Chapter 21

Chapter 21

2.13 – Let us discuss your claims that Wen Xiuyuan cannot operate a business

Xue Ling’s counterattack was beautifully done. He simply forwarded Bai Luzi’s micro-blog along with a question. “Has life in the Wen family mansion been comfortable these past two years?” Paired with a smiley face emoticon, it was obvious he still had cards to play.

Netizens commented, ‘Little brother Wen’s smile seems very devious. It looks like tonight will be a sleepless night – let’s all party until dawn!’

Then, at 11:00PM, Xue Ling really uploaded a video. The clip seemed to be taken with a surveillance camera. Although the image was not very clear, people could still clearly see that this was a hospital ward.

[ Wen Xiuyuan (v): The heavens are always watching your every move. Did you really think that I would be unable to find anything if you deleted the recordings? Ha-ha. ]

This video clip was edited to show the entire process of Xu Yongyi’s switching of the infants. There were even subtitles annotating when Wen Xiuting entered the private ward, when Bai Luzi entered; even the hospital check-in form and hospital medical records were all there, everything laid out clearly. Xu Yongyi purposely arranged for the two to stay in rooms very close to each other. Wen Xiuting gave birth after Bai Luzi. When she fell into an exhausted sleep after giving birth, Xu Yongyi sent away the nurses, swapped the babies in the two rooms, and even changed their identification tags.

All their actions, including paying off of doctors and nurses and deleting of the video surveillance, were all included in the video clip. At this moment, everything simply could not be denied.

As soon as this figurative hammer came out, Xu Yongyi and Bai Luzi were knocked unconscious. The netizens expressed: ‘Hahahaha, bet you weren’t expecting that young master Wen would have this kind of trump card. Will you now accuse this of being a falsified video? Even though the picture is a little blurred, but it can’t be that you don’t recognize yourself, right, Boss Xu?’

Or is it that you don’t dare to?

This year’s interesting news should always be left to settle for two days before any judgement was made. The reversal of this situation was so sudden, with black and white completely flipped, making netizens express their admiration for Boss Xu.

With this kind of deliberate deception and ability to turn black into white, it was no wonder that Xu Yongyi could cheat the Wen family out of their assets and change the name from Wen Group to Xu Group. The netizens eating melon seeds in the audience could only watch on.

At this point, even a paid mob would probably be unable to save the situation. Xu Yongyi was utterly dumbfounded, and Bai Luzi was gnashing her teeth in anger.

Xue Ling finished the video and prepared for bed, going straight to sleep, seemingly unaware of the other two people that spent a sleepless night because of the video that he had sent out. They thought bitterly for a long time before finally making a stupid move out of helplessness.

“Things have already reached this point; we can only resort to this.” Bai Luzi’s face was cold, and the beauty and gentleness that was normally present had completely disappeared. Her eyes were full of malice.


“Fulfil his wish for a divorce. Only, you absolutely cannot let him take all your assets. We can compensate him with more money, but Xu Group definitely cannot go to him.” Bai Luzi sat down on the sofa, full of anger. “Even if we use money to alleviate the disaster, this matter has already ruined our reputations. The only thing we can rely on now is the Xu Group. It will be impacted, but no matter what, it is still a large cooperation. People won’t stop working with us just because of your private affairs. As long as we hold the controlling shares and the company still exists, we can start over.”

Xu Yongyi pondered for a while, nodded and said, “This should not be a problem. I paid for the shares that that bastard Wen Xiuyuan held in his hands back then through proper channels. There is no way he can get them back.”


The atmosphere suddenly became heavy, and both of them sighed. They never realized that they had always been one step behind. They had clearly hidden this matter very well. Who on earth reported it to Wen Xiuyuan?

Mobile phone and computer screens seemed to brighten up the night with little spots of light. Thanks to the scandalous update that was released tonight, the originally tepid topic became thoroughly hot. Large amounts of spectator netizens once again visited the three people’s Weibo accounts to watch the event, and the speculation and joking slowly piled up.

The vicious abuse that was originally aimed at Xue Ling was now pointed towards Xu Yongyi and Bai Luzi’s microblogs. Not only did the two of them never expect that this sharp sword would ultimately point at them, they also did not realize that things would not be as simple as they believed.

Modern society was no longer a world where the rich had an absolute advantage. They thought that the abuse being flung at them online would not have any impact on them, believing that as long as they were able to suppress the censure of them online and come to an agreement with Wen Xiuyuan, they would be able to calm this storm.

Unfortunately, Xue Ling had a system, and the internet was entirely for his use. Furthermore, he did not intend to let public opinion rest.

Xu Yongyi wanted to talk with Xue Ling, but the other party seemed to have no intention of seeing him. When he received a summons from the court, Xu Yongyi was finally absolutely certain that Wen Xiyuan only came back to mess with him.

He completely had no intention of making peace. All of Xue Ling’s previous actions were taken just for the sake of playing tricks on him.

Even if they were clear about the other party’s purpose, he and Bai Luzi were left with no other options. They could only find a lawyer and hope that they could appeal and claim that having to hand over all of his assets was an unreasonable demand.

The lawyer claimed that it shouldn’t be a problem as there was no legal basis for everything to go to Wen Xiuting and could definitely be appealed as an unreasonable demand. Even if Wen Xiuyuan could provide proof that Xu Yongyi had cheated during his marriage, the end result should be that Wen Xiuting would obtain a large majority of the assets while Xu Yongyi would not be left with nothing to his name.

Having received such a confirmation, Xu Yongyi and Bai Luzi were a little more reassured.

