Chapter 119

Chapter 119

9.4 – Meant to be together from birth

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Sky Sword Sect had seven peaks – Still, Middle, Lower Peak, and above them, the Sky, Earth, Profound, and Yellow Peak. The masters of each peak were all powerful people, and amongst them, Peak Master Venerable Crimson Flame of Still Peak was the strongest. Unfortunately, Still Peak was closed all year round, and did not recruit or accept any disciples. Venerable Crimson Flame also did not need to accept orders from others.

In the past, Still Peak had been closed because of the Peak Master’s bad temper and his dislike of others taking care of him; now, it was because there were too many people who were trying to get someone inside. But thanks to all kinds of checks and balances, nobody has succeeded in stuffing anyone inside.

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It was useless even if the Sect Leader himself spoke up. After all, Venerable Crimson Flame was Sky Sword Sect’s greatest trump card. Other than those Dujie stage practitioners in Sky Sword Sect who were waiting to ascend, out of all the Dacheng stage cultivators, Chi Lan was the strongest.

Three hundred years have passed since the Venerable’s great change in personality. In the early morning of this particular day, clouds covered the top of Still Peak. Even with just a glance, anyone could see that they were the clouds for a lightning tribulation. Bgyjrs

Everyone in Sky Sword sect were shocked by this lightning tribulation. They thought that it might be the Venerable Crimson Flame’s tribulation, but later on, they clearly saw that it was the lightning tribulation for the transformation of a demon.

All of a sudden, speculation rose up in everyone’s hearts.

They were obviously all from the same sect, but they had not known that there was someone other than the Venerable Crimson Flame on Still Peak. And this person was a demon who had not yet formed their body.

Some people tried to go up and investigate, but even before they entered Still Peak’s territory, they were scared into retreat by the Peak Master’s flames. rxJksG

These were flames from a Dacheng powerhouse. Should even the tiniest flame touch them, they would completely burn out. Very quickly, the entire Still Peak was surrounded by a wall of such fire, and the entire mountain was enclosed tightly.

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The crowd watched everything in front of them happen with some trepidation and panic. They did not know what kind of tricks that big lord was up to. For him to use this kind of battle formation, it meant that that person must definitely be someone he saw as important. But why hadn’t they heard anything about this person before?

Chi Lan set down a boundary around Still Peak with a wave of his hand, and then worriedly looked up at the clouds gathering in the sky.

He had been unable to get in touch with the little sapling ever since the lightning tribulation appeared this morning. Before, the little fellow would occasionally show himself and walk around in the courtyard, but he hadn’t seen him at all recently. U71haY

Chi Lan had been worried for a while now, but he hadn’t expected that it was because the little sapling was about to transform into a human.

Now, he was even more distressed.

Transforming into a human was the demon’s great disaster. As long as they could survive the lightning tribulation, they would achieve twice the results with half the effort in their cultivation in the future. But this kind of lightning tribulation was not easy to cross at all.

In the courtyard, the sapling swayed wildly in the fierce wind. The wind blew so hard that even his roots were unstable, going chaotically in all directions until they were wrapped around the entire mountain before stabilizing a little.TPtFvO

In the center of the storm, Xue Ling turned his face towards the wind, his appearance still lazy and casual, completely unafraid of the lightning tribulation that was threatening to chop him down.

When he transformed himself back then, the lightning tribulation had been even fiercer than this, with every strike aiming to chop him to death. The good thing was that he was lucky, and had escaped with his life. Originally, the lightning tribulation this time was supposed to go on for nine days, but the system and this world’s consciousness had had a discussion, and although it looked very frightening, there was no feeling at all when it landed on Xue Ling’s body.

What Xue Ling needed to do know was to make sure that he transformed into the appearance he wanted when he finally took human form. But it was also not the first time that Xue Ling done this kind of thing – he had a lot of experience, and he wasn’t worried at all.

