Volume 4 Chapter 2

Chapter 2


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‘What is this?’

Those were Hata Hideyoshi’s honest feelings when he saw the scene .

He had been a doctor for thirty-five years . He’d autopsied strange corpses as a coroner for more than ten years . He had seen countless corpses up until now .

Corpses with their limbs cut off . He’d seen so many drowned corpses and of course burnt corpses too . He wasn’t surprised by much .

However, this was different from the corpses he had seen until now .

Detectives and examiners are walking around the scene to look at it very carefully, but I wonder how many people noticed how odd this corpse is –

Most of them definitely thought it was just a burnt corpse .

The ones like Gotou, who had left the room earlier, must have had no suspicions at all .

Hata stooped over the corpse and observed it carefully .

It was splayed spread-eagle on the floor and there was crushed charcoal spread on top of it . That was what it looked like .

'What a splendid way of burning,’ said an examiner who had stooped over the corpse like Hata .

It wasn’t at the level of splendid . Clothes and hair were natural, but the flesh and bones had also burnt completely and carbonised .

From somebody who didn’t know, they might think that was what burnt corpses were like .

However, somebody with a bit of medical background would know this was strange .

On top of that, he was interested in why just the portion of the body above the left wrist hadn’t been burnt . Why did just that part of the body not burn –

It wasn’t just the corpse that was strange .

The whole floor was covered in a yellow and sticky glue-like liquid . That let out an awful smell, making it uncomfortable just to breathe .

There were many other things he didn’t understand .

'Where did the fire start?’

Hata voiced one of his doubts .

'That… Nothing that looks like it could have been the start of the fire has been found . ’

The examiner shook his head .

Why did the body burn in a place that didn’t feel like it could have a fire?

'Is this room really the only place that burnt?’

'It appears that way . ’

Hata looked around the concrete-surrounded room once more .

Black soot was drizzled on the room’s walls like it had sprayed on .

Though it was a concrete room, how could the fire have spread to the point that it burnt human bone?

He had more doubts the more that he thought .

What on earth happened here –

Hata felt a shiver done his spine .

How many years had it been since he felt this way?

Come to think of it, he felt like he’d seen the same sort of thing before .

What was that? He couldn’t remember .




After Gotou left the pump room, he stretched and then lit a cigarette .

Honestly, everything was so confusing . He’d come after being told 'Come to the school right away’ only to find a burnt corpse .

When he shifted his gaze, he saw the person who’d called him out .

Saitou Yakumo –

He was by the pool fence and looking vacantly with sleepy eyes at the investigation members milling about .

'I didn’t want to see your face for a while . ’

Gotou walked up to Yakumo .

'The feeling is mutual . I didn’t want to see you again for the rest of my life . ’

As Yakumo spoke with his usual tone, he ran a hand through his messy hair .

Damn, this brat isn’t cute at all –

'By the way, how’d you get wrapped up in this?’

'As is her habit, a repeat trouble-bringer paid me a visit . ’

Yakumo looked behind Gotou .

When he turned around, he saw Haruka sitting by the school building while shivering . Ishii was beside her, looking concerned .

Now Gotou understood . Well, Yakumo wouldn’t just stick his head into trouble on his own . Haruka must have picked up something about ghosts somewhere and brought it to Yakumo .

'So what do you think about the incident?’

'The duty of a virtuous citizen is just to report to the police . What comes next is your job, Gotou-san . ’

This guy and his impertinent mouth – he could throw him in the pool right now .

'My, my . You’re all together . ’

A small-framed man in white hobbled over to them .

Hata, the coroner –

Even though he’d just seen a corpse, he was smiling so happily .

He really was a creepy old man .

'Gotou . You’re a blockhead, as usual . ’

Hata looked up at Gotou’s face and let out a demonic giggle .

Honestly, what sort of greeting was that?

'If you don’t stop that, I’ll fold you into quarters and stuff you in a rubbish bin . ’

'I won’t burn, so put me in with the oversize garbage[1] . ’

Saying he won’t burn after seeing a burnt corpse – what a tasteless joke .

'By the way, Yakumo-kun . ’

After he giggled, Hata turned the conversation around .

'What is it with the corpse this time? I’ve done this work for a long time, but I’ve never seen that before . ’

'Did you notice?’

To Hata, who was speaking seriously for once, Yakumo replied with an equally serious gaze .

Gotou had seen the corpse earlier too . It was strange for a burnt corpse to be discovered at an elementary school pool .

However, it appeared that what Hata said about having never seen it before was regarding the corpse itself .

'Isn’t it just a burnt corpse?’

Hata and Yakumo sighed simultaneously .

Were they making fun of him?

'Gotou-san, did you really not notice anything?’

Yakumo’s eyes were narrowed with disdain .


'You must be blind not to notice . How pitiful . ’

Hata shook his head emphatically .

'You! Who’d you say was blind?’


'Hata-san, that’s incorrect . Gotou-san is just an idiot,’ said Yakumo .

Hata nodded, like he understood .

Both of them – they were the worst combination .

He didn’t even feel like objecting now .

'Forget about my stupidity . Tell me what’s strange . ’

'There are three suspicious points regarding the corpse and the scene which are suspicious . ’

Yakumo put up his fingers as he started to explain .


'Yes . First, there was nothing at the scene which could have started the fire . ’

That was right . It was a pool pump room, after all .

'Maybe it was just covered in gasoline and lit up? Maybe the guy did it or someone else did . ’

Yakumo didn’t respond, let alone refute Gotou’s logic . He continued his explanation .

'Second, even though the person burnt so completely, the fire didn’t spread to the building . ’

Now that he mentioned it, that was true .

For now, they would put aside whether the burnt corpse was a suicide, murder or accident .

The room was concrete, so it would be difficult for the fire to spread, but if somebody had burnt so completely, it must have been a considerable fire .

It was unnatural for the room to escape just with soot on the walls –

'And the third problem . This is just something I have reasoned by looking at the corpse, so I would like to ask for your opinion, Hata-san . ’

Yakumo turned the conversation to Hata .

'I haven’t autopsied it yet either, so I can’t say anything definite, but I dare say my reasoning is the same as yours, Yakumo-kun . ’

Hata nodded at Yakumo .

'Is that so…’

After Yakumo murmured in a discouraged voice, he pinched his brow with his fingers .

Gotou cleared his throat and waited for Yakumo to continue .

However, both Yakumo and Hata seemed to be thinking about something and didn’t say any more .

'Oi! What’s that reasoning!?’ Gotou yelled, unable to keep it in .

'Even the bones of that corpse were burnt,’ said Hata, sounding fed up .

He said it like it was obvious, but Gotou didn’t understand why that was unnatural .

It was a burnt corpse, so of course it burnt .

'What’s strange about that?’

'You really are an idiot,’ Hata replied without a moment’s delay .

'What did you say!? This old man! You want to test it yourself?’

Gotou’s head was hot as he pulled up Hata by the collar .

However, Hata, instead of being afraid, actually laughed in enjoyment .

'There is no need to test it . ’

Yakumo was the one who said that .

'What do you mean?’

Gotou let go of Hata and turned his gaze to Yakumo .

Though Yakumo was a man of pale and delicate features, sometimes he would have a frightening expression that would give you shivers . This was one of those times .

'Even if a person is burnt for cremation, the bones are left behind . ’

'Yeah . ’

The bones left behind were shut in funerary urns, so it’d be a problem if they were burnt up . ’

'That is about nine hundred to a thousand degrees . ’

Even if Yakumo mentioned a temperature of that level, Gotou couldn’t actually understand it .

The conversation had as little real meaning to Gotou as talking about foreign exchange rates . He had no way of converting that temperature into something he recognised .

'Explain it in a way that makes it easier to understand . ’

'All right… There are past examples of somebody carbonising like the corpse we saw earlier . ’

Yakumo’s eyes seemed to be far away as he answered the question Gotou had spat out in his irritation .

'What, so it’s happened before?’

Hata let out another creepy giggle after Gotou said that with a snort .

Damn, he was making fun of him again . Maybe he’d pull off his head .

'The past examples I am referring to occurred at the hypocentre of an atomic bomb,’ said Yakumo, giving Gotou a sidelong glance .

'Wha!? Atomic bomb? You…’

Gotou couldn’t think of what to say next .

It was impossible to think of such a tremendous heat occurring in that room .

'In short, if we are to come to a conclusion about the burnt corpse at the scene, all we can say is that it is impossible . ’

Yakumo’s expression when he brought that to a finish was so twisted it seemed like he could cry at any moment .

Gotou also finally understood how serious the situation was .

What on earth happened here –

There was no way Gotou could understand something Yakumo and Hata couldn’t .

Before he’d noticed, the cigarette in his fingers had burnt up and all that was left was the filter .





With complicated feelings, Ishii looked at Haruka, who was sitting with her back to the wall of the school building .

He was happy that he had met her for the first time in a while, but he couldn’t see the usual smile in her profile . Her face was pale and it looked like she was holding back her pain .

It wasn’t unreasonable . Anybody would be shocked from seeing a corpse .

Ishii himself had shrieked many times . The only people who could look fine after that were the team of three demonic men talking on the other side of the fence, starting with Gotou .

Ishii wanted to cheer Haruka up somehow, but he didn’t know what to say to a woman at a time like this . He had no experience .

That made him irritated at himself .

Indifferent to Ishii’s thoughts, Haruka hit her cheeks with her hands and suddenly stood up .

'A-ah, Haruka-chan, a-are you all right?’ said Ishii, flustered .

'Yes, I’m all right . I apologise for worrying you . ’

Haruka smiled .

Even Ishii could tell that smile wasn’t natural .

'No, not at all . But it’d be better if you didn’t push yourself . ’

'I’m fine . Forget about me – Ishii-san, don’t you have to go to the scene?’

