Chapter 3508 - 3508 Risking Life to Protect Each Other

3508 Risking Life to Protect Each Other

Four horse carriages were stopped halfway up a mountain road, and dozens of men in black fought with the guards escorting those carriages. It seemed that the passengers in the carriages were mostly women, children and the elderly. The sound of children’s voices could faintly be heard from within. As the last carriage was split in half by a sword and toppled over to both sides, the young women and children who had been huddled inside also came into everyone’s view.


“Help…help us, aah…”

“Father, Father…”

Cries for help were drowned out by the chaotic clash of swords. When he heard the cries from behind, the middle-aged man fighting with the men in black at the front became distracted. Wanting to look back, he let his guard down and his arm was slashed by a sword.


“Master!” When a woman saw this, she cried out and hurried to his side to block the incoming sword.


Sparks flew as swords clashed. Even though the woman was skilled, it became increasingly difficult for her to deal with the attacks when she was besieged by multiple weapons on all sides.

“Madam, don’t worry about me! Go protect the children!” The middle-aged man said anxiously, ignoring his powerless, still-bleeding arm. He shielded his wife with his body while holding the sword to ward off the attackers as she withdrew to the carriage, where their children were.

The woman was just as anxious. They were her children; of course, she would do anything to protect them. However, there were two or three carriages between them and the men in black who numbered in the dozens. What’s more, they were far more skilful than their guards. She knew it was impossible to protect both ends.

Several children in the back were protected by the guards. They might have been terrified, but they were unharmed. However, these men in black were attacking with lethal moves, clearly showing that they would not leave any survivors. Gradually, the injured guards were unable to hold on any longer.



A sword intent flew out and sliced the top of the second carriage, revealing an unconscious elderly man and his guard inside.

“Father!” When the middle-aged man saw the carriage’s top torn off and several men in black leaping with swords to attack it, his expression changed and he raced over.

“Master, watch out!” The woman turned around in time to see a man in black thrusting a sword at her husband. In a desperate move, she threw herself at the attacker, who then turned his sword and aimed for her back instead.

“Mother! Mother!’

The younger child, seeing this scene, broke free from his protectors and ran towards his mother. Both of his parents were taken aback by this move.

“No! Don’t!”

The mother screamed in despair, her voice high and mournful, as she watched her helpless child running towards the sword.

Any mother would not be able to bear the agony of watching their child get killed in front of their eyes.

Perhaps sensing the child’s life was in danger, she frantically pushed herself up from the ground, ignoring the swords slashing at her, and threw herself onto him, protecting him with her body.



The middle-aged man who had just rescued his father turned pale and rushed forward as he saw several sharp swords and blades falling on her. Even if he was quick, he couldn’t outrun the fatal blades that were closing in on her…