Chapter 49

Chapter 49

4.10 – After all, I’ve been waiting for you for seven hundred years.

Xue Ling’s face was expressionless as he was carried back to the palace. Ah, no. It should now be called the ‘Imperial Palace’.

After those people had loudly called out ‘Empress’, he had promptly turned around and wanted to go back to the starship, but somebody seemed to have foreseen that he would do so. Before he could even turn around, he was hugged by the waist and his entire body was lifted off the ground.

Xue Ling subconsciously wanted to attack the person who had grabbed him, but his every movement was directly blocked by the other party. He had no way to see the other party’s face, but they were able to perfectly control his every movement.

Xue Ling yelled for the system in his heart, but the system that always appeared on normal days seemed to have disappeared without a trace at this time, completely terrified.

So right now, Xue Ling was being held in someone’s arms, carried bodily and ‘moving’ towards the Imperial Palace.

As for why it was called the Imperial Palace… This was what the man currently holding him had told him. Xue Ling had also already discovered this person’s identity. As long as he did not make any attempts to attack the other party, it seemed that he would not prevent him from moving around.

He only needed to lift his head in order to see the other party’s face. It was very clear and very close, handsome from all 360 degrees with no dead angles, and unexpectedly familiar.

Augustine Ludwig, the only Emperor of the Empire.

The man who was lauded as the Empire’s strongest.

“Can’t you let me down?” Xue Ling lowered his head and measured the distance between himself and the ground in order to calculate the height difference between him and the man.

“I’ll let you down when we arrive at the palace. Don’t randomly move about now, otherwise I can’t guarantee that nothing will happen to you.” The man was quite easy to talk to, and although Xue Ling could not see his expression as he spoke, he inexplicably felt that this person was somewhat familiar.

“Okay, I won’t move around.” Xue Ling let the other party cuddle him, and conveniently adjusted his posture to make himself a bit more comfortable. He began to inquire about other things. “Did you come back from the dead?”

Augustine: “…”

Since he had not received an answer, Xue Ling began to think out loud. “Before, the old King mentioned that you were frozen? Well, does that mean you weren’t dead, and were only sleeping? And slept for seven hundred years?”

Augustine: “…”

“Why did you suddenly wake up?” Xue Ling began to recall what the old King had said to him. Just as they entered the palace, he finally sorted through everything and figured it all out.

He now knew what the hell was going on with the settings in this damned world.

Firstly, this man that suddenly came back from the dead—if the facts recorded in the history books were true, then this man almost killed the Zerg into extinction. In that case, it was natural for the Zerg to fear him. After he fell asleep, he never woke up again and the Zerg slowly redeveloped to the scale where they could come back and once again begin attacking inhabited planets.

Their ambitions were once again stirred up, and they wanted to directly destroy the Empire. But, they could sense that the person who had almost exterminated them was not dead. He was still on the Empire’s capital star, and could wake up at any moment and kill them all.

So, the Zerg had been afraid to launch attacks on too large of a scale, and could only occasionally launch Zerg waves in order to slowly fight and erode at the borders, ready to run immediately if that person woke up.

Augustine slept because he was waiting for his lover. Assuming that his lover was Ashley, who was predicted to be the future Empress of the Empire, he would have woken up as soon as Ashley visited him.

Obviously, Ashley had been angry because the prince left on their wedding night, and so he did not try to please the old King. His cold and arrogant attitude made the old King unhappy, and so he did not bother to take him to the forbidden area under the palace, and the Prince was even more unlikely to take him there.

The two of them missed each other, and so the entire universe’s situation became hopeless. The Prince also became angry because of Russell’s jealousy, and finally decided to kill off Ashley. Once Ashley had died, any chance that Augustine would wake up disappeared.

Finally, the Zerg had nothing left to fear.

And then, the entire universe was destroyed.