Ishii couldn’t say anything to what Haruka had pointed out .

He was worried about Haruka . That wasn’t a lie . However, at the same time, it was also true that he didn’t want to go to the scene .

As a detective, he had a duty to go to the scene . He knew that .

But if he went to the scene, there’d be a corpse .

To see that – it frightened him .

'What’s wrong?’

'No, it’s nothing . Er… I’m waiting for my turn right now . ’

He’d said something strange .

'You’re… waiting for your turn?’

Haruka cocked her head like she thought it was curious . Her doubts were natural .

'Yes . Er… the scene is small and there are many people there right now, so I am waiting for my turn . Ah, I hope my turn comes soon . ’

Haruka laughed aloud at what he said .

A real smile, different from the one she’d put on before . Ah, he’d wanted to see her smile .

'Ishii-san, you really are an interesting person . ’

Haruka brushed her hair behind her ear with her fingers .

That gesture made Ishii’s heart skip a beat . Haruka-chan really was cute .

'What are you doing here?’

A slim middle-aged man walked towards them with a wide stride .

He had sensitive-looking features and wore an outfit – chino pants and polo shirt – which made him look like he was returning from a game of golf .

'Vice Principal . ’

Haruka looked surprised .

'Answer my question . I asked what a trainee teacher is doing at school on a day off . ’

'Er… I…’

'You know that you have to notify us in advance if you’re coming to school a day off, right?’

Even though he was the vice principal, that was a very arrogant attitude . Ishii looked for words to defend Haruka but couldn’t find any .

It felt like there were sparks in the air between them .

'She was the first person to see the corpse and was cooperating with the investigation . Who are you?’

Gotou walked over with good timing .

Yakumo was next to him as well .

'I’m the vice principal . I’m asking why she’s here on a day off . ’

Konno flared up at Gotou .

There were some people whose positions at work overflowed into their private life . This man was the definition of one of that type .

'That’s our job to investigate as the police – not yours . I don’t care whether you’re the vice principal or whoever – keep out of it!’

Gotou approached Konno as he threatened him .

When Gotou was like this, he had as much pressure as a yakuza . Not many people could strike back .

Konno bit his lip for a while, but then he turned around and walked away silently, like he’d decided he was out of luck .

'You were of a great help to me . Thank you very much . ’

Haruka put her hands to her chest as she bowed at Gotou .

'Don’t worry about it . ’

Gotou waved his hand like it was nothing .

'But what a high-handed person he was,’ said Ishii in his relief .

'It’s true . He’s always like that…’

'He probably thinks he’s some big shot,’ said Gotou with a frown, lighting up his cigarette .

'Gotou-san, the school premises are non-smoking,’ interrupted Haruka without a moment’s delay .

'You’re so fussy . The police are exempt . ’

After saying something selfish, Gotou blew out smoke for show .

'Don’t play around – we should head back already . ’

Yakumo yawned, like he was signalling the end of the situation .

It made Ishii angry to see Yakumo treat Haruka like she was his possession, but he couldn’t express that aloud .

'I wasn’t playing around . ’

Haruka stuck her tongue out at Yakumo .

Yakumo snorted scornfully and walked away briskly .

'You guys really love trouble,’ muttered Gotou, looking up at the clear autumn sky .

'Gotou-san, please don’t start talking like Yakumo-kun too . ’

'I’m just saying the truth . ’

'If you say things like that, your wife will leave you again . ’

'Shut up! That’s unnecessary concern! And my wife’s properly at home… probably . ’

Perhaps he felt awkward, because Gotou stuck his hands in his pockets and turned around from Haruka .

'Well, I’m leaving then . ’

Haruka bowed with a smile .

Ishii just felt Haruka was pitiful, as she acted so strong even though she’d not only gotten wrapped up in trouble but also had to listen to the endless comments of insensitive men .

'That’s right, Ishii . You look at the scene too,’ said Gotou suddenly .

'Eh, do I really have to go?’

'Of course you do, fool . What would a detective do if he didn’t go look at the scene?’

'Of course…’

Ishii tried to think of a reason not to go look at the scene, but it was useless .




Haruka finally caught up to Yakumo just before he was about to pass through the school gates .

He could’ve waited a bit –

'You all right?’ said Yakumo with his back to her .

She froze automatically at those unexpected words .

So even this blunt guy was a bit worried –

What she had seen in the room was still fresh in her mind, but she felt a bit better just from Yakumo’s remark .

'How long are you just going to stand there?’

Yakumo turned around, looking exasperated .

It was mysterious how gentle his eyes looked, even though they were just as sleepy as usual .

'Ah, right . ’

Haruka walked up to Yakumo and rammed into him forcefully .

Yakumo lost his balance and almost fell forward .


'Nothing . ’

She ignored Yakumo who looked like he didn’t understand and continued walking .

She thought that he would say something cynical, but Yakumo didn’t say anything .

For some reason, it felt kind of nice . She had been down, but now she was incredibly lively .

'So what’s up with this case then?’

Deciding that Yakumo’s silence was a good thing, she tried asking him a question .

'Why do you always…’

'Rush to a conclusion? That’s what you want to say, right?’

She said it before Yakumo could . She was in a good mood today .

'Don’t ask if you understand that . ’

'Can’t you just explain the situation?’

Yakumo just looked up at the sky while walking, not answering Haruka’s question . The air around Yakumo felt more suffocating than usual .

'This is just my explanation of the situation . Don’t get ahead of yourself . ’

After running a hand through his messy hair and saying that, Yakumo started his explanation in a reluctant manner .

'Just as that boy of yours said, there was a spirit there . ’

There was –

Yakumo followed that spirit of the dead and found the corpse .

'I saw two spirits there . ’


'The first was a middle-aged man . I followed that spirit to that place . ’

'And the other?’

'The spirit was right beside you . Looked like a kid of elementary or middle school age . ’

'So is there one more corpse?’

Haruka unconsciously gripped Yakumo’s arm .

'I don’t know . From the clothes, I feel like that spirit’s from a different time…’

'I see…’

'This is just my gut feeling, but I think it might be the kid that died in the fire before . ’

If that was the case, it’d mean the spirit had been there for a very long time .

Yakumo had said this before . The spirits of the dead wander because of feelings that have not been dispelled – what sort of feelings did that boy have?

'Hey, what are you going to do now?’ Haruka asked, prepared to hear a response like 'Think about it yourself’ .

'First, I requested that Gotou-san look into the fire that occurred at the school . ’

'You move quick, just as expected . ’

'Don’t make fun of me . There were various details about the corpse that was found today that are worth thinking about, but I’ll have to wait until Hata-san has finished his autopsy…’

'Hey . Isn’t there anything I can do?’

When Haruka asked that, Yakumo suddenly pulled her arm towards him with a jerk .

The movement was so sudden that Haruka staggered .

Then, at a distance where the tips of their noses were almost touching, there was Yakumo’s face .

Eh, wait –

Her heart was beating furiously at this sudden development . The blood rushed to her head, making her feel dizzy .

'Continue to walk straight like this,’ Yakumo whispered into her ear .

'What do you mean?’

She asked him that question, but Yakumo didn’t reply . He just continued walking while pulling at Haruka’s arm . It felt like he was walking at a slower pace than usual .

Finally, Yakumo stopped when they’d reached the intersection .

'Look at the mirror,’ said Yakumo quietly .

She did as he said and looked at the mirror at the intersection . She could see the warped reflection of themselves in the convex mirror . She could also see a boy a little bit behind them hiding behind the telephone pole .

That’s –


Haruka called out as she turned around .

Their eyes met . Masato froze with his eyes as wide as saucers .

Why was he here?

Haruka took a step towards Masato . At the same time, Masato jumped back like the repelling side of a magnet .

'Hey, wait!’

She took another step .

Masato turned around and fled like a rabbit .

Why was he running?

Haruka chased after Masato . However, she soon stumbled and fell .

– It hurts .

When she stood up, her hands on her knees, Masato had already disappeared .

'Honestly, are your reflexes dull? Or are you clumsy?’ said Yakumo with a yawn .

She couldn’t find the words to object . Since she was probably both –

'I wonder why Masato-kun ran . ’

Haruka threw that question at Yakumo .

'Because he was following us,’ replied Yakumo staring at the street which Masato had run down .

'Following us? Since when?’

'I noticed right as we left the school gates . At first I thought I was mistaken, but since he was so suspicious, I tried shaking him up a bit . If you hadn’t yelled, I would have caught him once we turned the corner .

'I see . My bad . ’

'So you understand,’ said Yakumo with a raised eyebrow .

Ah, honestly . That attitude really riled her up .

'But why was he following us…’

'It’s your duty as his homeroom teacher to confirm that, though you are still a trainee . ’

Just as Yakumo says, that is my duty .

Putting aside whether I can do it or not –




The day after the corpse was found, Gotou headed for the university’s <Movie Research Circle> room .

He came to meet Saitou Yakumo, who lived here, using it as his secret hiding place .

'Sorry to bother you . ’

When he opened the door, Yakumo greeted him with a yawn .

The guy really was like a cat . What sort of daily life was he living?

'I’ve said this many times, but if you know you’re being a bother, please leave . ’

'Stop nagging . ’

Gotou sat on the folding chair opposite Yakumo .

'Gotou-san, you have a slight smell to you . ’

Yakumo wrinkled his nose purposefully .

Honestly, suddenly complaining –

'Shut up!’

Of course he had a slight smell to him . He hadn’t been home since yesterday .

Yakumo was the one who was strange for not smelling at all, considering he lived in a place without a bath or a water supply .

'Where is Ishii-san today?’

'He’s working another case . We don’t have enough hands either . ’

'Isn’t that because you skip out on work, Gotou-san? Ishii-san must be tired of it . ’

Honestly . This guy said whatever the hell he wanted to . Gotou was the one who was pitiful with that useless subordinate . Gotou was forced to do unnecessary things .

