Chapter 56

Chapter 56

4.17 – (title purposely hidden & shown in footnotes)

Although exterminating the Zerg was an easy thing to say, in reality nobody looked down on the level of difficulty that it would require.

The current Empire was no longer the same flourishing one from seven hundred years ago. Augustine spent some time to master the full power of the Empire and once again spread his name across all the stars, and it was also necessary to make some heads fly.

Originally, there had not been so many genders in this world. It was only when the Zerg emerged seven hundred years ago and began to wipe out human beings wantonly, causing the human race to be threatened, that a group of scientists developed a new way of human evolution. They brought a large amount of young children into laboratories, cut them off from the outside world, and through countless deaths and repeated experiments, a new type of human appeared before the scientists and the human race.

Initially, humans only used them as weapons, but they soon began to panic because these new humans developed too fast. They were originally labelled as inferior products, and were imperfect existences in the eyes of the researchers in the laboratory because they had their own thoughts and ideas. In reality, their ability to think was even better than the scientists who studied them.

It was these supposedly inferior products that eventually overturned the scientific research institutes and killed their way out of the capital star. From then on, their name spread throughout the star galaxy and they established the Empire.

Augustine was the leader of this group of inferior products. His genetics were potent and invincible, and his powers were so strong that nobody in that era could compete with him. But correspondingly, he could not have offspring.

Because no one’s genes were compatible with his; as long as they encountered him, regardless of who it was, they would all be swallowed up by his genes. Even alphas were no exception.

After the Empire became invincible, countless scientists fretted over the problem of their Emperor’s lack of descendants.

But the Emperor didn’t seem to care. He even woke up one day and told his men that he had a lover. Then, when everyone was excited and ready to celebrate, the Emperor said that he was going to sleep for seven hundred years, because his lover would appear in the future seven hundred years later.

Listening to this news, the chief scientist of the Academy of Sciences at that time almost took off his white lab coat and wanted to quit on the spot.

But there was nothing they could do; he was their Emperor, and they had to accomplish whatever he wanted. So, although Augustine couldn’t have offspring, they modified a genetic sample from the laboratory where they were originally manufactured. They made a ** man out of the Emperor’s first gene, gave him a new identity, and pushed him onto the throne.

According to their calculations, this ** person would have enough genetic for the royal family to last the seven-hundred-year period until their emperor returned.

This was why the royal family was weaker with each successive generation, and the King’s fighting power would plummet once the next child was born.

Seven hundred years ago, the Empire’s brilliance could not be separated from Augustine’s existence. As an early generation alpha, he had a magical ability. As long as they were under his leadership, the powers and physique of the alphas and betas would increase sharply. The era seven hundred years ago was called the Golden Age because of the man’s existence, and after he went to sleep, the alphas of the Empire no longer received any influence from his ability, and the weakness of successive generations began.

After listening to the causes and consequences of these things, when Xue Ling looked at his man again, he felt like he was shining all over and had the words ‘giant plug-in’ written all over his face, flashing bright cold.

Now he also understood why his physique was upgraded…

Because he went to see Augustine, he had a fever that night and his body improved…

Did this man’s abilities need to be so jealousy-inducing?

No wonder he was unable to sire children. If such a person could have offspring, the world would always remain under their control.

Yes, according to a follow-up examination by the Academy of Sciences, their Empress and their Emperor had an unprecedented 100% genetic match, but they are both! unable! to! have! children!

Xue Ling was confused for a while when he heard the news, but when the man tried to comfort him, he was kicked away. “Who said I wanted to give you a baby!” The words rang throughout the imperial palace, and everyone who heard them lowered their heads, kept silent, and pretended to be deaf.

The man had always been indifferent to whether there were offspring or not, and Xue Ling was particularly resistant to this matter, so he called a halt to the Academy of Sciences’ research, and completely abandoned treatment.

The system’s explanation was that since neither Xue Ling nor his man were the original characters from this world, it was impossible to think about such a thing as having children. Although they would live in the world until they died a natural death, they still could not interfere with the world too much.

This explanation also relieved Xue Ling.

As a male fox, even if he looked more feminine, he was still male! It was absolutely impossible for him to give birth to a baby fox!

System: “…” The host seemed to have accepted as a matter of course that he would be the one to give birth…

Because there was the giant plug-in called Augustine, Xue Ling very naturally laid down all the burdens on his shoulders and began to crazily absorb and learn all kinds of knowledge from the interstellar world, so as to learn some things that could come in useful for himself in the future worlds.