But the nervous look on Chi Lan’s face was quite interesting. 0b4uap

During this period of time, there had been no real tension between the two of them. The dead, expressionless look on Chi Lan’s face was no fun to look at, and Xue Ling also did not want to explore these things with him. In any case, he wasn’t pleased with the man, and things would be good if he didn’t get angry or jealous when he went off to kidnap the protagonist~

If the man didn’t harass him, he would be able to spare some time to coach the cute protagonist.

He would definitely be able to train up the pride of the new era. It was absolutely necessary for him to become an existence that every child in the cultivation world envied and was jealous of whenever they spoke about him~

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There were many such random thoughts in his mind, but when the lightning tribulation really hit, Xue Ling was not distracted at all.dtakjK

Lightning forcefully struck the sapling. When it landed onto the tree’s body, tens of millions of green leaves burst out in the blink of an eye, enclosing the sparks that followed the thunder and lightning; the lightning itself ran down the trunk and along the tree roots which were now completely scattered across the entire mountain.

Thunder rang out and lightning struck down one after another as though wanting to destroy the world with its great power, but because of the boundary Chi Lan had made around Still Peak, it did not spread outside, and the crowd once again saw the Venerable Crimson Flame’s strength and had a new understanding of how important the demon currently undergoing lightning tribulation was to him.

The tribulation this time lasted two days, and the heavy clouds in the sky only dispersed on the morning of the third day. The light that shone down from the sky fell directly on the bare tree that had almost been split apart.

Brand new green leaves grew at a very fast pace, the leaves a tender green. The entire tree grew quickly from the size of a sapling, and shot straight into the horizon, connecting with the sky. At the same time, his realm was also completed. Even if he was now big enough to cover the sky, he was still in a different plane of existence, and those who were watching from outside Still Peak were not even the slightest bit aware of what had just appeared. tCJPqo

This was Xue Ling’s original body. He would naturally use some means to protect himself.

Chi Lan stared unblinkingly at what was happening in front of his eyes, looking forward to the fact that he would soon be able to really hold and hug that cute little young boy. He would be able to pinch his little face, hold his hand, and use his own hand to touch those impossibly red lips.

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However, what finally appeared in front of him made him completely muddled.

A young man stepped out of the tree, his body dressed in clothing as red as flame. His fox eyes were slightly uptilted, his gaze flowing, and his style magnificent. His face was extremely gorgeous. It was not beautiful like a fairy, but anyone could see at a glance that this was a demon, and his beauty made it obvious that he was a demon spirit that would only appear once every tens of thousands of years. His looks were androgynous, with curly eyelashes and red lips. The tear mole at the corners of his eyes no longer brought about its previous sense of coldness, but rather highlighted his demonic beauty. xYV2HE

Although Chi Lan showed no expression on his face, a fierce and frightening storm was raging in his heart.

Xue Ling raised his hand and felt his face. Not bad – after going through one world after another, he still hadn’t forgotten what he looked like. In the end, this face was still the best one.

The system nodded silently. That was true. None of the bodies that it has picked for its host had such a strong demonic aura that was able to penetrate the screen.

And he was even wearing red clothing. Was he hating on the man because he wasn’t being killed in action quickly enough?!dNpxWJ

After Xue Ling’s successful transformation, he had no time to pay attention to the man who was still standing there looking normal while his spirit had already gone off to parts unknown. He turned around and looked at his reformed original body, then snapped his finger and hid his tree body completely within the secret space. The ground where his original body was planted looked no different than it had before, and those without a certain level of strength would have no way to see that the lower half of a tree was hidden here.

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It should take over a hundred thousand years for a Tree of Enlightenment to grow so big, but Xue Ling was different. Through cultivation and the transformation of his body, he now had complete control over all the strength that had been accumulated over the past ten thousand years. He could even borrow the countless Daos on his body and use them at any time if he wanted to.

Normally speaking, there were tens of thousands of Daos in the world, but each person could only follow one. But Xue Ling now controlled all the rules of this world, and the tens of thousands of Great Daos were there for his use. If it weren’t for the fact that he needed to look weak on the surface, the difference in strength between him and the Venerable in front of him simply would not exist.