Yesterday, Ishii had fainted the moment he’d seen the burnt corpse .

In the end, Gotou had to take him home .

'Say what you want,’ said Gotou, finding it too troublesome to explain .

'So what did you discover?’ said Yakumo, with his chin in his hands and a vacant look in his eyes .

He’s acting like he’s not interested, but it feels like he actually really wants to know . Honestly, he could just be a bit more honest –

Gotou placed the documents he’d brought on the table . Yakumo took those documents in his hands and flipped through the pages .

'First, it’s true that there was a fire at that school . Seems to have happened twenty-eight years ago . ’

Even though Gotou was going out of his way to explain, Yakumo just glanced up without saying anything .

Honestly, this wasn’t worth it . He sort of understood why his wife complained every time they ate . Next time, maybe he’d comment on how delicious the food was .

Gotou threw himself into continuing the explanation .

'The fire started in the PE storeroom . It’s been taken down and now it’s the pool . Which means that’s the location . It started because some kids were playing with fire . Somebody nearby saw the smoke and reported it . Then the firefighters came . ’

After saying this much, Gotou paused . Explaining what came next would be difficult . Where on earth should he start?

'I don’t care what order you explain this in, so please hurry up,’ said Yakumo while tapping his brow with his finger . So he’d seen right through him? He really was an unpleasant guy .

'When the firefighters got here, there were still two kids inside . One had his face burnt but it wasn’t life-threatening, but it was too late for the other . ’

'So that was the kid who’d died then…’

Yakumo looked up at the ceiling, as if there were something there .

Gotou waited, thinking Yakumo might say something, but he didn’t say anything else .

Honestly . He shouldn’t just speak so meaningfully . It was confusing .

'This is the problem . The kid who lived transferred to a school in the next town after that . His name was Tobe Kengo… Actually, that man…’

'Killed his father and escaped during his psychiatric examination . ’

Even though Gotou had been building up to an explanation, Yakumo went and said the punch line . He was probably the type of guy who was disliked .

'You know about it?’

'Even I read the newspaper . And then?’

That made sense . Not just the newspaper – it was broadcast almost daily on television . It’d be odder not to notice .

'We’re following that Tobe case . ’

'I know that the police also have insufficient personnel, but they must be incredibly shorthanded if they’re going to make you investigate, Gotou-san,’ said Yakumo with a smirk .

Couldn’t this guy just quietly listen to somebody talk? Gotou felt angry, but he swallowed that anger since it would just come back to bite him if let it out .

'We met the lady who did Tobe’s examination, but that lady says there’s a possibility Tobe’s psychological state is an act . ’

'He is thought to have dissociative identity disorder, yes?’

There was a bit of force in Yakumo’s sleepy gaze .

'That’s right . He didn’t seem to reflect at all during the questioning, and he called himself Ushijima Atsushi instead of Tobe Kengo…’

'Could that Ushijima Atsushi be the name of the boy who died in the fire?’

'Bingo . ’

This guy really caught on quick .

'That doctor lady had some compositions written at Tobe’s elementary school . Ushijima’s name was in those compositions, and he’d written this: I want to become Tobe-kun . ’

'I see . ’

Yakumo pinched his brow with his fingers and listened to Gotou’s explanation . It was the pose he struck when pondering over a difficult problem .

'And one more thing . ’

Yakumo lifted his head just slightly at Gotou’s words .

'What is it?’

'We went to see Ushijima Atsushi’s mum yesterday, but she said her son was killed by Tobe . ’

He didn’t understand what she had said then .

But it was different now . The fire twenty-eight years ago . Had that really just started from playing with fire – Harue doubted that .

However, it was difficult to say whether Harue hated Tobe for that .

That woman had said it was a good thing her son died . She was a failure not just as a mother but as a human being for saying something like that .

Without saying anything, Yakumo started reading the documents .

I’m counting on you, Yakumo . Gotou yelled that at the bottom of his heart . That fool Ishii couldn’t be relied on, and Gotou couldn’t think of anything either after going through the information .

'Gotou-san, could you obtain the composition in question? I don’t mind if it’s a copy . ’

Yakumo spoke with his eyes still on the documents .

'Ah, probably . ’

Anna had them . He could just borrow them .

'As well, please reinvestigate the fire from twenty-eight years ago . I would like you not to just look at documents but to also talk to the people who were at the scene . ’

'The people at the scene?’

'Yes . There should be people who lived nearby and the people from the fire department . Please hurry . ’

Got it – is what Gotou was about to reply, but he came to his senses .

'You sound so high and mighty . When’d you become my boss?’

Yakumo looked nonchalant even under Gotou’s glare .

'If you don’t want to, it’s fine by me . I just won’t ever cooperate with you again . ’

Yakumo smirked .




Ishii visited Sasaki Mental Health .

Like the day before, he was sitting stiffly on the sofa in the counselling room .

Gotou told Ishii to inform the psychiatrist Anna about what they had found out so far to ask her opinion .

Will I be all right on my own –

He took a handkerchief, wiped the sweat on his forehead which came from anxiety and adjusted the position of his glasses with a finger . He just couldn’t relax .

'I apologise for the wait . ’

Anna, who’d left her seat, came back holding coffee .

Ishii sprung up and bowed his head deeply .

'Please don’t be so formal . ’

Though Anna said that with a smile, he couldn’t just change his behaviour because of that . Ishii sat on the sofa again with his back straight .

'It’s because I didn’t have any medical examinations today . I apologise for my attire . ’

Anna said that while sitting in front of him . Unlike the calming clothes she had worn the day before, she had on a casual outfit of a white blouse and jeans .

It was mysterious – at first glance, the clothes seemed boyish, but they seemed provocative when she wore them .

He could just see her bra because her blouse was unbuttoned down to her chest .

It was too much for Ishii, who had no immunity against things like this . He didn’t know where to look so he stared at the coffee cup in front of him .

'Is something the matter?’

While Anna said that, she touched Ishii’s arm and peered at his face . There was a sweet scent .

'I’m fine . It’s nothing . ’

Ishii leant against the back of the sofa and put distance between him and Anna .

This was no good . Somehow, he couldn’t focus in front of this person .

'You’re alone today . ’

Anna’s almond eyes looked at Ishii from behind long eyelashes .

'Yes . Detective Gotou has another case . ’

'I’ve heard that it was a rule for detectives to work in pairs, but it seems that isn’t the case . ’

Just as Anna said, the rule was to work in twos, but rules didn’t work on Gotou .

'Today is an exception . Detective Gotou had something that he had to do . ’

Ishii quickly made an excuse . It would be troublesome if she mentioned it to the higher-ups .

'I see… So why are you here today?’

At Anna’s question, Ishii hurriedly tried to take his notebook out of his suit, but he fumbled and dropped it .

'Ah, actually, I was going to explain what we have found out from the investigation . ’

Ishii quickly picked up the notebook .

'Are you all right?’

'Please forgive me . I’m actually here to request your opinion on the matter…’

'Ishii-san . Have you been worrying about something recently?’

Anna interrupted Ishii .

When he looked at Anna’s eyes, which were looking straight at him, it felt like his mind would slip far away from him .

'I-I-I wonder? I don’t think I have any…’

Anna’s fingers touched Ishii’s hands, which he had clenched into fists in his nervousness . Ishii’s body shivered like an electric pulse had gone through it .

'I am an expert . Please don’t restrain yourself . ’

'N-no, I’m really not . ’

Ishii’s forehead felt sweaty .

It was the first time Ishii had been touched by a woman like this .

'Are you pushing yourself too much at work?’

'No, that’s…’

Just as Anna said, he really was pushing himself . He frantically chased after Gotou – but he always messed up .

He couldn’t help but dislike the person he was .

'There is no need to hide it . ’

Anna placed her palm on Ishii’s shoulders . His stiff shoulder relaxed in that warmth, like melting ice .

'I see… a dream . ’

Ishii opened his mouth unconsciously .

'What sort of dream?’

'A very frightening dream… In a dark place, I run after Detective Gotou frantically, but I can’t catch up at all . Just when I think I have…’

Ishii’s words caught in his throat partway .

If he said what came next, he had a vague fear that it would become true .

'Ishii-san, it is only a dream . What happens afterwards?’

Anna smiled, like she had sensed Ishii’s feelings . He felt relieved .

That’s right . This is a dream –

'When I catch up, Detective Gotou… is dead . ’

'It seems that you are severely overworking yourself . ’

Anna looked down .

'I-is that so…’

'Dreams reflect a person’s mental state . Ishii-san, it appears that you want to become a person like Detective Gotou, but that has become a burden on your mind . ’

He did want to become like Gotou, just as Anna said . However, he didn’t think of it as a burden . If you asked him why, it was because he wanted to be like that of his own volition .


Anna put a finger to Ishii’s mouth, which had opened to object .

'Ishii-san, you are you . ’

I am me –

That was obvious . However, it appeared he had forgotten that .

'Ishii-san, you are very competent . By trying to be somebody you are not, you are wasting your talents . ’





Haruka walked with her worries –

Though there was a problem, was it really all right for a teacher to involve herself so much with one student?

It might set the other children against him . However, that didn’t mean she could leave him alone .

– You’re a trainee teacher .

She suddenly remembered what Konno had said .

At the time, she had been very angry, but now that she thought about it again, there were things she couldn’t deny .

She wasn’t their official homeroom teacher – she was a trainee . She would be gone in two weeks . Even if she did all this now, she couldn’t take responsibility until the end .

Haruka stopped once she reached the intersection .

When she looked up at the sky, she saw the clear blue sky, so unlike her emotions .

Masato’s cold expression, inappropriate for a child, flashed across her mind .

He was obviously suffering . Haruka just couldn’t overlook that .

