Chapter 67

Chapter 67

5.11 – Absolutely no room for discussion before he reached eighteen

Xue Ling only said that in order to block the man. Once the man started to heed what he said, Xue Ling no longer found it fun to mess around, so he turned his head and told the man about all the things he needed to do.

And received a smack on his head for his efforts. “Madame is so smart. Why are there still some things you can’t figure out?”

“Huh? Can’t figure out what?”

“If you want to prevent her from coming into contact with people in the Capital, then send her far, far away, or kill her directly.”

“… Can’t kill her.” He did not explain why he wanted to target Wenren Yingyue, and only said that he wanted to keep her away from some people for his own reasons. Those people included the Crown Prince, Bai Changyan, and Xia Yang who, in a way, was imprisoned in the General’s Manor. “Sending her far away is feasible, but what if she has some unexpected encounters with people that she should not meet while she isn’t where I can see her?”

Zhan Shaoxi rubbed his head, and suggested a simple and crude way to deal with it. “If you are concerned that her martial arts will allow her to do things out of your control, then your husband can disable her martial arts for you and bundle her up before sending her out to ensure that she won’t be able to make any waves for her entire life?”

His tone of voice was inquiring, which made Xue Ling feel happy and comfortable. He tilted his head and thought about it, feeling that this solution was still a bit too direct and inelegant.

If it was done this way, the heroine would always be confused and kept in the dark, completely not understanding who she had offended.

In fact, she had not offended anyone, but her sense of existence was too strong and brought disaster to too many cannon fodders. In the original plot, not only Wenren Hong was affected. Due to the seven men’s open contention over Wenren Yingyue, countless numbers of cannon fodders died, many of whom were innocents who died unjustly with nobody concerning themselves over their deaths. Ending the plotline earlier would actually save their lives.

If the Prince was prevented from usurping the throne, the court would not be turbulent, and this world would not would not go through so many upheavals because of a woman who could be considered polyamorous. The status quo in the three Kingdoms would be maintained, which could be considered a good thing for any world.

“Isn’t it too obvious to directly abolish her martial arts?”

“Right now, she is only a small, insignificant Princess. Even if she disappeared from the Capital, it would only be considered as an unresolved case. The Emperor might pay some attention to it, but would not care too much.” Xue Ling clearly saw the killing intent in the man’s eyes as he said this.

It was only now that he remembered that the man in this world was a General who fought on the battlefield. If it hadn’t been for the initial awkwardness between the two of them, he would have been able to see the man’s true face earlier.

But Xue Ling didn’t mind.

He felt that the idea of directly toppling the female protagonist was quite feasible. Based on the man’s current attitude, it was estimated that the man’s damned possessiveness would rise up again soon. At that time, Xue Ling would definitely have less time to deal with people, as most of his energy would be used up in a battle of wits and courage with the man in order to prevent the other party from climbing into his bed…

“Let’s not be so rough and direct. It would be better if we were not directly involved in this matter.” Xue Ling narrowed his eyes and considered how to resolve the problem quickly. His way of thinking was always evolving over time, changing this way and that all day long. The plan that he thought up the other day had now changed for the sake of simplicity, speed and convenience, and he has embarked on the road of making a move against the heroine.

“We can give her medicine so that she can no longer use her inner force.” Xue Ling approximately recalled the world settings. Although there was a rule that said he couldn’t kill the protagonist, it could not prevent Xue Ling from creating loopholes. As long as he didn’t personally make a move, the heroine’s life or death would not be related to him. “Then, we can have Brother Emperor marry her off as part of a peace treaty, and arrange for people to rob her on the way there. Anything can happen in the midst of turmoil.”

“Good.” As long as it was something Xue Ling said, Zhan Shaoxi never rejected it. As long as it was something he wanted, the man would make sure it happened. “It’s not convenient for you to do these things. Just leave it to me.”

Xue Ling thought about it. With his current identity, it was truly unsuitable for him to appear in front of more people in case he accidently let out some flaws in his performance.

He did not want his identity to be seen through, and then cause the Emperor to die of anger. That would definitely be a black mark on his role-playing career.

“System, is it okay for us to plot against the protagonist like this?”

“Isn’t it too late for host to ask this question? Didn’t you scheme to kill the hero in the last world, too?” The system was completely silent about the fact that its host became totally inattentive about plotting against the protagonist as soon as he began to develop a relationship with the man.

It also did not ask its host to be more professional. He was doing a good job with collecting luck anyway, and he was simply a ruthless killer of protagonists. “As long as it is logical, and the will of the world can find no fault, nothing will happen. So you should plan carefully, because it will be really problematic for you two if it can be traced back to you. Just don’t do it like this every time. If this was a world with a higher level of self-awareness, you would be kicked out in minutes. It’s better to be more careful about things like going out of character.”

Although the system said a lot, Xue Ling only paid attention to the part where there would be no problem if they killed off the protagonist, so he decided to go back to the Manor with the man in tow, and even promised the man who was still jealous that he would send Xia Yang away without any delay when they returned.

In fact, Xia Yang also did not want to stay here for a long time. Although the General’s Manor did not hesitate to provide him food and drink, he has seen less and less of Xue Ling recently due to Zhan Shaoxi’s intervention, and has had more and more time to think about his own situation. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that he would not be able to do anything if he had no authority in his hands.

He began to want to leave, but because he couldn’t see Xue Ling and had no chance to say goodbye, he delayed his departure time and again.

When Xue Ling saw him, Xia Yang was so delighted that he rushed up and grabbed his hand.

Xue Ling silently pulled his hand back and smiled as he said, “What is it, Yangyang? I have been busy these few days and haven’t been able to see you. I heard you’ve been looking for me?”