Xue Ling could not understand why the man was always stronger than him in every world. How was he supposed to have fun like this? CtMKDJ

“You…” After standing dazed for a long time, the Venerable Crimson Flame finally pulled himself together. He opened his mouth, and closed it again, because when Xue Ling’s gaze slid past, he could not utter a single word.

He was too shocked. When this person appeared in front of him, his heart was full of raging storms. He had been unable to understand his own feelings when faced with the little shota’s face in the past several hundred years, but now his feelings all rushed out like a flood, and he seemed to be drowning in this person’s every gaze, his every movement.

This was too strange. For Chi Lan, these feelings seemed to come on all at once, but they also seemed to have been fermenting for a long time. He should be clearest about what his own feelings were like, but they had always been stifled, and he was completely unable to speak it out. Now, his mood was surging, and he was momentarily at a loss about what to say.

Xue Ling raised his eyebrows. With his current appearance, this gesture was even more provocative, and Chi Lan’s breath caught in his throat. “What’s wrong?” Although he posed it like a question, he was smiling as he spoke, and it inexplicably made this sentence seem ambiguous. PycFEa

“…” Chi Lan’s heartbeat was about to reach two hundred beats per minute. The roots of his ears were red, and his entire body seemed to be floating. The Venerable that had been single for hundreds of years had never thought that when the day came where he was finally faced with his sweetheart, he would be too nervous to speak. “If you hide your original body, I won’t be able to leave this place.” He thought for a good while, and finally thought of a topic that he could bring up for discussion. Although, he only realized once he spoke it out loud that this was not a good topic to choose.

But the young sapling seemed to not mind at all as he smiled at him and said, “That’s not a problem. As long as I follow you, you’ll be alright.” He blinked his eyes, and the innocent and naïve expression of the past now bewitched his heart. Faced with this kind of smile, most people would probably be willing to dig out their heart and lungs and give him everything. “But the tribulation was so large that it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to hide my existence.”

Chi Lan thought in his heart that he really did not want to bring him out for others to see. This demonic appearance of his would only bring about an entire pot of disaster, and drag back an entire pile of people who had improper thoughts.

But he was very clear that he could not say such words. He only pursed his lips and replied, “I will open up Still Peak tomorrow and invite them to come. I will accept you as my direct line disciple, and in the future, I will cover for you as long as I am still on Shikong Continent.” JSnZAg

Xue Ling froze for a second, and then gave him a profound gaze. “I will remember your words. Although human words can not be trusted most of the time, seeing as our lives are tied together, I will trust you this once.”

In retrospect, Chi Lan suddenly felt that he really liked the four words ‘we will perish together’ that this little fellow used to love to talk about.

Unfortunately, he had completely forgotten about one thing. In the relationship between the two of him, he was the only one who one-sidedly needed Xue Ling. Xue Ling could cultivate by relying on his mutated spiritual root, but he could also choose not to. As a tree, as long as he was not cut down, the probability of death was extremely low. Moreover, now that he had successfully transformed into a human, it would be very difficult for others to find him.

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Xue Ling also did not have any intention to clarify the relationship between the two. He could tell that the man currently did not dare to do anything to him, which meant that he would be able to play a big game this time~ tliFDI

“…” The two were mutually silent for a while before Chi Lan spoke again. “Do you… have a name…?”

Xue Ling suddenly realized that the other party had never known his name. When he called him, he always used ‘little sapling’…

Ah. The more he thought about it, the more unhappy he became.

“Xue Ling.” This was the second time introducing himself using this name. Xue Ling looked extremely serious and solemn as he spoke, and his expression was completely different from its usual laziness. “Remember, Xue for snow, and Ling for feathers.” tvDzIx

“Snow white feathers… Xue Ling…” The man savoured these two words carefully, as though wanting to swallow them into his heart.

In fact, when he heard this name, he had a feeling that these two words had always been deeply imprinted into his heart. Every time he recalled them, his heart would heat up.

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He and the owner of the name seemed to have been meant to be together from birth.

And the owner of this name was standing in front of him now.tl97dB

Looking at him.

Just by thinking about it, Chi Lan already felt that he was about to lose control of the fire on his body.

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