I should stop grumbling . I’m not Yakumo, but I’ll go take a look .

I’ll just think about what comes next afterwards –

Haruka turned right at the intersection .

She saw a small children’s park . About ten metres ahead was the apartment where Masato lived .

Haruka checked the map again as she stopped in front of the children’s park .

I see it . That’s it .

An old wooden apartment, portions of it had come off and the entire building seemed to be slanted .

Masato’s flat was at the corner of the first floor . Haruka had planned on walking right up to it, but she hesitated when she saw that somebody was already standing in front of the door .

It was Komai . She was knocking on the door and saying something .

Something like that had happened, so Komai was probably also worried about Masato and had come to check up on him .

Haruka thought about calling out to her, but it wouldn’t have been a good thing for Komai if her trainee teacher went to a child’s home without the teacher in charge .

Haruka just watched from where she stood .

Finally, Komai gave up and turned around to start walking .

Oh no, she’s coming this way –

Haruka quickly hid behind the public lavatory at the children’s park . She let out a sigh of relief .

Rustle .

The bushes in front of Haruka shook unnaturally, though there was no wind .

Somebody’s here –

She stooped and peeked behind the bushes .


When Haruka unconsciously called out, Masato put his finger in front of his mouth, as if to tell her to be quiet .

Haruka replied with a nod and squatted .

'Hey, why are you hiding?’ asked Haruka quietly .

“Cause she came . ’

Masato stuck out his neck to look at the road .

'By she, do you mean Komai-sensei?’

Masato didn’t affirm or deny it .

'Komai-sensei came because she’s worried about you, Masato-kun . ’

Haruka said that admonishingly, but Masato looked away from Haruka .

'You don’t know anything . ’

She felt like his small eyes were hiding something .

She’d heard something like that before .

It had been when she’d first met Yakumo . Haruka really hadn’t known anything . However, she couldn’t know anything if he wouldn’t tell her anything .

'Just as you say, Masato-kun, I don’t know anything . So tell me . ’

Masato froze at Haruka’s words . His shoulders were shaking slightly .

He looked like a lamb afraid of a wolf .

'Hey, Masato-kun . ’

After saying that, Haruka touched Masato’s shoulder .

'Let go!’ yelled Masato, like he’d lost his temper, and he brushed Haruka’s hand away .


'Don’t come over here . ’

Masato stood up and backed into the fallen leaves behind him .

'Hey, Masato-kun . ’

'I’m cursed . ’

'What do you mean by curse?’

'Don’t come over here!’

At the same time as he yelled, Masato ran off .

What was he burdened with?




I don’t feel like heading home right away –

Haruka arrived at Yakumo’s secret hiding place in the back of Building B at the university, like she’d been drawn there .

Yakumo would just say something cynical if she met him, so why had she come?

Unable to come up with an answer to her own question, Haruka opened the door .

Yakumo, sitting in his usual spot, welcomed Haruka with a yawn .

'You really do have a lot of free time . ’

She didn’t feel angry at Yakumo, who was saying sarcastic things as always .

After sitting opposite Yakumo, she rested her head on the table, exhausted .

I wonder why? It’s just a folding chair and a table that’s like scrap wood, but I feel so relaxed –

'Hey, let me stay here for a while,’ said Haruka, still on the table .

Yakumo didn’t reply . Well, whatever . She’d stay here even if he said no .

'Hey, am I really meddlesome?’

She didn’t expect an answer . She just wanted to say it .

'What, so you know?’

Haruka sat up and looked at Yakumo . He was reclining with a smile, as if amused .

'That’s right . I’m meddlesome . ’

Haruka’s expression soured as she put her chin in her hands .

Yakumo stopped smiling and raised an eyebrow as he ran a hand through his messy hair .

'When I was in middle school, I had a teacher as meddlesome as you . ’

It felt like Yakumo’s eyes were elsewhere as he suddenly started talking .

How had Yakumo’s time in middle school been?

Haruka made Yakumo wear a gakuran[2] in her head . Hm . It didn’t suit him . She frantically held back her urge to laugh .

'What sort of teacher?’

'I just said – weren’t you listening? The teacher was as meddlesome as you . ’


'That’s all . ’

Even though Haruka wanted to hear what came next, Yakumo stopped there .

Maybe Yakumo didn’t want to talk about it, but Haruka wanted to hear more .

'What did you think about that teacher, Yakumo-kun?’

Haruka continued her questions .

Yakumo frowned, looking troubled for once . Haruka still stared back at Yakumo .

After a while, Yakumo opened his mouth like he’d given up .

'I thought my teacher did pretty well . ’

'Were you the teacher’s pet?’

'That’s not it,’ Yakumo said curtly, looking away .

It looks like there are traces of tears in his eyes . I might just be seeing things though –

'I wonder what Masato-kun thinks of me?’

'He obviously thinks you’re meddlesome and a pain in the neck,’ replied Yakumo immediately .

He was the worst . Couldn’t he have said something nicer?

'That’s right . I’m…’

'I thought that teacher was meddlesome and a pain in the neck too . ’

Yakumo interrupted Haruka’s words .


'I wondered why my teacher was trying so hard for a complete stranger – my teacher didn’t know anything but did so much . ’

In view of Yakumo’s past, it made sense for him to think that way .

He might not have been able to believe somebody would selflessly do something for him .

'That’s because your teacher was worried about you, Yakumo-kun . ’


'That’s your teacher’s kindness . Your teacher couldn’t leave a child in pain alone . ’

After he heard Haruka’s words, Yakumo’s shoulders relaxed and he smiled slightly .

So Yakumo could smile like that too . That was what Haruka’s mind was strangely preoccupied with .

'My teacher was kind . But I couldn’t understand that simple kindness . ’

There, Yakumo paused and looked up at the ceiling, like he was thinking about something .

Maybe he was thinking about his teacher .

'I learnt about selfless kindness from that teacher . ’

Yakumo slowly looked at Haruka .

What sad eyes –

'That boy called Masato is probably afraid too . Without knowing your true intentions . ’

She had no basis for it, but she felt like Yakumo and Masato were similar .

'True intentions?’

'Yes . So you should just teach him . About selfless kindness . ’

Yakumo stopped there .

Taking in the slight kindness shown by Yakumo, who was normally blunt and unparalleled in his contrariness, Haruka nodded .




When Gotou returned to the station, it was already past ten .

He was able to find a firefighter who had been at the scene twenty-eight years ago and ask what happened, as Yakumo had asked him to .

The elderly man had just retired last year and might have had a lot of free time, since Gotou ended up having to listen to a number of war stories that he hadn’t wanted to hear .

Gotou sank into the chair and lit his cigarette .

He was exhausted . The only good thing was that the firefighter’s memories had been clear even though the event had happened so long ago .

He glanced over at the seat opposite him .

Ishii wasn’t there . If he had just been going to talk to Anna, it shouldn’t have taken so long . He couldn’t have ended up getting counselling himself, right?

Maybe he’d call him . Just as Gotou picked up the phone, the door opened .

He thought it was Ishii, but he was wrong . The one who came in was Miyagawa .

'Hey . You look tuckered out . ’

As Miyagawa said that, sounding amused, he walked briskly up to Gotou .

The way he swaggered was just like a hoodlum’s .

'Whose fault do you think that is? It’s already been three days . ’

Miyagawa smirked as he saw Gotou grumbling with his loosened necktie .

'If you can still talk so much, you’re fine . So what’s happened with that lady doctor?’

'There’s been no progress after that . ’

'That so…’

Miyagawa was fidgety, which was unlike him .

'What is it?’

Gotou was no good with atmospheres like this . He urged Miyagawa to continue .

'When you discovered the corpse at the school, you said you got a report from a civilian . ’

'Yes, I coincidentally ran into a friend . ’

'Could that acquaintance perhaps be the kid who can see ghosts?’

Why does Miyagawa know about Yakumo –

Gotou was only confused for a moment .

Miyagawa had met Yakumo before . He had seen that power during the case that occurred six years ago .

Now that he thought about it, that was the first case he’d solved with Yakumo .

'That’s right . That’s the brat . He’s a university student now . ’

'Already, eh… I’m getting old . ’

Miyagawa laughed, sounding embarrassed .

Gotou also felt sentimental as he thought of Yakumo in middle school .

Yakumo had denied everything in the world then . He had even wanted his own existence to disappear .

He’d had the eyes of a dead fish . But he’s different now –

'Though we don’t know anything for certain yet…’

Miyagawa’s slowly spoken words brought Gotou back to reality .

'What is it?’

'We know the identity of the burnt corpse . ’

They’d done pretty well with what they’d had .

Yesterday, he’d heard that even the bones had turned to charcoal . In that situation, it’d probably be difficult to check the DNA with the dental records, let alone fingerprints .

'So who was it?’

'Tobe Kengo . ’

The name Miyagawa said shook Gotou’s mind .

Why’d the guy who escaped end up burnt to a crisp there –

It was unnatural . That was what Gotou felt . He didn’t have any basis for it . He felt it instinctively .

'What do you mean?’

'The corpse . The left hand didn’t burn, right? The fingerprints matched Tobe Kengo’s exactly . ’

'Then, in any case one thing’s wrapped up,’ said Gotou, though he didn’t mean it .

'Well, that’s how it is . Tomorrow morning, the chief of the police is going to meet with the press, saying that we don’t know why he died but it’s likely he committed suicide . ’

Making announcement at this stage seemed premature, but Gotou understood that they wanted to stop the media from ganging up on them for letting a murderer escape as soon as possible .

Looks like Miyagawa doesn’t agree though . It feels like there’s more to this story –

'So what are you telling me to do?’

With a laugh, Miyagawa said, 'You’re sharp,’ and he continued with what he had to say .

