124 Win

As time passed, the girl started to run out of aura and the frequency with which she shot arrows at him started to decrease. He was also running out of aura, but now that he got a chance to close in, he took it.

He ran in and started closing the distance between him and the girl. As he got closer, she started to panic and didn’t know what to do. She kept firing arrows at him while trying to figure out what to do.

Before she even realized it, he had gotten incredibly close to her. He punched at her, almost hitting her before Selena stepped in and blocked his attack. He relaxed his hand and took a step back.

He was happy that he had finished the battle. It was incredibly hard because he was on the defensive end for the majority of the battle. He looked at the girl and nodded.

“You were very hard to beat,” he said.

She smiled. “I wasn’t going to win. Your attacks are too powerful. If I was using a close-range weapon, then I would have lost a lot faster,” she said.

On the other stages, Leo and Lyra were having a lot easier time with their opponents.

Being a 2nd Circle Aura Knight, Lyra was able to easily defend all of Miller’s attacks. Whenever she did, she would counter-attack only a little bit and pull back when she pressed him too much. It was like she was purposefully giving him a  chance to come back.

However, after 3 minutes, he was starting to feel his aura depleting. He had only half his reserves left. On the other hand, Lyra who had only defended the attacks most of the time, had well over 80% of her aura.

When she noticed that his attacks had started to lose their ferocity, she decided to change to the offensive. She imbibed her aura into her sword and swung at Miller.

Miller defended it, thinking it would be easy to parry. However, this time her sword cleanly sliced through the sword. He took a step back in astonishment as the top of his sword went flying away.

After his sword was out of his hand, he knew he lost. His expression turned bitter but he quickly changed it to a smile when he looked at Lyra.

“It seems that I am not a match for a daughter of the Eldridge Family,” he said.

“It was a good match. You were a good opponent,” she said in response.

They both stepped off the stage. Once she was off the stage, she observed Leo’s fight. Her fight took her a total of 7 minutes to end, but Leo and Raul were still fighting.

The problem with the fight between Leo and Raul was that Raul would get back up no matter how many times he fell to the ground. And if Leo attacked him with his Twilight Veil Slash, Raul would use his Aura technique to defend it. 

Raul had two aura techniques. One was a simple attack, while the other was an aura armor that protected his entire body from any attacks.

Leo knew that there were only two ways to win against Raul. One was to destroy the armor with brute force. The other was to whittle away at Raul’s energy and aura.

The first option was a lot harder for Leo than he had expected. Raul’s defense was incredibly sturdy and hard to break with just his aura. But the second way to beat him was easier for him.

Leo had 6-7 times as much Aura as Raul did. On top of that, Raul’s attacks were incredibly slow compared to Leo and he could dodge them pretty easily. However, the only problem was that playing cat and mouse was a very long process.

So by the time Lyra and Marcus finished their fights, Leo’s fight hadn’t reached its end. They watched as. Leo kept jumping from one end to the other while Raul chased him and missed all his attacks.I think you should take a look at

5 more minutes passed and Raul finally showed signs of his fatigue affecting him. His body slowed down even more and he started to take breaks to recover.

Leo, on the other hand, didn’t show any signs of slowing down. He wasn’t even breathing hard because he hadn’t used as much Aura as Raul. When he saw that his opponent had finally slowed down, Leo started to attack him again. 

He used his Twilight Veil Slash which started to form cracks in the aura armor that Raul had. At this point, Raul was still holding on, but he was reaching his limit. Leo saw this, but he respected the persistence and kept attacking.

Before he could land another blow, however, he noticed a figure entering the arena. Asher had entered the stage to stop the fight. Leo realized this the minute he moved toward them, so he stopped his attack midway.

He took a step back from Raul while Asher came in between the two.

“The fight is over. Leo is the winner,” he said.

Raul was going to protest, but he took a look at Leo. Leo was almost in perfect condition while he was sweating and panting hard. If the fight lasted another minute, he was going to faint. No matter how much he persisted, there wasn’t a way that he was going to win the fight.

“As I said, you will have a chance to get onto the ranking later. For now, don’t push your body too much,” Asher said.

Leo handed Asher back his weapon and walked to Marcus. When he reached him, Marcus made a comment about the fight.

“Why did you take that long?” He asked.

Leo pointed at his opponent. “Ask him. I don’t know how he had the energy to rush at me for more than 10 straight minutes,” he said. “He’s a beast.”

Marcus raised his eyebrows in astonishment. “He did look strong, but I never saw him land any of his attacks so I don’t really know.”

“One attack can level you. I don’t know how the arena can survive that,” he said.


“So, there’s only one group left. And that’s the yellow group. What we decided was that the three people would draw straws. The one who drew the marked straw was going to advance. We already finished drawing the straws and the first fight ended. Now all that is left is the final fight and we can all go back home.” He said.

A girl and a boy entered the stage. One of them had a bow while the other had a long spear in her hands. The spear’s length was a meter and a half, making it as tall as the girl.

Leo was immediately intrigued by the weapon choice. It was very hard to find aura techniques for unconventional weapons, so most people tended to go for swords or bows.

This was the first time he had seen someone use a spear, so he wanted to see how the fight would turn out. 

“Fight,” Asher said.