonight.”

Madam Grace chuckled mirthlessly. “Luther, I hope you know what you’re talking about.”

“I understand that perfectly. You’re the one who’s not understanding the situation.” Luther went back to the sofa to sit down. His dangerous gaze scanned everyone in the room before falling on Madam Grace. “Do you know what has gone missing?”

Madam Grace shrugged. “What has that got to do with me?”

“Of course, it has everything to do with you.” Luther looked like he was about to curse. “It was the account for everything we’ve done in the past three years. Including the contact, contact points, and the amount for each trade… Now do you understand what’s happening?”

Ye Shuang whistled silently and turned to look at Han Chu. Wow, this sure is big.

Cedrick and Luo Mingxin were confused. The latter still had no idea what was happening, and the former got it but did not understand the severity.

Madam Grace was confounded, and her first reaction was to frown and demand harshly, “Why would you have something like that?”

To prevent the incident where one’s territory was taken over by others, even though part of the resources within the organization were shared, everyone had hidden away their trump cards. For example, the location of all the access points in Asia was not accessible to everyone. At most, only part of it was announced to the members, or rather, each member would manage their own parts.

But if Luther had ‘the accounts for everything that they had done in the past three years’, then it meant that other than the safe houses that were rarely used and the extremely well hidden trump cards, almost all the power and policies were inside this file of information.

Naturally, Madam Grace demanded harshly, “You’ve spied on other people’s range of authority?”

“That is not the question that we should be discussing now,” Luther replied angrily. “Currently, the most important question is who has stolen my information!”

“No, I think my question is very important as well.” To everyone’s surprise, Madam Grace suddenly pulled out a pistol and aimed it firmly at Luther. “You are also a thief!”