'I heard about the autopsy, but according to Hata-san, it’s impossible for people’s bodies to burn up like that normally . ’

'Yes, that seems to be the case . ’

Gotou had heard that too yesterday .

'I can’t think of this as the work of a person . ’

'Not the work of a person?’

Gotou furrowed his brows at Miyagawa’s extraordinary statement .

'That’s right . Ghost or demon or whatever . It’s something we don’t know about . ’

'You’re joking, right?’

'I’m serious . But I’m only saying this 'cause it’s you . If I said this to the other guys, they’d think I was going nuts . ’

Well, it made sense .

If the investigation team say their chief stand in front of them and say something like 'The culprit is a demon’, it’d be a joke .

'Could you be telling me to investigate?’

Miyagawa nodded .

'The investigation’s still going to go on to find out the truth, but the team’s going to be cut down and it’s just going to be an investigation on paper . But I want to know . What happened there?’

'I want to know as well, but it isn’t something that we can do on our own . ’

When Gotou flared up, Miyagawa’s lips turned up in a smile .

'Don’t you have an expert cooperating with you?’

So that was how it was . Gotou finally understood why Miyagawa had brought up Yakumo .

Set a thief to catch a thief . So he was telling him to use Yakumo to find out the truth .

Miyagawa had misunderstood Yakumo though . Yakumo could see the spirits of the dead . However, that was all .

He couldn’t do things you’d see in a manga like use spiritual powers or exorcise spirits . The person said so himself, but he didn’t have any exceptional power – just the ability to see them .

Gotou was troubled as to whether he should explain, but he finally stopped . He could tell Miyagawa would just say something like 'It’s the same, right?’ . Plus, he didn’t think he could explain properly .

'I’ll do what I can . ’

'Appreciate it . ’

He was probably satisfied with Gotou’s answer . Miyagawa stood up and quickly headed for the door, but he came back like he’d remembered something .

'I forgot . I have one more request . ’

After coming this far, getting one or two more requests didn’t make much of a difference .

'What is it?’

'Truth is, the police have to hold a meeting for the children’s guardians tomorrow afternoon . ’

'You can’t be asking what I think you’re asking . ’

He didn’t want to . Standing up in front of people to explain something? Was he kidding? PR could do that .

'I’m counting on you,’ Miyagawa said, and then he escaped from the room .

Somehow, Gotou felt ill at ease .

'I saw Chief Miyagawa run out, but did something happen?’

Changing places with Miyagawa, Ishii returned to the room .

'He just had something to talk to me about . ’

Gotou looked up, feeling exhausted .

'What sort of talk?’

'A talk about how we’re going to work through the night again today . ’

'Eh!? Again?’

Ishii threw his head back in exaggerated surprise .




Gotou visited the university in the morning .

He instructed Ishii to wait in the car and then headed for Yakumo’s secret hiding place .

When he opened the door, Yakumo wasn’t where he was usually – instead, he was sleeping in a sleeping bag in the corner of the dark room .

He looked so damn comfortable . Unfortunately, Gotou wasn’t nice enough to let him sleep like that .

Gotou stooped over, put his face close to the sleeping Yakumo’s eye and took in a deep breath .

'Oi! Wake up!’

In response to Gotou’s voice, Yakumo’s body jolted up like a fish hooked out of water .

That was payback for how he always acted . Served him right .

Feeling pleased with himself, Gotou sat on the chair and waited for Yakumo to get up .

'Please don’t speak so loudly in the morning . It is troublesome for the neighbours,’ said Yakumo, his eyes still closed as he stayed in the sleeping bag .

'You’re the only one who’d live in a place like this . ’

'Going to somebody’s home without permission is trespassing,’ said Yakumo, still wrapped up in his sleeping bag .

He had quite the mouth for somebody who’d just woken up .

'Living somewhere without permission is called unlawful occupation . ’

After Gotou made that retort, Yakumo started squirming around .

Gotou thought that Yakumo was finally getting up, but he had been completely wrong . Yakumo took out his mobile phone and started dialling .

'What are you doing?’

'I’m calling the police . To tell them there’s a trespasser . ’

Yakumo replied to Gotou’s question while rubbing at his eyes .

This guy was really calling .

'You’re not going to stop!?’

Gotou snatched the mobile away from Yakumo .

<Is anything the matter?>

He heard a voice from the other end . The call had already gone through . Damn . What a frightening guy .

'This is Gotou from the Setamachi precinct . Called the wrong number . Don’t worry about it . ’

Gotou say that one-sidedly and hung up .

'What is it called when you’ve done something bad?’

Yakumo sat up and ran a hand through his bedhead, which was even messier than usual .

'Shut up! How would I know!?’

'I see . Good night . ’

Yakumo tried to return to his sleeping bag .

Damn . He was such a pain when he sulked .

'Ah, wait . My bad . Sorry, sorry . ’

Gotou hurriedly apologised, which made Yakumo stop for a moment, but then he shook his head like he was dissatisfied and went back into his sleeping bag .

'Gotou-san, is that how your parents taught you?’

What a comment .

His impulse was to hit Yakumo, but they’d get nowhere if he made Yakumo’s mood any worse .

'I-I apologise . ’

Gotou bowed his head while bearing with the humiliation .

'So you can do it if you try . ’

After Yakumo nodded in satisfaction, he finally got out of the sleeping bag and sat in the chair opposite Gotou after yawning .

Rather than his usual shirt and jeans, he was wearing a navy jersey on top and bottom .

He looked at Gotou while mumbling incoherently . It made Gotou doubt whether Yakumo was really awake .

'So what do you need from me this early in the morning?’

Yakumo rubbed at his eyes like a cat .

They’d wasted some time with a boring exchange . He’d bring up the topic at hand now .

'We found out the identity of the body . ’

Yakumo stopped moving and his gaze became sharp .

OK . The monster cat took the bait .

'That corpse was Tobe Kengo . ’

Gotou had thought that Yakumo would be a bit surprised, but Yakumo yawned and scratched his back, looking comfortable .

This guy . Didn’t he hear him?

'So it’s come to that…’

Just when Gotou was going to confirm Yakumo was listening, Yakumo said that sentence .

It wasn’t like they were playing shogi, so it hadn’t come to this or come to that .

'You’re not surprised?’

Gotou decided to ask anyway .

'Would being surprised solve the case?’

'That’s not what I’m say…’

Gotou stopped himself . Yakumo was scratching at his neck while holding back a yawn . He wouldn’t listen to what Gotou had to say . As Gotou had thought, he was more of a dog person .

'So, Gotou-san, what do you plan to do now?’

'Find out why he died . ’

'Is that so? Do your best . ’

He’s playing dumb even though he knows –

No matter how much Yakumo didn’t like it, Gotou wouldn’t let him get away . He’d get him to stick with him until the end .




'Haruka-san . You OK?’

When Haruka went to work and got to the staff room, Komai’s expression changed as she walked over .

'Ah, yes . I’m fine . ’

After giving Haruka an evaluating look, Komai relaxed .

'Honestly . I was so worried . When I heard that you were the first person to find… It would’ve been OK if you didn’t come today,’ murmured Komai, like she found it difficult to say .

It would have been a lie if she said she hadn’t been shocked . However, there was something weighing more heavily on Haruka’s mind .

'I’m fine . I apologise for causing trouble . ’

'I’m glad . ’

Komai patted Haruka’s shoulder with a smile .

Haruka was troubled as to whether she should ask about what happened yesterday, but in the end, she said nothing .

If she said it aloud, she would also have to explain why she’d gone to Masato’s home .

Though the morning meeting was supposed to start soon, the staff room was not as calm as it usually was .

The staff members were noisy like children waiting for test results . It felt unreal .

There was no helping it .

Police were standing at the school gates, and a blue plastic sheet covered the area surrounding the pool .

The media were crowding about too – a number of microphones were thrust towards Haruka before she entered the school gates .

There was an incomparable atmosphere . It spread through the whole school .

'Silence, please . It is time for the morning assembly . ’

The teacher on duty that day spoke up with a clap .

The staff members sat down, still noisy, and formed a circle along the walls . Konno, the vice-principal, stood at the apex of the circle .

He had his arms crossed behind his back and his eyes closed .

When the voices quieted and the room was enveloped in silence, Konno spoke .

'I believe everyone already knows, but on Saturday, a corpse was found on the school premises . ’

Konno took a pause and glared at Haruka .

It was like he was saying it was her fault . Being treated like the culprit was depressing .

'Today’s classes will go as planned . However, homeroom teachers should explain the incident to the children while avoiding direct expressions . ’

The staffroom which had become quiet started to become noisy again .

Haruka wanted to speak up herself . If they avoided direct expressions, how were they supposed to explain to the children?

When she looked at Komai beside her, she was troubled too .

'Silence!’ said Konno with intimidating force .

At the same time, the room silenced like a wave had come over it .

'Some of the children are shocked . Choose an appropriate response without overlooking that . ’

I wonder what would be an appropriate response to somebody who thrust away a child –

The discomfort spread through the room .

'In the afternoon, there will be a briefing for guardians from the police . The PTA will contact them, but everyone should participate . That is all . ’

After Konno said only what was required of them in that business-like manner, he briskly returned to his own seat .

Haruka just couldn’t bring herself to like that person .

'Haruka-san, let’s go . ’

Komai patted the shoulder of Haruka, who was holding in her anger .

'Yes,’ she replied, and they left the staff room .

'I’ll talk about the incident,’ said Komai as she walked down the corridor .

Haruka bowed her head and said, 'Thank you . ’ Someone with as little as experience as her would not know how to respond .

'Komai-sensei, Ozawa-san . ’

Yokouchi called out to them .

He had jogged over with a happy expression on his face .

'What is it?’

'There was one, right? A ghost . ’

Yokouchi gave an agitated reply to Komai’s question .

'What are you talking about?’

'An exorcist found the corpse . Right, Ozawa-san?’