With Cole’s intervention, the submission period that originally would have taken three months was shortened, and the divorce proceedings began half a month later. As the lawyer had said, Xu Yongyi did not lose everything. All of his real estate and full custody of Wen Mo was awarded to Wen Xiuting.

Wen Xiuyuan seemed to have no interest in Xu Group, leaving it to Xu Yongyi while taking everything else that he could. This made Xu Yongyi’s scalp go numb, always feeling something unexpected would happen…

Facts proved his speculation correct. After the trial, Wen Xiuyuan released a letter on Weibo along with proof showing forgery of a will.

Xu Yongyi was shocked, breaking out in a cold sweat.

When Wen Xiuyuan’s parents had an accident, they did not leave a will, and Wen Xiuyuan forged one instead. He had thought that he had cleaned his tracks, but somehow Wen Xiyuan found it, unexpectedly managing to find some small mistakes and put it directly on the web.

[ Wen Xiuyuan (v): My parents didn’t leave a will. Xu Yongyi forged one, and robbed my sister and I of our property. According to the current law, the son-in-law has no right of inheritance to his in-laws, let alone he is a scum man that married into the family. ]

This matter that had originally quieted down once again exploded through the internet with Wen Xiyuan’s post.

Everyone even called over their friends to come and watch, wanting to see how much uglier and repulsive this scum could be.

Xu Yongyi was often pointed at when he walked in the community and finally had no choice but to move out of Wen family’s old house with Bai Luzi and Xu Qing. Originally, they had planned to stay there in order to make things difficult for Wen Xiuyuan since the mansion was one of the assets awarded to Wen Xiuting with the divorce settlement.

He thought this would be all, and he could be forthright about the matter of the inheritance. So he boldly responded to Wen Xiuyuan’s microblog and told interviewers that came to find him, saying that most of the shares had actually been sold to him by Wen Xiuting and Wen Xiuyuan at the time. There were many shareholders and board members that could testify that Wen Xiyuan could not have become Xu Group’s biggest shareholder even without the falsified will.

A small number Xu Group’s board members also appeared in this interview, confirming Xu Yongyi’s words and expressing that Wen Xiuyuan had been anxious to sell Wen Group’s shares on the day after his parents’ death. If it weren’t for Xu Yongyi, Xu Group would not have reached its present level. Wen Xiuyuan’s desire to steal other people’s achievements was frowned upon. What’s more, he had no business talent, having grown up focused on music from a young age. Returning to Xu Group now would only harm the business.

Once the report regarding this issue was broadcasted, there was a heated debate. Although everyone was very happy to watch the gossip and sided with Xue Ling, many people’s opinions changed when it involved the running of a company.

[ Take Off The Laves: To be honest, if you don’t have the ability, don’t try to take over a job you cannot do. If you don’t have the talent and ruin a company for no reason, nobody will be happy. ]

[ Brave Words: What does the previous poster mean? That is his company, are you not allowing them take it back? ]

[ Unfallen Aristocrat: It’s not a matter of taking it back or not, or even who it belongs to. It’s a question of what would happen if he takes it back but can’t operate it. No matter how much in the right Wen Xiuyuan is, Xu Yongyi has run Xu Group for many years. If Wen Xiuyuan returns and Xu Group makes mistakes, should all the employees have to suffer with him? ]

[ Fish: That’s their business. If it was originally my company, do I still need to consider so many other things if I want to come back? ]

[ Muddy World: The discussion for this topic will definitely get heated~ ]

Cole was also following the comments on the internet. He was somewhat dissatisfied, even wanting to register an account to properly debate with them about whether or not this youth had the genius for business, but was shot down by Xue Ling.

The young man who had just taken a bath was still a little damp, strands of black hair still plastered to his forehead, making him look a little pitiful. He held a hairdryer in one hand and suddenly reached over, grabbing Cole’s hand.

“Don’t be so anxious.” When he laughed, that pair of fox eyes would squint slightly, black pupils extremely bright with a touch of laughter, making it look like he was thinking of amusing things. “When they have discussed further, naturally someone will come out and hit them in the face.”

Cole didn’t know much about the online environment of Country H, and having seen the abuse that had been hurled around before, he also did not like it. But Xue Ling liked to stare at these interfaces, so he could only try to understand them.

Unfortunately, he would never be able to keep up with the mental thought processes of the person in front of him.

Xue Ling stole the iPad and sat in front of Cole, gesturing for him to blow-dry his hair. “I’ve already found a paid mob and those who are saying that I can’t do business will soon be slapped in the face. Let me first see how many people are still holding onto the idea that I’m a young master who can only play the piano.”

Cole looked at the back of the head that was presented to him and felt a burst of helplessness.

He plugged in hair dryer and turned it on, reaching out to touch the youth’s wet hair. It looked like he was being treated as a servant and given no choice, but in fact his eyes were full of mirth.

The sound of the hair dryer filled the room. Xue Ling flipped through several pages of comments, watching as more and more people joined the verbal war. His lips curved up in satisfaction as he directed the system to send out a post.

The system shook its white fur, despising its host for only remembering it when he needed something. But it still obediently went to help, making a post on the top domestic business forum.

[ Deep analysis: Let us discuss your claims that Wen Xiuyuan cannot operate a business. ]

一口银牙 yī kǒu yín yá – very slang way of saying gnashing her teeth in anger. It literally means ‘a mouth full of silver teeth’. But meaning is something like, ‘they will need a mouth full of capped or fake (silver) teeth because their teeth have been damaged.’ And the reason their teeth were damaged in the first place was because they were gritting/gnashing them.

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