150 Fame

By the time Leo stepped out of his dorm, his name became famous throughout the academy. Everyone started to pay attention to all the people in the New Student Ranking even more keenly.

If even the 4th ranked person was strong enough to beat a senior, then they might even be strong enough to get on the Student Rankings.


He found his group and sat next to them. He sat in silence, waiting for the class to start. After a couple of minutes, the class finally started.

“Today, we are going to be looking at Aura Techniques. For this, we will be using the other side of the hall. We will be experimenting with aura techniques so that you can learn to pick the right one,” she said softly. “Everyone, stand up and follow me.”

For the first time, they were going to be using the part of the building that had the training dummies. They quickly walked through the corridors and got to the other side. 

“Everyone, pick a dummy. And look to the front,” she said.

She walked to an elevated stage facing all of the students. There were two training dummies on the two ends of the stage. She had her sword out. Once everyone got to their positions, she started talking.

Leo’s group took training dummies beside each other so that they would still be next to each other. But everyone was still paying attention. 

“There are four types of aura techniques. Offensive Aura Techniques, Defensive Aura Techniques, Movement Aura Techniques, and Special Aura Techniques.”

She said this and swung her sword. The sword released a visible sword slash that moved in the air before hitting one of the training dummies on the stage. The slash became an explosion once it hit the dummy.

“That was an offensive aura technique like a lot of you guessed. There are two types of offensive techniques. Concentrated and Explosive. Among them, concentrated techniques are better. The technique I used was an Explosive aura technique. As for a concentrated technique, here is an example.”

She said that and swung her sword again. A similar sword slash was released from her sword and hit the dummy. Instead of creating an explosion, it created a gash inside the dummy. The explosion before couldn’t do anything to the dummy but the second slash was able to cut through it.

“The reason these techniques are better is that they condense the aura and attack one spot with the entire power the aura holds. On the other hand, explosive techniques disperse the power throughout the area and are dealing less power at one point.

However, there are fewer Concentrated Offensive Aura Techniques and it is harder to get ahold of those at a higher stage. For the 2nd and 3rd Circle, we have Concentrated Offensive Aura Techniques in our library. After that, it will be incredibly difficult to find them compared to Explosive Offensive Aura Techniques,” she said.

Leo immediately looked at Lyra. Her technique was a concentrated offensive technique based on what he saw at the tests to get into the academy. It made sense since she was a noble and might have known this beforehand. Even his was also a concentrated technique but he could artificially make explosions because of his control over his aura.

“Now, the second type of technique is a Defensive Aura Technique. These are ways to coat your body with a layer of protection made of aura. They are crucial in any fight since you would need to be able to defend against attacks. There isn’t any separation based on how they coat your body, so you can just find any suitable one in the library.

The other type of technique is a Movement Technique which also doesn’t have any separate categories inside. These techniques allow you to move quicker and more efficiently in battle. You can also use them to move quickly to your destination.  I think you should take a look at

These three types of techniques constitute the holy trinity for Aura Knights. Each one of these techniques is incredibly important. Without them, you will be severely disadvantaged in fights. You will need to learn an Aura Technique of your level for each category.”

She said. She then proceeded to call a person onto the stage.

“Now, I will demonstrate the techniques I talked about. You, attack me with aura,” she said.

The girl she called up to the stage was nervous. She sliced at Selena with her hands and a little aura. Selena shook her hand and caught the hand before it even reach her.

“I need someone who can attack me without hesitation. Anyone else?” She asked and looked around the room. Her eyes landed on Leo’s group.

“You,” she pointed at one of them. It was Lyra. She silently walked to the stage while the other girl got off it.

“Attack me,” Selena said.

Lyra took out a sword from her dimensional ring and attacked Selena with her Aura Technique. Everyone saw a purple trail as the sword was about to slash through Selena.

Selena seemingly did nothing as the sword almost hit her, but the sword hit an invisible barrier and bounced off. The hit caused a ripple in this invisible barrier, allowing the students to see it. It was a layer of aura a few inches away from the skin.

“That was a defensive technique. Attack me again,” she said.

Lyra struck again, but this time the sword simply passed through the space like it was cutting through thin air. Selena who had been there a second ago was not in that spot anymore. She was nowhere in front of Lyra at all.

“That was a movement technique. Thanks for helping me demonstrate this. You can go now,” she said to Lyra. Lyra quietly left the stage.

“And now, for the last type of aura technique- the special techniques. These are a label for techniques that don’t fall under the normal three categories. A prime example is healing techniques.

Healing Aura Techniques can be used to heal your own aura and body quickly. But it isn’t any of the three techniques I told you about. Another example is Sensory Aura Techniques. They can be used to sense what is in your surroundings. They are very rare, but they exist. They can only be put into this one category.

Now, this whole category is incredibly broad, so there are a lot of techniques that I cannot teach you about in one class. We will go through the rest in our next class. After that, I will also tell you exactly how to choose your next Aura Technique. For now, the class is done.” She said and walked down the stage. 

She never bothered asking students for questions once the class was over. But no one really had any since the class was very straightforward.

As for Leo, he was starting to look forward to the next class. He had never picked out a new aura technique once he got to the 2nd Circle and the class would help him do that.