By the time he could make a mecha by himself, Augustine had gathered an army and began their attack towards the Zerg’s base.

The most magnificent and inspiring period in the history of the star galaxy began here.

It was the beginning of the human race’s triumph and rise to stand at the top of the star galaxy. Wherever Emperor’s sword pointed, the Zerg fled.

Countless heroes and stories sprung up and spread over the battlefield, and countless legends and miracles dazzled amongst the stars.

The war lasted for six years. In the sixth year of the New Year, the Emperor and the Empress worked hand in hand to completely destroy the Zerg’s nest, kill all the Zerg queens and eradicate this race from history.

Then, in front of all the soldiers, the mighty Emperor proposed to their Empress and they made a lifelong pledge.

It was probably the most romantic proposal across all the stars. Afterwards, the biggest wedding of the star galaxy was held in the capital star. The Alliance was reintegrated into the Empire and submitted to its rule, and humanity entered a new era.

An era where the universe was dominated by mankind, where they had no nemesis or natural enemies.

Why the Emperor woke up after seven hundred years was a secret that belonged to the royal family, but the most widely circulated and credible legend was a love story.

The Emperor woke up in this era for the Empress. His love for him spanned across the long river of time, and no matter how far apart they were, he could find him, and then have him fall in love with him.

This period of history was also controversial in later generations, but every time someone criticized it for as being a somewhat inappropriate love, there was always someone else who could bring out the Emperor’s royal biography, and use one fact after another to convince the other party.

The Emperor was madly in love with the Empress, and his entire life seemed to have been dedicated to him. The elimination of the Zerg, and all the subsequent measures to revitalize and strengthen the Empire had something to do with the Empress.

Finally, the omnipotent Emperor would choose to leave the world because the person he loveds was no longer there. The world no longer held anything he cherished, so he followed the Empress and left the world.

Xue Ling sat within the space and flipped through the historical records, laughing until his stomach hurt.

He had lived in that world for more than a hundred years. Regardless of whether it was the task of changing the protagonists’ fate, or killing the Zerg, they were all successfully completed, but the luck he received was still unable to help him control his newly recovered tails. The system was now frantically trying to suppress it for him as he immersed himself in reading history books.

Xue Ling retrieved two of his tails in that interstellar world. He did not know why the two tails would be together, but he had not been ready when he took them back. Based on his current soul power and lacking a physical body, he had no way to suppress the power of two tails at all. The system helped him restrain them for a long time, but could not fully help him control them, so the best option for them had been to continue on to the next world.

“Host, the task will be relatively more relaxed in the next world. You should take advantage of this time to rest well. Also, try to destroy the plot to the greatest extent possible in order to seize more luck so that you can consolidate the strength of your soul further, and suppress this unstable power.” The system had become somewhat exhausted by Xue Ling’s tails. “You also need to cultivate to restore your body as soon as possible to prevent being put into such a difficult position next time we find another tail.”

Xue Ling nodded in response. He was rather looking forward to learning what the next world would be like, and what kind of role that man would play.

He stepped into the darkness, oblivious to the soft laugh that sounded out of the endless darkness behind him.

The laughter held a hint of some vague meaning, a bit like someone watching a good show.

The system heard it, but it was already following Xue Ling and had no chance to look back.

From right outside the window—or maybe it was further away—there came the happy sounds of celebrations. The sounds came in endless bursts, and it seemed that the revelers never tired. Xue Ling opened his eyes, his consciousness still a bit blurred.

A fringe of beads hung in front of his eyes, and a red cap covered his head, obscuring his view.

Xue Ling was about to call for the system to come out when he heard a man’s cold snort.

He wrinkled his eyebrows in mild surprise. It was rare for him to wake up with other people around him, and it was not convenient for him absorb the information he needed at the moment, so he could only things step by step for now.

It’s just… Here…

What kind of situation was this?

The man was standing rather far away from the bed he was on, and should be next to a table. He stood there motionless, and since his first snort had not caught Xue Ling’s attention, he discontentedly snorted again.

Xue Ling’s head moved and he turned to look in that direction.

He finally spoke, and voice was cold and sarcastic. “His Majesty has always praised the Princess for her wisdom. I think that the Royal Princess should be even more clear about the meaning behind this wedding than I am.”

The calm mask on Xue Ling’s face almost shattered.

Royal Princess??? Nevermind that he could get pregnant in the last life, at least he had been a man! Was he not even the right gender this time?!

4.17 – Was he not even the right gender?!

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