Xue Ling followed this plot line once again and felt that he was a genius. This should be the truth of what had happened. Taking the discussion with the system previously about the ‘weapon’ and ‘key’; from another approach, the weapon was Augustine, and Ashley was the key to unlocking the weapon.

With this in mind, Xue Ling narrowed his eyes. He had just been about to say something when his entire body was thrown onto the bed, and the man directly pressed up against him. His eyes were fixed on Xue Ling’s, and that compelling, oppressive aura made it difficult to breathe.

Xue Ling finally pulled himself out of his thoughts and discovered that he had already brought back to his own rooms while he hadn’t been paying attention.

Oh, to be precise, this was the Prince’s rooms. He only lived here because he was the Princess.

“You’re in my arms, but still distracted.” The man grabbed his hands, bending over and leaning close. His tone was somewhat dark and ominous, and Xue Ling could almost hear the sound of his teeth gnashing together as he asked, “Who are you thinking about?”

Xue Ling squinted slightly, and then gave him his first smile of the day. “Thinking of you.”

The man was stunned and had not yet returned to earth when Xue Ling kicked his foot out towards his stomach. He turned his body, directly wrapping an arm around Xue Ling’s waist, and the two people’s positions were reversed. Xue Ling sat down on the man’s body.

He didn’t make any other moves. Instead, Xue Ling eyed the man’s face and figure with interest. “You caught me as soon as I came back. What is it that you want to do?”

The man looked at him with darkened eyes and did not answer.

But Xue Ling had already guessed his intention. He could not help laughing out loud, “You want to lock me up?”

The man stared at him silently, but Xue Ling still found the subtle change in his face. He found it quite amusing, stretching out his hand to stroke the man’s face as he whispered, “There’s really been improvement, not acting foolishly when you can’t get what you want. But I won’t agree if you want to directly skip past the pursuing phase and jump to playing a jail scene.”

The man didn’t understand what he meant, but he could tell that this person did not find him repugnant. He thought about it, and then reached out his own hand to touch Xue Ling’s face.

The delicate skin was warm to the touch, and as tender as he had thought it would be. It was akin to a piece of beautiful jade, and he was reluctant to take back his hand.

Xue Ling did not stop him either, letting him touch as he called for the system in his mind several times without any response. Xue Ling wrinkled his brow and confirmed that the man before him was definitely the one who had followed him into the world.

In fact, it was quite easy to recognize him. After all, they had interacted for three lifetimes now, and the man had some little habits that he remembered. Although his personality was always changing, some things would remain the same. After adding on the fact that the system was scared to death of him, Xue Ling could determine that this was the same man. Up until now, only that man could make the system terrified to the point where it did not dare come out.

“They are calling me Empress.” After affirming that this man was his lover, Xue Ling relaxed a lot. In any case, the man would not do anything to him. He turned over, climbed off the man and patted his clothes. “Was that your idea?”

The man nodded.

Xue Ling raised his eyebrows and said, “Did you announce it to the whole star system?”

The man shook his head.

Xue Ling was satisfied. “Although you did not pursue me, I’ll still reluctantly accept the title. After all, I was born to become the Empress~” Having said that, he laid a hand on the seated man’s shoulder and said seriously: “But this title can only be used in the palace. Outside, I am still the Princess. Understood?”

The man was unhappy when he heard the word ‘Princess’. “You are mine.” He emphasized that Xue Ling was his and should carry his mark. “You can’t be the Princess.”

Xue Ling frowned slightly. “Do you think that I want to be the Princess? I’m only keeping it to disgust the Prince. I don’t want to be the one who has to suffer through a divorce even though the person who cheated first was him. Don’t interfere in this matter. If I find out that you have spread the news ahead of time, I’ll kill you and find myself a King. In any case, I’ll still be the Queen.”

The man stared at him. His gaze was deep and dark, like he was about to lock him up and make it so that only he could look at him.