Though she had expected this, Haruka didn’t know what to do, so she nodded and replied vaguely, 'Ah, yes…’

'Please don’t joke around . ’

'I’m not lying . You should be careful too, sensei,’ said Yokouchi meaningfully, and then he walked down the corridor with light footsteps .

Haruka knew that he was happy because he could prove what he said, but she felt he had gone a bit too far .

'I wonder if he’s all right,’ murmured Komai, sounding a bit stunned .




Gotou arrived at Hata’s hospital with Yakumo and Ishii in tow .

They bypassed the entrance, took the stairs down to the basement, went down the corridor lit with fluorescent lighting and opened the door to the room in the very back .

In a space about six tatami in size, the desk and cabinets were lined up closely . The room was untidy as usual .

Hata was sitting at his desk and sipping tea in a carefree manner .

Gotou sat on the round chair – the only one for visitors in the room .

Yakumo and Ishii stood by the door .

'A noisy bunch has come again . ’

Hata’s greeting was rushed – he was obviously displeased .

People didn’t say these sorts of things aloud, demonic old man .

Gotou changed the topic instead of objecting .

'Did you find out anything?’

'Is that the attitude you take when asking somebody for something?’

Though Hata kept complaining, he took a file out from his drawer .

'I don’t know what you’re expecting, but there hasn’t been much progress . It’s the first time I’ve seen a corpse like this . ’

Gotou recalled what he had seen at the scene . Pitch-black charcoal in the shape of a human being – that was what he honestly thought .


'Seems they’ve determined it’s Tobe Kengo from the fingerprints, but looking at the body, everything’s unclear – age, gender, cause of death, when he died . To say more, from the autopsy, it’s unclear what caused the fire too . We’ve sent in a request to the fire lab . Well, that’s where we are . ’


Gotou got up from his chair and yelled .

'Do you have a complaint?’ said Hata, unabashed . Gotou had a mountain of complaints .

'In the end, you don’t know anything . I came all this way, but it was just a waste of time . ’

'You’re the one who came without checking . ’

He stabbed him where it hurt .

'Shut up . There’s no progress 'cause you don’t do your work properly . ’

'You don’t understand . The corpse is in that condition . Estimated time of death is something we find out from bone analysis or rigor mortis . With that corpse, we can’t do anything . ’

What Hata was saying made sense .

However, if they didn’t know the cause of death, it meant they didn’t even know whether it was suicide, murder or natural death .

'Hata-san . Do you know about spontaneous human combustion?’

The one who interrupted was Yakumo .

His arms were crossed, and, though he didn’t look troubled, it felt like he had thought of something .

'Of course . ’

'I know about it too . ’

Ishii spoke up after Hata .

However, Gotou didn’t know about it . It was the first time he’d heard the phrase .

'What? What is that?’

'By the blast of God they perish, and by the breath of his nostrils are they consumed – ’

Ishii replied to Gotou’s question .

Contrary to how he usually was, there appeared to a sparkle in his eyes behind his glasses .

'What is that? It sounds like some spell . ’

He felt like he was even more confused .

'It’s a line from the Book of Job in the bible . ’


Gotou felt like the conversation had derailed .

'Ishii-san, it’s a bit of a jump to mention the bible now . Please put that aside for now,’ said Yakumo as he ran a hand through his hair .

'So what is it?’

Gotou looked at Yakumo and repeated his question .

'Spontaneous human combustion is, as its name suggests, the phenomenon wherein the body of a human being suddenly burns up in a place with no sign of fire . There have been a number of reports of it in the past . It is rather famous in those circles . ’

The way he said 'those circles’ is a bit odd –

'So you’re saying this has actually happened?’

'Yes . Though not in Japan, there have been reports in places such as America, England and Italy . There are many stories, such as how it was due to plasma or alien invasion,’ replied Ishii, sounding incredibly interested .

When this guy talked about it, it sounded really suspicious . Hadn’t he just read too much stuff about the occult?

Gotou looked at Yakumo suspiciously to confirm .

'What Ishii-san says is true . ’

Yakumo understood what Gotou was doing and answered clearly .

'That’s idiotic . So you’re saying that Tobe suddenly burned up and died from that spontaneous whatchamacallit?’

'You’re making a leap in logic . ’


'I just want to say that the condition of the corpse matches the characteristics of spontaneous human combustion,’ said Yakumo disinterestedly .

He was different from the likes of Ishii . He eliminated his preconceptions and analysed .


'Yes . There are three main characteristics of spontaneous human combustion . The first is that the body ignites in a location with no sign of fire . The second is that the fire does not spread to the surroundings . Then the third is that even the bones of the body are burnt,’ explained Yakumo, putting up one finger at a time .

Gotou understood now . Tobe’s corpse fulfilled those three characteristics .

'That caught my interest too . Just as Yakumo-kun says, there are many common features . However, if we acknowledge that, this case becomes the entrance to a maze,’ said Hata, drinking his tea leisurely .

'Entrance to a maze? What do you mean?’

'Even now, we still don’t know the truth behind human combustion . ’

After Hata said that, he giggled with shaking shoulders . The old man was really creepy .

A heavy silence spread through the room –

After a while, Yakumo put his left index finger to his brow . There was energy in his eyes .

It seemed he had thought of something . Gotou waited for Yakumo to speak .

'Hata-san . There’s something I would like you to look into . ’

'Ask away . ’

Hata nodded .

'This is just my reasoning, but I think it could have been adipocere . ’

'Adipocere… I see; that’d make it possible . ’

Hata hit the table like everything was suddenly clear to him .

What the hell were they talking about so suddenly? Who was this Addie guy –

Gotou’s mobile phone rang, interrupting Gotou’s confusion .

'What!?’ answered Gotou, clearly irritated .

<That’s quite a response . >

Miyagawa was on the other side .

'What? Is it Miyagawa-san? What do you need?’

<Honestly . Don’t ask me what I need . Don’t tell me you forgot . >

'Eh? What are you talking about?’

<You’re supposed to explain the case at the school today, right?’

Shit . He’d completely forgotten . He looked at his watch . There were only ten minutes before the set time .

'I’m going there now . ’

Gotou said that one-sidedly and hung up without waiting for a response .

'Oi, Ishii! We’re going!’

'Going – where to?’

Ishii had a blank look on his face .

'The school, obviously . ’

'The school?’

Unfortunately, he didn’t have the time to explain in detail now . Gotou dragged Ishii out the room by the ear .

'Gotou-san, if you’re heading to the school, please take me with you as well . ’

The one who spoke was Yakumo –




Haruka peeked in from the side of the gymnasium stage to see how things were going .

There were an amazing number of people . Even though they had put out all the chairs they had, it still wasn’t nearly enough and there were people standing and people peering in from outside since they couldn’t get in .

However, there was nobody at the podium and the stage was deserted .

Somebody from the police was supposed to come explain the incident, but it was already twenty minutes past the scheduled time .

The guardians who had gathered would probably get tired of waiting soon .

'Hey . ’

Somebody suddenly hit Haruka’s shoulders, which made her body jolt . When she turned around, somebody she hadn’t expected was standing there .

'Y-Yakumo-kun . What are you doing here?’

'I’m a chaperon today . ’

Yakumo turned around . Gotou and Ishii were there .

'Could the detectives who are explaining the situation to the guardians be…’

'It seems that way,’ replied Yakumo with a shrug .

'As it appears the police have arrived, we will leave the explanation to the detectives . ’

Yokouchi, standing under the stage, spoke into the microphone .

The noisy gymnasium quieted down like they had been splashed with water .

Gotou and Ishii were talking about something . It looked like children were joking around, and not at all like they were reflecting on their late arrival .

'Now, Detective Gotou from the Setamachi precinct, if you would . ’

With Yokouchi’s words as the signal, Gotou pushed Ishii forward forcefully . Ishii stumbled from the side of the stage to the podium and – he fell .

It was laughable, but unfortunately, the atmosphere didn’t allow for that .

Only Ishii smiled stiffly as he got back up .

'Ishii, good luck . ’

Gotou sent a quiet yell Ishii’s way .

'Wait, Gotou-san . Aren’t you the one who’s going to explain?’

Haruka approached Gotou, surprised by his outrageous behaviour .

'It’s fine . The people here won’t be able to tell Gotou from Ishii . ’

'That isn’t the problem . ’

Gotou snorted and crossed his arms . Honestly, how selfish .

Ishii hobbled towards the podium like he had given up and stood in front of the microphone .

'I-I-I am the detective naaamed…’

Ishii’s voice cracked as he started speaking, and his pronunciation and intonation were completely off .

When Gotou heard that, rather than being worried, he laughed aloud .

Ah, this is a mess –

When Haruka sighed, Yakumo pulled at her arm .

'The boy who can see ghosts . Could I meet him?’

He’d said that he was Gotou’s chaperon, but that was the true reason Yakumo had come here .

Haruka wanted Yakumo to meet Masato directly if possible, but –

'Classes are already over today . He might’ve gone home already…’

'I see…’

'But want to try looking anyway?’

'Yeah . There’s something I want to look into too . ’

Haruka and Yakumo left the gymnasium without anybody noticing .

She walked with Yakumo through the passage and went into the school building .

When she walked next to Yakumo in the school like this, it made her feel like she’d returned to her days as a student .

I wonder if Yakumo walked around the school next to somebody like this when he was a student –

She wanted to know, but she didn’t want to imagine it . What on earth was she thinking? She felt like her face was getting warm all of a sudden .

They went down the corridor and took the stairs up . When they reached the first landing, Yakumo suddenly stopped .

His gaze was on a picture –

A wilted cherry blossom tree was drawn in it . If Haruka remembered correctly, it had been selected for a school picture contest .

'What is it?’

With a bitter smile, Yakumo replied, 'It’s nothing,’ and then he continued going up the stairs .

