77 Finish

The magistrate instantly started bombarding the lion with spells as quickly as he could. The lion dodged some and deflected others, but it was concentrating on what was happening in the distance.

This was because it knew that someone was battling in the Core Forest. The only people who could make disturbances like this were 3rd Circle Mages and Magical Beasts or stronger. The only Magical Beast in the Core Forest was the lioness. This was why the lion was very concerned with what was happening there.

The Magistrate also knew this. That was why he suddenly started using all his strength on the lion without any worry. If the lioness was busy in battle, then he could take care of the lion without any problem. 

“Frostbite Comet,” the Magistrate cast a spell that was the better version of the one he use to kill the 3rd Circle Magical Beast.

He launched a radiant sphere of ice toward the lion. Upon impact, it exploded in a burst of freezing energy, unleashing a flurry of razor-sharp ice shards. The surrounding area became engulfed in a frigid tempest, numbing the senses and hampering the movement of the nearby Magical Beasts.

The lion that was hit directly hit by the comet roared in pain. It wasn’t focused entirely on the battle and he paid for his lapse in attention. It became enraged and unleashed a spell at the Magistrate. It released a cascading torrent of arcing lightning bolts that cascaded from the lion, seeking to strike the magistrate.

The Magistrate quickly formed a shield in front of him. The lightning bolts struck the shield and exploded in a beautiful display of electricity, but didn’t get past it. The Magistrate quickly counter-attacked.

He unleashed a few ice shards at the lion who dodged them with ease. The lion counter-attacked with a few lightning bolts of its own. The two went back and forth with spells but other than the first hit that injured the lion lightly, none of the other attacks did anything.

However, because of the first attack, the already weaker lion gained a bigger disadvantage. It lost its energy quicker than the Magistrate. He noticed this and forced out all of its energy for 30 minutes. After that, he decided to end the battle with a spell that it couldn’t defend.

“Ice Mist,” the Magistrate surrounded himself with a mist that shrouded what he was doing from everyone. It was just a smoke screen so it took him a couple of seconds to make it. After that, he prepared himself to cast the strongest spell he could cast.

“Glacial Spear.”

A surge of intense cold permeated the surroundings. Frost crystals coalesced, forming a massive spear that glimmered with an ethereal blue glow. The mist wasn’t widespread enough to hide the sheer size and grandeur of the Glacial Spear that commanded awe and respect.

With a forceful gesture, he hurled the Glacial Spear toward the lion with incredible speed and precision. The spear sliced through the air, leaving a trail of shimmering frost in its wake. Its icy surface crackled and rippled with magical energy, ready to unleash its frozen fury upon impact.

The Glacial Spear struck the lion who couldn’t react to the spear, unleashing a cataclysmic release of icy energy. The impact created a shockwave that shattered the immediate surroundings, encasing everything in its path in a dome of frost and ice. All of the nearby Magical Beasts were victims of this. Even a 3rd Circle Magical Beast was unfortunate enough to be caught up in this.

The lion was impaled by the spear’s freezing tip. The Glacial Spear’s power further intensified the cold and froze any residual moisture in the area. The resulting ice formations and frozen terrain impeded movement, effectively immobilizing the Magical Beasts.

The attack took so much of the Magistrate’s power, but it was able to kill the Purple-Eyed Golden Lion. The Magical Beasts saw their leader killed in battle and immediately lost all their coordination.

Till the last minute, they were acting like an organized army that would have been able to successfully siege Solhaven. However, after losing their leader the Magical Beasts went back to the brainless savages they normally were. They no longer treated the Magical Beasts as their allies and just retreated back to the forest without any regard for anything except themselves.I think you should take a look at

The Magistrate slowly floated back to the city wall as he watched the 3rd Circle Magical Beasts also retreat back into the forest. Only one of them remained. It was the Purple Moon Wolf. It howled loudly and charged at the city wall where the Silvershade Mage was resting.

The nearby mages saw this and immediately put up shields. Normally, they would be enough to deal with the sole 3rd Circle Magical Beast. But they were all injured and the beast was being accompanied by 500 2nd Circle Magical Beasts.

The wolf charged toward the mage with a vengeful look in its eyes. The mage saw this and immediately shouted.

“If you kill me, I will kill your cub!”


The mage quickly took out a pouch from his pocket. This was different from a dimensional ring. It was a luxurious cloth pouch that had incantation embroidered onto it with gold. He reached into the pouch and took out a small object.

The mages’ eyes widened. The object was moving. It was the Purple Moon Wolf cub that he had bought. They were surprised that the mage would bring out the cub with him to the battle, but they were also surprised by the pouch. 

The pouch was like a dimensional ring, except that it could even carry living organisms. This made it exponentially expensive – as expensive as the cub. Why was he revealing such valuable items here?

He put the cub to the ground. The cub immediately saw its parent and ran to it. The wolf walked slowly to the cub and picked it up with its teeth. It then turned around and went back to the forest. Its army followed it back.

With the last 3rd Circle Magical Beast retreating, the entirety of the force was gone. The Beast Wave was successfully over. However, the mages immediately questioned the injured mage’s actions.

“You paid a fortune for that Magical Beast Cub! How are you going to recover from this?” The lady mage asked.

He smiled. “You guys are not aware of what true planning is. I am sure you all know about the Radiant Apple that is in the Core Forest. The one that we were unable to get last time because of the two Purple-Eyed Golden Lions last time. Well, I sold that information for 200 million Starcoins.”

The mages immediately turned purple.

“You dared?!” The Magistrate who was hearing this shouted.

The Silvershade smiled at the Magistrate. “Guess who I sold it to? Your long-time friend, the Viscount of Verdantia.”