Xue Ling’s scalp prickled under his gaze. He knew that his words may have touched on the man’s inverse scale; it had also been like this in the previous life. The man was a big jar of vinegar, and once something made him jealous, Xue Ling would never be able to get out of bed.

He began to congratulate himself on being underage. Doing those kind of things was not good for his health. Otherwise, by now, he would have already been pressed onto the bed by the man.

Oh, they were in bed right now.

Xue Ling took a deep breath, stretched over, and kissed the man on the mouth. His face was very calm, though his ears were red. “Although you should already know who I am, I’d better introduce myself. My name is Ashley, and you can call me Ash. I’m going to reach adulthood this year. Although I’m the nominal Princess, we haven’t done anything together. My current goal is to kill the Prince, and my future goal is to become the Empire’s Empress.”

The man reached out and pinched his reddened ear, then gathered him in so that he was once again seated within his embrace. “You are already the Empress of the Empire.”

“But today is the first time we’ve met.” Xue Ling emphasized this point. “It’s wrong for you to make progress this way. First, you should get to know me. Then, we should fall in love, followed by you proposing to me. Finally, we’ll get married, and then, I will be the Empress.”

“I’ve known you for countless days and nights.” Augustine kissed him on the forehead and said, “I slept for seven hundred years and had a long dream in which I thought I spent my life with you.”

Xue Ling’s movements stilled. He wanted clarification. “What kind of life was it?”

“When I woke up, the dream was no longer clear. But although I can’t remember clearly, I know that the person in the dream is you.” Augustine cuddled him in his arms. “You like to sit in my arms and watch movies, and enjoy it when I feed you.”

Xue Ling wondered to himself, wasn’t this remembering? Why did the system say that the man would not remember anything? “Well fine, you know me, and I know you too.” Xue Ling decided to stop arguing with him over this issue, and tried to make his point from another angle. “There are things that I want to do, and you aren’t allowed to interfere or mess up my plans. Otherwise, I will refuse to recognize you and will not allow you to live in the same palace as me.”

This threat seemed to be effective. Augustine had watched him through the nano-computer for so long that he understood his temper and knew that when he wanted something, nothing could stop him. He could only nod and say, “Do whatever you want, I won’t stop you. But the prerequisite is that you are not allowed to leave my side.” He paused, then added, “At least before your heat arrives.”

In fact, there were only a few months before he became an adult. Xue Ling nodded and kissed the man’s jaw to reward him. “You have taken control of the capital star during the time I was gone?”

“Yes, including the eastern territories of the Empire.” The man admitted this straightforwardly. Those territories had been taken over by the people he had sent over, and it was not wrong to say that they were now under his rule.

Xue Ling thought he had been his own golden finger, but now he discovered that his golden finger was actually this man…

It seemed that in every world, he was quite pathetic, and that man was always very strong?

Well, that was great. Since he was also too lazy to do his own work, the feeling that there was someone willing to help him do it was really not bad at all.

After thinking through these points, Xue Ling could finally let go of the uneasiness that he had felt ever since he had returned to the capital star. He reached out to hug the man, and discovered that they both fit together perfectly. This body of his was sitting within the man’s embrace, and was very well matched.

“I’ll call you Augustine.” Xue Ling stated. “I don’t want to manage those government affairs. Since you did a good job before, you can continue to do it in the future.”


“Also, I’m too lazy to fight the Zerg. Help me exterminate them.”


“Will you promise to do anything I ask?”

“As long as you don’t leave, I can do anything for you.” The man looked down at him with unprecedented sincerity and gentleness in his eyes. “After all, I’ve been waiting for you for seven hundred years.”

I’ve already waited for such a long time. What else would I be unwilling to do for you?

Xue Ling laughed and buried his face in the man’s arms. He once again found the feeling of being spoiled from his previous life. It was such a beautiful feeling that he wanted to sink down and stay there forever.

Well, in later worlds, he would make sure that finding the man was the first priority.

After all, this man always knew how to please him.

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