They went up to the fourth floor and stepped into the classroom for Class 5-4 .

There was nobody in the classroom .

'This is my class . ’

Yakumo entered the classroom silently and looked around with his arms crossed .

Haruka peered at the fish tank in the corner of the room .

There were three killifish – Hey, do you know where Masato-kun is? Of course they don’t know .

'Which is his seat?’ said Yakumo .

'The third from the back in the row by the window . ’

Yakumo walked up to that seat and sat down in the chair too small for his body . He touched the desk with his palm slowly, like he was checking something .


Yakumo furrowed his eyebrows .


'Here . ’

Yakumo pointed at part of the desk .

When she glanced at it, she saw the word 'Curse’ written on it .

It hadn’t been written with a pencil or pen but scraped into the desk with something sharp .

Haruka remembered how Masato had been using a compass needle to carve something during class .

Was he doing this –

Ignoring Haruka’s surprise, Yakumo put his chin in his hands and looked out the window .

Yakumo might have looked out the window the same way when he was an elementary student, with much too horrible a reality on his shoulders –

Haruka wondered what she would have done if she had been in the same class as Yakumo .

What would she have said when she saw him staring out the window?

She might have been swept up by her surroundings and ended up hating him without trying to see who he truly was . Though they had met differently, the emotions after that would change so much .

Even though we’re all human beings, why can’t we understand each other –

'Found him . ’

Haruka was brought back to reality by Yakumo’s voice .

'Do you mean Masato-kun?’

'Yeah . ’


Haruka looked up, but didn’t see anybody, let alone Masato .

'On the roof . ’

Yakumo raised an eyebrow .

'The roof?’

There was no way he could have seen the roof from inside the building .

'Look out the room . ’

Yakumo pointed out the window . Haruka followed the finger with her eyes .

She saw the pool where the corpse had been found . It was still covered with a blue plastic sheet, and there was detectives standing guard .

However, Masato was nowhere to be found .

'The shadow,’ Yakumo said, perhaps sensing her confusion .

Shadow –

'Ah! There!’

Haruka finally understood what Yakumo was saying .

The school building cast a shadow between the pool and itself, and there was definitely a person’s shadow on the roof .

She couldn’t tell who it was, since it was a shadow .

But it had to be Masato . She was sure of it .

'Let’s go . ’

’'K . ’

Haruka left the classroom with Yakumo .




Haruka opened the door to the roof . A dry wind touched her cheeks .

When she looked over, she saw a boy clinging to the fence with his backpack on .

There’s no mistaking it . That’s Masato –

His back, the same size as the other children’s, was burdened with something .

'That him?’ asked Yakumo quietly from beside her . Haruka responded with a nod .

Yakumo breathed out and then walked straight for Masato . Haruka followed with a little distance between them .

'I heard you can see ghosts . ’

Yakumo stood next to Masato . He might have been surprised by how sudden it was, because his shoulders jolted before he looked up .

'I can see them too . Ghosts . ’

Yakumo ran a hand through his hair, like he felt self-conscious .

'You don’t know anything . ’

With his hands in fists, Masato glared at Yakumo .

'Yeah, that’s right . I just know your name . So tell me about you . ’

Yakumo’s tone was kind and consoling .

It was the first time Haruka had seen Yakumo talking this way .

'I’m cursed . If you’re with me, you’ll die . ’

Masato raised his chin and said that while looking up . He’d said something similar before .

She hadn’t thought about what the words meant before, but now that she thought about it, he might have actually wanted to play with everyone else .

However, he couldn’t do that since he was cursed . Something bad would happen if he did .

He might have distanced himself because of that .

'I see . Actually, I’m cursed too . ’

Yakumo crouched there and took Masato’s hand to turn him around .

Masato looked away from Yakumo’s gaze, seeming troubled .

'Let me tell you something good . People who are cursed can hang out together, no problem . ’

Yakumo put his index finger to Masato’s chest .

'That’s a lie . ’

Masato’s body trembled, but Haruka could tell from where she was that his heart was faltering .

'It’s true . I can promise that . ’

Masato bit his lips at Yakumo’s words . It looked just like he was trying to bear with pain . The expression didn’t befit an elementary school student .

'It’s true . ’

Finally, Masato spoke with a cracking voice .

'You’re smart . ’

After Yakumo said that, he gently patted Masato on the head .

Masato stared at Yakumo’s face . It was a child’s expression .

While Haruka thought that it really was a good thing she’d brought Yakumo and Masato together, she also painfully understood how useless she had been, unable to do anything .

Yakumo was much more suited to being a teacher than someone like her .

'That’s right . Let me tell you another good thing . ’

'A good thing?’

Masato cocked his head .

'Yup . The way to lift a curse . ’

'That’s impossible . ’

Masato shook his head with damp eyes .

'It’s possible . You know, for curses . The person who’s cursed didn’t do anything wrong – the person who curses someone else is the bad one . So if you get the person who cursed you, the curse will be lifted . ’


'Really . I’ll get them for you, so tell me who cursed you . ’

Though he looked troubled, Masato’s lips slowly parted .

'Haruka-san, what are you doing there?’

Haruka turned around when she was suddenly called out to and saw Komai at the door .

What terrible timing . Komai appeared to notice that Masato was standing by the fence .

'Masato-kun too… what are you doing?’

Komai approached her .

Haruka didn’t know how to respond and looked at both Komai and Yakumo .

Perhaps she was exasperated with Haruka who wouldn’t say anything, because Komai walked up to Masato and Yakumo .

'Masato-kun, school’s already over . What are you doing here?’

Masato’s expression, which had relaxed earlier, became stiff again .

Komai gripped Masato’s wrist . Right as she did that, Masato bit Komai’s hand .

'Ouch! Hey, stop that . ’

Komai pushed away Masato’s face to get her hand away .

'Don’t come near me . You’ll die next!’

Masato pitched forward as he yelled that and pointed at Komai .

Haruka didn’t hear Masato’s words as a joke or random remark . She had no basis for it, but it echoed in her ears like a true prediction .

'You shouldn’t say something like that so lightly . ’

Shaking free from Komai who was admonishing him, Masato ran off .

Komai shook her head in exasperation and then looked at Yakumo .

This was bad . Bringing an outsider into the school building was a considerable problem .

I can’t excuse him as an exorcist to Komai . What should I do –

'Who might you be?’ asked Komai cautiously .

'I apologise for the late introduction . I am the subordinate of Detective Gotou, who came here today . My name is Ishii,’ said Yakumo with an innocent look, and then he bowed . How did he have the nerve –

'I see . So you’re a detective?’

Though Komai said that, she gave Yakumo an evaluating look .

She was probably suspicious . It made sense . It wasn’t some detective drama – she’d probably never seen a detective in jeans and a shirt .

'There was something that caught my interest, so I requested that this civilian allow me inside . Would you like to make an enquiry?’

It seemed Yakumo had noticed Komai’s suspicions, as he spread his two hands jokingly .

'No, that won’t be necessary… Please excuse me . ’

Komai probably felt awkward for being so suspicious . She left the roof as if running away .

Just as Haruka felt relieved, she also felt exhausted .

'How was it?’

After Haruka sighed, she walked up to Yakumo by the fence and asked him that question .

'Since I was interrupted, the conversation was stopped partway . I can’t say anything right now . ’

Yakumo leant against the fence and looked up at the sky .

If only there were a bit more time, Haruka thought .

A thin white cloud hung in the clear blue sky .

Yakumo pinched something like a white capsule between his fingers and raised it to his eyes .

'What is that?’

'The boy earlier dropped it . ’

She hadn’t noticed at all . Yakumo really was sharp .

'Is it related somehow?’

'Who knows? I’m going to look into that now . ’

'That so . ’

'Putting aside whether he can see ghosts or not, that kid is definitely hiding something and keeping it to himself . ’

'I wonder what he’s shouldering…’

'I don’t know, but the truth is, he wants to talk to somebody about it . ’




After Haruka saw off Yakumo and the others, she returned to the meeting room for trainee teachers to pick up her things .

When she opened the door, she saw Komai waiting there .

'You’re heading home, right? Let’s go together . ’

Komai smiled . However, it was easy to tell it was forced .

It felt like she wanted to probe into what had happened earlier .

A number of things had happened, and time had passed, but Haruka’s impression of Komai had changed .

Though I wouldn’t know how to answer if you asked me how it’s changed –

'Yes, let’s . ’

With trembling emotions in the pit of her stomach, Haruka quickly gathered up her things and followed Komai out the meeting room .

'What did you talk to the detective about?’

Once they’d gotten into the corridor, Komai brought up that topic .

Unlike her earlier smile, her tone felt pointed .

'I didn’t… It was just because I had been on the scene that day…’

In the first place, Yakumo wasn’t a member of the police . She couldn’t think of a good excuse and felt awkward .

'What did you talk to Masato-kun about?’

Komai asked more questions .

'No, I had just been nearby and didn’t actually talk…’

Of course that was a lie . She had actually heard everything .

Her palms felt sweaty . Her heart wouldn’t calm down, and it felt like she was walking in mid-air .

'Why would the police talk to that child?’

Komai put a finger to her round chin .

Haruka was more interested in why Komai wanted to know so much .

It was natural for a homeroom teacher to be concerned if one of her students was talking with a detective, but Komai’s attitude right now felt completely different .

If Masato talked, something disadvantageous to her would occur . She was trying frantically to hide it .

That was just what Haruka thought, but that was how she felt .

Maybe it has something to do with yesterday –

Though Haruka knew it was unjust suspicion, she couldn’t stop herself from asking .

'Um, Komai-sensei . You went to Masato-kun’s house yesterday, right?’

Komai gaped at Haruka .

'Why do you know that…’

Komai gripped Haruka’s arms .