“Yes.” Xia Yang took back his hand, somewhat frustrated as he pursed his lips, but he quickly recovered because Xue Ling had always treated him like this, showing concern for him as though he was a child, his attitude lukewarm. It was only when Zhan Shaoxi was there that he would occasionally show some warmth.

Although that was also what Xia Yang normally wanted to see, at the same time it also kept him at a distance.

It was also because of this that Xia Yang was anxious to leave. He knew that he would probably not be able to obtain this person in this life if he stayed in the Manor.

“I wanted to come and say goodbye to elder sister.” Xia Yang had made his decision, and his smile once again shone brightly, becoming a sunny young man who looked very attractive when he laughed. “I’m going home.”

“You’ve thought it through?”

“Yes, evasion will not solve any problems.” He had once told Xue Ling about his family in a metaphorical way in order to win a little sympathy for himself. He had also hoped that Xue Ling could give him some guidance. Now, it seemed that Xue Ling was happy for him now that he had decided to go back.

Xue Ling reached out and patted him on the shoulder. In fact, this youth was still young. His current body was only fifteen, and the child was two years younger than him. He truly could not understand how the heroine could make a move on someone like this. In any case, he treated this person as a younger generation and completely ignored the occasional strange glances. “Since you have set your mind on resolving it, then go ahead. I hope you will succeed, and reach the peak of your life path.” If this child could really succeed, he would become an Emperor in the future.

“Sister, will you wait for me?”

“Hm?” Xue Ling turned around with him and spoke with some amusement. “Wait for what? Wait for you to come for me when you are successful? My children should be running all over the place by then.”

Xia Yang’s body stiffened as he repeated, “Children?”

“Well, me and the General’s children.” Xue Ling smiled widely as he continued, “You’ve been in the Manor for such a long time. Weren’t you curious about why the General doesn’t stay in my room even though we are clearly husband and wife?”

Xia Yang’s voice lowered as he quietly answered, “Yes.”

“I’m not much older than you, and although I’m old enough to marry, I haven’t really grown up yet. The General is concerned about my body, so he has been living separately the whole time.” There was laughter in Xue Ling’s voice as he spoke. “When Yangyang comes back, our children should be old enough to make soy sauce.”

Xia Yang’s steps slowed. “Elder sister doesn’t have to say these words in order to make me lose heart.”

Xue Ling kept on walking, and did not turn his head back. “Yangyang is a good child, and in the future, the great Xia Country will be yours. Why would you hang onto someone like your elder sister who can bring you no advantages?”

Xia Yang was completely stunned. He opened his eyes wide and stared at Xue Ling’s back incredulously.

Xue Ling noticed that he had stopped where he stood, turned to face him and smiled. “Why aren’t you leaving?”

“Elder sister knows who I am?”

“The little Prince of Xia Country, Xia Yang.”

“Since you knew, then why did you take me in…” He was silent for a moment before continuing, “The relationship between Xia and Xi Country is not good, and wars break out all year round on the border…”

“Well, when Yangyang becomes Emperor of Xia Country, you can stop such a meaningless border war.” Xue Ling’s gaze was gentle. “My husband is a General. I can’t stop him from going to the battlefield, but I don’t want him to follow the path of the family’s previous generations and die in the battle. All I can do is pray that there will be no more war in this world.”

Xia Yang was silent for a very long time before he said, “I will try my best to make this world free from war.”

“That’s the best way. Elder sister hopes to see this day in her lifetime.” Xue Ling brought him back to his room, helped him pack his things, ordered the housekeeper to prepare some things for him to bring on the way, and finally personally delivered the child to the carriage.

After he finished and returned to his room, he saw the man sitting inside. He was watching him with a meaningful expression on his face. “Lady Wife is very good at being an elder sister.”

“Actually, I am also very good at being an elder brother. How about you call me elder brother and let me properly dote on you?” Now that they have already brought things out into the open, Xue Ling naturally reverted to his own nature in front of the man, every now and then unthinkingly flirting with him, and then running away.

His actions were so frivolous that he even reached out to grasp Zhan Shaoxi’s chin.

“Stop playing around.” Zhan Shaoxi reached out and brought his hand down. “Concerned about your body, so we haven’t consummated our marriage and have been living separately?”

“Could it be that you aren’t concerned about my body?” Xue Ling sat down lazily, and once he was seated, maids came up to serve the dishes. “I’m only fifteen years old, and this is precisely when my body is developing, and I haven’t gone through my capping ceremony yet. What do you want to do to me?”

“I don’t want to do anything. In which direction did Madame’s thoughts go?” Zhan Shaoxi calmly took back his rather unrestrained gaze and waited for the maids to leave before saying, “Madame mentioned the capping ceremony. Since you have no elders, then how about I perform the capping ceremony and inscription for you?”

Xue Ling sat upright, acting as though nothing important had occurred as he spoke, “Of course. In any case, there is nobody else to call on, since the only person who knows is you.”

Zhan Shaoxi’s eyes darkened, and he really couldn’t hold back any longer. He had wanted to do this person from the moment he came in, but when he heard the words that he had spoken to Xia Yang when he was listening in on them, Zhan Shaoxi also understood that Xue Ling really did not want them to get too intimate right now, and could only endure it.

But even if they didn’t really do anything, kissing was not a big problem, right?

Xue Ling docilely hugged Zhan Shaoxi’s neck and took the initiative to sit on his lap, kissing him without hesitation. Then, he directly threw him out after dinner, not even giving the General a chance to sleep on the floor.

He meant it when he said that the man absolutely could not be let onto the bed. There was absolutely no room for discussion before he reached eighteen.

System: “…” So you guys actually had some morals? Insisting so much on being adults before doing the deed? Are you only pulling out the moral integrity that had already been eaten…

Capping ceremony – .

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