50 Loot


Leo entered the room that the leader had come out of. It was a bedroom that had an adjoining bathroom. The room was very large and spacious, with a large bed in the middle of it.  There weren’t any closets or tables anywhere. There wasn’t anything out of place and the only attraction was the bed. However, his sense could detect that something was weird about the bed.

He decided to move the bed to see if there was anything wrong with it. When he tried to do that, he immediately realized that the bed wasn’t as ordinary as it looked. Even though he tried to move the bed, it refused to budge. He tried again, using a lot more force, but the bed didn’t move at all.

He sighed and activated his body-strengthening magic. He tried to push the bed again and saw that the bed was almost moving, but it still didn’t move away from its spot. He looked out of the window and saw that it was dark outside. He still had a lot of time left so he could try to figure out what was wrong with the bed.

Or he could just brute force his way out of the ordeal. He cast a Flame Burst on the bed, blowing it up into smithereens. When he did that, the entire wooden body of the bed flew everywhere, but the base of the bed stayed. It was a metal base that was built into the floor. 

As the fire burned the mattress away, Leo noticed that there was a trap door below the mattress. That was why he couldn’t move the bed. The base of the bed that he was trying to move was part of the floor, so it was held by a lot of metal. He was trying to move the entire floor at the same time. He was supposed to just lift up the mattress to uncover the trap door.

Either way, he got the job done. He opened the trap door and looked at what was below it. The trapdoor opened to a staircase that led down. This was the first time he had seen this staircase even though he had explored the mansion a few years ago after the Thorn Roses had left it. He was very surprised to see it.

He went down the staircase quickly to move out of the lingering flames. The flames were going to die out quickly because they didn’t have anything to burn on, but they were currently burning on the wood framework of the bed.

He went down the staircase and entered a room. It was a study with a desk in the center. There was a shelf with a lot of papers, but Leo was more interested in the book on the desk. It was the ledger of the Blacktooth Gang. 

He quickly opened it and saw heaps of loan information and payments that the Blacktooth Gang received. There were so many of them that Leo started to realize just how big the Blacktooth Gang was. He was surprised that no one did anything about it.

He went to the final page and saw a number that shocked him. The Blacktooth Gang had 3 million Starcoins in liquid cash and everything else in the form of loans. He wasn’t going to do anything about the loans, but free money was always welcome. He suddenly realized that he would actually have to find the money to keep it.

He looked around for clues. He had a key, but he needed to find where the key went into. He walked to the other side of the desk and sat on the chair there. He looked around from the chair for possible locations for a safe.

There was nothing that he could see. Eventually, he looked down at the drawers of the desk. He opened them up to see if there was anything in them. The first one that he tried to open didn’t open. He looked closer and saw that it was locked. The keyhole to the lock was a similar silhouette to the key he had.I think you should take a look at

He put the key in the keyhole and unlocked the drawer. When he opened it, he found a single ring there. He felt so frustrated that he wanted to punch the desk into smithereens. He took a deep breath and calmed his teenage mind down.

He picked the ring up. It was a gold ring and had nice engravings on the inside of it. The minute he picked up the ring, the tattoo of the tome on his hand glowed for a second through the clothes. It was very brief, and when it ended, Leo suddenly found the information about the ring in his mind. 

The ring wasn’t a normal piece of jewelry. It was a dimensional ring. It could hold objects within it without weighing anything. The items would be stored in another dimension. Dimensional rings are crafted by mages that were at least at the 5th Circle. They would go for several tens of millions of Starcoins based on how much they can store.

Leo pricked his finger and poured a drop of blood on the ring. That was how he was supposed to claim ownership of the ring. When he did that, he slipped it on and could suddenly sense the insides of the ring.

Inside the ring was a multitude of cash and various other objects. The total space was a cube with a side of 10 meters. It was a lot of space, which meant that the ring was very expensive.

All the cash that was mentioned in the ledger was in the ring. He could see multiple notes, and when he counted them all out, they added up to a little more than the 3 million Starcoins. He tried taking them out of the dimensional ring, and they were neatly stacked up in his hand.

He smiled. He quickly took out the pouches that he had from the bag. He emptied them out one by one and slowly put all the money there into the dimensional ring. The ring would be incredibly useful to him and help him when he would go hunting in the forest. He would also not have to carry a pouch anymore.

When he finished transferring all the money to the ring, he started going through the other items in the ring. They were just a few papers that showed the recruitment levels of the Blacktooth Gang that looked very boring. One piece of paper that did stand out was an old parchment rolled up neatly.

He took the parchment out of the ring and looked at what it was. It was very frail and he felt like it would tear if he used too much force to open it. He unfurled the parchment to reveal a map. He looked to see what the map was for. When he found it, everything the leader said made sense.

The map was the reason why the leader believed that the Valkyr’s Forest lead to an inheritance. The map showed the way to where the so-called inheritance of Valkyr was located. It marked the spot in the center of Valkyr’s Forest. It was a treasure map.