Her doubt was natural, but that confusion seemed beyond that .

'With what happened before, I was concerned . Since I had happened to be nearby…’

'I see . I felt the same as you . You’ve developed a sense as a teacher too . ’

Komai let go of Haruka and smiled . Another forced smile –

'Is that so?’

Though she replied, that didn’t mean Haruka had accepted Komai’s answer .

'That’s right . I think I’ve forgotten something . You can go on first . ’

After Komai said that quickly, she turned on her heels and walked away briskly .

She’s hiding something –

Haruka had no basis for it, but she had that suspicion .

But even if she thought Komai was hiding something, what on earth was she hiding? Haruka didn’t know . While she thought about it, Haruka walked to the shoe cupboard, changed into her pumps and went outside .

Rustle .

The bushes by the pool were shaking unnaturally .

Haruka stopped and looked cautiously, when somebody came out from the shrubs .

Haruka immediately hid behind a pillar .

It was Konno .

He was holding something like a paper bag carefully in front of his chest . After he looked around cautiously, he walked away .

The police had said nobody was allowed near the pool .

What was Konno doing there –

Haruka wanted to know, but she didn’t think of calling out to stop him .

Ever since the corpse was found, strange things have been happening one after the other . I hate it –

Haruka walked away with a quickly beating heart .

Suddenly, she felt somebody watching her and looked up .

She saw a boy peering out from one of the windows on the second storey of the school building .

He had a carefree smile on his face as he gave a big wave .

She’d never seen him before . What class was he from?

Haruka was doubtful, but she waved back .

When she did, the boy disappeared like he had melted .

Were my eyes playing tricks on me, or was that –




While Ishii drove the car, he took a sidelong glance at Gotou in the passenger seat .

He was still laughing . He was telling Yakumo in the backseat about Ishii’s huge blunder .

However, it wasn’t funny to Ishii .

He had never disliked Gotou as much as he had today .

Ishii had been thrust in front of such a large audience with no explanation whatsoever – of course he couldn’t explain the case, even if he was told to .

It had been really terrible .

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it was the most embarrassing moment of Ishii’s life .

He’d made an unparalleled blunder .

It wasn’t an excuse, but he’d been frightened to death .

He’d planned on talking as well as he could, but the words didn’t come out . The guardians had made a clamour about that .

The abuse the guardians hurled had reverberated in his head, and then –

He’d fainted .

When Ishii came to, the gymnasium had been empty . There would definitely be a flood of complaints for the police after this .

His head hurt juts thinking about it .

The only good thing was that Haruka hadn’t seen that blunder .

'Oi, Ishii . You angry?’ said Gotou as he wiped the tears that had come up from laughing too much .

'I’m not angry . ’

Ishii gripped the wheel tightly . His driving was erratic .

'You are angry . ’

'That’s incorrect . It’s just that because of what happened, many civilians now feel that the police are unreliable . I am concerned about that . ’

'Just leave that be and it’ll work itself out . ’

'Detective Gotou, do you not think about anything?’

Ishii spoke in a voice so loud it even surprised himself .

'Oi, oi . You rebelling?’

'No I’m not . ’

Gotou smirked when Ishii denied it .

'You’re becoming more and more like a detective . ’

Gotou poked Ishii’s shoulders .

'Why do you think that?’

'You can voice your own opinions now . ’

Putting aside whether voicing your own opinions made you a better detective, the reason he could do that was because of Anna’s counselling .

It felt like his emotions were more erratic than usual .

'By the way, Yakumo . How was your side of things?’

Gotou turned to the backseat and changed the topic .

'Unfortunately, there have been no leaps in progress,’ said Yakumo with a yawn .

Though he had refined features, there was no expression on them and Ishii couldn’t tell what he was thinking .

He could tell a few things though, after knowing Yakumo for a few months .

Though Yakumo had said there wasn’t much progress, that wasn’t actually true .

Yakumo wouldn’t give any vague reasoning if he hadn’t gathered all the information .

However, in that head, he was putting together theories and running simulations while pursuing the truth .

'Then there’s no point in the investigation . ’

With or without knowing Yakumo’s personality, Gotou crossed his arms in irritation .

'Gotou-san, how is the investigation I asked you to do?’

When Yakumo said that, Gotou opened the glove compartment, took an old booklet from it and threw it towards the backseat .

'While Ishii was unconscious, I got the teacher called Yokochin or something to get it . ’

'Isn’t it Yokouchi? Please at least remember people’s names,’ Yakumo remarked immediately .

'Stop being so fussy…’

'How about the matter with the firefighters?’

Yakumo continued speaking, ignoring Gotou’s grumblings .

'Right . That’s right . I forgot about that . ’

This time, Gotou took a notebook from his pocket .

However, no matter how many times Ishii saw this, it felt strange . A civilian – and a university student at that – was using a detective for his own purposes .

Plus, that was a detective as high-handed and unconventional as Gotou .

Ignoring Ishii’s thoughts, Gotou started explaining while looking at the notebook .

'On the day of the incident, according to what the firefighter who went to put out the fire said, it was already a sea of fire when they got there . One kid was crying outside . After they talked to him, they’d rushed inside they heard there were still two kids inside . ’

It appeared that Gotou was talking about the fire that had occurred at the elementary school twenty-eight years ago .

'And then?’ Yakumo urged .

'There were two kids collapsed inside, but they’d been able to tell that one was beyond help at one look . His body was burning . They saved the kid who was injured but still alive first . That kid was Tobe Kengo . ’

'How did they know it was Tobe Kengo?’ asked Yakumo .

'Seems the kid said so himself . Plus, he had a toy in his hand with his name on it . The dad confirmed it when he came too .

Gotou finished speaking and closed the notebook .

When Ishii glanced at the back mirror, he saw Yakumo pinching his brow with his fingers while looking down .

That was the pose he took when he was thinking .

To be honest, Ishii was often irritated by Yakumo’s attitude and words .

He especially couldn’t forgive how Yakumo acted towards Haruka . However, nobody was more reliable for their ability to think .

Yakumo’s peculiar perspective had brought many cases to their solution .

It was true that there were some cases they could have solved without Yakumo .

However, it would be difficult to say that they would have been able to solve it in the same amount of time . Lives had been saved because Yakumo was there .

'Gotou-san . There’s something I would like you to investigate in addition to that . ’

Yakumo raised his pale face like he’d thought of something .

'Oi, oi . Again?’

Gotou’s cheek twitched as he spoke up, displeased .

'It’s fine if you don’t want to . It doesn’t matter to me if the case goes unsolved . ’

After Yakumo said that in his usual tone, he put his hands behind his head with composure .

When it came to this, there wasn’t any chance of Gotou winning .

'Fine, fine . I’ll investigate whatever . ’

'Please say that from the beginning . It’s a waste of time . ’

Gotou was clearly angry at those words and shouted 'You bastard!’ as he turned around and raised his fist towards the backseat, but Yakumo was calm .

'Detective Gotou, please stop it . ’

Ishii gripped Gotou’s shoulders and frantically tried to pacify him .

'Yakumo, I’ll definitely punch you someday!’

Gotou left that childlike remark and turned back forward, but perhaps he had nowhere to turn his anger because he gave Ishii’s chest a horizontal chop .

'Oof . ’

Ishii coughed at the surprise attack .

What a hit .

'So what do you want me to investigate?’ said Gotou recklessly .

Yakumo replied, 'Please look into the background of the father of the boy called Oomori Masato . I’d also like details about Ushijima Atsushi-kun’s mother, Harue, as soon as possible . ’

Where on earth is this case headed –

Ishii felt vaguely anxious .




Haruka couldn’t fall asleep after getting in bed .

When she closed her eyes, a flashback appeared behind her eyelids .

The whispered rumour about ghosts . The burnt corpse they found when they’d gone to confirm whether that rumour was true –

Was Masato related to that case somehow?

Yakumo had said that Masato was hiding something . He’d also said that Masato wanted to talk about that to somebody .

I want to listen to him if I can .

Why am I trying so hard for Masato –

While pondering these things, Haruka turned over and curled up so she was hugging her knees .

It had to be because Haruka carried a shadow of her own –

The death of her twin sister, Ayaka .

Haruka’s older sister had died because of her . However, she couldn’t tell anyone and lived with that shut away in her heart .

Yakumo was the one who had listened to her .

Haruka had been released from her curse then .

If Masato was cursed like Haruka was, she wanted to release him from that .

– I’m cursed .

When Masato had said that, the sad expression on his face had looked like Yakumo’s .

I’m probably overlapping Masato with Yakumo . That’s why I’m so absorbed –

Interrupting her endless thoughts, her mobile phone rang .

Who could it be at this hour?

Haruka reached out a hand from her bed to pick up the mobile phone on the table . The number displayed on it was Yokouchi’s .

There was the possibility that he was contacting her in an emergency . Haruka sat up and answered .

'Hello, this is Ozawa . ’

<Ah, Ozawa-san . I’m sorry for calling at this hour, but…>

His tone was dark . She could guess just from that that it wasn’t good news .

'What’s wrong?’

<I was just contacted earlier, but… er…>

Yokouchi’s unclear words invited irritation .

Haruka’s heart started beating more quickly .

'What happened?’

<Komai-sensei… I heard that she passed away . >


Haruka felt suspended, as if she had fallen from a high place, and the blood drained from her face .

She lost her strength and dropped her mobile phone unconsciously .

'Why… Why?’

<I don’t know the situation . I heard she was found collapsed outside her apartment…>

Haruka recalled the scene on the roof .

Masato had pointed straight at Komai and proclaimed –

'You’ll die next!’

I can’t believe that became reality –



[1] Japan separates its rubbish into combustible, incombustible and oversize (among others; it’s confusing) .

[2] A gakuran is one version of the Japanese male school uniform, usually black . HERE’s one being sold by COSPA .